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  2. xtreemchaos

    todays Prom Action 18-10-18

    heres three of todays proms, there are more but there faint and its hazey and ive computer work to do. kit starwave 102,quark, asi120mc. thanks for looking, clear skys. charl prom 1 lower oncoming limb. prom 2 upper off going limb. prom 3 mid off going limb.
  3. prusling

    Altair hypercam 183c

    Each software package applies its own degree of stretch to an image when displaying it - some none. You would need to use a package where you can apply your desired degree. Are your bias frames in FITS format?
  4. Wiu-Wiu

    NGC 7008 - Fetus Nebula

    A nice irregular planetary nebula, worth a visit!
  5. swamp thing

    Telrad ?

    Mount it where ever it is comfortable to view through.
  6. dhb368

    For those using Win 10....

    +1 This is absolutely the worst of both. Not only are you exposing an updated OS to the Internet you are also potentially exposing every device behind your proxy and the data held on it to whatever male are you end up with. The only safe way to run an out of date OS is to use an 'air gap' as was suggested earlier and not have the device connected to a network at all. Also downloading on a pc with AV software running does not mean that the files do not contain malware as was suggested earlier. Often malware may only be detected during the installation process and a machine without an Internet connection will not have up to date protection. This will not be a problem as long as you maintain that air gap and for instance move image files only using an sd card or USB etc. But the temptation will always be there to just hook it up for a few minutes to copy those files. You can never be too careful. The question is why does everyone stress so much about MS tracking the pc errors etc but no one cares what Google or Facebook etc have on you? Try this. https://myactivity.google.com/ You may be surprised who 'big brother' actually is.
  7. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    I salute him. That is a VERY long way. This coming from a long serving truck driver
  8. DonLumioni74

    A dream come true

    @LeeRich Can you build one of these at my house too please!!!
  9. pshepp1890

    Altair hypercam 183c

    Update on the grey bias frames... They appear as grey and fuzzy in Astrophotography Tool but when I open the file in say deep sky stacker its black and looking normal. Any ideas?
  10. Gina

    A dream come true

    I'm following it with interest too.
  11. @jimmyjamjoejoe Thanks JJJJ, I thought I was missing out not having a proper telescope with a decent mount. But as you've said I've already got the kit to hand just need to master it completely. As much as I love astronomy, astrophysics, and general spacey type stuff it always feels like there is so much to learn (which is part of the fun of it) but can be daunting, these forums and help and advice from fellow astronomers (like yourself) is invaluable. Thanks
  12. Philip R

    Eq5 Steel tripods versus Berlebach wood tripods.

    I prefer a wooden tripod over a stainless steel or aluminium one. Not only does a wooden tripod dampen vibrations, it does not give that sting when it is covered in an icy frost when you touch it with your bare hands.
  13. Thanks so much Paul - really useful hearing from someone with experience of both. I'm going for the 130p. It seems perfect for what I want. Another plus for the 130p. I've stumbled across the epic thread on Cloudynights that's currently 3220 posts long (!) talking about the sister scope in the US, the AWB OneSky - it seems like a lot of telescope for the money. And ah yes, eyepieces - a whole new world of research and confusion!!
  14. MartinB

    IC410 Tadpoles SHO

    +1 for scnr on inverted image to remove magenta halos. Marvellous image Jan with lots of dust detail. Will be interested to see whether the extra SII adds anything.
  15. TheMan

    Sun 15th August 2018 (AR12718)

    That looks mighty acceptable! I never thought it was possible to get that kind of result from something that inexpensive compared to others. Well done
  16. Spaced Out

    Baader MPC MK3 spacing

    I had this same issue with spacing an M48 ring, see here.... Alacant solved this one for me ! I sorted this problem by removing everything (including T2 threads) from the MPCC. Then I added this 4mm spacer..... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lengthened-bucket-S8031-M48-lengthen-20-mm/32251614997.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_10130_318_10547_319_10548_10696_450_10192_10190_10084_10083_10618_452_535_534_533_10307_10820_532_10301_10821_10303_204_10059_10884_323_10887_100031_320_10103_448_449,searchweb201603_60,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=80a30881-692f-460e-9758-a9eb068c3934-0&algo_pvid=80a30881-692f-460e-9758-a9eb068c3934 Then I fine tuned the spacing with some baader T2 delrin spacers. These T2 spacers are too small for M48 but if you cut them with scissors and stretch them slightly then they do fit. I just added a single 0.6mm delrin spacer to the 4mm spacer and that seemed to do the trick for me. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-t2-delrin-spacer-ring-set.html HTH
  17. TheMan

    Looking for a cheap finderscope and bracket

    your not gonna find a good cheap 9x50 finderscope. You could use old binoculars and rip one tube off, that's what I did for an autoguider and it works well. But otherwise you are looking about 100$ for a decent finderscope.
  18. It depends on what you will enjoy viewing the most. I personally like viewing the Moon & planets, so for me I use an SCT or Mak. left... C6 [SCT] / right... ETX105 [Mak]
  19. Hi. This OTA is just over a month old.It was bought for a project i had in mind to set up another mount and scope. However i have now changed my mind,so the ED 80 is not really needed. It is just the OTA it will come with tube rings and the new green dovetail bar.As per photo. Can supply better photos to email. Asking £260 + p/p.Im happy to share the cost. Cheers. Mick. PS. I have enlarged one of the holes on the dovetail bar so i could counter sink the head of a small bolt i used. Also one of the rings has had its hole widened slightly, to enable the bolt to pass through,and small nut applied to secure the ring to the dovetail bar. Minor mods.
  20. Tonyhaz

    Telrad ?

    Nice one thanks Paul, i wasn’t sure what’s best as never used anything on mine. im hoping it comes today after waiting 2 weeks
  21. john2y

    IC410 Tadpoles SHO

    Thank you!
  22. PaulM

    Telrad ?

    I've mounted mine as high as I could as it will be difficult to use if you are looking high up if its mounted low
  23. tooth_dr

    NGC 7635 & M 52

    Also missed this one! Lovely bubble, nice star colours! A big thumbs up
  24. dhb368

    Skywatcher Skymax 127 OTA

    I think that Steve was referring to my post rather than the original. We went a bit off topic
  25. Today
  26. dhb368

    Skywatcher Skymax 127 OTA

    Let me have a think about it and I will pm you. I do not know if there is a market for the AZ mount on its own and it is a great beginning scope as a kit. I couldn't advertise it here anyway as I do not have enough posts.
  27. Hi, on a large Dobsonian, is it best to mount a Telrad lower down the tube or higher up ?
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