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  1. Andromeda and Triangulum from a better sky

    Lovely sketches
  2. Observatory anyone?

    forget the kids, I want one.
  3. New puppy naming challenge

    Those eyes! I'm in love.
  4. Prom animation from SGL17

    Nice animation Dave.
  5. Chameleon First Light

    Very sharp considering the haze Gav, I hope Newton stays dormant for you
  6. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    Cracking Charl, I was watching it on Gong but yours is a better image
  7. sol HA 22-10-17 new AR

    nicely done Charl, forgotten what the sun looks like here. Nearly had a go at WL this morning during a reasonable gap but by the time I setup aligned and started focussing, the gap was gone and it's been mirk ever since.
  8. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    ooh, hope so, and I may have my 18" dob
  9. Must Be New Moon.....

    Crikey. I'll lend you my pea shooter
  10. orion nebula

    Any place where stellar and planetary formation is occurring could also see moons forming, but If it was a moon no earthbound binoculars would be able to resolve it I'm sure, same with planets for that matter. I take it you've observed this behaviour on more than one occasion? Maybe you could knock up a sketch the next time you observe it, then compare it with charts to help identify the object although I still believe the most likely candidate is satellite(s) - that area is right on the M25 for satellites. I just had a peep at Sky Safari and there's hundreds of them passing just south of Iota Orionis.
  11. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    Leave booked, welsh cakes booked, see you all there.
  12. Three of my favorites and two fingers to Ophelia

    Cracking image, and I'm glad you and yours are all ok.
  13. Themis and Uranus

    Like Elliot I've not seen it but it's now on my list for tonight, assuming Brian leaves us at some point.
  14. What will you use on Mars 2018?

    4" skymax or evostar unless I have a windfall between now and then in which case it'll be a Tak, from your neck of the woods - 81°, that's nuts.
  15. orionids 2017

    Nice. Rather envious 😄