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  1. Less than 1% illuminated crescent tonight (16th)

    Had a lovely naked eye view of a thin sliver dodging in and out of the clouds. Didn't get the scope out as I only had a small clear patch, otherwise total cloud.
  2. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    Very difficult question to answer, having given some thought to me it's open clusters. A good variety of objects in this class, some just a few stars, some teeming with tiny pinpricks - think M37 -, some make you smile - the owl, 37, Christmas tree - , and a good plus they are observable in less than pristine skies. To pick a favourite from the many available I'd have to go for M11.
  3. I think you'll find they are embroidery hoops.
  4. Unexpected session

    I enjoyed your report of a very productive session under difficult conditions. You never know what you will see if you don't give it a go. Thanks for posting and let's hope for more.
  5. Cannot believe what I saw tonight

    That's a great story. Please update us after your next meeting.
  6. Bearing in mind you intend to share observing with your son I would definitely choose one of the GOTO scopes mentioned. Once your target is in the eyepiece it will still be there when you swap positions at the eyepiece. I would think this would be a big plus. Good luck.
  7. Pedalling against the tide.

    When you consider we are trying to operate delicate scientific equipment in as near darkness as we can find it's surprising we ever see anything and don't end sessions with a tangle of leads and a box full of expensive broken glass.
  8. M1 Tonight

    Congratulations on viewing this iconic object, so much history and not the easiest of Messier's catalogue to view.
  9. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    I must be thick, read the thread and it might as well have been in Chinese Pleased others got some amusement from it.
  10. Aperture Fever Strikes!

    Well done Neil, looks like you're sorted for a while. Look forward to reading of your adventures with the new toy. Good luck, enjoy.
  11. Kids 1/2 term project - Space!!

    Sounds like fun, good luck to the little ones.
  12. Last Nights Session

    As a beginner I think you will find this very useful. Make sure you get the newer edition which is spiral bound, my old copy is normal hardback, has been used so much it's falling to pieces. Good luck and keep asking questions, you are sure of helpful answers from the folk here.
  13. Sirius B success !

    Great, well done Ed.
  14. Searching for Grey Blobs

    Well done, an intriguing object with it's long history but so difficult to observe. Good luck for the future. Do you like open clusters ? M35 in Gemini is well placed at the moment and well worth a look.
  15. Well done, always nice to see it all come together, makes all the effort so worth while. Good luck for next time.