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  1. I have the ED120 on CG5 tripod with Giro II mount and find it very stable, and i am a fussy one when it comes to mounts
  2. A Mak 150 ? can you put some tension on the giro mount?
  3. Treading carefully, with the "nameless" EP, i think at present the ES 68* 28mm is looking ideal
  4. Will be interesting to read your views on these side by side, my guess is the 140 will give better views of Jupiter, only downside is the huge focal length
  5. Looks good Craig, hope it works well for you
  6. If you dont want to advertise where you are going then the only way is to set up a network, a post in a relevant section would sort it, then arrange details via pm
  7. You would be best to form a close network of people on here, then have a multiple pm set up so you can ping a message to those in the know, to see who is up for a meet
  8. Simon, please keep me in the loop regards the 68* maxvision, though i would only be interested in one
  9. Plenty of food for thought, i wont rush into getting a new ep, skies are not really getting dark till late but in a month couple of months i will look at getting some thing, and of course keep an eye on the classifieds
  10. Good Shot Fozzie, i should have set my scope up for white light, but to much to do
  11. I had a moonfish clone some years ago, i did not rate it as high as i would have liked
  12. This might not happen due to cost, but i cant help thinking i i might get better views at lower power in the 120ED, i have the Revelation 2" 42mm, its okay and great value but not perfect, i am thinking maybe some thing around the 30mm to 35mm focal length, cost is an important factor so please dont start suggesting Televue or Pentax. budget would be around £75 so i would be happy to look to the used market. Can i politely ask that we keep this thread strictly relevant to the eyepiece question, i am finding myself reluctant to post stuff like this in case it "goes downhill"
  13. Very nice report, regards the GRS, it more than likely would appear more pink in the reflector and darker in the 4" achro due to a bit of false colour with the 4"
  14. The starwave f11 looks ideal on the vixen mount, a proper long achro, makes me think about the Bresser 102 F13, but i dont think i am allowed to change scopes any more
  15. Steve, lovely image, well done