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  1. Hello and welcome. Peter
  2. Hello Nat and welcome. Peter
  3. Welcome back. Peter
  4. Any use to anyone? I will sell for £6 including postage. Paypal gift only. UK only. Peter
  5. PHD is only for guiding and not capture. For imaging you will at least need an intervalometer or something like Backyard Nikon. PHD will guide your scope whilst BN captures the images. Peter
  6. Without looks better to me. You could also try using HLVG (Hasta La Vista Green) which is free and Noise Aware Community Edition (also free). Peter
  7. I have tried both but preferred BYE but others may disagree. I find BYE really easy to use and, for me, indispensible and they have a great support group. Try it without darks - who knows. If you have Pixinsight you could also do Dynamic Background Extraction. If I were to use darks, when dithering, the resultant image is really noisey. Peter
  8. You can try BYE for free and then a one off payment if you want it. I use about 20 usually but probably more is better. Peter
  9. As the title says - Astronomik Clip filter for Canon EOS together with case. These are currently selling for about £145 or so. I will take £105 to include postage. Payment by Paypal only as gift or fees paid. No offers. UK only. Peter
  10. Hi

    Hello Andy and welcome. Peter
  11. You might be able to improve the image by using dithering. If you do you can forget about darks and just use bias frames. Dithering is easy to set up in Backyard EOS. Peter
  12. Hello and welcome. Peter
  13. Hello and welcome. Peter
  14. Hello and welcome. Peter
  15. Love it. Peter