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  1. In some ways this would be a nice scope for me to own but sadly the focal length is to long, i can only just fit a full moon on the chip of the 1000D with the skymas 127........at 1900mm FL i would end up with a square moon
  2. Very nice, well catptured....i will dust of my skymax and charge up my 1000D soon
  3. Positive report John, i have toyed with this scope but im sure i read a poor review on here some time ago, might be wrong by sound of it
  4. Glen, glad to see your still about, hope you and your family are well, enjoy your retirement
  5. Glen retired some years ago, right nice chap, i once went for a visit and he made me so welcome
  6. This is also happening in the radio control market, some of us fly GPS equipped rc planes and a few of the early gps units have fallen over, no longer working, but most like the newer M8N units are just fine and our gps chips are stand alone at around £13 to buy so not a deal breaker, just unplug offending unit and plug in new one
  7. That is a really nice image........its just right in every detail
  8. I did once hang the 180 maksutov on my AZ 4 but was very paranoid it might snap the mount so took it of and never tried it again
  9. The skywatcher silvertop plossl`s, lovely i still have the 10mm, 20mm and 25mm i use the 25mm a lot (when i use ep`s)
  10. agree, the 102 is a cracking scope, real good performer
  11. Yep, when you consider its practically a 5" ED in a very compact form, its been very versatile scope, had it on an AZ goto mount for a while picking out fuzzies, but now its main use is Luna imaging with the cannon 1000D, hence why i sold my Antares ortho`s, just not being used no more. I will go on record to say , if i replace it then it will be with another 127 skymax, but that will only happen if my one had an accident or such like. Cool down is not an issue as it lives in an outbuilding so is ready to go into action when needed, great scope very pleased with it
  12. In answer to the OP`s question, i did this very thing, i decided to concentrate on doing what i can do and enjoy doing, and settled on the skymax 127 Maksutov, and ended up repurchasing the very scope i had sold a few years back, this is now my only scope, as a Luna and planet scope its all i need or want plus its not to shabby on some DSO`s but they dont really interest me these days. This has proved to be a very good decision for me, i am in a better place with regard to astro, i dont do a lot lately but when i do i am happy with what i do, the scope is cheap enough, if i needed to i could easy replace it like for like and its easy to mount, all in all happy days
  13. This gem of an eyepiece is now sold, some what reluctantly to David (carbon brush), its only right that it gets used, rather than sitting in an ep case feeling abandoned
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