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  1. That's great John-just the thing I was after! Cheers stu! That was one of the first things I read and was a great resource in teaching the basics, now I'm just after a list of targets to practice with varying degrees of difficultly!
  2. All sorted now-can admin please delete this topic? Cheers. (Our at least show me how to do it!!!)
  3. Last year I upgraded from a 6"goto to a 8"dob. One of the main reasons was I was finding it a bit too easy and it felt like I was cheating so I am keen to learn the art of star hoping! I've watched a couple of videos on you tube and reckon I have the basics down but I'm wondering if anyone knows of or can suggest a set of lists consisting of hard, medium and easy targets to practice my star hoping? Cheers. Popeye.
  4. Need your thoughts! At the minute I keep mine in the shed but we are moving house to somewhere without! Would is be safe to keep outside wrapped in a tarpoline? Any other precautions I should be taking?
  5. Wanting to get hold of a decent dedicated star atlas-spiral bound preferable.
  6. Thanks for all the responses folks! Will have a look at the lazy Susan and make sure that's it's running as it should be as that does feel like it might be one of the issues. Some sort of slow motion control would also be a great assistance in slewing the scope. @fiestazetecmk2 set up looks like just the job but a bit too advanced a project for a non DIY we like me! Open to other (basic) options along the same thread though!!
  7. One of the issues I have found when searching for targets with my 8"dob is making small adjustments. At the minute the only way to move the scope is by grabbing the end and pulling/pushing the tube but this either results in it going to far or jumping. Even if I aim the telrad in the area where I think the target is, when I look through the ep then start scanning it is tough to do a thorough search. Anyone got any methods for finessing the scopes movements?
  8. LP=light pollution. Yes you are right about getting more bang for your buck with reflectors, especially dobs and the rule is the bigger the the mirror then the more light it gathers and so the fainter the object you can see-hence it is a favourite for people wishing to observe dso's (deep sky objects) however they can let in stray light if surrounded by light pollution. Refractors on the other hand, although you get less light gathering capabilities for your money it does give you better colour contrast which is why it is preferred for planetary. Of course living in a city doesn't mean you are completely restricted to local targets, you are able to get filters to help fight against LP.
  9. Ain't going to try and convince you to get something that doesn't suit your needs!! Get what ever works for you. Although can I ask why you plumbed for a reflector? If you suffer from lots of LP then perhaps planetary and lunar viewing might be the better option rather then getting frustrated trying to find the faint fuzzies!
  10. Fantastic exlanation-one to be pinned maybee? Not heard of metroblue before-looks good although surprised how different the website is to the app! Anyone got any experience as to how accurate it is?
  11. I'm more old skool! Get a planisphere!!
  12. Thanks! Think I am getting there! Between this and collimation my head is starting to hurt! Next up is post aligning a eq mount!-that's for another day though!
  13. Thanks JOC. At the minute I am still trying to get my head around allot of terminology. When words like 'azimiuth' , 'rocker box' and 'polar aligning' are thrown around i get completely lost so was looking for someone to basically explain how this would work using layman terms and I think I have got it now. Cheers
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