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  1. Star detection in DSS

    Ian is refering to this I think Peter
  2. Hello from the West Midlands

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  3. Polar scope on AVX?

    I found that if I used a 40mm EP for the very first step to centre the first star and then put the 12mm IR EP in, I could leave it in from then on as the target stars were always then in the FOV. A 20mm IR EP would work as well but I could not find one at the time. Peter
  4. Canon 550d body plus extras (not modded) £180

    Now advertised on another site. Peter
  5. A Good Night for Uranus and Neptune!

    Nice. I have been wanting to get my C9.25 on Neptune but it's just permanent cloud cover here. Peter
  6. Polar scope on AVX?

    If you want accurate PA you should always use an illuminated reticule eyepiece - I use a 12mm and don't change the eyepiece once the process has begun. Also make sure that all final adjustments are to the right and up. Peter
  7. I use one like this and connected to dew controller with standard car cigar lighter plug. Works fine. Peter
  8. I'm Very Confused

    I use BYE but I also use a Bahtinov - I just find it so much easier but that's up to you. Peter
  9. I'm Very Confused

    Do you use a Bahtinov mask for focus? If not that would be useful. Also consider filters for light pollution or maybe UHC. You will need to download PHD2 for autoguiding (free). Polar Alignment will be crucial so consider how you do that. Peter
  10. Slewing Issue with AVX

    You're welcome. Peter
  11. I'm Very Confused

    What are you using for imaging at the moment? (camera/software etc) Peter
  12. Slewing Issue with AVX

    Something like this Peter
  13. Polar scope on AVX?

    I never powered down when I did an ASPA so I can't answer that. If the original alignment stars are not visible I believe that you can just use other visible stars. Peter
  14. Slewing Issue with AVX

    I have found that a mains adapter is best for my AVX - if that's possible for you. Peter