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  2. Looks as though the power problem was the cable, not the power source. I've just adjusted the cable so it won't snag anywhere and the power went off. Fortunately I had half a dozen spares to hand because I've been doing some tidying up and the mount was only off for less than thirty seconds. James
  3. NASA Hubble video

    I wonder how they make these and get the distances right.
  4. I did go ahead and order the Starsense and a 2inch eye piece kit by celestron for our scope. unfortunately it is raining here for the next few days but i will be trying to align it with the two star auto method. I did download sky portal and have been playing with that. Thank you all for all your help. I will most likely be back after i get all the new stuff. Will probably need help setting it all up. LOL
  5. is my data good enough

    yes it does your right,heres my integrated seperate lrgb files i get before rgb comb are they ok? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3y2byl912s7wp2m/AACUyPrP2J_uHe4d4IF9Ydu0a?dl=0
  6. The 20 " grind has begun

    Hi All, Still pushing away with the 10" slightly scalloped lap, I lost the center high and have been working it down but man it takes more work then I would have though, I have increased my session time as the 15 minute sets were to short, been doing 45 minutes on average to correct the center with some CoC and mostly slightly off center strokes out past the edge by just a tad. I end every session with a full W stroke two trips around just to try to keep things smooth and zone free, other then that all is good. Rick M Oh, still trying to find a program for creating and printing a 20" couder mask, any ideas would be great?
  7. with the sale of my SW200 and Heq5 mount sorted out (going to a friend) I upgraded it for the Explore Scientific 210 Newt and the ES Coma corrector to match and a dew heater (for the winter) also has a cooling fan fitted to keep the primary cool bought privately from a member of SGL for a very good price and even got some clear skies tonight (not a lot) with enough gaps to get the camera on and get a few images and I'm well impressed with it next move is to mount my ED80 piggyback for solar and even as a guide scope (overkill) and general second scope so looks like my small SW80 will be redundant
  8. Thats better

    thanks. I have just rinsed the scope,mount and obs ..............again
  9. NASA Hubble video

    Fly through of Lagoon Nebula released to celebrate Hubbles 28th anniversary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH9JVvKjG7s Dave
  10. SOLD Opticron Adventurer T WP 10x50 Binoculars

    NOW SOLD, mods please remove advert. Thanks Dave
  11. Horsehead nebula in Narrowband

    Stunning....love it..
  12. These pictures were taken over two observing sessions (April 20 & 24th) using my Nikon D3200 with my 127mm and 180mm Maks using the Meade Series 4000 7-21mm zoom lens and a Shorty 2x barlow. I set the ISO at 6400 and took several shots between 1/250 and 1/320 sec. I did some post-processing in Photoshop to adjust levels. These are the best of those shots which look pretty close to what I see through the eyepiece of each Mak respectively. This first picture was taken through my 127mm Mak with the Meade zoomed in: zoomed in with barlow: This image was taken through my 180mm "Rolls-Royce" Mak with the Meade zoomed out: and zoomed in (no barlow): Nowhere near Hubble, but almost exactly what I see at the eyepiece (with a little enhanced color)! Reggie
  13. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Top row, left to right: UHC filter, a red and blue filters, Celestron 9mm Kellner eyepiece, Orion 2x shorty barlow, Celestron 25mm SMA eyepiece. Middle, left to right: Celestron 10mm SMA eyepiece, a moon filter. Bottom, left to right: Agena 7mm-21mm zoom eyepiece, Celestron omni 32mm plossl eyepiece, box of 4 Orion color filters,Orion Sirus 25mm Plossl eyepiece and a small credit card shaped red light flashlight.
  14. Today
  15. Thats better

    Wow that's a nice graph! Mine look like that when they are on x16" zoom! I was trying to get the connection issues ironed out of the system tonight, too much wind for proper imaging though and some cloud moving through regularly--typical cold front weather tbh. John
  16. 4" Apo bargain.

    That's quite some reduction Chris, is its ex-dispaly or brand new? Either way that's good value, and way cheaper than a Skywatcher ED100 doublet. Thanks for heads up.
  17. Capernicus 25/04/18

    Taken tonight with not best conditions,windy here and air not the steadiest. c9.25 and zwo 120mc
  18. Mine is running now: I started it with the end of the counterweight bar a couple of millimetres from the wall and marked the position of the top with a pencil (you may just be able to see it above the end of the bar -- it had only been running for a couple of minutes). I'm using a laptop to power the mount, having tried and failed with a connection from a PC and two USB hubs. Now to set an alarm to remind me to check it tomorrow evening... James
  19. Promontorium Laplace, UK skies, a surprise

    They're fantastic, as long as you keep them cool you're set up in minutes. Do it.
  20. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Neat layout, but what do you have in there? I can't tell from the photo.
  21. I have gone back to ST4 guiding (now I have a new cable) after having problems with the ASCOM direct with my NJP. Wonder if I can get it back to guiding in Maxim now. WO 132 and Lodestar with OAG
  22. Copernicus at 761x

    Superb stuff Gerry, as always! And if you need more image scale for Copernicus... 24" + HR 3.4mm would be interesting!
  23. "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Added simple clamping and been testing the Z motor drive. If I set the speed high the very slight deviation from perfectly straight means that the rods suffer from centrifugal force and when the carriage gets near high up the unsupported ends of the rods start splaying out and shaking the whole printer! Maybe with 500mm rods this is not a problem but with metre long rods it seems I shall need to support them at both ends. This is only a problem with fast movement - during printing operations the Z movement will only be small and there will not be time for vibrations to get going.
  24. Polaris

    I like the composition you have there and a good idea for practising processing Jim
  25. 22-04-2018 AR2706 Quark & AS!3 Options

    Yes, I tend to use an AP of 50 but will have a go with a few different options now.
  26. Btw the image was loaded once with a flat frame taken after the capture. The image was re analysed each time to make sure the settings selected were stuck to then new AP's applied, then stacked. Into IMPPG for a mild sharpen. The sharpening was done on the first image then that setting was saved in IMPPG for use on the resulting stacks, I just loaded each into INPPG, applied that same setting then saved to keep the process the same for each one.
  27. Thanks chris. I guess i most lern how to “deal” with the seeings or special moments of The Sun. Try to add other eyepiece makes NO sense if you are right. (Even not to my cheep but good zoom..!)
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