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  1. Fozzie

    Some people...

    It does seem that ignorance and selfishness that was once a preserve of social media is creeping out into everyday life, it's a sad indictment! As an example, I was in a supermarket on Saturday with the wife and the 8 month old. Little William accidently dropped his comfort blanket/teddy on the floor, which I without thinking bent to pick it up. However at the same time the woman, who was stationary looking at yogurts had decided to move off, accept I was then blocking her way for all of 2 seconds. I was actually just about to apologise (pet hate of mine is abrupt stoppers in the supermarket!) when not only did she tut, and role her eyes at me she said, "your in my way, he (referring to an 8 month old) shouldn't be messing about when it's busy like this"... Usually I'd hold my council outside of work (construction, some of the conversations can get "over exciting") however this time I decided against it.. I know it's not big and it's not clever... sticks and stones and all that.. (it did feel big and clever though!) I just can't believe that's where we are with things... and by the look on the wife's face, I did the lady a big favour.. A BIG FAVOUR! Emad, great to see the generosity, sad to see the concept of pay it forward is lost on some people.. Ta Fozzie
  2. So who's going to brave the early morning cold to see this.. I'm being forecasted clear sky's over north Leeds (for now).. I've also got the day of work too..
  3. Yes the initial reports do sound encouraging, certainly the Achro does show some false colour at 170x, but it's not objectionable, and the semi apo filter does help. So good to hear that it's virtually non existent at 170x in the ED variant! As that's usually my upper limit on good nights due to seeing and local conditions. I swear the river to the south of me gives of more thermals than a radiator sometimes! As said though, and not the first time we've seen this with a new scope, packaging and transport seem to have let it down a bit. I'm going to hang fire for some more reports, photo's and the like, the intention currently is to go to the Astro Show in Kettering and have a look.. hopefully feel assured enough to walk away with one!
  4. Im going to withdraw this mount for the time being while I decide which avenue to persue.. Can the Mods please archive/remove.
  5. Interesting.... i might just go to that..
  6. This actually taps in to every concern I have about this scope. Hence why i'm being coy on it, and having doubts about selling off my equipment! I know from last year, my starwave Achro will show me the best the sky conditions offer, as im sure the ED will, I also know that with my achro I can see down to approx. 2.3km (Gassendi P) craters on the moon, again subject to conditions, but that's my "record" I believe currently.. That was with the Achro and a Semi Apo Filter.. I'm hesitant because I'm thinking the Achro with Semi Apo filter, might just be very close in performance to the ED version. Although as you say, its possible the differences are seen at higher magnifications, how often do we get the chance to push, I've no real experience of ED or APO scopes, so Im at a loss here.. ie on any given night if the achro was good for 160x, would an ED be good for say 200x because of better optics, giving me better chances to see finer details on planets and lunar..? I'm starting to sense small gains with this scope..
  7. Which makes perfect sense, however, as we know the TAL is for my first born, when he's 10, he's 4 now so in 6 years time if he shows an interest. If I sell this, then that birthday or Christmas I wont get the opportunity to say "I can pretty much guarantee that no other person in the world is opening one of these" Big song and dance, nice new TAL100RS, I mean sure i'll need to drill new holes for a the finder and no doubt the doublet is the wrong way round, but hey isn't that just a what a TAL is all about! As for the starwave achro, I love this scope and after "that" night during the Beast from the East, I know just how good the optics are.. I mean 450x it was unbelievable.. Also if these have now been discontinued (yes by a very similar ED) but wont these be sought after by Achrofanatics in the future.. and wouldn't this just make a cracking gift for my No 2 son on his tenth birthday! As for the SkyTee2, well it occurred to me that actually what I have here is a well thought out, heavy duty AZ mount, with nice modifications, and I feel like it's almost giving it away at the current value.. The longer it goes un sold, the more I think, that's going to take some beating for an AZ with out some future serious spends.. I think I might be a secret hoarder.. My brain works in strange ways sometimes.. Another one who's missed a "0" of the end the idea of a side by side is one reason im also hesitating on the skytee sale, would like to give that a go, you know for the good of the SGL community.. It's almost becoming my preferred option, just buying and worrying about it later! Hopefully if I punch the button on the ED and it blows the achro out of the water, then I might not be too bothered, about selling it on.. All interesting stuff! Ta Fozzie
  8. Your one to talk... I'm sure you put first refusal down the day I bought the GP from Dobbie?
  9. I bet if I put my GP up for sale, some one would snap my hand off.... Question is should I look at selling the TAL and Starwave Achro instead, or is it that we are so close to the new year, we're all watching our budgets a bit more stringently! or third option should I just Jeff it and order one, and worry about it later!
  10. Fozzie

    Cloudy Skies every night

    Oh don't worry there's a full moon on Sunday, it's always clear on a full moon.... Oh hang on.... it a;so a lunar eclipse on Sunday/Monday... it's going to be wall to wall isn't! Actually, this thread is good timing, Im agonising about thinning the equipment to by a specific scope im interested in.. but what is the point in having equipment sat around with limited opportunity to use, might as well have onething you'll enjoy using when you get those rare chances eh? Clear skys to everyone! ta Fozzie
  11. I've dropped the price on this, hopefully for a quick sale.. before I change my mind on letting it go.. the wooden legs are now not being offered for sale, so will install the metal legs for sale. again collection only, but I am happy to meet as above, say anywhere within an hour or so of leeds..
  12. Well that's the 10mm Delos away... I've had some interest in the skytee2 if I want to split it down.. although I am now tempted to part with the tal and the starwave achro and keep the skytee if I go large frac in the future... someone said Evo150ED.. I notice the AT 100f7 has been panned and also short apo manufactured by kunming or long perng as not good on the old colour correction. They haven't even stopped their, they've also gone after the vixen GP and GPDx as being not suitable as a mount due to focus vibration.. What a place CN is eh! In all serious now, I've not had any issues with my set up.. what do we think mount wise, surly a GP is more than enough for this scope a under 5kg A little bit closer to the ED now.. Ta Fozzie
  13. Fozzie

    COMPLETED - 10mm Delos

    Sold... Mods if you would do the honours!
  14. Fozzie

    COMPLETED - 10mm Delos


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