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  1. johnfosteruk

    I'd almost forgotten what to do

    That makes sense, I see it now. The 'double' craters are easy - Main & Challis (middle pair) for example, I think the apparent section of double limb is a cluster of craters that normally hide around the other side, including She Shen and Petermann. Notice that Mare Humboldtianum is fully visible as well.
  2. johnfosteruk

    I'd almost forgotten what to do

    Thanks all. I'm not seeing it (which doesn't mean it's not there). It's definitely not an AP problem whatever it is, I used c. 20k of 'em.
  3. johnfosteruk

    Moon-my first attempts

    Nice shots, especially the last one. You've captured Plato A, B & O quite clearly and hints of C&D.
  4. johnfosteruk

    I'd almost forgotten what to do

    Having not captured anything for a month and a half due to a busy schedule and hideous ever present clag, not only did I get lucky with 46p last night I also managed to grab 100 frames on our nearest neighbour. I do love this time of year (when it is clear) with the cold temperatures you have at least a fighting chance of a steady atmosphere and last night was no exception. I stacked 75 frames of the 100 and the result is reasonable. Best viewed full size.
  5. johnfosteruk

    46p Meets the Pleiades

    Thanks everyone. I went out and took advantage of the rare clear sky again later as the Pleiades were transiting. Same settings but 100 subs. I've caught a little nebulosity this time as well and the comet colour is more accurate. That nebulosity has brought more noise though so I may reprocess with some masks. I had a good look at 46p with binoculars too.
  6. 50 frames with the Nikon 50mm, 3s, ISO 800, F1.8. It was all rather low down in amongst the local light pollution so I'm rather pleased. I made a hash of blending the foreground though.
  7. Outstanding set of winners. Well done all!
  8. johnfosteruk

    Christmas New Moon

    Not often one says nice bokeh to a moon image
  9. johnfosteruk

    Moon & Venus conjunction 04.12.2018

    And here’s one just after sunrise with the iPhone.
  10. johnfosteruk

    Plato Animation 3d

    Fantastic Neil, love the part where it flies over the Vallis Alpes.
  11. johnfosteruk


    Sadly not, I think I'd need more data to ID them with confidence, which sadly I didn't capture.
  12. johnfosteruk


    Cracking image Harry.
  13. johnfosteruk

    The Moon Occults Saturn

    After seeing tonight's (11/11/18) close encounter I had a little browse to see if there were any occultations due. There are a few others in the meantime but this one is the first one due that's at a decent altitude. Hope this is enough warning
  14. johnfosteruk

    Crescent moon and Saturn conjunction now!

    Here's my one frame that's half decent i wish I’d got it sooner while it was closer but that’s British weather for you
  15. johnfosteruk

    New Comet

    MPEC just issued MPEC 2018-V151: COMET C/2018 V1 (Machholz-Fujikawa-Iwamoto)

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