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  1. His thoughts on E=mc2 are entertaining too Also, his interstellar medium of choice is Ether. As, I believe the young folk now say, OMG.
  2. I've been pondering this since you posted it Mike but now I've confirmed it, this book is one of the things that cemented my interest in the heavens. My grandad owned it and I used to spend hours thumbing through the pages gazing at the images in amazement, and wondering if there was anybody in one of those distant objects looking back at us at about age 7. It was my grab and go book when I was with my grandparents I don't know where it went when he died and it was consigned to distant memory. But your post reminded me and I wondered if it was the very same work. So I ordered a copy and it's arrived, and sure enough it is, I know it, the layout, the images, it's all as I (now) clearly remember. Like catching up with an old friend. So thank you. Excuse the word vomit, but it's one of those moments
  3. Great job Steve, looking forward to some images once the cloud clears.
  4. Scope's fine, shame about the ruddy rain though!! I'd offer some of the advice you're seeking, but don't have any as I haven't done Ha yet, hope to soon though
  5. Very nice.
  6. Great set Adam
  7. Sol is active in all the colours and all is right with the world again, tremendous set Michael.
  8. Cracking Steve, does the big AR look like a grinning muppet's face to anybody else, or is it an ostrich?
  9. Lovely prom shot Freddie, don't know what you mean about the surface image, looks sharp enough to me.
  10. Nice and sharp set of images.
  11. Nicely done Ian.
  12. Outstanding Ian, one of your best yet.
  13. outstanding Michael. I think you got some of mine too!!
  14. I'd try a replacement if the vendors willing. if that doesn't sort it it's the camera
  15. Tremendous, inspirational image.