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  1. Totally agree, I just spent the weekend sprucing up an old tal eq mount, came.out very well.. another bit if astro heritage destined for a renewed life under the stars.. I did read it light hearted, but these days... well who knows some times.. Enjoy that frac.. Fozzie
  2. Not at all, I wouldn't be paying too much attention to what I say!! As it happens and don't tell the others, i was actually talking about about your scope... a nice vintage frac in that condition is a serious piece of glass..
  3. That's lovely GBB, what a frac that is.. My word page 99 has some serious glass in it!
  4. Thays the idea, in 5 years or so, when the eldest is 10ish, if they are interested there's a ready made Christmas or birthday gift.. although I've been told not to take the tal out of the box.. it'll be worth more unopened but I'm not overly sure.. I like the idea of having them open something, no other person in the world would be opening at that time (hopefully)
  5. I don't know much of these, other than they are associated with the word "agricultural" very often however I when I came across a second hand one last year, I promised myself I'd give it a good clean up before storage away, until such a point that one of the kids shows intrest. At that point I'll have an never out of the box 100rs, and tidy authentic mount to go with.. Anyways, it's cleaned up beautifully and is in good working order, made to last these things thought I'd show some pictures.. One other thing, I think this would be stonking with a 100mm mak on the top.. Ta Fozzie
  6. That's like a dream scope right their, let alone with it's stable mates, very lucky boy... I'm very envious... still though you don't have vixen green half piller, and I do... I could be tempted in to a straight swap..
  7. Fozzie

    Vixen green half pillar

    He did, to me... about 2 years ago.... sorry @Stu!!
  8. Finally an update on the computer front.. 8th gen i7, ssd drive, 8gb ram.. should speed up the processing, relevant to the old Celeron core 2gb ram thing in the corner!
  9. Can t cope with the OCD either so I totally get that.. to clarify the first Divorce was not astro spend related, her reasoning was now way as plausible, or acceptable as that.. I mean he wasn't even an astronomer so I have no idea what she was thinking TBH... Sounds like a wanted Add, but good luck with the search if you go for one of those lovely green ones..
  10. You'd laugh then cry if you knew how much mine cost me, and I'd probably end up divorced again if my wife found that out too.... but I needed it so it was worth it as a loss leader! They don't come up often..
  11. Another, came up quite well..
  12. Tried something a bit different tonight, seeing if I catch the illuminated clouds scuttling past the moon, not easy to do without over exposing or not picking up the clouds.. All processed on the phone, couple of overlayed images.. tweaked on the phone too.. What do we think? Canon 750d, 70-300 nanoUSM at 70mm iso200 f20, 8secs.. Ta Fozzie
  13. I think we have a habit of over complicating things.. either it will go SN or it won't in my life time, that's two options, therefore I make it 50/50... not bad odds tbh..
  14. https://www.cpre.org.uk/get-involved/take-action/star-count-2020/
  15. Big amber wind warning now, lots of rain forecast... batten down the obsy hatches people!
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