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  1. Astro Imp

    One year since I caught the bug

    Happy anniversary Neil from another imaginary friend. Your reports have always been worth reading both entertaining and informative. Although I have not met any members face to face I look on many as friends and follow closely their successes and frustrations. Good luck for the next year.
  2. Astro Imp

    Lunar 100 resources

    I also took Flamstead P to be the large broken structure, the Virtual Moon Atlas appears to agree.
  3. Astro Imp

    Lunar 100 resources

    Stu would it be useful to make the documents a sticky? If not they will eventually be buried deep in the forum.
  4. Astro Imp

    Lunar 100 resources

    Great info Stu. As you say completing the Lunar 100 is quite a challenge, needing to get the libration right to coincide with a clear might. I've been working on it for a goodly time and seem to be bogged down with a completed count of 85.5, the half is made up from only managing Armstrong from No. 90, haven't managed Aldrin and Collins yet but will keep trying. Good luck to all of you with this interesting challenge.
  5. Astro Imp

    Clavius close up 24/2/18

    Wonderful image of this great feature.
  6. Astro Imp

    Rupes Recta

    I enjoyed your report, some interesting features on show. That's a stunning image from Apollo 16, thanks for sharing.
  7. Astro Imp

    First Lunar Session with Binoviewers 24/02/18

    That's a great report, you started with Clavius which to me is one of the stars of the lunar landscape and carried on with some more great features. Good luck and clear skies.
  8. Astro Imp

    Exploring Mare Imbrium

    Sounds like a fun evening viewing our neighbour. There is always something of interest to see as the lighting changes with the moon's phase. Looking great for another session to-night. Good luck.
  9. Astro Imp

    Lunar Photography Considerations

    Fantastic as always Avani. I don't image myself but take great pleasure in viewing the fine work presented by you and others on this forum.
  10. Astro Imp

    Daytime and Evening Lunar Compilation - Feb 21st

    I like that a lot, nicely presented.
  11. Astro Imp

    Lunar V & Lunar X 2018

    Well done Reggie, nice image, thanks for sharing.
  12. Astro Imp

    Observing with an Eyepatch?

    Always observe with an eye patch, makes a big difference.
  13. That is a very sensible approach, use the eyepieces that come with the scope to familiarise yourself with the kit. Only buy additional eyepieces when you see a need. BTW your choice of an 8" Dob is an excellent one, from your location you will see loads. Good luck and enjoy.
  14. Good luck to you both with your new scope, I'm sure you will have many happy hours together exploring the night sky.
  15. Astro Imp

    An idiots mount history.

    Hi Nick, You are absolutely correct, the biggest all singing all dancing gear is no use at all if it spends all its time inside not being used. As they say "the best scope for you is the one you use". Good luck.

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