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  1. LP=light pollution. Yes you are right about getting more bang for your buck with reflectors, especially dobs and the rule is the bigger the the mirror then the more light it gathers and so the fainter the object you can see-hence it is a favourite for people wishing to observe dso's (deep sky objects) however they can let in stray light if surrounded by light pollution. Refractors on the other hand, although you get less light gathering capabilities for your money it does give you better colour contrast which is why it is preferred for planetary. Of course living in a city doesn't mean you are completely restricted to local targets, you are able to get filters to help fight against LP.
  2. Ain't going to try and convince you to get something that doesn't suit your needs!! Get what ever works for you. Although can I ask why you plumbed for a reflector? If you suffer from lots of LP then perhaps planetary and lunar viewing might be the better option rather then getting frustrated trying to find the faint fuzzies!
  3. Fantastic exlanation-one to be pinned maybee? Not heard of metroblue before-looks good although surprised how different the website is to the app! Anyone got any experience as to how accurate it is?
  4. I'm more old skool! Get a planisphere!!
  5. Thanks! Think I am getting there! Between this and collimation my head is starting to hurt! Next up is post aligning a eq mount!-that's for another day though!
  6. Thanks JOC. At the minute I am still trying to get my head around allot of terminology. When words like 'azimiuth' , 'rocker box' and 'polar aligning' are thrown around i get completely lost so was looking for someone to basically explain how this would work using layman terms and I think I have got it now. Cheers
  7. Has anyone got any experience with the above app? I have got the free version and it seems pretty decent and looking at upgrading but £15 for a app is pretty expensive. I already have sky Safari 5 plus so not sure what is to be gained by having both-anyone got a opinion to help me choose. Thanks!
  8. At the minute I have a skywatcher discovery goto. Is there any way to connect my phone to my scope and control it using sky Safari, stellarium etc? I know that you can get a wifi hub to put on the mount and connect it that way but is there another option? I also have stellarium on my laptop if that can also be connected?
  9. Ok cheers. So how wood you use that on a dob mount and what setting up is required?
  10. Can someone please explain how setting circles work? And how useful they would be on a dob. I have always just star hopped to find targets
  11. I recently heard someone say that they had modified a dob and put setting circles on the base. Has anyone else come across this? Seems a good idea tbh
  12. Yep, slow is the word! Just Think it would be a fascinating thing to watch happen over the winter period. I'm always too quick just to view a planet through the scope rather then pay attention to what it is actually doing
  13. Well finally time to get the scopes back out of the shed again and can't wait! One thing I was wanting to watch and record over the 'dark' period is a planet performing a retrograde mannover in its orbit does anyone know if this is a option or I'm I out of luck? Cheers. P.s good to be back!
  14. At the minute I have a8"son and love the sights I am seeing but recently I borrowed a set of 10x50 binos from work for a evening and must say what a eye opener it was regarding observing! Since then I have purchased my own and am trying to work out a observing list when I came across this book http://www.philharrington.net/sw8.htm Any one for any experience with this one? Also anyone got any links to obs list designed for small binos?
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