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  1. Astro Crossword

    Downloaded Kerry and I'm doing it now.
  2. Eclipse fever?

    NASA's comprehensive coverage here Paul.
  3. Sol WL 18-08-17

    Thank you chaps.
  4. Sol WL 18-08-17

    Grabbed 100 frames at lunchtime but only just got them stacked, busy day. 50 of the 100 stacked. 1/4000s ISO 100, Pipp>Registax>IMPPG>Photoshop. No time for presentation! Mono RGB 100% Crop
  5. Couple from today 18-08-17

    Cracking shots under the conditions Dave, that prom's a monster.
  6. Sol WL 17-08-17 round 2

    It was a test Dave, to see if they're still worth doing and you passed!
  7. Sol WL, HA ar2671, prom. 17-8-17 updated

    Looks good to me Charl, Liking the closeups. Hope the boss is ok Dave.
  8. Sol WL 17-08-17 round 2

    No clouds this time and I've reconfigured the wedge so the polarising filter is closer to the sensor. No idea if it would make a difference or not. Seems sharper but it may just be the seeing/lack of clouds. 30 frames out of 60, 1/3200 ISO 100 Pipp>Registax>IMPPG>Photoshop.
  9. Sol White Light 17-08-17

    80 of 160 frames through hazy cloud. 1/1250s ISO 100.
  10. Moon shots

    Marvellous shots. Love the last one especially.
  11. Best present ever!

    Outstanding gift
  12. Glad you had a good session too Chris even if the clouds cut it short.
  13. Is this the Milky Way?

    I'd say so. That's Sadr & Deneb in Cygnus top centre in the second image
  14. Sky at Night - cleaning gutters?

    DIY it
  15. Sky at Night - cleaning gutters?

    Just the fact that it's magnetic is a good start. Then you've got the shape. Then Shove it under a microscope and eyeball the structure.