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  1. Got a few items from them and very happy.
  2. I want a spare IR cut filter. If you have upgraded your IR filter and no longer need your "cheepo" filter I would be interested.
  3. As above. Just be nice to see these used instead of sitting in a drawer. Hoya HMC UV (c) 58mm - £6 including postage UK only Jessop Close Up filter (+4) 58mm - £6 including postage UK only. Paypal only by F & F.
  4. It does not have to match up exactly - just be in the same general area.
  5. There is a Canon 600d for sale in the Ads section. You might find that easier.
  6. I have something else to do - it's called sleeping.
  7. My AVX is the same but it doesn't seem to affect the guiding.
  8. I find that the IDAS D2 is useful against LED lights.
  9. This came with the Esprit 100 but is of no use to me. Might be useful to someone. 130mm long. It's on another site but would rather sell here. £15 including postage to UK. Paypal only by F & F or fees paid.
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