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  1. Just watched the NASA Science Live bit. Mainly basic stuff but worth a watch. It's time for me to invest in an HA setup I think.
  2. I've just had a nice visual session observing Jupiter and Saturn with fairly reasonable views given their positions. Anyhoo, finished off with a quick snap or two of our nearest neighbour. This is 30 of 100 frames shot with the Nikon D3200 and Tamron 150-600 @ 500mm Processing is Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG>PS RGB More saturation
  3. Yes I thought about asking for his mate's details, just in case he has any other astro bargains lying around. Absolutely still a bargain, but just badly timed for me.
  4. Just spoke to the fellow as he's right on my doorstep. He's put the price up to £120 as he's had a ton of interest and has been made aware it's a classic, he's holding out for offers as well! Apparently he bought it from a friend for £30 a few years ago but never got 'into it' I would have at the original price but I've just forked out for a new Mac so the Present Mrs Foster would murder me at this price! I've suggested he add a picture of the objective to the listing, and maybe list it on astrobuysell as well to ensure it finds a good home. I've an idea the price may drift further upwards when he spots that there's one 'sale pending' for £170 astrobuysell. It's a shame, but hey ho.
  5. A few more for good measure, captured on the iPhone 11 for fun.
  6. A few more snaps from Plymouth, including a bit more pixel wrangling and cropping of the first one I posted.
  7. I stacked a few of the images in the sequence I posted from this morning which gave me a little more detail. No blue tail tho.
  8. I didn't have a chance from home, My northern horizon consists of a 12 foot wall mainly so I travelled to the field at the top of the hill. I will be making a return trip for sure
  9. Gee whiz it's a corker isn't it!!! I've had a few quick looks through binoculars but tonight I set everything up and had a good session. The moon rising behind me, 3 nice ISS passes as well and lovely clear skies to the north. Even with the light pollution over the city I had lovely naked eye views once I found a good spot away from the streetlights. No noctilucent clouds though. Lots of image data to process but here's a quick one straight off the memory card, shot at 50mm. Just a little noise reduction and contrast added. Very nice.
  10. Single image, this afternoon. Shot at 500mm with the Tamron.
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