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  1. Hello from Mexico

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  2. Hallo from Cape Town, South Africa

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  3. Hi from Cheshire

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  4. 75-300mm focus problem

    ....or use a Bahtinov mask. Peter
  5. If you want to get good results you will need a high frame rate planetary camera. Something like an ASI224 or similar. My avatar was taken with the 224. Peter
  6. Hello from Yorkshire

    Hello Jas and welcome. Peter
  7. Get a modified Canon if you can. Your budget will dictate which one I expect. Peter
  8. Wanted Remote shutter cable Canon N3 / for older DSLR

    No that's not it then. Sorry to get your hopes up. Peter
  9. Hi from Brighton

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  10. Wanted Remote shutter cable Canon N3 / for older DSLR

    I have edited it - don't know aht happened there. Peter
  11. Wanted Remote shutter cable Canon N3 / for older DSLR

    ttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Camera-Remote-Control-Cable-Shutter-for-Canon-RS-80N3-EOS-10D-20D-30D-40D-50D-5D/282673951625?epid=1923329464&hash=item41d0ae3389:g:eRUAAOSwp5RZzjpM Is this what you are after or have I misunderstood? Peter
  12. Wanted Remote shutter cable Canon N3 / for older DSLR

    There are some on E Bay for about £4.50. Peter
  13. Hi from The Netherlands

    Hello Paul and welcome. Peter
  14. 12.5mm illuminated reticule eyepiece

    Still looking. Peter
  15. 12.5mm illuminated reticule eyepiece

    @dweller25 I have sent you a pm. Peter