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  1. You are doing just what i tend to do with both my hobbies, buy a scope and right away start thinking about the next upgrade, buy a quadcopter or RC wing and right away start planning the next build, so much that yesterday i was perusing Banggood website looking at flying wings and remembered i have one on order that should be here this week, forgot i had ordered it lol
  2. IMHO i dont see the jump from 150mm to 200mm a huge leap, yes on a perfect night a 200mm will have a bit more light grasp and show a little more but i would think a 250mm would hit the spot, but this would mean going Dobsonian, something you are slightly reluctant to do at this stage, so my suggestion is stick with the 150 F6 for a while, and search your heart and soul to see if you A need the larger scope and B want the hassle of a larger scope
  3. Mike, you have not had any luna views with the 150 F6 yet, but after your initial results, i suspect you will be rather pleased with it, i am inclined to think maybe a 200 F5 for more general viewing, and keep the 150 f6 more for planet and Luna, i was a tiny bit worried about suggesting the 150 F6 but getting the feeling i was on the right track
  4. SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    If you mean me trying one, sadly my astro spending is on hold thanks to the demise of my car, still need to get it fixed and then sell the thing, then see if i can PX the temp purchase Honda for something a little newer, so hobby spending is out for the forseable
  5. SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    @Moonshane now you have the large garden i hope the 16 starts to get used a lot more
  6. Celestron C5 v SW 127 Mak

    The 127 Maksutov, will be slightly heavier of the 2 127`s, but will hold collimation better
  7. Pythagoras with C14 Edge

    super image, sharp as a scalpel and full of detail
  8. Messin' around with a few bits....

    can you make a timelapes movie using windows movie maker
  9. Messin' around with a few bits....

    A good result stu, im toying with setting up my Mobius camera coupled to a lipo battery and 5v bec to power it, then set it to timelapse and see what it can do
  10. just used some ep`s

    These days when i set up i tend to just image with the Mak and the 1000D, hence the EP`s are not seeing much action
  11. Mike, did the F6 come with the dual speed focuser or did you have to add it to order, i really do think i would struggle to bring a dslr to focus
  12. Mike, great pics, the newt looks cool in an old fashion way, a bit like a well made TAL, so this is a scope that you dont want to like, but might just enjoy using ha ha, looking forward to hearing how it performs on the main subject, based on your opinion i will decide if i sell both my scopes and buy one of these myself
  13. Mike, has the newt arrived yet?
  14. For visual it has to be the ED100 or the Equinox version
  15. 15mm GSO SuperView Disassembly

    I have the 15mm superview and find it to be a rather nice EP, and yes it works well in the Mak, gives a very cool tone to Luna views