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  1. Digi T ring

    Would this be any use? Here Peter
  2. Altair Astro .ser problem

    Or you could use PIPP to transform the file. Peter
  3. Hello from NYC

    Hello Andrew and welcome. Peter
  4. Horse Head nebula

    Agree with Wim. You will find the HH much easier with a modded camera. Peter
  5. Hi :)

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  6. Milky Way 3 views

    Nice Dave. Particularly the first one. Peter
  7. Hello from Portugal [Cédric Pereira]

    Hello Cédric and welcome. Peter
  8. A lovely spot. Well done on the capture. Peter
  9. Hello from Croatia!

    Hello Marko and welcome to SGL. Peter
  10. Hi All

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  11. Hello to all from Cliffm

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  12. Hello, New from WA state USA

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  13. Uranus

    Great image - some detail showing there. Peter
  14. Uhc filters

    Baader is a good make - should be fine. Peter
  15. Dithering time wasted?

    I use dithering with Backyard EOS and I would doubt that it's more than 40 secs between exposures. Peter