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Astro Imp

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  1. Astro Imp

    Moonrise through a gap

    Like it, you saw fractionally more than I managed.
  2. Astro Imp

    Astro Journal!

    So pleased for you, you are going to have some great nights with your new scope. Sorry to read you are unwell, make a swift recovery. Good luck.
  3. Astro Imp

    Qwick Moon 18-2-19

    You haven't posted for a few days so it's good to see some images from you charl. Have you been clouded out, fortunately for a change I've had a run of clear. All the best.
  4. Astro Imp

    Viewing the Moon

    We all have different ideas on the subject of lunar viewing, it's best to find what suits you. There is no right or wrong answer, just your own preference. When the moon is about you will find it best to make it the last object of your observing session, that way it won't matter you have lost any dark adaption you may have. Good luck and enjoy.
  5. Astro Imp

    First Moon shot (for years)

    I like that a lot, well done.
  6. Wonderful as always Achim.
  7. Astro Imp

    150 vs 180 Mak

    Cracking animation Fabio, well done.
  8. Astro Imp

    Waxing Moon 11 Days 16th Feb 2019

    Super set of images Frank. I enjoyed them all but especially Clavius one of my favourite craters.
  9. Astro Imp

    Setting on the 17th

    Trust you ladies to think of diamonds
  10. Astro Imp

    Plato and the Alpine Valley

    According to Virtual Moon Atlas it's 61 miles.
  11. Astro Imp


    Excellent image Bob, well done.
  12. Astro Imp

    Very rough lunar sketches

    You've produced a couple of nice records of your observations, I particularly like Gassendi. Whenever I see some of the excellent art work produced my members I just wish I had the talent to put something on paper.
  13. Astro Imp

    Evening 16/2/2019

    It had been cloudy all day until late afternoon when I had a nearly cloud free sky. While my meal was cooking I set the scope ready for a an evening of lunar observing. By the time I'd eaten the moon was playing hide and seek with the clouds but it wasn't too bad. Started with old favourites Aristarchus/Herodotus and Schroter's Valley. I never tire of this fantastic area. Spent a long time tracing the valley as it meandered north and west starting just north of Herodotus. Next on the list was a move south to Marius and count the domes, to the north west. By this time the clouds were starting to win so had a break and made a cup of tea hoping the sky would clear. Unfortunately it is now 100% cloud. So frustrating, you get teased into thinking you will have a pleasurable evening, not too cold either, but the weather gods can't resist in getting their way.
  14. Astro Imp

    Free Lunar Software - Virtual Moon Atlas

    It always accompanies me when lunar observing. I find it adds so much to the enjoyment knowing what you're looking at. Also it has been a huge help in pursuit of the Lunar 100. Good luck.
  15. Astro Imp

    Free Lunar Software - Virtual Moon Atlas

    Have been using this for some time. brilliant program and it's free.

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