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  1. Galaxy hunting

    I enjoyed the read Paul, I found when I was having a tough time it boosted the confidence to finish the night with an easier object. ATM, although not galaxies the double cluster is a great view. Good luck.
  2. 22/10/17 Back to the balcony

    Nice report, M11, the wild duck cluster is a great object. BTW being forced to spend time on objects is no bad thing, the longer you look the more you see. Good luck.
  3. Worth getting up for.

    To help with this I would do a dummy run during the day. Set the time for when you will be observing and scroll through the options and identify two/three that will be visible from your observing position. When I first had my GOTO mount I spent quite a time scrolling through the various menus at my leisure during the day. I found this paid off when I got out under the night sky. Good luck.
  4. I can't add anything to the AP discussion but can help with using the 150PDS for visual. I started with the 150P, same optics but not configured for AP. During the time I used it I had good views of Jupiter and the four moons, including shadow transits. The first view of Saturn was jaw dropping, a couple of years back I started to get detail on Mars, this was harder. There were also great views of our moon and got me started with DSOs. With the eyepieces I was using my maximum magnification was x150 which I found adequate to give good views as above.
  5. Thanks John for a very entertaining and informative write up. It's always good to hear of fellow enthusiasts enjoying themselves.
  6. Waiting for Venus

    Cracking report on a very special moment, seeing Orion's return heralds the start of another hopefully great observing season. Re Venus, it wasn't 'til earlier in the year when she put on a glorious evening show that I got hooked on her charms.
  7. Wow!

    The pace of research is just phenomenal. Not so long ago we were confidently informed it would never be possible to image any star other than our own.
  8. Gratuitous New Telescope Images

    Looks great, have fun and tell us all about it. What is it with cats a boxes?
  9. 19-09-2017 Observation Report

    Nice report, I also was out last night and observed most of the items you mention, I have to agree the conditions were not the best and most targets did not give of there best.
  10. I managed to get out last night which except for a quick lunar observing session earlier in the current lunation was the first time since mid-summer. Although clear the transparency wasn't great. Observed were:- M13 and M92, both seemed a bit poor although was able to resolve the outer parts at x100. M57 viewed at x100, really needed averted vision to get the most from this, perhaps I should have popped the OIII in. M27, much the same as above but obviously far larger. M56, just a diffused smudge really. M11, one of the highlights of the night although I should have viewed this earlier when it was higher, still a lovely view. M29, the cooling tower set in a rich star field. The eastern veil, I knew from what I had already observed this was going to be tricky but nevertheless had a go. First looked at x37 and saw nothing then inserted the OIII filter and by really concentrating and using averted vision managed to see that there was something there but couldn't tease out any detail. The western veil, after the above it came as no surprise this drew a blank. Albireo, always a glorious sight set in a lovely star field. M15, and M2, not giving of their best. M31, had to give this a look but not sure it was worth the time and effort. NGC 7662, the blue snowball, a tiny but quite bright planetary nebula which tonight needed averted vision to really make out. The double cluster, never fails to please. M103, M52 and M34 completed the evening. Although not the best of nights it was enjoyable to get out under the stars again and looking forward to the next clear night.
  11. Great series of reports, so pleased you managed to get out with the new toy. From what you're saying it does indeed seem liked the bargain of the year. It doesn't seem possible to have so much enjoyment for so little outlay. Good luck and keep having fun.
  12. Horizon tonight

    Great programme about a fantastic mission. My only gripe I would like it to have been longer or perhaps a "two-parter"'
  13. All newcomers should keep this in mind. Reading what others use is all well and good but it's not until you get out with your own gear and get some experience that your in a position to make an informed decision.
  14. New Scope Time!

    Good luck with the new toy, from what I've read you will not be disappointed. Look forward to reading your first light report. Enjoy.
  15. What a Sight

    With all the poor weather we in this part of the UK have suffered of late I was delighted when I woke at just after 5pm this morning. I looked out the window and was met by a lovely thin crescent moon just peaking over the roof tops and to complete the view was Venus about three degrees above. A truly magical moment.