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  1. nightfisher

    Moon 29-09-18

    Lovely image John
  2. nightfisher

    Dashing Dusk Moon 17-10-18 18.30

    Nice work Charl, good images
  3. Good answer, just so happens i feel the same about the present mrs nightfisher
  4. Depends if its a good marriage, i would not risk my present marriage, but if it were the ex wife i would be looking at getting 2 to help in my favour
  5. Martin, how about 100ED, it does get great reviews
  6. I went through all this, i guess i was trying to find the holy grail telescope, one that COULD do every thing, it does not exist, eventually i took stock of my situation, and decided to concentrate my efforts and equipment on aspects of the hobby i could do given the LP and weather, an area i would enjoy, not find somewhat frustrating so i now focus on Luna imaging, and feel i am doing okay in this area, not brilliant but okay. So my advice is first decide what area best suits your environment then choose equipment best suited to this, dont try to cover all aspects of the hobby, so if luna/planets/doubles are your bag, set up toward this, if DSO are more appealing go with this
  7. nightfisher

    Large moon mosaic. 100 megapixel

    excellent image, well done
  8. nightfisher

    Sony A7s or A7iii for astrophotography

    You can hook up to a laptop this would give the option to record as well
  9. nightfisher

    Sony A7s or A7iii for astrophotography

    I missed the bit about an obsy, so a 17" pc monitor would be better
  10. nightfisher

    Wooden pier

    Hmm, you make a very interesting point about Marine plywood, Hanson plywood stock a product called SP101 ply, we put a small piece in a bucket of water, its been soaking for more than 4 months and no sign of delaminating its rather expensive but one sheet would do it at a push
  11. nightfisher

    Sony A7s or A7iii for astrophotography

    £17,000 is a no no unless lotto numbers come up, have a look in the video astronomy section, i bet you could put a nice system together for well under £500 including a monitor, for a nice small screen that runs on lipo battery look at the radio control flyers FPV screens 7-10 inch just right
  12. nightfisher

    Wooden pier

    Dont be afraid to use wood, look at some of the very best tripods, highly regarded and made from, you guessed it......wood, a local saw mill could run up an oak post to your size, coat the below ground section in about 3 coats of resin like used in GRP boat building, and make sure you have some adjustment in top plate
  13. nightfisher

    Sony A7s or A7iii for astrophotography

    Another option to think about is video astronomy, keep the 600D and get a nice video camera
  14. nightfisher

    Sony A7s or A7iii for astrophotography

    How about Canons, they seem popular as astro dslr`s, lots of useful software for them
  15. nightfisher

    80ED got beat by 80mm achromat on Saturn?

    I think this hits the nail firmly on the head, and really brings a reason to why a good achro can provide sharp impressive image at the eyepiece.........very well said Michael

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