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  1. You won't have any fun at all with it. Turn it on - guide to sublime levels of accuracy - turn it off. Where is the fun in that!!?? Nothing to twiddle with, disassemble, degrease, replace parts, regrease, reassemble, adjust for best performance, fit new bearings to it, swear at, swap parts for belts etc - now that is fun!
  2. 100kgs - personally I wouldn't go over about 70kgs but as long as its balanced properly in all 3 axis it will swing it around all night without breaking into a sweat.
  3. In a word - accuracy. A cheap bearing can have an alarming amount of 'run out' - within reason the more you pay the more accurately made they are. The bigger bearings are surprisingly cheap - they will be wheel bearings for a Ford Escort or something and made in their tens of thousands (whereas the small ones for the worm are surprisingly expensive!) so it would also be foolhardy to not change them whilst the mount is in bits. You can bet your life that Synta aren't buying decent quality Swedish bearings!
  4. I am with Vlaiv on this one. My HEQ5, straight out of the box, gave a total RMS of ~1.0 on average over many nights. I carefully stripped it - replaced all the bearings with decent quality from SKF/FAG etc and fitted a belt drive. Carefully cleaned everything and reassembled it using small quantities of 'Superlube' and it consistently gave <0.5 total RMS averaged over many nights. Its not a scientific test but the difference was remarkable, measurable and repeatable. From memory the bearings were about £80 plus whatever the belt kit cost plus 3 - 4 hours time.
  5. I vaguely recall a problem with the felt on the inside of the rings some time ago with this scope. I think thicker felt was sent out to people with affected scopes. I thought this issue had been dealt with though?? From memory it was only a couple of mm but made all the difference. I am sure the folks at FLO will be back to you soon.
  6. Well done to all the winners. Amazing to see the variety achieved from the same data set!!!! Congratulations !!!!
  7. Steve - have you downloaded the very latest Core Software?? It contains the most up to date 64bit drivers. https://www.atik-cameras.com/software-downloads/
  8. If you type Dark Frame Optics into the search facility at the top right corner it will bring up many threads about DFO. One person can only give one opinion but I would encourage you to read all the threads and form your own opinion.
  9. I can only speak from my personal experience but I installed NINA when SGP changed its business model with the intention of running the two side by side to see if NINA was any good. Within a month I had deleted SGP. NINA needs careful set up and it does things the NINA way not the APT or SGP way. Its worth persevering with. My setup is remote (end of the garden and controlled from indoors) and I use electronic focussing etc. and NINA has performed superbly and been completely reliable.
  10. You might find the second item down on this page helpful..... https://www.davidbanksastro.com/how-to
  11. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. I only have the one scope and camera which is totally unsuitable for galaxies so next week it comes to bits for its annual check over and slides into a coma.
  12. Yep - it gets put into a coma in a temperature controlled and dehumidified life support container (spare bedroom!) where it can enviously watch me playing with my summer toys - 1963 MG Midget and RC aeroplanes etc!!
  13. On the one occasion I put just a DSLR on my Mesu I had to remove the counterweights and the counterweight shaft and knock up a temporary lightweight shaft. The DSLR was about 1% of the mounts capacity but it tracked perfectly.
  14. This season just ending has been an unmitigated disaster weather wise and I have just been through my saved images and I have managed just 11 images this season and two of those were widefield nearby images of the moon and the Milky Way leaving just 9 deep sky images and one of those is particularly rubbish! We all must have a masochistic streak!! My rig gets taken down next week and packed away until August - lets hope for a better season next year. Here is the fruits of my labour from the winter season just ending......
  15. I installed NINA when SGP changed its subscription model with the intention of running them side by side as an experiment. I had no intention whatsoever of jumping ship full time to NINA. Within a month I had deleted SGP. NINA really is that good. If you want to have a peep just use the ASTAP routine for plate solving and I think you will see what is possible. https://nighttime-imaging.eu/
  16. My humble effort!! 95% in Pixinsight - 5% in Photoshop Processed the Ha and Lum data to completion individually Blended the Ha and Lum images in Pixelmath - several different % blends until I was happy. DBE From this point on treated the Ha/Lum as the Lum layer RGB had DBE on each Channel Combination DBE Background Neutralisation Histogram Transformation Curves to create punchy colours Very gentle Convolution to smooth what little noise there was Star Alignment LRGB Combination Dynamic Crop DBE TGV Denoise Ver
  17. Posted in wrong thread sorry - please delete this message.
  18. I use an Intel NUC velcroed to a mounting plate fastened to the top dovetail. Its an i5 with 16gb Ram - SSD - windows 10 - fanless and extra USB ports added by changing the lid. Works superbly and is more than powerful enough to run everything as well as run Pixinsight concurrently so I can download a stacked image etc Very light and runs happily on 12v. It is linked to the indoor PC via Windows RDP - again flawless. I have also used it via wifi (not so flawless!)
  19. I'm not sure of the wisdom of posting this on a public forum???
  20. Both are lovely images and elegantly processed. Bortle 8 ! Wow - daylight struggles to get to Bortle 8 up here in the winter!!!
  21. You are welcome to download any of my images and use them freely without crediting. Click on any image and it will take you to the full res version on Flickr which you can download. https://www.davidbanksastro.com/widefield-imaging https://www.davidbanksastro.com/deep-space-objects https://www.davidbanksastro.com/home
  22. Some are just jumping on the bandwagon too !! I was all set to buy a set of Astrodon narrowband filters until they went up about 30% for no apparent reason!
  23. As a retailer (nothing to do with astro) we are facing two issues - UK (non) supply chain - take International Paints for example - spring time - people ready to get their boats sorted out for the season - International have virtually nothing on their shelves - many of the workforce were furloughed and therefore not making paints - how can they or we trade our way out of this mess if nobody has any stock of anything??? Secondly - stuff that comes from outside the UK - aside from China a lot of boaty stuff comes from Sweden, Germany, Italy and Greece - the few that will still ship to the UK hav
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