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  1. He’s amazing isn’t he. It’s wonderful to listen to a person who knows their field(s) so well. And such a good nature too.
  2. Luke Talley was one of the engineers at IBM working on the Saturn V flight computers (LVDC). Destin spent some time with him and the gear at the museum in Huntsville. So much of interest here. The video is 45 minutes long but it's worth every minute. Fascinating stuff and this guy is an absolute treasure.
  3. Nice and sharp Steve, very nice indeed.
  4. Cracking idea Dave, crater IDs look good to me too I'd pull out and save the single frame as well just for fun.
  5. In some ways I’ve found it to be six of one and half a dozen of the other. With video on my Nikon I have lower resolution than stills, the output isn’t raw and there’s a letterbox clipping top and bottom so if the moon is at perigee I have to process two videos and stitch. But, the frame rate helps ensure I capture some good frames and there’s no vibration from the shutter so I can achieve some good results, Even if the resulting image is smaller. A good Barlow or an imagemate helps here but then you have to stitch. Obviously for stills it’s the other way round and can be challenging for the opposite reasons. I tend to flip between the two depending on conditions and the moon’s phase.
  6. Outstanding as always Steve. I keep forgetting to look in the Solar forum since things got quiet!
  7. Terrific images, especially Petavius.
  8. Exactly the same here so joking aside as long as the post retirement monthly income is enough for rations I don’t see an issue with enjoying the rest
  9. That's what lump sum payments are for
  10. Another thing to add to the retirement shopping list
  11. Cracking images Pete, especially Hesiodus A.
  12. My first decent proper session for a while Just a big (mono) one, a small (rgb) one and some closer views of some of the tourist spots
  13. Stunning, you need to enter that into as many competitions as possible.
  14. Lovely Les, Caught a glimpse myself but didn't have the camera with me.
  15. Exactly! I'd be interested in the results of that when you get around to it Dave Same here for the full size, I'll play around with it in a bit.
  16. Thanks Olly, I love coloured moons, overdone or not
  17. I’ve just come in from walking the hound and that’s a very similar view to the one we enjoyed as the moon rose, nice shot.
  18. I had my first evening observing in a long while last night and it was an (almost) full moon. If you can't beat 'em join em though, and those who know me know I love the Moon. Luna (the dog) was intrigued by it all! Anyway, I did a bit of imaging too. This image was captured with the Nikon. 500 of 3000 video frames aligned in Pipp, stacked in AS!3, then IMPG & Photoshop to finish. I did capture stills for the big detailed shot as well but didn't notice the focus was off, rather annoying, but that's what happens when you have to take a hiatus! The big one is worth clicking through to full size, maybe
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