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  1. Definitely worth doing, it certainly looks almost like Ca-K
  2. Well I had a go and although I couldn't get too much more out of it due to the noise, it's an image and it's had some processing so it'll do me Main things were a touch of wavelets, adjusted the gamma and contrast in Registax. Then tried to muck about with an artificial flat to take out the gradient and colourising obviously. Having no Ha gear, while doing this I learned that you can push the sharpening quite a way with Ha, interesting, must look into securing some fundage. Mono Colour Colour invert
  3. Great image
  4. What a great set of images. Loving the huge prom.
  5. Very nice, nothing for me for a few days!
  6. Nice sharp discs Steve, that prom is impressive too.
  7. Great shots Steve, it's Mahoosive Les, white light images are white in their raw state, but the Ha line (which is where this image is) sits at the red end of the spectrum as per this 'raw' image: from here so although the colour maybe processed in that's because it's often imaged in mono and wants to be brought back somewhere near to a true view as well as the personal taste thing. The Ca-K line is near the deep violet end of the visible spectrum which is why the images are often that colour. It's like looking at different layers of Sol. White light images that have pseudo colour are absolutely false, but folks who do WL (me included) will generally post pseudo colour and mono the colour. In that case is entirely down to taste. HTH.
  8. Definitely yours then Iain, and Shane. Nice image, nice sketch, wish I could get a view.
  9. Great shots Pete. I was watching the prom on Gong, running the animation shows tons of action it's great. No chance of a proper view here though even if I had Ha gear!!!
  10. Agreed. Forgot to mention that but otherwise a robust and versatile setup.
  11. This is terrific, I've been binging on open clusters lately and this is just absolutely the reason why, so very majestic, beautiful and interesting. Loving the PN too. What a lovely bonus. Terrific image.
  12. Stu, you can't stop, you're my justification 'At least I don't want everything Stu has!!!' Seriously though I'm pleased for you, glad you've found equilibrium, or contentment, or inner peace or whatever it is you've found (with your gear and your observing habits) I remember you commenting on a thread I started about observing at home so it's nice to know you've found a way forward that fits. Or membership cards
  13. Or, see my post
  14. I saw that and have lodged a complaint with IPSOS here slapdash reporting of what essentially should be a simple fact based piece, in this case spreading the word about what should be a wonderful opportunity to experience one of the wonders of the world annoys the hell out of me. This kind of article should be automatic brownie points for the paper, doing something good but they have to muck it up. I know 'most' people know not to look at the sun without protection but I'm sure there are those who trust the press (haha) who might think 'oh, maybe it's a different kind of eclipse' Unlikely, but possible I'm sure. Suggest you do the same, let 'em know they need to be responsible. Done ranting now.
  15. Also, I love the star colours in this one. Such diversity.