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  1. When I got my QSI and took that first frame I thought the KAF-8300 was the most scariest sensor I'd seen.. I was used to the Atik 314L+.. so much snowstorm & bad columns!!.. and QSI were not a cheap brand! But man.. dither and calibrate!!.. wow.. still takes a lot to beat it..
  2. Lovely image.. I still think this chip, over 10 years on, has so much to offer. I have the QSI (same chip) on the main setup (Esprit150) in the Obsy. It's just so nice to work with. I've been messing about with alternate set-ups with the CMOS ones & other scopes in my sig but with lack of long enough periods of clear skies & work getting in the way I don't have any finished images. I really need to setup another obsy or 3 but the Wife's not having it so the Telegizmos cover has been earning its keep. As you can see I still have 3.. yes 3 314L+ Atik's .. I haven't used in a while but they are such lovely little cameras.. need no darks.. I've not been able to bring myself to let them go... they work nicely with the RC for small stuff if I ever get around to conquering the collimation and setup another obsy I'll put one on that again.
  3. I’ve been wiping a tiny bit of ACF50 on threads with cotton bud. Then there’s the freezing treatment of course if it’s stubborn
  4. Mine arrived yesterday but I've not had time to check it all out yet.. I also ordered the dovetail mounting brackets in case they were of use. TBH I think if you have a strip of aluminium and a vice to do a 45 90 degree bend & drill some holes you could easily make your own though
  5. Nice one..good to see this.. it's almost "retro" its so rare to see it presented like this these days .. You've got HH555.. (I can even see the jets) in perfect balance. My favourite "peacock & elephant" that I'm rather obsessed with! I must set the Esprit 150 loose on it again this year. can never have enough
  6. I have mine set to only allow updates during daylight hours
  7. Brilliant.. looking at that bottom right corner you just know it’s crying out for a mosaic
  8. Yes, the page you linked to has all the specs.. Supported Stepper Motors Pegasus Motor Focus Kit (v1/v2) Requires RJ45 to RJ45 common straight network cable Robofocus Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9 Moonlite Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9 Lakeside Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9 Starlight HSM 20,30,35 Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM Starlight MSM 20,30,35 Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-MSM Starlight DirectSync motors Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM Starizona Microtouch Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-MSM Rigel nStep motor Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-MSM Starlight POSI Drive Motor Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM Lacerta Motor Ask for cable: PEG-CMOT-LCRT
  9. If the cost is not a showstopper I’d be inclined to go for the ultimate because you’ll always find you want that bit extra at some point in this money pit hobby They both only have one port for variable voltage. The Ultimate actually supplies 20 amps now I’ve had another look too so your Nevada will provide up to 30 if you use the right output terminals... plenty! I’d suggest you power it from the bench supply and power all your kit including the mount with the Pegasus as that’s what it’s for, remote control of all your kit. Depending on your software you use to run everything it can all be scripted. For instance I use ACP in my obsy and that will start up everything open the roof do my sky flats and grab the subs on my shopping list all night, shutting and opening when weather conditions dictate, then shutdown and power off everything in the morning. All without me needing to be conscious and the Pegasus “should” do all the switching as commanded. It will also be a bit tidier than my current setup of separate power switches and usb hubs. I have the original hitech mount hub pro that did a similar job but I could never get the scripting to work with it and prolific drivers were rubbish but the idea was really good. Pegasus have come up with what that should have been as I see it.
  10. As Carole says the Heq5 is a nice mount. Much easier to lift about than the 6! Had mine for years, did a Rowan belt mod on it and it’s so smooth & quiet. I usually have an Esprit 80 on it for imaging but it handles the C9.25 fine on the occasions I’ve gone visual
  11. I ordered one of each from RVO a couple of weeks ago to try out.. I’m waiting for... one for my ‘remote’ obsy and one for another semi portable rig I’m putting together. The main difference is number of ports and internal or external option for focus controller. Power load seems to be same at 12 amps. RVO have a uchube vid explains the differences that’s worth a look. My main interest for remote use is the ability to cycle reset individual USB ports. Currently my setup using the industrial star tech hubs only lets me cycle the whole hub. So it’s down to which one gives you the number of connections & ports you need really.
  12. Gosh, this is like following Michael Aped’s “Up” series! ... brilliant
  13. Wow that's a pretty impressive "sky hoover" Goran! Looking forward to seeing the results of this in action.. when will you have time to process all that data!! I've just got a CEM70 myself to set up another rig with my 2 Esprit 80's on a side by side & have the same JTD saddle. I got it a few years ago when the Robin Casady ones were like gold dust.. knowing it would come in handy one day I see ADM now do the same design here.. https://www.admaccessories.com/product/tgad-tandem-guiding-aiming-device-altaz-aiming-device-for-side-by-side-systems/ I'm still putting the bits together for mine but I saw that the recommended imaging weight of the CEM70 is 2/3rds of the 31.8kg payload so ~21kg? So it'll be interesting to see how you get on! How did you go about moving the saddle around to 90 degree? I see there's no option in the handset to re home and when I unbolted and had a look under the saddle I can see there's a cut out for the PCB of the onboard USB/power ports that protrudes down. So it won't rotate and reseat at 90 degrees as the deeper cutout is on the lower side of the DEC housing only. I also read that the hard stops are there to stop damage to the wiring loom and not to remove them? I'm expecting one of these to arrive today to try https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/cgx-sbs-celestron-cgx-side-by-side-adapter.html but all the bars/saddles and this really knocks the weight up! Plus I'm now wondering if that payload is reduced by any extra counterweights added.. it probably does!
  14. Blimey this is a bit of a rollercoaster read. I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach just reading what happened! So sorry to hear but what an amazing response from the manufacturers and also your attitude to it all. I’ve been looking at using some of the Pegasus kit to replace stuff in the Obsy & on a new semi portable rig I’m building at the moment in hope that will last me into retirement too. This has certainly given me confidence in their support. I hope it’s not too long before you’re back up & running.
  15. blimey, your obsy looks very neat.. as does everything in all your piccies.. even the tools & screws lined up. I envy this methodical approach and organisation. I start out like this and somehow get distracted once I get it all working and get lost looking for the vacuum to clean up +1 for autofocus... if you can do this stuff you can do autofocus.. and TBH if you're wanting to do remote imaging whether from your back garden or the other side of the world you DO want it.. Also, you should think about making it autonomous. What IF you loose your connection while in the middle of of controlling the scope? I've been mainly using FocusMax for years (MaximDL & ACP runs my obsy) and it just does it.. refocusing when needed, filter change.. etc. The one time I've needed help for some obscure licensing/windows thing.. CCDware/Steve Brady was there.. superb response & support. Looking very good, can't wait to see it in action
  16. You might be oversampling with the 183, 533 looks a bit more forgiving. Thats with no reducer. https://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability Worth also checking out the field of view calculator on there for your intended targets I have no experience with these particular sensors though. You'll notice coming from CCD to CMOS (as I am, I'm still getting to grips with the ones in my sig.) there's a few things to consider with amp glow, bit depth & calibration in comparison to CCD. However, the sensitivity is quite something!
  17. Welcome back.. & well done on finding the mount. For portable, mine has had much more use than the NEQ6 has the last few years. So much easier on the back to move about and just works.. I did a belt mod on it which I recommend, a lot easier than on the 6. It'll be perfect for the motor home trips to dark skies
  18. Thats pretty neat.. its almost pushing out of the screen at me.. nice one Peter
  19. Looking good, very nice whirlpool.. one of my favourite targets. I was thinking of having another go with my current setup, not done this since my C9.25 in 2015. Guess that's for next year with the Moon heading up & Astro darkness rapidly running out now. We have been lucky with the clear nights recently though.
  20. I had "That Moment" of shock when I first got my QSI683 back in 2015 after being so used to the Sony sensors. Mine looks worse than yours! Dithering makes an amazing difference and anything else left is sorted by PI preprocessing for me. I love this camera/chip, it may be old tech now but it still produces dependable results and you know what they say.. if it ain't broke...
  21. So the topic is scopes.. From what you've listed I'd just say Esprit 80 & be done with it wandering OT slightly.. you're talking about 2" filters.. now bear in mind that none of the scopes talked about so far will cover a sensor larger than one's that can't be used with 36mm filters. The size of which requires 2" filters (full frame?) So, normally spend money in this order... Mount, Scope with well corrected optics FL/FOV for intended targets etc., imaging device + filters... etc.
  22. +1 for the Esprit 80's, I have two. Why do I have 2?.. Well, I already had one from the first batch and thought I'd try out the GT81 when they came out to compare. I'd already had WO scopes before but It was awful, star shapes were naff (lens clips didn't help) and the focuser fell to bits before I'd even got a camera on it. I persevered put it back together but it wasn't for me, I'd already been spoiled by the Esprit. It went back & was replaced with another Esprit 80. As with the first one, great out of the box! The only thing that has slightly bothered me sometimes is the foot, as its bolted to the tube. I fix it to a larger, longer vixen or losmandy plate for easier adjustment of balance etc. and.. don't waste it as a guide scope!.. the finder scope that comes with these makes an excellent guide scope, use that if you don't want to use an OAG.
  23. They do tend to sound a bit like a bag of spanner’s on start & stop but yours definitely doesn’t sound right. I can hear a regular clicking too. If it’s not under warranty and you feel competent I’d be pulling it apart & checking gears & tolerances etc. Maybe think about a belt mod while you’re in there.
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