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  1. Fozzie

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    Or.... https://www.admaccessories.com/product/dual-gpdx-dual-series-saddle-fits-celestron-vixen-gpdx-mounts/ Maybe @FLO could advise if this ADM is available and it fits the vixen GP/ GPDX.. Not sure why I've not seen it before?
  2. Fozzie

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    As graham has done really, but (for me anyway) the idea of using a saddle over a single holding bolt is added stability, so if I was going to upgrade to a saddle, I'd want more than the original bolt holding the vixen dove tail and saddle to the mount... seems the weakest point still, yes your not damaging the scopes dovetail but you can easily replace those, and the same issue is still there, if that fails everything still goes. My thoughts were to utilise the holes/fixing points already on the mount, in order to secure the saddle. Just like the ADM EQ5 upgrade kit, making the original single bolt redundant (so to Speak).. Below is what I had "envisaged" would work.. Remove the existing top fixings on the GP mount (as circled) Buy a saddle and vixen Dovetail Fix saddle to Dovetail Drill through saddle and dovetail to match the exisiting fixings on the GP mount, counter sink these. Fit larger bots through the saddle and dovetail into the GP mount securing the entire assembly to the top of the mount. I "assume this would be more stable, and as a secondary back up you could then use the M8 bolt option, through the original against the side of the dove tail.. 3 points of fixing, two physically tied to the mount and one contact at the side. Im no sketch artist, but something like this.. Hope that shows what was in my minds eye.. It was just a thought I had a few moons ago.. Still interested in this upgrade the saddle I have on my skyteeII is a very nice secure but of kit. Thanks Steve
  3. Fozzie

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    Yes that M8 bolt does solve the saddle clashing issue, nice solution.. I've toyed with this upgrade, the standard (as far as i know) ADM for EQ5 doesn't fit, so my thoughts we similar to above, however i would like to not rely on a single M8 bolt to hold the cradle, I'd toyed with the idea of using the ADM vixen to losmandy adapter £108 from FLO and having my machine guy drill holes that corresponded with the fixings on my GP, then using oversize fixings to secure the entire thing, so the original GP fixing is then a "back up".. No easy way or off the shelf upgrade that i could find.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm-vixen-to-losmandy-adapter.html Let us know how you get on Stu.. Ta Fozzie
  4. In respect to the tripod options, have you considered a Pier mount such as this.. https://www.primalucelab.com/astronomy/tripods-piers/skywatcher-pier-for-heq5.html just a thought when minimum leg spread on a "standard" tripod is not an option.. Ta Fozzie
  5. Fozzie

    Unknown Tripod needs repairs

    Great news..
  6. Used to spend hours playing turrican and project firestart.... thought my world had changed for ever when the kid up the street got an Atari ST.. oh my days, did I save for ever to buy one of those!! Then another kid got a Nintendo.. game changer.. I ended up with a master system and then a mega drive.. those were golden days, of bike rides, bullheading down the local beck and epic marathon gaming sessions just watching an other kid play his new console that captivated us for hours.. now the longest I spend staring at the same view is on the commute home from work.. Good luck with the power up Chris.. ps im on for a safe bet with mine.. if the kids don't enjoy it, I most certainly will!!!
  7. BTW I didn't open the box and the itch has passed! the Box is safe for a little time yet.. feel quite proud of myself.
  8. Fozzie

    Gadgets that work !

    I recently got the revelation twist lock.. great bit of kit..
  9. I'm sure I read somewhere that as brighter sky's means larger pupil then more light more detail.. too an extent though surly.. It was the impression the news piece gave me that our moon was some how providing illumination that I found poor.. Still though might set up and have a go once the kids are in bed..
  10. I am slightly sceptical if I'm honest...
  11. No joke, just read this in my local paper.. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/uranus-will-be-visible-in-yorkshire-s-sky-tonight-here-s-how-to-see-it-1-9416225/amp?__twitter_impression=true Now if I'm being thick please tell me, goodness knows the wife derives pleasures from telling me so you might as well, but how can our moon light up Uranus... bit lost with that one.
  12. Fozzie


    Can he/has he update(d) all the drivers for the camera.. similar issue discussed here.. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?p=1389236 I had similar issues USB 1 to USB 2 when I built a few PC's back in the day (read lots of years ago) from a collection of older work machines.. a proper Frankenstein job, but they were free and saw me through university.. wouldn't hurt to try.. Ta Fozzie
  13. Fozzie

    Unknown Tripod needs repairs

    @Newbs2215 bracket is in todays post so hopefully it will be with you by Wednesday.. Let us know how you get on with it.. Don't worry about the postage... just pay it forward if you get the opportunity. Ta Fozzie
  14. Because I know it's there.... waiting.... ready to be opened... That and I'm doing this stoptober thing... no alcohol now for 21 days... idle hands and all that..
  15. Fozzie

    Unknown Tripod needs repairs

    No problem.. something like this might work.. DM me your address and I'll post it out to you... you'll just need to fix it to the tripod leg. Ta Fozzie

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