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  1. This is still for sale
  2. I have to admit that after more than 20 years of manual, i am getting a little goto mount for my 102 Maksutov, a couple of years back i bought a Celestron 8SE mount, and have to confess i never used it, kinda wish i had kept it rather than selling it
  3. When i spotted you had quoted me i thought it was for my other post about not being so impressed with the ED120! Yes the 6" Maksutov is a cracking scope, if it had a shorter native focal length i would still have it, i dont care for SCT design, the C6 would be good with ts 1500mm F/L but its the wrong design for me, any way we are veering of the OP topic/thread
  4. Get some one to build you a 14" with high grade mirrors
  5. £195 for this, some people are plain dumb
  6. Dont panic, i cant afford a Binoviewer, even though the 120 has failed to really impress me i am duty bound to keep it for the harmony of the forum
  7. After i posted about a Maksutov/Bino viewer it did start the cogs spinning, i bet a 150 pro with bino`s would be a hard act to beat
  8. Getting back to the Op`s ooriginal point about going with this diagonal, he wanted added ep security so is looking to upgrade the diagonal on a scope he likes, so on that basis it makes sense to purchase the nice decent one and then acquire EP`s that will work well with the set up
  9. Yep, you can tell i have just woken up from a nap, i was just thinking in the simple (as always) sense that with the occular being moved back on the scope the mirror might need to follow it The OMC 140 can be a cracking scope, just a shame the native focal length is so long, had they made these at 1500mm F/L it would have been a tad better
  10. And of course another way to get a large Apo cheap is a Maksutov, with the benefit of being able to use bino viewer with no mods
  11. Ian thanks for correcting me on this, either way CG or EQ it does same job and will be ideal for some one wanting a little grab an go mount
  12. I would have thought the mirror would need to move back a bit as the EP will be further back
  13. Very nice set up, looks like you have t set up well for a tall person to just stand with ep at eye level
  14. Thanks, that's brilliant.

  15. Hello David and welcome to SGL, a very good range of eyepiece is the BST range, they have a huge following and they are superb value for money