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  1. The ASPA routine with the AVX will give you good alignment if done properly. It did for me but I use Polemaster now as it is so quick. Peter
  2. PeterCPC

    New member

    Hello Marvin and welcome. Peter
  3. PeterCPC

    Rosette NB1 filter

    Thanks. I had tried an Astronomik clip in Ha filter without much success but this might be worth a try. Peter
  4. PeterCPC

    Rosette NB1 filter

    What camera were you using? Peter
  5. Easy to set up and use for observing but not so much if you are imaging. Peter
  6. Just done this to mine - had to get the thumbscrews from China though. Peter
  7. PeterCPC

    Registar users - was it worth it?

    If you opt for APP, I would get the renters licence as it entitles you to all updates free. Peter
  8. PeterCPC

    Hi from Birmingham

    Hello mark and welcome. Peter
  9. PeterCPC

    Canon 600D Astro modified plus accessories

    If I were you I would post the lens up on it's own. IMO it is really cheap but I think that you would get more interest if it was in the title. Peter
  10. PeterCPC

    Taking darks - a cautionary tale

    The fridge might be a better option. Peter
  11. PeterCPC

    Hi from Preston, UK

    Hello Rob and welcome. Peter
  12. PeterCPC

    band running along image

    I always save to card+PC and never experienced this. Peter
  13. Lovely day yesterday so went on our annual pilgrimage to Welford Park near Newbury. As usual the snowdrops were magnificent. Millions of them. Peter
  14. Lovely image. I have always wanted to have a go at this but the weather/Moon always conspire against me. Peter

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