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  1. Not sure about this, would you be able to connect the tablet via an OTG adaptor, i might investigate whether i can do this with my star discovery synscan
  2. Looking very good, i have been toying with getting a pier made for my star discovery i contacted a local firm a few years back and he quoted a very reasonable price, think i might have to speak to him again
  3. Piero, i could not help with the questions about the Tak but look forward to hearing how it performs for you
  4. This looks a really neat mount, i can see this tech making its way onto other mounts in time, but for me i will stick with the star discovery mount (unless i find a wad of cash )
  5. I would completely scrub the Skytee of the list for a 127 Mak, they only weigh about 3kg, the AZ4 will be plenty for it, i have gone AZ goto for mine, this gives me the option of using the scope to try to find harder solar system objects like the outer planets and a few of the messiers like globs when there is no moon (and no cloud)
  6. If this is sold could the OP mark it so then it can be moved
  7. I tried solar white light with a 150 pro mak and i did not rate it, the black tube suffered thermal currents
  8. With A 127 Skymax i would say on a good night you should be able to get a max x250.....a 7mm ep would get you x214. The best field of view will be with a 32mm plossl, so you wont be able to fit M45 in the field of view. you would need a dew shield, easy to make. Might be an idea to get a used one and see how you get on, Maks are marmite, you love them or hate them, i rather like them as they give great contrast with sharp stars like an ED frac, a good option is a 127 Mak and a widefield frac like a 102 F5
  9. I had an ED80 and did not really like it for visual, not enough aperture for deep sky and not enough focal length for planetary
  10. There is a good way to find out, get the debit card out and be one of the first to try this nice looking mount
  11. If you put a 10" newt on an EQ mount for imaging you will hate it, the largest newt i would consider is the GSO 8" f4 but even that would be a pain in the rump
  12. Thats a nice image John, now the days are getting shorter i need to think about doing some astro
  13. welcome to the best astro forum in the world
  14. For mainly visual a big newtonian really wants to be on a dob base, it just makes so much sense. Why not look out for a decent used 10 or 12 dob and look for a used HEQ5 to suit the imaging with a smaller scope
  15. John, very nice sequence of images, seems like ages since i got a scope pointing at the moon, looking forward to using my new set up