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  1. Clear here too but only till 10 might chance it though
  2. To keep things simple the sw 150 skyliner on the dob mount might be the way to go,won’t take up much room,very portable and comes with a 2inch focuser,a tad over £200 or even cheaper secondhand
  3. As above,9 out 10 time it seems to be the power supply oh and welcome to SGL
  4. You could get a secondhand 200p reflector on a dobsonian mount for that which would give you a lifetimes worth of use,they come highly recommended on here.Oh and welcome to sgl?
  5. triton1


    Is it just me but I don,t remember ever seeing Mars as bright as it is at the moment.The magnitude is -1.8 and I heard it may go out to -2.2 that,s Venus territory.Maybe somthing to do with the dust storm possibly reflecting more sunlight back?
  6. Excellent some incredible detail there.
  7. It’s what’s called a “bird jones” design which incorporates a lens in the wonky focuser making collimating nigh on impossible,an sw130 on a eq3-2 secondhand would be the way to go.
  8. Hi there and welcome to SGL ?
  9. Hi there and welcome to SGL
  10. Hi there and welcome to SGL.Clouded out at the moment which is the norm here atm.
  11. I think there’s over 3000 of which 2/3 are defunct but still buzzing around.Can be a right pain especially for the imagers.
  12. I would of thought it would be dob users that tend to use the 100* eps therefore less nudging (I hate nudging)I use 70* myself which to me seem ample,however some numty did let me look through a 21 ethos and grrrr#&@mmm!.
  13. Yes I too have wondered that he has been very quiet.As for the st80 I am thinking of getting one myself.
  14. Just had smart meters install and I mentioned how much the council would save if the lights where switched off after a certain time,he wasn’t happy apparently he lives in a village nearby by and he can’t see his hand in front of his face when he walks his dog.Lucky fellow I thought was gonna lend him my most expensive torch if he told me where he lived!?
  15. One other advantage too is that you can use the original socket as a power source.
  16. If your staying with the ed80 the altazeq5 would be fine.The advantage of the neq6 however would be future proofing if you want to use larger scopes.
  17. Cool may have to get some myself.Pimping a mount seems to be becoming popular?
  18. Excellent that second one is a stunner,well done sir?
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