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  1. popeye85

    Hi from Edinburgh

    Hi Neil. The 200 is a great scope but be prepared that it is a bit bulky if you are transporting it anywhere! I'm just up the road in Macmerry, East Lothian so if you need a hand with anything or a observing partner give me a shout P.s I also have the sw 200 so if you want to see what it looks like in the flesh then happy to oblige.
  2. Welcome Chris- Roy bridge is a great wee place.
  3. Yep. I just have a old business card that I cut a hole out of that covers about 5° of sky on the atlas. I also have a scale along the top to quickly get distances for larger hops.
  4. Cheers stu-not sure where the M32 came from-although these directions do serve in pointing you to M32 aswell
  5. I've just started a YouTube channel on ster Hopping- here a quick one on how I find Andromeda. Hope it helps!!
  6. And understanding your gear is a big part of that- fov for your eyepieces, magnifications etc. All important for locating faint objects.
  7. Have a look at this-it might help with locating objects
  8. Either the Cambridge star atlas or the sky at night pocket atlas-both are good!!
  9. I have the Cambridge star atlas and can honestly say it is as good as you could hope for.
  10. Check you have entered the correct date format it has to be. Mm/DD/yyyy. As @JOC says download synscanninnet. Copy the data then you should be food.
  11. Not too big a fan if I'm honest-there is no doubt the wealth of information included (almost too much of I'm honest!) But I found the charts them selves where not very practical out in the field And a bit of a pain to use even for planning sessions.
  12. Give me paper any day!! One of the reasons I do observing is to escape mobiles, tablets etc. I also find it incredibly satisfying to spend the day planning star how's then doing it for real at night time.
  13. Video guide to help anyone struggling with star hopping.
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