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  1. Have I got an Eyepiece Obsession going on?

    You have a problem for an ED80 i would say you need no more than four EP`s to cover all bases, in my 127 Maksutov i can do a whole session with just an 18mm BCO
  2. Skywatcher colour scheme

    The Evostar range would look so nice in Mercedes white gloss, not bothered what colour mounts are painted so long as they work
  3. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    I would say my most used EP now is the 18mm BCO, it works very well in the 127 Maksutov
  4. Your best ever view through your bins

    Best bino view to date for me has to be Usher gap campsite at Muker with bresser 10x50, went to bed as it was cloudy, woke for a comfort break at about 0200 and it was gin clear, so grabbed bino`s and "WOW" M31 bold as you like, lots of detail, lowered bins and found i could still see it naked eye....stunning sight
  5. Feeling dejected, another neighbours lights thread

    Depends how bright the lights are, my own situation is the animal waste rendering plant, about 1800 m away but with 8 floodlights that at a guess are probably each about 2kw output, i can sit up in bed and count the lights through the curtains, i also have a neighbour that has a kids room overlooking my astro patch, the dont turn light out or draw curtains, so i tailored my astro to what i can do rather than what i would like to do
  6. A menacing Clavius!

    Avani, a superb luna image, the dark theme works well with the shadows
  7. Where would you live?

    Yeah, i have been trying to win the lotto since it was launched, im still poor
  8. Dew Shields?

    Just a suggestion....make a dew shield out of cheap materials and see how much improvement before going dew heater, i never use a heater with Maksutovs
  9. Where would you live?

    An interesting question, but you complicate it with the continue working clause! If i did not have to carry on working and purely from an astronomy point, i guess some where like Ohio or montana in the middle of no where, but then the thought of living in the USA is a no go for me, so again from astronomy i think i would look at one of the Greek islands probably peloponnisos, being a bit of the radar but close enough to get to central greece
  10. I also owned an Antares 105 F15 (spirit of unitron), borderline ZERO CA, a total thing of beauty, BUT even an HEQ5 struggled to handle it to my liking, and it was just way to long...........to be able to own a scope like that again i would want an obsy with a bespoke mount to get the scope up high enough to be happy at the ep If i were to look at another large scope it would be a Maksutov over a frac, just think how easy a 7" F15 Mak is to mount compared to a 7" F15 frac
  11. I think, and TBH sort of guessing a 150 F15 well corrected achro would MAYBE beat a say, 140 F7 ED APO and one would think the 150 F15 should be cheaper to produce, but it would come back to all the problems previously mentioned like trying to sort a mount for the big achro, a few years back TAL unveiled a 200RS, but it did not seem to go into full production, that would have been a dream scope, maybe i tell a lie re the big TAL, they list a 200 1800mm f/l apo
  12. Celestron C11 OTA - SOLD

    Some one got a bargain
  13. A brief window of clear sky.

    Always good to grab a short "window", on the other hand it amazes me how it can be clear then cloud over in a matter of minutes while setting up a scope
  14. Imaging challenges section.

    Very simple, people submit an image for the relevant section, then all posts are judged, a winner is selected
  15. SHOW US YOUR MAK.......

    Im sure your friend will get used to it, they are a cracking good scope when used to their abilities, i dont always use the goto mount, i still have an EQ5 with dual motors for just Lunar or Solar imaging