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  1. Very nice detailed sketches Shane, I was most upset that cloud scuppered my hopes to view the Io transit.
  2. This is why you can't have nice things Dave! Nice and sharp in spite of the uneven illumination.
  3. 21:00 here, and a very nice sight it was too.
  4. Fantastic Richard, my Brother surprised me with the same in November. It was a great show.
  5. Lovely and clear earlier but the all important factor of course is the seeing, what would it be like. I'd setup earlier and found myself at the eyepiece of a well cooled 5" scope at 2100 looking at Jupiter at 180x. The seeing, while not as good as the 19th in general was pretty darn good with some moments of excellent quality. GRS was approaching the preceding limb, slightly salmon coloured whereas the other day it was distinctively orange - a result of an extra inch of aperture perhaps. A barge in the centre of NEB was very prominent and perhaps 2 festoons following GRS. I followed GRS as it disappeared off the limb for over an hour while twilight started its slow transition to darkness. I intended to pop indoors for the sketchpad but I was captivated. Onto the rest of the sky, just panning around looking for the early risers. Regulus, Arcturus, Spica, Procyon near the horizon, Alkaid near the zenith, Denebola, Cor Coroli. filling in the yet to arrive members of their respective constellations in my mind. Without a doubt, the star of this show being Algieba - Gamma Leonis. Double star observers will no doubt be familiar with this little beauty. An easy split with separation of 4.7", the primary and secondary showing a lovely golden tone and the 1.4 magnitude difference giving a clear indication of which is the primary and the secondary, no field stars or orientation required. An interesting double as well as a pretty one. It's confirmed to have a planetary system and I spent more than a few minutes imagining travelling there before packing up for the evening. I posted a rant last year about the lack of easy DSO observing at home. It doesn't matter. There's still plenty of exploring to be done.
  6. Very impressive indeed Avani
  7. very nice set of images Steve.
  8. Outstanding.
  9. Nice shot Terry.
  10. We have a terminator
  11. Fine set of images Michael.
  12. Sunset over Montes Apenninus, with false colour topographical data from LOLA. None of my image in there at all. This is 40 hours at hourly increments, view is as seen from my observing location.
  13. Nice and sharp under the circumstances Charl. I think I got your forecast blue skies chaps.
  14. Not very good seeing this morning but nice clear blue skies mainly. 20 frames @ 1/4000s, ISO 100. Pipp>Registax>IMPPG>Photoshop.
  15. The southern highlands around first quarter are fascinating, so many shadow spires to see as the sun rises and the scene unfolds. I took one of my images of the region on the terminator for texture, deformed it to an aerial view and multiplied it with frames generated using DEM data from LOLA to produce this animation. I forgot to align the frames but it's ok, looks like it was taken by a hand held camera! The animation doesn't loop so refresh to view more than once. (you might have to click full size)