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  1. How much is too much? The celestron x-cel are good and with a look.
  2. Personally I use a star atlas rather than a app and plan out my star hops with that before heading out. The ring nebula is a good target to find and get the hang of star hoping.
  3. This should make a difference- ep's are just as, if not more important than the scope itself.
  4. Depends on how much you you are willing to spend!!! I have a 12" dob and use the explore scientific 82°s and they are fantastic-i would have gone for the 120° if I could have afforded it. Same as choosing a scope-always go with the best you can afford.
  5. I second turn left at Orion-essential book for observing
  6. M81/82 are my personal favourites and always pretty well placed. Although not a galaxy the double cluster is also a stunning target to look at
  7. Looking to get hold of the IDSA. Preferably the field version but happy to consider the desk version
  8. The Cambridge only good down to 6.5 but the IDSA is as far as 9.5 so closer to what I see through the ep. I do have a couple apps on my phone but to be honest I'm a bit old skool so the phone stays in my pocket when I'm out!!!
  9. I've been looking at the interstellarium depo sky atlas and wondering if it's worth the money? At £135 for the field edition it's not cheap!! I already have the Cambridge star atlas but find is not really as detailed as I would like. I have a 12" dob and usually do my observing in bortle 3 skies. EDIT- after looking into it a bit more I have decided to go for it however I'm now unsure about getting the desk version or the more expensive field version Please help!!!
  10. I use the standard length Cheshire (branded premium because it's red ). You can however take the top of to use it just as a collimating cap which I was using to see the clips of the primary mirror-guys I can put that back together again now @Captain Magenta I think I understood that!! In simpletons terms It is far more important to "hit the doughnut" rather than getting the secondary into a perfect circle?
  11. @Pixies that's interesting-i was always under the impression that the primary clips where the objective when doing the secondary. I will have another go later. @Captain Magenta yes I have fallen fowl of the shadow monster in the past!! I'm sure there must be less stressful hobbies!! (P.s liking your profile picture-i spend my days running trips round the Bass Roc so I'm well aquinted with me Gannet.
  12. Just when I thought I had this collimation thing nailed reality decided to come and kick me up the OTA!!! Following astrobababys guide as I always have done I started work on my 12"dob (f 4.9) I managed to get the secondary mirror done ok (pic 1)so moved onto the primary and although got most things lined up the Cheshire crosshairs where still refusing to line up on the centre spot(pic 2) Any help would be greatly appreciated! P.s sorry for the poor picture quality-my phone armed obsessed with focusing on the crosshairs!!
  13. Late to the party with this one!! Welcome to sgl @PaulyV Being from the north of Scotland myself I can assure you of a bit of a difference with London skies -just don't expect to get many clear nights
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