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  1. How are you powering your mount. The fact you are slewing 180 degrees away suggests this could be a power issue.
  2. To help all the excellent people here it would be helpful to know what scope/EP you are using. BTW to consistently get the target in the FOV I would rate as successful.
  3. S/W 8" GOTO Dob.
  4. Good luck Richard, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your choice. Don't be like me and keep dithering, it took me eighteen months to arrive at my present scope and since having it I've had so much enjoyment from it I keep kicking myself for procrastinating.
  5. I enjoyed that, lovely report well written. Thank you
  6. I know this is controversial but speaking from experience I would not start with a Newtonian on an equatorial mount for visual use. IMO an equatorial mount is only needed for astro photography and you would need to spend most if not all of your budget to get a mount suitable for AP.
  7. A great improvement on recent offerings. At the end it left me wanting more, surely the mark of a good programme.
  8. @Alan64 Great post mate, I couldn't have expressed it better.
  9. An 8inch Dobsonian would be a good choice and would fit in your budget. Read the reviews at our sponsors, If you have a local astronomy group near a visit to an observing night would be good but this may not be possible with the light nights at present.
  10. Another great report, it's a great feeling when your plans come to fruition, makes all the past frustrations disappear. Good luck and clear skies.
  11. What a great report, a very enjoyable read. Re averted vision, I also had difficulty just as you describe. What I try to do now is focus on a star away from the object rather than looking at empty space. For me this really helps. Good luck and clear skies.
  12. Nice report Victor. It's always good to hear enthusiastic first light reports. Keep enjoying your scope and hope you have plenty of clear skies.
  13. 31.66 but the numbers are as flakey as those in the original equation.
  14. Before you touch anything make sure adjustments are necessary. If you do find adjustments are needed take your time and make small adjustments. Good luck.
  15. Great report Dominic, I feel so pleased for you. It's always a pleasure to read of others' success while I watch the rain come down.