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  1. Have you checked the balance? If it is unbalanced it will gently drift. Peter
  2. No problem. I hope that you find it useful. I used to get a very accurate PA using this routine and it took about 20 mins. Polemaster takes about 5 mins. Peter
  3. Hello and welcome to SGL. Peter
  4. I use an AVX and am very pleased with it. I use Polemaster now but I was getting good results using ASPA. I am attaching my reminder for getting a good PA with ASPA - hope it helps. Peter Telescope Set Up Checklist.odt
  5. You might like to read this:- Peter
  6. I am an imager so I don't really use EPs but, if it says F4 and above, then I would take that as F4, F5 etc. Unless someone else knows better. Peter
  7. The lower the F number the faster the scope. F5 is faster than F6. Peter
  8. Like this Astroboot. Peter
  9. You should be able to get good results with EZ Planetary but I would give Sharpcap a go as well. Peter
  10. Try Sharpcap and see if you still get the same issue. Peter
  11. Hello Marie and welcome. Peter
  12. Fraid not - I don't own a Pentax but I just did a quick Google search for you. Peter
  13. If you are doing an ASPA, make sure you follow the instructions precisely or it will not work. If you get an error of 00.00.00 you have done something wrong. Peter
  14. Hello and welcome. Peter