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  1. I enjoyed the read, some excellent objects of which I can only dream but I do enjoy hearing of you guys with the light buckets. Really looking forward to your subsequent reports.
  2. Could anybody use some spare cloud

    You're so generous but I have to decline your kind offer. While you were all enjoying clear skies Thursday - Saturday I had clear on Thursday but very poor transparency. I'm really looking forward to a good night with all the winter goodies coming into view.
  3. M1 Crab Nebula in HOO

    Excellent image Martyn, loads of intricate detail there.
  4. Moon 2016

    That was well worth going back to, you've caught some lovely detail along the terminator. This phase has so many great features I spend ages at the eyepiece teasing out the best views.
  5. Spiral Cluster

    Nice work Richard, l'm a big fan of open clusters and as Piero points out M35 is a cracker. Good luck and clear skies for the future.
  6. 3 clear nights!

    You're right there Neil, hoping my turn will come, not that I wish you bad luck. Keep posting, you're reports are always interesting and worth reading.
  7. 3 clear nights!

    Nice one Neil, good to see you're making the most of the skies. Last night here it was pretty grim, mostly cloud but I looked out about 10ish and had difficulty seeing the Orion belt stars so stayed in.
  8. Good to hear you a good visit to the National Museum of Scotland. If you are primarily interested in planetary and lunar viewing don't let the local light pollution put you off. Good luck.
  9. The session that almost wasn't

    Great report as usual Neil. You're getting some good observing in. As you say M42 never fails to impress.
  10. M42

    Wonderful, I'm always in awe of you artists. I wouldn't even think of trying to sketch at the eyepiece, or anywhere else. BTW I enjoyed your other two sketches.
  11. Surely there must be a mistake.......

    Started bright this morning, now cloudy, cold and drizzle. Never mind could all change by night fall. Good luck Shane, enjoy a good one.
  12. 3 clear nights!

    Good to hear you're enjoying yourself Neil. Was out myself last night but started the evening with my neighbour's bedroom window to the east illuminating my viewing are, fortunately this was turned off around 20.00hrs. The transparency was poor here so concentrated on a few easy targets, doubles and brighter clusters. Not looking good for tonight, it's gradually become cloudier as the day has progressed. Good luck, hope you have a successful trip to your dark site.
  13. Seeing Double!

    That's a great capture Reggie and yes the colours are showing well. Albireo must be one of the most observed doubles by us amateurs, many of us take every chance we can to see this beautiful object. Thanks for posting and good luck, personally I would like to see more images of doubles in this section.
  14. 11-13-2017 Observing Report

    Great report, always good to read of members enjoying the night sky. Good luck.
  15. Comically bad session 14/11/17

    I enjoyed reading your report @domstar we have to make the most of what the weather throws at us. I'm sitting here in Lincolnshire with a load of targets waiting to observe watching the rain drizzle down all day. Oh well such is life