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  1. nightfisher

    Intes Micro Maksutov

    Drool, very nice, i should have got one by now
  2. nightfisher

    Got my hands on a Tal 100R?

    Ha ha, drones are so yesterdays news, its 150mph flying wings now, though i am building a 600 quadcopter, just because i can, but back to topic nice scope but as John pointed out its a Mk1 100r, the only Tal i would buy is the Mk1 100RS with 2" R&P focuser, like the one Shane did the HA mod on but thanks for the heads up
  3. nightfisher

    New, cheapest Mars filter.

    I once tried similar with Jupiter and a Tal 200K, took it from a cold cellar to outside, set it up and by time i got to the ep the primary mirror had misted up
  4. If Yodel have any input it will end up lost in the universe
  5. nightfisher

    COMPLETED - Revelation astro 32mm plossl

    Now sold, can the mods please move to completed (was a time i would have moved it myself lol)
  6. nightfisher

    COMPLETED - Revelation astro 32mm plossl

    both you and me seem to be the only people that think its a good price mate
  7. nightfisher

    Mak Attack!

    this has got me wanting to see if the 127 mak has same issue
  8. nightfisher

    Binoscope Project

    Phil me ole mate, you did it, and well done, once you have it fettled im sure you will love it, you have done a great job
  9. nightfisher

    Charity Shop Binos

    They look superb, should give very good views
  10. nightfisher

    Would a longer dovetail improve OTA flexing

    I seem to remember from the tal 100 days that a train of thought suggested a longer dovetail allowed more flex, the tripod will be a good investment
  11. nightfisher

    Lunar Images - Using Intes MK67

    Steve, some really excellent Luna images, cracking scope
  12. nightfisher

    Smartphone shots 17th Nov 2018

    Stu, those are some of the best Luna smart phone pics i have seen, very good
  13. nightfisher

    Go-To Refractors

    do you mean a 75mm objective rather than 750mm

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