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  1. sorry for late reply, i dont log in so often these days, yes as a budget dslr i rate the 1000D pretty good, i have been using mine for years and still like it a lot
  2. David, enjoy your new scope, sure looks nice
  3. By heck this thread really got hi jacked with "how big is your mak"..........so what if its 118 or 121 or 127, by an large the skymax works well. good to hear your one seems to be good, seeing conditions really come into it with Maks and they dont tend to lose collimation
  4. Just to chip in after owning a huge amount of scopes including some rather nice ones, i settled on a SW 127 skymax and really happy with it
  5. Grumpy, i think you are in the lead over me for what telescope, and lets be honest, i have owned a lot over the years, way to many, i was like this looking for the holy grail, and now i find it in the skymax 127, though im not saying it would be what your looking for, but a case of choose a scope that can deliver and work to get the best from it. A raised observing platform could be a good investment, and could be a nice feature in the garden, maybe it could double as a place to have the garden table an chairs during the nice weather, good luck finding what you are looking for, maybe a 6" F4 newt would be a good fuzzy hunter
  6. Digley is best its sheltered from a lot of wind and sheltered from a lot of LP as it is a natural amphitheatre, kinda surrounded by taller hills, set up in the upper carpark, the tarmac one
  7. Welcome back mate, re the LP just do what you can from home till we can move around a bit more freely and then get up to Diggly res above meltham really good dark site, i used to go there on a clear night when i lived in Hudds, good to see you back again
  8. I checked in with Shane a few weeks back and he is fine just very busy with life and learning (degree)
  9. Cheers Fozzie, yes keeping safe, been on furlough for 5 weeks but back to the slave camp err, i mean life on the open roads Monday, yes seem to be in a right ice place with my Astro these days, if its clear and moon is out i might take a few snaps, if not i just forget about lol Stay safe, all the best to you and yours
  10. After posting a single frame i did a basic stack....24 frames in pipp cropped to 2400x2400 then stacked in registax 5, little bit of wavelets
  11. Glanced outside and though "wow" clear and a rather pretty 50% Luna nice and high up, this is just a quick single frame with skymax 127 on AZ4, cannon 1000D at prime focus ISO 200 and 180th speed, a tiny and i do mean tiny bit of wavelets applied and thats it, plenty more frames so may run them through pipp in morning and see if i can stack them
  12. I took this last night, just to see if i could, skymax 127, AZ4, cannon 1000D and x2.5 barlow, single frame
  13. Thought you had dropped of the world, good to see you about, and nice image
  14. Nice images thanks for posting
  15. Stunning set of images, thanks for sharing quality work
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