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  1. Ron, hope you make a speedy recovery, keep your chin up mate, and the best xmas you can
  2. I guessed Tal would get mentioned in this interesting thread, and its such a shame that the 100RS is no longer for sale in the UK, it was an iconic scope that packed a punch well above its weight and always seemed to deliver sharp contrasty views
  3. I have the open view but will it be clear, not likely here in queensbury, but if it is then scope will be out
  4. Not really used pickup point before but local post office and there is a hermes shop, i think local pharmacy does DPD, but printing a label may be an issue, please look into it though
  5. Welcome back, i dont visit so often these days, not like i used to, glad your back
  6. Richard if you want to get a courier quote based on 14kg to allow for packaging let me know and i can see if i can source suitable way to pack it, thinking about it, with weight bar unscrewed its not a large box
  7. Having owned a very large amount of scopes, i had the chance to buy back a Mak 127, got it and love it they really are good scopes
  8. There was a revelation focusser for this scope, i think any crayford for SCT should fit and regarding dew shield why not make one, stick with the 150 mak, they are a good scope, i have owned 2 of them
  9. Richard, at this stage i really dont want to post, the cost at approx 13kg plus trying to find suitable packaging would be a pain
  10. I have decided to sell my trusty EQ5 deluxe mount.....please note NO tripod this is the white mount, and comes with dual axis motor drive this is the non goto 6volt system and has the built in polar scope, also comes with 5kg and 2 kg weights. The mount is in pretty good condition but the chrome counterweight shaft is showing some light rust, as is the white 5kg weight but this does not affect its performance, included is the battery box and the controller, due to the light rust i have reflected this in my price, as i was going to ask a bit more for it also due to the weight of this
  11. So all this bad weather is your doing lol.......................lovely scope
  12. sorry for late reply, i dont log in so often these days, yes as a budget dslr i rate the 1000D pretty good, i have been using mine for years and still like it a lot
  13. By heck this thread really got hi jacked with "how big is your mak"..........so what if its 118 or 121 or 127, by an large the skymax works well. good to hear your one seems to be good, seeing conditions really come into it with Maks and they dont tend to lose collimation
  14. Just to chip in after owning a huge amount of scopes including some rather nice ones, i settled on a SW 127 skymax and really happy with it
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