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Astro Imp

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  1. Astro Imp

    Best Astro "Senior Moment"

    Reading all these posts makes me think there must be something about our hobby that scrambles our brains.
  2. Astro Imp

    Best Astro "Senior Moment"

    If you haven't left the lens cap on a few times it means you haven't been observing that long.
  3. Ursa Major??? Too much festive spirits
  4. Astro Imp

    Observing Report 12/12/18

    Good to read someone is managing some eyepiece time during this atrocious weather. some nice objects viewed and a well written report. Thanks. Hoping for some clear skies but not looking very likely.
  5. Astro Imp

    Ani ya wi yv Pleiades

    What a great and interesting thread, thanks for starting it my friend.
  6. IMHO if you use a RACI you will need either a Rigel or Telrad, I prefer the Telrad although it has a much larger footprint.
  7. Congratulations on receiving a great scope. I agree with several posters, use your scope first and you will have a better idea of what you want/need. The first task before taking your scope out at night is to align the finder scope. Do this during the day when you can see what you're doing, chose a prominent object as far away as possible (make sure you are not pointing near the sun). To get your finder accurately aligned use the lowest power eyepiece, centre your chosen object in the eyepiece and then adjust the finder scope using the two thumb screws. Go back to your eyepiece and check nothing has moved, now use your highest power eyepiece and centre your object. Look through the finder and adjust as necessary, recheck in the eyepiece. BTW when using the finder at night keep both eyes open, you will see your object in each eye, move your scope until the two images coincide. Good luck and enjoy, please keep us up to date with your experiences.
  8. Astro Imp

    Some beginner questions

    I find it strange you tell us tour finder moves when touching it. There appears to be something not quite right here. Is the movement the finder in the mounting or the mount not secure? If the former have you seated the finder in the "O" ring properly, if the latter it would seem the fixing needs tightening. To prevent dew on the finder I always replace the end cap on damp nights. I'm sure with a little practice you'll get to enjoy your your new toy, good luck and keep us posted.
  9. Astro Imp

    One year since I caught the bug

    Happy anniversary Neil from another imaginary friend. Your reports have always been worth reading both entertaining and informative. Although I have not met any members face to face I look on many as friends and follow closely their successes and frustrations. Good luck for the next year.
  10. Astro Imp

    Lunar 100 resources

    I also took Flamstead P to be the large broken structure, the Virtual Moon Atlas appears to agree.
  11. Astro Imp

    Lunar 100 resources

    Stu would it be useful to make the documents a sticky? If not they will eventually be buried deep in the forum.
  12. Astro Imp

    Lunar 100 resources

    Great info Stu. As you say completing the Lunar 100 is quite a challenge, needing to get the libration right to coincide with a clear might. I've been working on it for a goodly time and seem to be bogged down with a completed count of 85.5, the half is made up from only managing Armstrong from No. 90, haven't managed Aldrin and Collins yet but will keep trying. Good luck to all of you with this interesting challenge.
  13. Astro Imp

    Clavius close up 24/2/18

    Wonderful image of this great feature.
  14. Astro Imp

    Rupes Recta

    I enjoyed your report, some interesting features on show. That's a stunning image from Apollo 16, thanks for sharing.
  15. Astro Imp

    First Lunar Session with Binoviewers 24/02/18

    That's a great report, you started with Clavius which to me is one of the stars of the lunar landscape and carried on with some more great features. Good luck and clear skies.

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