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    Queensbury, where its always foggy, misty or just plain raining
  1. When i read the title my first thought was you had be unlucky and lost your eyesight, the great almighty (insert 3 letter word) forbid, hence no more EP`s
  2. No dew heater tapes in use? Your thought please

    same here, never owned a heater, despite owning a range of fracs and maks, a good dew shield holds it at bay long enough for my needs
  3. Skywatcher Mak 150 tips

    Great scope, had 2 of them, when focusing its best to get into a habit of going past the point of focus (out focus) then fine tune back IN this way you are pushing the mirror and using its own weight to stop any mirror flop, dew shield wants to be about 12" long
  4. Moon filters

    I am a keen Moon gazer, when work and weather permit and never use a filter, im sure i have an ND some where but not seen it in my kit for a good while, if you find the moon to bright go to a slightly higher mag ep, this has darkens the moon
  5. Alternative to a DOB cannon

    No not for me, cant see it working with the AZ star discovery
  6. !50 pro is a real nice scope and very robust
  7. Got problems with new floodlights?

    No, i am not going to get stressed over this any more, i had a strong feeling this would be the outcome, for reasons i best not put into print and this is why i altered my kit line up, going mainly luna and planet
  8. Got problems with new floodlights?

    We have an important update to this thread...................after all these months i still have no further help from the councils..............and i see the offending factory has installed 4 more floodlights..........looks like i have lost this one
  9. Help choosing a refractor

    If your sticking to 100mm then the skywatcher/orion ED102 is a great scope
  10. Mosaic gone wrong

    John, moved this for you as requested
  11. new scope on the way

    download Stellarium, get used to it and when you plan to use scope look at what is visible in the area you plan to use scope
  12. Large "Beaver" Moon

    Cheers John, i dont think its all that good but i was up against it, first time out with scope, trying to get enough focus (ended up with diagonal and barlow, should have used prime focus and extension tube! ) plus canao battery in the red, and setting up in front garden instead of back yard (front is a pain to set up in)
  13. Could anyone identify these please?

    no idea, maybe ask the seller
  14. Large "Beaver" Moon

    The beaver moon is a Canadian term............loving your little piece of art
  15. It pays to be restless... sometimes!

    Lifes little pleasures, and its free