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  1. I have the one from my Esprit 100 if that's any use.
  2. Check what adapters are included with the Altair camera. ZWO include all adapters required and I'm not sure that Altair do.
  3. I cannot comment on that. Perhaps someone else can help.
  4. The ZWO will allow set point cooling. I don't think that the Altair will do that - it's just fan cooled.
  5. Unless it has manual exposure mode it will not be suitable.
  6. This wasn't about keeping cables tidy - it was about the best location for the dew heater controller that produced the least cable movement when tracking. I have established that, if you mount the dew controller on the saddle, the movement is greatly reduced. The controller goes around with the cable attached to the scope and the power cable, being fairly vertical, has very little rotation. I have all other cables placed so as to avoid any snagging. Thanks to those who responded.
  7. I didn't really know where to put this one. I have tidied up my cables (too many) to prevent them getting snagged as the scope moves BUT I cannot see a way to ensure the cable that runs to the dew strap on the scope does not get caught up. I currently have the dew controller fixed by Velcro on one of the legs of the AVX mount and then the heater cable runs to the strap on the telescope dew shield. Anyone thought of a way to eliminate the possibility of this cable snagging on the mount? By mounting the controller on the saddle it does reduce rotation but does not eliminate it. Is this
  8. PeterCPC


    Hello and welcome.
  9. Don't you just love software. I was using APT the other night and half way through focusing the Live View just disappeared and would not reopen. Been fine before.
  10. @michael.h.f.wilkinson Out of interest Michael - how much do you have to increase the exposure when using the L-extreme.
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