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  1. nightfisher

    Celestron Omni XLT 102ED

    I have to say i am a little tempted with this, but funds are some what limited due to car purchasing, if its still for sale in a couple of weeks i may be contacting you
  2. nightfisher

    Celestron Omni XLT 102ED

    not quite unstoppable as one would never arrive at my house
  3. Derek, if you wish to try a prism, i can loan you a circle T 1.25 prism, i would require it back at some stage
  4. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Hi Paul, if you go with a Maksutov 127, and a great scope, keep in mind these are generally considered a superb Luna and planet/double star scope, some people dont suggest them for deep sky, and i will admit they are not the first choice, but with a 32mm plossl ep they will still show a lot of dso objects on a good night, they are not really an imaging scope unless doing Solar system like Luna and planets, but still a great scope, with a huge following, almost never need collimation, they do benefit from a dew shield, my present scope is a 127 Mak that i have owned twice, bought it new, never really used it as i had a 150 pro Maksutov, ended up selling it....some years passed and i got offered to purchase it back, its now my main scope
  5. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    If Polaris is not in sight it will make life more complicated, unless you do imaging from another area
  6. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Having heard about the balcony, i am revising my suggestion, still EQ3 synscan mount but a 127 Maksutov as main scope and maybe a small ed like a 72mm
  7. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Paul, for astro imaging (assuming you want to do deep sky like nebula and galaxies) a smallish ED refractor is widely accepted as being very good and would be far easier to get started with, a large newt is going to be a pain to work with, dont get me wrong it will do it but the frac will just do it better. I would suggest maybe getting a 200 dob for now, learn how to navigate the sky, there is no rush as we are into summer short nights already and imaging is better in the winter nights, with more darkness, you could even consider just getting a small goto mount like EQ3 goto and just mounting your DSLR with a nice lens on the mount
  8. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Hi paul, just my opinion but i think you would find 200P-DS on EQ5 a bit of a pain, its a big tube and newts on eq mounts are a pain because you are having to rotate the tube to get the eyepiece position right and if its windy the tube will be buffeted with wind
  9. nightfisher

    A magnificent peak in a fantastic crater.

    Lovely image, with the peak well defined
  10. I think my 6" F8 bresser would be good for solar white light but not keeping it so wont find out
  11. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Ha, nearly a neighbour
  12. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Yes near bradford, well spotted. An ED80 is a good starting point, it will do visual just will struggle at the feint stuff and more so if there is a bit of light pollution
  13. nightfisher

    Suggestions for a first scope

    Paul, welcome to SGL...you are going to get plenty of good people tell you 2 scopes, one for observing....one for imaging, and you will need a decent mount aperture wins for observing but a nice ED80 is good starting scope for imaging, hope this helps
  14. If i were looking for dso (i dont) i would prefer a combo, telrad and 9x50, but as the only thing i look at is Luna, planets and the odd double star, i find my 9x50 does the job just nice, say i want to look at mars i spot it in the sky, swing the scope till it appears in the finder, centre it and it should be in the field of the EP
  15. nightfisher

    SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    Mike, looks a nice scope, hope it lives up to expectations, and really good to see pics of it, sadly my big Bresser has failed to impress me for imaging, great visual tube but most of my Luna visual is spent looking at the screen of the canon dslr, so sticking with old faifhful Mak 127

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