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  1. here's an updated list to accompany the map on the original thread.. the moon wiki has changed to the moon.us wiki https://the-moon.us/wiki/Concentric_crater
  2. I have to admit, last time i used Binoviews was with the F11, I enjoyed them, but keping the mag usable was an issue, with a GPC in play, you're obviosuly finding the use of BV's friendlier at F7.. do you mind me asking what the set up is, GPC/barlow nose piece and focal length of EP's.. ta Fozzie
  3. Great single frame Paul.. I have to say, i've been following your progress with the tecknosky 102 ( i have the AA variant) you seem to be enjoying it.. I was very impressed with views on offer, Ptolomaeus cratlets really popped out last night, didn't ever manage to catch them before in the F11 achro, the Rima Hyginus area really contrasted well, being slightly darker, you've picked that up in your image.. I thought Birt took on an almost fluorescent quality in the shadow of the great wall with just the embankments of the crater illuminated from the dark shadows. seeing was
  4. Bit late to the party on this.. I've got a nice bag for my 102/f7 which is similar if not the same Paul.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0899YVDDW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_89e5FbWQJ1NF6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Plenty to choose from on Amazon.. The one I have is padded on base, tbh I'd like more padding to the sides but then it's a quarter of the price of manfrotto or geoptik bags. HTH Seasons greetings Fozzie
  5. Amazon.. search "padded carry bag" world's your oyster then.. loads to chose from..
  6. Ooooooo that looks a beauty, many congrats, lovely vintage vixen..
  7. That is a monster that's appeared on the limb.. Activity is on the up for sure.. Thanks for the the post and update! Might follow suit and bring in my WL set up to work over the next few days..
  8. Nice.. the 17mm shows similar to a 24/68.. is your pan (if you've got one!) feeling the heat I wonder!? i was looking at it over the week end along with the 12mm, i thought i'd read some where shorter lengths in the range in the future..
  9. Alas i don't think this is on the agenda for next year, a typo by all accounts in the formula.. https://www.sciencealert.com/kic-9832227-cygnus-binary-star-collision-prediction-was-wrong-data and from wiki The merger of the two stellar cores was predicted to give birth to a new, hotter, more massive main-sequence star. However, a reanalysis of the data in September 2018 revealed that the prediction had been based on a wrongly-timed observation, negating the predicted merger.[6][7][8] The period of the variations in KIC 9832227 has been observed to be growing shorter since 20
  10. I've used a 200p and Skytee combo in the past, it's a nice combo, does need a counter balance though..
  11. No wonder I get confused.. the EP states 50, the vixen blurb says 45.. Still a lovely view irrespective!
  12. Keep forgetting the SLV is only 45deg... I use a tracking mount so that's probably why I don't see a narrow FoV as too much of an issue..
  13. I'm in the SLV camp, very sharp and comfortable EP to use, yes only 50deg but I have a tracking eq mount, quite accurate pa, so I can keep most objects I view for well over 5mins.. and that's with a 2x Telextender in play... Very neutral cool colour tone as well.. ES do a 52 LER at 5.5mm for £70 ish.. fairly new EP.. another in the mix for you..
  14. Ordered! What an accomplishment, well done!
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