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  1. If you are aiming from planets rather than DSO then try looking at refractors. I agree that you get more bang for your buck with dobs but the sharpness with a refractor is fantastic for planets.
  2. Great scope! I highly recommend getting a telrad. It will help you no end with locating targets. As for eyepieces I know that the bst range are a good value first upgrade-just remember that good quality eyepieces are as important and as the scope itself so always get the best you can afford! Personally I'm old school when it comes to finding targets so I'm going to recommend getting a star atlas rather than a app Oh, and a planisphere is always useful! Good luck!
  3. Looking to get a set of 12x60's but due to a severe lack of work over the last year I am in a restricted budget of about £100. They will mainly be getting used for terrestrial viewing on the boat more then for astronomy. Any advice? Thanks.
  4. As a Skye man born and bred (actually my main family history is on Rassay, my uncle even built one of the roads up there) I can vouch for how dark the skies are. I remember as a kid playing football in the street with the milky way in all its glory above us and not even being a eyelid at how spectacular it was . Alas, I moved away before I got into astronomy and whenever I return home I end up losing the argument with the wife that the suitcase of clothes is more important to take up than the 12" DOB!!!
  5. I'm trying to get hold of a e.s 82° eyepiece with a 30mm focal length. Cheers.
  6. I'm looking at selling mine if interested
  7. FOR SALE. Selling of my scope and accessories as a complete bundle. Scope is a 12" skywatcher dob (truss tube version). Included with the scope- Telrad Explore scientific 82° 18mm Explore scientific 82°. 11mm Explore scientific 82°. 6.7mm Hyperion. Mkiv zoom ep (8-24) Hyperion Barlow 2.25x Celestron x-cel LX. Barlow 3x Astronmik oiii filter Skywatcher. Colour filters (x4) Hotec laser collimator premium Cheshire collimator Concenter Interstellarium deep sky atlas (field edit) Cambridge sky atlas Philips plan
  8. One your Cheshire arrives you will get a better idea. Just adjust the secondary until the donut sits under the crosshairs. Unusual that you can't adjust the primary though.
  9. That one did have new scratching my head a little bit!!!!
  10. Anyone seen the new Netflix documentary Alien Worlds? It's a series using CGI and science to show what sorts of creatures might live on exoplanets. So far I've found it Very interesting, although I do find the switching between a particular planet and earth in order to back up their claims takes away something from it. I would rather the whole episode just stayed and "explored" the planet a bit more. Will be interesting to see how it is revieced.
  11. Congratulations John! Great points about Flo plus the mod team on here although it has to be said that you have also done a fantastic job in helping and advising new people to the hobby-myself involved! It's Guys like you is what makes this such a great forum!! Here's to another 15 years
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