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  1. johnfosteruk

    Cracking seeing tonight

    I thought so too! Stacking will give a bigger image though and bring out lots of lovely detail to match the views I had before imaging. But you knew that anyway
  2. johnfosteruk

    Cracking seeing tonight

    Single random frame, basic stretch using Pipp. Processing the stack at the moment.
  3. johnfosteruk

    Who’s out ?

    I ended up with a reasonable effort last night after an hour observing, despite the haziness. The image is much reduced to defeat the noise & I left a little hint of a halo to match the naked eye view a little bit.
  4. johnfosteruk

    Who’s out ?

    Hazy here, but only a light haze so it's the perfect moon filter
  5. johnfosteruk

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Cracking shot Steve.
  6. johnfosteruk

    Floodgazing 2018

    Nice set Mark, number 9 is my fave.
  7. johnfosteruk

    Sol 18-10-2018 Ha

    That'll do nicely Steve.
  8. johnfosteruk

    A big thank you

    You absolutely must attend the whole quiz night! Best part of the event, unless it's clear of course I'm sorry we didn't get the opportunity to chat properly after we introduced ourselves, I had to rush off to deal with a minor tent disaster and then the opportunity didn't present itself again for the rest of the weekend! Maybe next year.
  9. I'll get the ball rolling then. Here's a quick go at it. Integrated using APP and PP with Photoshop. I combined the Ha but I'm not sure I did a very good job.
  10. johnfosteruk

    Mighty Moon Mini Mars Conjunction

  11. I enjoyed views through the binos as well, very nice. And grabbed a quick snap of the pair over the city at 50mm.
  12. Oops, I went looking for some Ha on M8 last night to add to a project and discovered the insanely small FOV! Still, as you say, nice to have the centre.
  13. johnfosteruk

    Killing the longing!

  14. Ooh. I’m collecting data on NGC253 with Slooh’s 1m telescope. It’ll be interesting to compare the 2 and to have some Ha.
  15. johnfosteruk

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Something like that. Sunrise over Plymouth would be incorrect after all!

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