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  1. nightfisher

    What is a true "Rich Field" instrument?

    I have the opticstar AR90 F5.6 and that gives super widefield views, its a lovely achro, well corrected and nice to use
  2. nightfisher

    Sometimes less is more.

    excellent, the best skies i have seen are at Muker north yorks, had M13 very naked eye up there, and huge in 10x50`s, hoping to go back bank hols weekend
  3. of course these far eastern scopes will travel in a shipping container with just about no room to move around, its probably the onward shipping from distribution that causes the harm
  4. Just a passing thought, has there been any similar issues with the Esprit 150 due to shipping and transit
  5. nightfisher

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    Yet another one that ended up with an ED120 that really failed to impress me, it should have been a scope for life, but only had it for a few months, again there was nothing wrong with it I just did not enjoy it, prefer my skymax 127. I have owned and sold a few scopes that just proved very awkward to use, like the Antares 105 F15, and Tal 125r plus I have tried a few newts and just don't like them
  6. Stu, John, Derek, i think the good wishes are beginning to have effect, so thank you all, starting to feel a little more my old self
  7. nightfisher

    My best Mars 2018

    Avani, that is a truly excellent image, i think even NASA would be pleased with that
  8. Derek, think you misunderstood my reply and looking back i worded it incorrectly, just a case of i cant add any more to the thread, probably all the painkillers i have taken today for a bad back....ignore me
  9. No It does not matter and I will drop out of this thread
  10. I had the old helios branded ST150, and it was a nice scope, very front heavy though, CA was an issue with Luna and planets but thats not what the scope is about
  11. nightfisher

    Revelation astro 32mm plossl

    I have a really nice excellent condition Revelation 32mm plossl for sale, priced at £21 posted economy post, clean optics with both end caps paypal gift or you add for the fee
  12. John, a pat on the back for full honesty, such a shame, but we have to remember these skywatcher scopes are mass produced, not lovingly crafted, but its bad on the factory worker for assembling it like this, as it can only be one of 2 things, crossed threaded or the thread has been machined at an angle also a big pat on the back to FLO for sending these out for test
  13. nightfisher

    Skymax or Astromaster 90

    The astromaster mount may be a tiny bit better, but with a long frac on it there will be a fair amount of wobble, where as the EQ1 with a 90mm mak on it should be very stable, i would put my money on the Mak, you should never have to collimate the mak unless it gets dropped on concrete
  14. Nice one Gus, a good capture

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