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  1. johnfosteruk

    The Moon 18-02-19

    Glad to be of service Mike!
  2. johnfosteruk

    The Moon 18-02-19

    A quick image after a fabulous observing session this evening with exceptional seeing, 40 frames of 100 stacked. Kit - Skymax 102, Nikon D3200 Process - Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG
  3. johnfosteruk

    A pair of forgotten images.

    From 10th Feb. Rather like these.
  4. johnfosteruk

    first images of 2019, finally...

    Absolutely outstanding.
  5. johnfosteruk

    First light, Mak 180, 2x barlow, 80D, moon.

    Very nice Mark. I love my Mak, I think you're going to love yours!
  6. johnfosteruk

    Don't blame I'm old :)

    I've done that and I'm nowhere near your age Dave!!! Nice images
  7. johnfosteruk

    Tycho Clavius C9.25 tonight

    Nice, Keep 'em coming Trevor!
  8. johnfosteruk

    Sol 14-2-2019 ha

    Nice, good to see some action in these barren times!
  9. johnfosteruk

    Luna 10-02-2019 Single frame unprocessed

    That's splendid that is
  10. johnfosteruk

    Moon 10-02-19

    The seeing was a little wobbly so the stills based image (The big one) hasn't turned out too well but the rest of them are ok. Nikon D3200, 200mm lens, 400mm lens, Skymax 102. Mixture of stills and video. Wide Wider Wider, with earthshine Full disk Closer
  11. johnfosteruk

    Luna 10-2-2019 6 pane mosaic

    Nice image Steve, it looks chilly!
  12. johnfosteruk

    Moon 10th Feb 18:00

    Beautiful set Baggy!
  13. johnfosteruk

    The Moon 10 February 2019

    Cracking image Roger, lovely and sharp.
  14. johnfosteruk

    Altai Scarp

    Nice detail there Trevor
  15. johnfosteruk

    Too windy

    Thanks guys. It was a bit nippy to say the least!

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