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  1. Single image, this afternoon. Shot at 500mm with the Tamron.
  2. I took the camera and tripod out on my evening walk. The ISS pass was a beauty, passing under Regulus and the Moon but no sign of the Dragon. I reckon it was lost down in the Mirk shown in the 2nd image.
  3. Here's a fun thing - Docking simulator https://iss-sim.spacex.com
  4. Incredible isn't it, I don't think I'd even heard of SpaceX on the day they shut down the Shuttle Program and now just 9 years later they have their amazing testing regime which has produced one of the most efficient and safest lift systems on the planet - incredible.
  5. Last one - I think it's important to see the NASA logo on the rocket, plus the launchpad, plus Ron
  6. This is a very cool shot
  7. Bob and Doug plus entry burn
  8. According to Heaven's above, yes.
  9. Yep - 10:14 for me in Plymouth
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