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  1. Hi Craig Thanks and you are right, probably didn't need the ADC but was try to image Jupiter and Saturn earlier and had things set nicely , just checking focus with bhatinov every now and again. So didn't want to upset the apple cart by messing with the setup
  2. Hi Everyone, Have not been able to get out imaging for a little while and discovered it is not like riding a bike, in that you most definitely forget stuff. This is from the early hours 18th Sept, not the best seeing. HEQ5, Skymax 150, ADC, ASI224MC. Best 3,000 of 18,179 frames @ 151fps. PIPP, AS!3, Registax, PS CC. Native size (ROI 400 x 400) with slight crop Resampled to 640 x 640, and a small contrast curve in PS. Thanks Martin
  3. I use DSS, and Photoshop CC for deep sky, I also have a copy of the old Pixinsight LE and use the DBE tool if i am struggling with a background. If i have several narrowband images of a target I align them with Picture Window which is now free and very good. For planetary I use PIPP, AS!2, AS!3 and Registax Martin
  4. I had the same issue with a 150 PDS, a cut down black bin liner and a piece of bungy cord sorted not just the darks and flats but improved the contrast in the light frames.
  5. Hi Everyone Set up the MAK yesterday and did some testing of the kit and my memory on using this set up. A quick image of Montes Apenninus, 600 frames stacked from 2000 using ZWO 850 IR pass. Cropped to remove stacking artifacts. Thanks Martin
  6. Hi I used a 150pds on an eq5 pro for imaging with a modded DSLR for a few years. Performance will come down to good balancing and mount tuning, I also used a finder guider with this setup which obviously helped no end in terms of the ability to capture longer subs. So it does work, however as others have stated you will be close to the limit for imaging weight wise and anything more than a slight breeze will cause you to discard quite a few subs. I eventually upgraded to an HEQ5 which was much more suited to the scope. If you are not ready to upgrade the mount I would suggest, again as others already have, that the 130PDS may be a better option. Good Luck Martin
  7. Both are great but I do prefer the slightly increased contrast of the revised version it gives the dusty areas more emphasis, and I agree the core on the second version is more subtle and showing a little more detail. A really very nice image.
  8. Awful news, happened to me about 15 months ago. I did get some stuff back, some on ebay and quite a bit was in a Cash Converters about 30 miles away, keep looking and I really hope you get lucky and recover the scope.
  9. Hi Bryan Thank you, hopefully i will get more data before it disappears. I had a modded 450d as well and didn't really notice a difference in noise, i used an iso of 800 on the 450d , the optimum on the 500d seems to be 1600. Obviously they have different processors, DIGIC III vs DIGIC 4, i am not sure how much difference that makes if any. I use several methods for noise reduction, but always do at least one pass of 'Dfine 2' from the Nik Collection plugin for Photoshop, with a setting of between 25 - 50% . I find it works very well . Martin
  10. Hi Everyone I have posted a couple of iterations of this work in progress, a Ha only version and a HaRGB. I had an early Christmas present of a 2" Baader 8nm Oiii filter which I managed to try for a little over an hour between the almost non stop wind and rain. Of course once I had the data, albeit nowhere near enough, I had to have a go at my first bi-colour. Captured with 500d, 150pds, PHD, BYEOS, HEQ5 9 x 600s Oiii 29 x 600s Ha 6 x 900s Ha Flats for each and Bias , no darks as dithered in BYEOS Processed in photoshop and PI LE, using a bi-colour HOO false green method as described by a few people including Travis Rector, Steve Cannistra, and Ken Crawford . I have also include the Ha and Oiii component images. Oiii was generated using both blue and green channels. Any comments or tips on how to improve this more than welcome. Thanks Martin Bicolour Oiii Ha
  11. Hi Everyone, I posted a basic Ha version of this a few weeks ago but have managed to get a little more data. It still needs more in particular RGB which I struggled with when trying to combine with the Ha. I blended Ha as luminance and added a little to the red channel of the RGB. 150PDS, 500D, HEQ5 , PHD, Dithered in BYEOS, Optolong 7nm HA 2" Filter. Processed using DSS and PS, Ha and RGB aligned in Picture Window. 40x120s RGB 29 x 600s Ha 6 x 900s Ha 7.6 Hours total Flats & Bias Martin
  12. I use a 150pds with a 500D and the Baader MPCC. If you want round stars anywhere away from the centre an MPCC is the way to go. The stock focuser on these scopes does suffer from a little sag with a DSLR hanging off it, so even with the MPCC there will still be a little tweaking to get good stars accross the image, also collimation has to be spot on.
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