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  1. Hello some of the best of april good walk : Venus : http:// https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/FPKVFIZFN9Ni_16536x16536_xTjz_rdB.jpg Gassendi : https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/E1LKNhZNSZub_16536x16536_kWXURFLk.jpg Rutherfurd : https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/SWOXmkFnGVju_1824x0_kWXURFLk.jpg Rupes recta : https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/oKgEYB7zQ2Hb_16536x16536_kWXURFLk.jpg Doppelmayer : https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/_IJyYGdwm63P_16536x16536_kWXURFLk.jpg Fra Mauro : https://cdn.astrobin.com/thumbs/dX8qicLrORS7_16536x16536_kWXURFLk.jpg Thebit : https://cd
  2. Hello A little test on Sirius to catch B. Several attempts without too many results from time to time but last night B was clearly visible on the screen on almost all the images. One's film picture and 150 stacked. Clear skies. Luc
  3. Hello chris All my pictures at : https://www.astrobin.com/users/CATHALA.Luc.CATLUC/ Clear skies. Luc
  4. Hello The telescope is fixed, it is the shelter that moves. It is operational in less than 5 minutes.
  5. Hello Nice pictures and processing. Clear skies. Luc
  6. Hello I had made a few films in case the weather got worse. The conditions were like everywhere at the moment not terrible at the beginning cirrus then a beautiful halo around the Moon with usual high frequency turbulence. I tried targets that I did not have because on the others it was impossible to be able to do better than those in stock. I had to finish in IR807 so not too many fine details. Sorry for the quality but it is the sky that commands. Gassendi in full Sun Anaglyph Crossed eyes Around Delisle Gruithuisen Darwin Hevelius Baill
  7. Hello Not perfect conditions but 4 processed images. Clear skies. Luc
  8. Hello One up with my last image : Clear skies Luc
  9. Hello second image taken before conditions are good : Erathostenes. Clear skies. Luc
  10. hello The same evening I filmed small craters and reliefs that I did not have. Taken well before the sky calms down. only a few films gave viewable images. This is the first : Mons La Hire in honor of Philippe de La Hire, a 17th century French mathematician and astronomer. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_of_The_Hire This is the mountain to the right of the photo. Clear skies. Luc
  11. Hello Another image with red filter. Clavius and Blancanus. Clear skies Luc
  12. Hello One picture of this zone taken in bad condition. It's a very hard challenge you do good job. Bravo. Clear skies. Luc
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