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  1. I had the same problem with my 150pds and like you traced it to light leak around the primary. My solution was to use a bungy loop to hold a piece of black polythene over the back of the scope, this can easily be taken on/off for collimation and star tests etc. Martin
  2. Grimbles

    M81-M82 150PDS Modded DSLR

    Hi Yes I used the Baader MPCC mkIII which i find is very good. Any slightly odd star shapes will be down to the focuser alignment which I am still tweaking to try to get right, also I have to remove and replace the camera for every session which does not help. Martin
  3. Happy New Year to everyone. After what seemed like an age we had a night (well half a night) of clear skies a couple of days ago I managed a couple of hours on M81 -M82 while waiting for the Jellyfish Nebula to appear from behing a tree, as it happens the clouds rolled in so that didn't happen. As usual this is processed to within an inch of it's life and cropped, this needs a few more hours yet. 47 x 180 sec lights from 3/1/19 32 x 60 sec lights from 9/12 20 flats for each plus bias frames no darks (dithered in BYEOS) processed in PI LE and PS 150PDS, HEQ5, Modded 500D,
  4. Grimbles

    Testing new processing techniques!

    I agree with Gerry
  5. Grimbles

    Finally Guiding with EQ3 Pro!

    Hi, A bit late to the party on this one, but I agree with Wim in that it looks like you are not using a coma corrector which will have a huge impact on improving star shapes around the periphery of the image. Also it looks like you may be overcorrecting in RA in PHD2 I can't see the numbers in your PHD image but try an exposure of 2.5 to 3 sec and decrease the max RA correction. Also tuning the mount in both axis to reduce any backlash will help, there are a few good tutorials online. I now have the 150pds on an HEQ5 but did run the 150pds on an eq5 pro for a good few years and had similar issues to yourself, although again as others have mentioned you are most certainly pushing the weight limit of the EQ3 pro especially for imaging, but there is no doubt that with a little trial and error with phd settings you will be able to improve things. Good Luck
  6. Grimbles

    A new vision of Mare Humboldtianum

    Fantastic image Avani.
  7. Grimbles

    S/W Focuser

    Hi Alan I had this problem a few weeks ago albeit with the dual speed version, which has slightly different adjustment screws, and was a bit worried at first that something catastrophic had happened. It turned out it was the tension adjuster screw had come loose, which I assume is the screw you are talking about. Tightening mine did help solve the problem, I then found a set up routine online for the dual speed focuser which I followed is now running better than ever. I am sure if you look online there will be something for the single speed version, though my thought would be to loosen the locking screw ( knurled one) and then gently tighten the tension grub screw (the middle one) until the focuser moves in and out smoothly without slipping under the wieght of your eyepieces / barlow camera etc. I'm sorry the above isn't that much help but as I say I am sure there is a proper set up / tune proceedure somewhere online. Good luck Martin
  8. Grimbles

    stolen Moon 16-12-18

    Nice one Charl, at least you managed to get a brief glimpse of something, it's been nothing but cloud here for weeks and weeks, I am in real need of a clear sky fix. Here's hoping Martin
  9. Grimbles

    ISS 7th December 2018

    Excellent capture. I have tried this a couple of times and just ended up with black sky, this has inspired me to have another go.
  10. Grimbles

    Hello from Cyprus

    Hi Bob Welcome, I lived in Cyprus for three fantastic years (97-2000) in Ayois Nikalaos near Famagusta/ Ammochostos/ Gazimagusa (depending on which side of the border you are) , I wasn't into astrophotography at that time but do remember the regular clear skies so am slightly jealous, unfortunately I don't remember any astromomy clubs but I wasn't looking. Welcome to SGL, I have learnt so much from this forum and the members are very friendly and helpful. Martin
  11. Grimbles


    Hi You are probably right wrt the post may be better in the beginners section somewhere. Since then I have found out that when pressed most insurance companies, having made a few enquiries, despite their initial 'of course you are covered' statements when pressed you are not, you could try specialist photography and astronomy insurance but compared to 'normal' household insurance you can expect to pay some very high premiums. It is also worth considering that now due to the increase in my future premiums I will end up paying back the insurance company the settlement figure over the next few years. So as some on here have suggested instead of paying a high premium are you better of putting some money aside each month into a separate account / savings / shares etc just in case you ever do have a problem? With regard to the negativity of the post, I agree it was, as a result of both the Police and Insurance companies not being interested and me doing everything I could to protect my kit, apart from sleeping with it. Martin
  12. Grimbles


    Hi I recently had a burglary see my post here The bottom line with regard to the insurance company concerned (Admiral) despite me having listed the items Telescopes, mounts and cameras etc in the outbuilding and the security measures in place 5 point locks, alarms etc when i took the policy out still wriggled alot. They said that the items listed were considered 'High Risk' and if I read their very very small print these are not covered in outbuildings, I had to make them go and listen to the recording of the converstaion when I took out the policy where the lady on the phone said they would be covered, they replied that she had made a mistake and that they were not paying out. Only when I asked for a copy of the recording to pass to the Ombudsman and my solicitor did they change their minds, but I still came up about £500.00 short on the pay out. The moral here is to get your business they may tell you you are covered but the reality may be very different. My suggestion would be to make sure you fully list all of you items, the locations you want them covered and for what i.e. accidental damage / theft and get a copy from the company in writing. Good Luck Martin
  13. Grimbles

    Heart Ha 6hr

    Really nice image love the detail and contrast.
  14. Grimbles

    first photo

    Great start Bob.
  15. Grimbles

    NGC 7635 HaRGB DSLR 150PDS

    Thanks and well reminded, I wil give SNCR a go, I did use HVLG in Photoshop, but it is possible more green crept in further down the line.

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