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  1. Single frames as AS!2 is being silly and not stacking, I'll have a play later. Only 200mm as I lost track of time observing and the sun was rising, didn't have time to run indoors and find a longer lens!!
  2. Nice Pete. Looking forward to the results with the U
  3. Nicely done Charl. Them spots are getting smaller I think.
  4. Don't take this personally but had you had a drink? If so there's no mystery 😋🍺
  5. Phe is Phoenix, a southern constellation which is always below our horizon in the U.K. Also If it hadn't moved over a few hours it wasn't a celestial body.
  6. What on earth kind of gov rules stop you walking your goat????
  7. Nice Michael. Trying to stack some shots at the mo myself but AS!2 is not being nice to me!!!!
  8. I'm quite lucky, reading around the boards it seems I'm amongst a privileged few at the moment
  9. I do know a few people who although I wouldn't say whole-heartedly, do treat it as more than just a bit of fun. My last post wasn't just referring to 'ology though, but at risk of going off topic and breaching the rules I'll give a knowing wink and say no more.
  10. I love them both but V2 is the best without that slight pinkish cast in V1. Lots going on in both the EBs too.
  11. That's my gripe with it all, I can't understand why in this day and age people still hold on to ideas that have absolutely no place in the modern world. I've been known to point out to people like that modern things like smartphones, the internet etc etc are a direct result of evidence, reason, experiment and so on and that we can apply the same methodology on the wider scale of the universe and achieve the same results. Their eyes glaze over and they make that 'oh doesn't he go on' face. (The Present Mrs Foster has one of those too although she reserves it for special occasions)
  12. Yup, that's me, unreliable and selfish Quite mild here compared to recent days, even took me hat orf at one point.
  13. Thanks Dave.
  14. Thanks John, I was surprised to find blue skies myself today, forecast didn't say there would be.
  15. Thanks Charl, hope it clears for you.