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  2. jjosefsen

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Hi. I'm considering getting one of these bad boys (130pds) and modifying it over Christmas. I'm looking at dewheater solutions, and wondering if a glued secondary mirror heater would be preferable to a dewshield. Can any of you tell me the diameter of the secondary mirror stalk/mounting? I was considering mounting an rca plug in the top of the ota for a more permanent solution instead of having a cable dangle lose up there.
  3. FSQ 106 with .6x reducer and ASI 1600 with 3um Astrodon filters. Finally added OIII to the mix. My goal was to do the Rosette in LRGB (or HaLRGB), bur the Moon didn't cooperate. This is an image completed while I wait for the data for NGC 1333. After NGC-1333 hits the trees, I have 2.5 hours to shoot this target. I can honestly say I am sick of the Rosette nebula in the Hubble pallet....this is my 3rd such attempt. Fortunately they were at various focal lengths. Conditions varied widely for this data set--especially in the red (SII) data--so its not the best. Ha: 63 5min SII: 54 5min OIII: 47 5min
  4. Ive been looking at the mak or sct due to collimation issues after transport to the asteonomy club, as its supposed to hold it better. I have also been imaging with a dslr since about 2011 using registax deep sky stacker photoshop etc. and things arent quite as sharp as I would like. I think it has to do with the weight hanging off of the focuser as far as I know the DSLR is for deep sky in the ASI is for planetary so I will still be using the DSLR. I also think I'm just trying to talk myself into getting another telescope and correct me if I'm wrong with this would be a cheap way to try my hand at using a Mak or an SCT as this scope is only a little over $500. I greatly appreciate the replies.
  5. Well the Greeks named it 'galaxy' because it looks like a stream of milk spilt across the sky. Find a really dark site and you will understand why!
  6. Alien 13

    What did the postman bring?

    Nice, I like the camera too Alan
  7. I believe the "optimised for modded dslrs" just means that they have taken more precautions to ensure correct colour balance
  8. stevear

    PoleMaster Software Update

    Thanks for the info on Polemaster. The problem I have is that I simply cannot find the Application software download on the QHY site. I have scoured it backwards and forwards, have found and downloaded installed the drivers but cannot find the other software. Would you please be so kind as to send me a link to it? The green card that comes with the Polemaster only mentions downloading the driver. Thanks Steve
  9. If you go with an IDAS clip-in for prime focus imaging like I did for my Canon T6i, keep in mind, if you also plan on using camera lenses for wide-field imaging, to make sure that the lenses are compatible with the clip-in. My 50mm and 50-250mm EFS lenses will not fit with the clip-in in place, and I now have to purchase a 2" LPS filter or buy new EF lenses. I was told that trimming off the superfluous flange on the EFS's will allow it to fit, but in trying this with an old beat-up EFS 50mm, I found it did not work (and as a millwright I know it was not because of anything I did wrong). Just curious r.e. your comment about not modding the DSLR. I think you may be limiting your ability to capture the widest possible range of colours without this mod. I checked out the tutorials and was ready to give it a go until my brother, who has worked all his adult life repairing electric and electronic instruments and equipment, told me he had done several over the years, so I jumped at the chance to have it done by a pro I trusted, and at 1/3rd the price! Perhaps a member of this forum has a connection to pass on? Just saying.
  10. Neither of me SE purchases came with any sort of power supply.
  11. Captain Caveman

    BRESSER 40mm Eyepiece 60 ° 5 Elements

    Interestingly the picture of the EP I bought is the exact same picture as found here on the Bresser website, still selling for 129 euros, and there are strong links between, Meade, Bresser, Explore Scientific and JOC. In fact the Optical-systems website is strangely similar to the Bresser, even calculating the delivery in the same way, and the website/ shop is owned by Explore Scientific. (in fact same address as Bresser!) Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for a 30quid gamble
  12. First the caveats: this is a combination of a brief imaging session on Monday when I managed to capture 1hr 40mins of LRGB on the Heart Nebula combined with an older mosaic in Ha taken last year. The mosaic did not cover the same field of view so I have cropped out the areas where there was no overlap. I've also just noticed a small area in the mosaic where my stars are doubled due to a misalignment (the area just to the right of centre) within the mosaic itself. . I've tried and probably overcooked the deconvolution. Having managed to avoid most of the ringing artefacts I'd missed that I'd reduced the fainter stars to squares. PP@YP! (pixel peek at your peril) I know this needs LOTS more data and a fresh set of Ha subs that actually match but it was nice to be imaging again after what has felt like an endless summer and a very cloudy Autumn. 10x 120s of RGB 20x 120s of L ~20x 240s of H Total integration time: 3hrs Skywatcher Esprit 80mm plus ZWO1600MM-C, ZWO LRGB filters and Astrodon 3nm Ha filter. Enjoy
  13. orion25

    Mars-Neptune Conjunction, Dec 7

    Nice one, Geoff. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the the object in the upper right is actually Neptune. I can see little Triton right next to it.
  14. That's how it is where I live Southeast of Tampa/St.Pete about 45 miles. I'm probably in a 3.5 to 4 Bortle, except for my neighbors flood lights. When it's right, the milky way stands out screaming look up at me. But it's nothing like I remember as a child in the 60's.
  15. Rusted

    Polishing glass plates

    Of all the things the amateur optician may attempt then optical flats are one of the most difficult. It assumes some experience with making mirrors and perhaps objective lenses first to gain the vital knowledge to proceed onto flats. The above assumes that three, normal thickness, low expansion blanks are used. Each worked upon another in a strict sequence. After allowing each blank to cool they would be brought to the [crown jewels] reference flat and tested. Plane parallel 16" both sides to at least 1/10? Why not? It would requires a stable temperature and dust free room if quality is desired, long experience at testing against reference flats under monochromatic light source. It requires enormous patience, years of learned optical working skills and great care to achieve even modest results. Don't forget that your plate will distort under gravity and you must allow for the curvature of the earth and gravity waves. The only way I know of to polish a thin flat is to polish it on a proper polishing machine with a suitable ring for driving the thin blank. How big a ring? No idea. NASA might know but I wouldn't bet on it. Polishing takes place very slowly on a pitch lap which is already almost perfectly flat. Or as near to flat as very long experience at polishing perfect flats suggests. The glass may not be weighted or it will distort. It may not be ignored while running without constant attention to the polishing medium. Automatic polishing machines will have a pump to keep the pitch lap and polishing medium from drying out. I doubt that is good enough for your needs. If you have the required qualifications, temperature regulated room, vast optical experience, vast amounts of time, a very large flat to flatten the pitch lap, a decent polishing machine and a monochromatic light source in a proper set-up for testing then why not give it a go? If you lack any of these items, conditions or personal qualities then the cost of buying your finished optical flat will seem excellent value. If you want to work your way up more gently to making large, thin, plane parallel, optical flats to 1/10th, in optical glass then perhaps you could turn your inventiveness to [say] reaching Mars, using only the expertise available on astro forums.
  16. John

    15mm Panoptic

    Not the most popular Panoptic IMHO - that one is probably a bit overpriced. There was one on e.bay a few weeks back for £99.00. Maybe it's the same one ?
  17. Scooot

    Christmas New Moon

    Thanks John. F2.8 with the 135mm.
  18. Scooot

    Christmas New Moon

    Thank you. I bet you still couldn’t reach it
  19. I’m capable of lifting my Skyliner from its store and out into the garden. Any further, then it’s by car, scope over back seat, mount on the front seat. I have considered a pram/buggy/ wheel barrow to get to land behind my property, but not seen anything suitable so far. Anything stable with wheels to isolate the scope from shock is what I’d like, but for now, it’s lifted or separated.
  20. Today
  21. wormix

    EQ5 Black Mount

    Hey, any chance this is still for sale? cheers
  22. souls33k3r

    What did the postman bring?

    A brown man wearing a Kilt is exactly what you all want to see.
  23. johnfosteruk

    Christmas New Moon

    Not often one says nice bokeh to a moon image
  24. Allinthehead

    M31 4-panel mosaic

    Great work Jens. Beautiful colour and detail.
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