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  1. I'm looking at selling mine if interested
  2. FOR SALE. Selling of my scope and accessories as a complete bundle. Scope is a 12" skywatcher dob (truss tube version). Included with the scope- Telrad Explore scientific 82° 18mm Explore scientific 82°. 11mm Explore scientific 82°. 6.7mm Hyperion. Mkiv zoom ep (8-24) Hyperion Barlow 2.25x Celestron x-cel LX. Barlow 3x Astronmik oiii filter Skywatcher. Colour filters (x4) Hotec laser collimator premium Cheshire collimator Concenter Interstellarium deep sky atlas (field edit) Cambridge sky atlas Philips plan
  3. One your Cheshire arrives you will get a better idea. Just adjust the secondary until the donut sits under the crosshairs. Unusual that you can't adjust the primary though.
  4. That one did have new scratching my head a little bit!!!!
  5. Anyone seen the new Netflix documentary Alien Worlds? It's a series using CGI and science to show what sorts of creatures might live on exoplanets. So far I've found it Very interesting, although I do find the switching between a particular planet and earth in order to back up their claims takes away something from it. I would rather the whole episode just stayed and "explored" the planet a bit more. Will be interesting to see how it is revieced.
  6. Congratulations John! Great points about Flo plus the mod team on here although it has to be said that you have also done a fantastic job in helping and advising new people to the hobby-myself involved! It's Guys like you is what makes this such a great forum!! Here's to another 15 years
  7. This was my first scope and I still have it so here's my thoughts. For the tech you are getting this is fantastic value for money. It is a great beginners scope and will serve as a great introduction to the night sky, not to mention Easy to set up and holds a massive database of targets you can find at the press of a button. Compared to a dob though you will be getting less apature for your money, and aperture of king! However this rule only applies if you can see enough stars to hop to your target-if you suffer from light pollution then a goto will probably benefit you more than the
  8. I've just decided to bite the bullet and get a Hotec-my first laser and to be honest I've had nothing but problems with it. Already sent one back and it is looking like the replacement might be going the same way...... Going to preserve with it though. The combination of ease of use in darkness plus not having to go back and forth between the primary and focuser is the big pull for me.
  9. popeye85

    Eyepiece tray

    I have just bought A 12"dob but it never came with the tray for holding ep's on the base. Ideally it Will need to accommodate 2x2"ep's and 2x1.25"ep's but not essential.
  10. Looking for a 82° es eyepiece in 30mm. Cheers
  11. Apologies I should have been clearer-i was referring to the field of view rather than quality of optics.
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