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  1. I started this hobby with a Newtonian on an equatorial mount. Although I had a lot of fun this combination is an exercise in frustration. IMO an equatorial mount is only needed for imaging. Dr Strange above has written what I consider a post of which you should take note. BTW welcome and enjoy the hobby.
  2. I've recently started this, when I get the chance of cloud free skies, it makes a huge difference instead of just going for the obvious. Sorry for the hijack @cotterless45
  3. I feel your pain, here in Lincs. we've had fairly clearish skies during the day only for the clouds to roll in as soon as darkness approaches. I've not bothered turning out in the morning but have had an occasional look out only to see cloud.
  4. Me too, I suppose we're easily pleased. I really like the way members here take the ribbing and banter, no one ever takes offence.
  5. I don't mean to be rude about your friend but what you are describing seems more like operator error rather than a fault with the mount. I would suggest you get him to open an account here on SGL then the gurus can talk direct to him.
  6. Is your project list still growing Gina.
  7. I think we all spend/waste too much time here but it's hard not to with the great community we have.
  8. Hi Greg, congratulations on your new set up. When setting up do a rough polar align. Point the mount north (there is usually one leg marked "N") and set the latitude scale to your location. This won't be super accurate but is near enough for visual use. Now when you have a target in view it is only necessary to move the RA to track, you will find you will need a slight adjustment in declination as your polar alignment is only approximate. One helpful tip, when you have balanced your scope mark the balance points, I use a small piece of low tack tape. This way there is no need to balance ev
  9. I would expect from what you have seen that the two Messiers in the Leo triplet would be doable but the third member might defeat you.
  10. Nicely done, I like the subtle gradations on the mare floor. Well done.
  11. Nice report Doug. You made me laugh with your comment about the less talented wood pigeons ?
  12. Well done Carole. That's a great idea well executed.
  13. Super sharp capture, well done. I have to say for my taste the contrast is a bit high, but hey what do I know.
  14. Great images, like @andrew s I also love the second image.
  15. Great capture. Regarding the names. I tend to let them all pass me by but as this seems media driven at least it might make more of the public aware of what's "up there".
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