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  1. Hey hello

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  2. Jupiter imaging tips ?

    I am not familiar with that camera but there must be a way to reduce the exposure. Can you not expose using Manual Mode? have a look here Peter
  3. Jupiter imaging tips ?

    Planetary imaging is best done using video capture. Best results are from high frame rate planetary imaging cameras but you can use your Sony. A Barlow would certainly improve the image as well. Try not to overexpose Jupiter for the sake of getting the moons. Planetary imaging cameras can be bought relatively cheaply. You then stack your video in AS!3 and make adjustments to wavelets etc in Registax. Peter
  4. Bonjour or Bonsoir

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  5. USB Hub - Recommendations

    Yes I was thinking of Startech - thanks. Peter
  6. USB Hub - Recommendations

    No views at all? Peter
  7. Hiya from Brighton, UK

    Hello Russ and welcome. Peter
  8. This is for Skywatcher and Clones finderscopes to attach guide camera. See here Surplus to requirements now. Unmarked as new. Looking for £20 including postage to be by Paypal friends payment. UK only postage which is included in the price. Peter
  9. How Do?

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  10. The Hub that I have been using has died. It was serving my Canon DSLR and QHY guide cam. Can anyone recommend a non powered USB Hub that works and keeps working. Only needs to have 2 outlets. USB 3 preferred. Otherwise I will go back to having no hub and connect directly to the laptop but it means more cables hanging down. Peter
  11. Jupiter

    They are waiting for a clear night Peter
  12. Hello from Northwest Wisconsin

    Hello and welcome. Peter