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  1. Tak prism courtesy of @heliumstar.. this little beauty looks brand new, not a spec or mark or anything, looking forward to using it... First and hopefully not the last bit of takahashi..
  2. or beech... Bending slowly over time sounds like the ticket to me, you could easily make a jig up using wing nut bolts, then give as little of a turn as you wanted to slowly stretch the wood in to shape.. Had another thought finishing wise, Osmo Polyix Oil.. is a hard wax oil hybrid, takes up to a couple of weeks to set hard, but it's dry within a few hours.. After it's set, finishing wax, couple of coats.. that will look really nice! The polyix oil (others are available like Fides hard wax oil) you can get clear or tinted if you want to add a stain as well.. I stripped back a table a few weeks back and finished with this combo, no idea what wood it is mind, but after i got off the horrible coloured wax/stain the wife used it came up well.. see below, my pine observing chair is also finished with this combo..
  3. that's not a bad idea, and the bolts on the outside are not an issue, you can just countersink the wood in the same plan as the as the bolt so it sits flush. Obviously the counter sunk would be deeper at the top than the bottom to square it off, I doubt it would be objectionable.. I just wonder if you could flex the wood enough to form the shape without putting too much stress on it.. if you started with parallel legs, so everything was square at the hinge, add a brace point here, that's square, then pinch the two sections together, i wonder over say 1200mm (or what ever the height of the remaining leg is) would you (the wood) have enough natural flex to for the shape you needed, you'd then just need to profile you tapered infills, and fix together. could be worth a go or a test run..
  4. Good man, I love a good tripod build Thread.. from your description, i think your talking along the line of this kind of tripod I think these look great, a very classic elegant design.. This is a IR Poyser telescope & stand, its a "furniture level scope" that you mind being around the house, or that your other half doesn't mind being around the house! The legs here look set to an angle, with the infilling also mirroring that angle, which gives you fixing points for your BB spreader. TBH honest i'm not sure how that would work at the hinge, they look to be fixed of set to the plane of the bolt running through the hinge, as opposed to running square and flexing the legs to an angle. Wood wise, always worth a conversation the supplier you have in mind.. I've used sapele and iroko, TBH the iroko has a nasty habit of splintering due to little calcium deposits, if you catch one with saw or drill bit/router it blows, i had to do some filling on mine to cover, which now stands out somewhat after the wood has darkened to a deep red. I would think, Oak, Ash, Beech are all good options.. TBH i like this bit the most, which wood to use as opposed to actually doing the work as I hate doing DIY and I've no real woodworking skills so i find it stressful... plan once, twice, check it three times then cut and hope for the best!.. what about Maple or Idigbo all of these should stay fairly pale.. the sapele and Iroko i used have all gone a deeper red colour over the last year.. As it's not my money i think Cherry would be lovely. Oil wise, teak is a winner for lots of occasions, but OSMO do a range of UV protect oil for exterior wood I've used that, bit expensive but a little goes a long way. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. Ta Fozzie
  5. Lovely.. I especially like the TIE Fighter appearing from behind the trees!
  6. is anyone else feeling a bit jaded after two nights of chasing Neowise...
  7. Tell you what in general this morning the sky was great, a comet in the north, Saturn and Jupiter in the south, moon mars up in the east, summer triangle over to the west... great smokes it's good time for astronomy.
  8. Took a really invigorating hike up the hill out of town to a local countryside footpath to grab some more neowise shits, set off at half2 after showing the wife neowise from the landing window, just skirting the trees.. I was hoping for some NLC too but alas the comet will have to do..
  9. Just had an exhilarating jaunt up the hill... glad I did..
  10. Haha Not going to let that one go are you, which is fair enough, i admit it's a shallow reason, not liking the look of something despite the obvious optical performance and availability to the masses that the scope brings.. In fairness the op was about either rich field or a better 100mm frac, but as we love to spend everyone else's money these types of questions often evolve into suggestions a bit beyond people's means and wants.. but those suggestions are made from a wealth of experiance by those who have already asked and answered the questions.. i respect that.. i just dont think a 120ed is where im think currently.. that's not to say if a 120 equinox was available second hand, sliding dew, rotating focuser etc and I had that budget then I'd be interested.. I guess what I'm after is a complementary rich field scope, that goes a bit deeper than a 100mm, and maybe upgrade the 100mm in the future..
  11. Just got back in from hunting down neowise between the clouds.., and boy the wind was up too.. A few shots for your pleasure..
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