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  1. johnfosteruk

    A Blog of Optical Tests

    Bookmarked, thanks John. Dare I say, I'm actually looking forward to one of those.
  2. I'm in, I'll write some of the code as well if you like.
  3. johnfosteruk

    Jupiter from 15.07.2018

    Another nice one.
  4. johnfosteruk

    Jupiter 15.07.2018

    Nicely done Pete.
  5. johnfosteruk

    Astro Photo of the Year 2018

    Plato, Cassini, Eudoxus, Egede
  6. johnfosteruk

    Astro Photo of the Year 2018

    That’s great news, cracking image too. You must be very proud. Has anybody else noticed that Olly is Irish now? And IC342 has grown to replace an entire constellation as well
  7. johnfosteruk

    Satellite Daylight Display

    Not just me then Nice captures
  8. johnfosteruk

    Daytime Iridium flare

    Did anybody else spot this today? I was looking for the crescent Moon and Venus (which I found, no problem) Iridium 7, about 7 degrees from the Sun, it peaked at 16:48:01 at mag -6.3 according to SkySafari. Never seen one that bright in full daylight before.
  9. johnfosteruk

    COMPLETED - Clear out *COMPLETE*

    Thank you sir
  10. johnfosteruk

    COMPLETED - Clear out *COMPLETE*

    Ah. Forgot about that. It’s F4
  11. johnfosteruk

    COMPLETED - Clear out *COMPLETE*

    Sold, I'll PM you for payment details.
  12. Just a few things that aren’t getting used. First up my 1.25” Lacerta Herschel wedge with 1.25” circular polariser (single). Purchased new from Teleskop Express last year. Cracking bit of gear but not getting used at the moment with the invariably blank white light disk we are seeing. Selling for £80 inc postage to UK mainland **SOLD TO PAZ** Next is my Asahi Super Takumar F4 200mm - m42, purchased 2nd hand from Lockie for £40. I wanted it for widefield Astro but even with adjustment I couldn’t get it focussed to infinity on the Nikon. I believe they’re fine on Canon. I have 200mm covered for daytime use, so it’s not getting used. No dust or scratches. Selling for £30 inc postage to UK mainland - SOLD TO NEWBIE ALERT. PP or bank transfer only for both.
  13. johnfosteruk

    Sun Ha Two proms shot very early in the morning

    Nice sharp images John.
  14. Well done everybody. outstanding winners and truly deserved!
  15. Working late so won’t make the picking up Jupiter early challenge but I’ll be out from 10ish. Thanks for the heads up.

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