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I think you will crack : 3D flight videos over the Moon


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You liked the 3D images of this post :  https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/284803-a-new-presentation-of-lunar-pictures-in-3d/

I'm making movies using this technique and that of anaglyp on pictures.
I present you the first two : A flight around Alphonsus and over Vallis Alpes.

I hope you will tell me that you like it because it's work.

Clear skies.


Alphonsus in 3D :

Alphonsus in 3D anaglyph :

Vallis Alpes :


I put you the two original pictures :



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Absolutely marvellous. I was at a Mars themed talk by professor David Southwood last night at the local AS. He had some fly through videos playing which were produced with Stereo image data captured from one of ESA's orbiters. 

And you've done something comparable with the moon from a terrestrial telescope a quarter of a million miles away from the target. Remarkable. 

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