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  1. Nicely done Mark, that prom is a corker.
  2. Very nice capture. If I had a pound for every transit I've just missed I'd be well off
  3. There's many a time I've played and lost too mate. 😉
  4. Very nice Galen. It'll be cloudy now. 😜
  5. See
  6. I've got the rain filter going atm Alan, it's nowhere near as good as the cloud filter! Very poor contrast.
  7. Here we go then, John's being silly again (and talking in the 3rd person) Completely covered with cloud today, however there were some holes in the Cumulus revealing Sol trying to poke through the thin Altostratus layer. So I had a go at it. Now for the magic - Take 50 of these: Feed 'em to Registax and you get these, never fails to amaze me. Add a barlow and get this: Turns out cloud filters aren't bad after all!
  8. Thanks all. I did have a break in the clouds this afternoon as well so I got the 2.5x Barlow out. The seeing was mush though so I binned the data.
  9. Very nice Pete. I had an unexpected clear spell but the sun had already dropped below a wall.
  10. Ridiculous Dave.. It's an attempt at friendly professionalism. I know people that refer to me and you as myself and yourself. Generally they're jobsworths.
  11. Very nice set.
  12. 100% cloud first thing but it cleared fully for a short spell so I grabbed some frames. The seeing was exceptional and I really wanted to get the barlow on it but the clouds came back and haven't left since. I'm ready though if they do clear 50% of 100 frames at 1/1250s ISO 100. Pipp>Registax>IMPPG>Photoshop
  13. Another outstanding set. Those proms are marvellous.
  14. Very sharp. Nicely done sir.
  15. Nicely done Charl, very nice indeed.