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  1. Luna 22-1-2018 2 pane mosaic

    That's sharp!
  2. Tremendous film. Thank you for sharing it. Love the section with Orion, truly magical.
  3. Who 'invented' averted vision?

    Sounds like a good idea to me!!! To correct my original post It should read earliest documented use rather than the first to document it - I'm sure other documents existed but just haven't survived.
  4. The Core of the Rosette Nebula

    Intriguing image Steve, lovely detail.
  5. Moonset over Swaledale

    Lovely time-lapse, how long between subs?
  6. Most memorable observing moment?

    A few for me. Halley's comet through my grandfather's binoculars in 1986, the best views of Saturn at 250x ever at a society observing session last year, first time observing GRS.
  7. Who 'invented' averted vision?

    It wasn't Mrs Ugg's fault, the ladyshave hadn't been invented yet!!
  8. Book suggestion - Your favorite read

    Currently rereading The Planet Observers Handbook by Fred Price while I wait for some new books to arrive. Like Burnham's his introduction to the field in the first few chapters is wonderful.
  9. Apollo XI

    Not a chance here so far, we live in hope though. Thanks for the heads up Alan.
  10. Aristotle apparently, or at least possibly was the first to document it's use for astronomical purposes. Another lovely piece from Professor Merrifield.
  11. Jan 21, 2018: First moon with 80D

    very nice. no chance of a view here, it's cloudy, all the time.
  12. Frac waiting for darkness

    Did you learn that term on the meteorology course?
  13. Frac waiting for darkness

    It's looking good outside here, telescope is out cooling just in case and I'm very tempted but I am warm and snuggly atm. mmmmm what to do? Have a good session John.
  14. sol wl ,HA ,proms 18-1-18

    Nicely done Charl. I've not seen Sol for ages apart from through the odd patch of less dense cloud.
  15. 90 v 102 mak

    They're not that different in focal length (1250 and 1300) and ratio (F12.7 and F13.8), so I'd go with the additional aperture. I have the 102 and it's extremely portable. I believe the 127 is as well so I'm with Vlaiv, get the 127 if you can afford it.