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  1. My first decent proper session for a while Just a big (mono) one, a small (rgb) one and some closer views of some of the tourist spots
  2. Stunning, you need to enter that into as many competitions as possible.
  3. Lovely Les, Caught a glimpse myself but didn't have the camera with me.
  4. Exactly! I'd be interested in the results of that when you get around to it Dave Same here for the full size, I'll play around with it in a bit.
  5. Thanks Olly, I love coloured moons, overdone or not
  6. I’ve just come in from walking the hound and that’s a very similar view to the one we enjoyed as the moon rose, nice shot.
  7. I had my first evening observing in a long while last night and it was an (almost) full moon. If you can't beat 'em join em though, and those who know me know I love the Moon. Luna (the dog) was intrigued by it all! Anyway, I did a bit of imaging too. This image was captured with the Nikon. 500 of 3000 video frames aligned in Pipp, stacked in AS!3, then IMPG & Photoshop to finish. I did capture stills for the big detailed shot as well but didn't notice the focus was off, rather annoying, but that's what happens when you have to take a hiatus! The big one is worth clicking through to full size, maybe
  8. Nice sharp image, I'd just knock back the green a smidge though.
  9. Nice set of results considering Trevor.
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