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  1. Skymax 150 is a very good scope, i have owned 2 of them, little tip dont mess with collimation screws
  2. I may have a drive over for a visit and catch up with some people i know
  3. I have seen some muttering on social media that sounds like its getting brighter, maybe this is it
  4. 150pl is a pretty good scope, and dont write it of for dso viewing with a low power ep, and very god luna imaging scope
  5. Wow, that old Towa still cuts it, once again nailed it to perfection, really nice image mate
  6. welcome aboard i used to live in Huddersfield did you know there is an observatory in crossland moor
  7. Nice and simple, sometimes the best way to do things
  8. Love it, "Brian Cox weekend bender" You have made great progress on the obsy, as i knew you would
  9. Good to see progress on this build, i have a sneaky feeling the overlap idea of the roof sheets will work just nice
  10. In white light solar i dont think you will see much difference between a 4" apo and the ST120, but the ST should have a slight edge on widefield, I would choose the 127 Maksutov for doubles and Luna
  11. I ended up doing this, having tried so very many scopes, i reached a point where to be honest my interest had waned a bit and found myself with a skymax 127, this has proved to be all i need and nowadays i just dont look at other scopes
  12. Not one of my better ones but a bit out of practise mate
  13. great set of images, the little 102 is a stunning scope for luna
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