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  1. Hello second image taken before conditions are good : Erathostenes. Clear skies. Luc
  2. hello The same evening I filmed small craters and reliefs that I did not have. Taken well before the sky calms down. only a few films gave viewable images. This is the first : Mons La Hire in honor of Philippe de La Hire, a 17th century French mathematician and astronomer. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_of_The_Hire This is the mountain to the right of the photo. Clear skies. Luc
  3. Hello Another image with red filter. Clavius and Blancanus. Clear skies Luc
  4. Hello One picture of this zone taken in bad condition. It's a very hard challenge you do good job. Bravo. Clear skies. Luc
  5. Hello You like it. Ok now fly over Posidonius. I love the beginning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXG9XatNsJI
  6. Hello In 2017 I have made some videos flight on my pictures like this : Good flight Luc CATHALA
  7. Hello There are observations that will never be forgotten the photos are there to remind them. Friday, February 15 for the first time in months the weather forecast for astronomy are optimistic. The day before I had to work with the 807 infrared filter to fight turbulence but this time the IR 742 passes the turbulence is still there but at times there are details. It improves slowly then at 20:15 quickly the images become much better. I see the scree in Clavius D. Instantly I switch from the IR 742 to the red 610 to enjoy it. Sometimes it happens after passing a plane for a few seconds. It only lasted about twenty minutes the turbulence goes up as usual but I enjoyed it. Here are some pictures made in the evening. These are pretty much my best on these targets. I hope you like. Luc CATHALA Copernicus Pitatus Rutherfurd Clavius D Blancanus Clavius Tycho
  8. Hello In Registax 6 you can use in "Alignment Setup" the function "Align by centre of gravity" You have a cross and click on it just one time. After click on button "Align". Clear skies. Luc
  9. Hello No perfect condition but since september wind, turbulence and clouds so we have fun with this first 2018 pictures. Schiller : http://www.webastro....-1517743322.jpg Pythagoras sunset : http://www.webastro....-1517743133.jpg Vallis Schröter : http://www.webastro....-1517747162.jpg Gassendi : http://www.webastro....-1517742570.jpg Clear skies. Luc
  10. Hello Great capture certainly a Gulfstream. Clear skies. Luc
  11. Hello Just to participate because I use much heavier material than previous images. Vallis Alpes taken on october 11 in Mazan small town in the South East of France with a 625 mm (24'), barlow 4 11m Fl (433'), IR 685, low turbulence, camera QHY5-III178M. Video 2500 images processing with AS2 and R6. Clear Skies. Luc
  12. Hello Avani Thank you for giving us some unusual exotic targets. Clear skies. Luc
  13. Hello Nostalgia these images reminds me the time before cameras. Clear skies. Luc
  14. Hello A new serie of pictures taken with the 625mm and QHY5-III 178M. As the conditions were not very good I tried also craters little imaged. Clear skies. Luc Barrow at 100% : Anaxagoras at 80% : Anaxagoras at 100% : Vallis Alpes at 70% : Vallis Alpes at 100% : Philolaus at 100% : Goldschmidt at 100% :
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