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  1. Computer bargain !!

    Just a heads up about a rare bargain ! I bough a Dell Desktop computer from here - https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/worldviewsystems/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Its an I5 processor, 8mb of Ram, a decent graphics card, 1tb drive, 10 x USB ports - so pretty decent spec - for under £200 !!! I loaded up all my astro software without any issues and its in really good condition (sold as 'remanufactured') Its perfect for out in the observatory and an absolute steal at the price. I have no connection with the vendor whatsoever.
  2. Collimating- 10” quattro

    Well done - looking good and worth all the effort !!!
  3. What causes these weird shadows - first light help!

    If only !!! ;-)
  4. What causes these weird shadows - first light help!

    This is the same target - single 300 second sub - with mirror clips replaced and blind ring in place - much better despite truly appalling seeing and transparency. Single 300 second sub. Just to sort out the camera tilt now and we are in business - many thanks to everyone that has offered help along the way.
  5. What causes these weird shadows - first light help!

    Plasticard - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plasticard-Styrene-Black-White-Clear-10-20-30-40-60-80-Thou-0-25mm-2-0mm-A4-/171068324906?var=&hash=item27d4777c2a:m:mg4S4HnsiYJ1L7FPf8fJKyw
  6. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    I just wanted to close this thread with an enormous THANK YOU to everyone that replied and took time out and went to great lengths to help me get to grips with setting up RDP and networking in simple language that even I can understand ! I have learned more about networks in the last few days than in the previous 20 years and I am extremely grateful.
  7. Many 'up here' use the Aurora watch and alerting service at http://aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk/ also available as an app for phones. The apps background photo is an aurora image taken by me ! The chap who took the photo has no interest at all in anything astro wise except Aurora.
  8. What like this one across Oban bay Thursday night ?? ;-) (Not my image - taken handheld by a friend with a phone !!)
  9. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    The driver of this exercise is to get rid of the USB hub - with the above I would still need the USB hub ???
  10. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    Having slept on it I realise that I WILL need wifi at the obsy for updates and downloading software etc etc So I get a 'switch' then connect both indoor and outdoor pc's to it with CAT6 ethernet cables. A third CAT6 ethernet cable connects the switch to the BT hub/router. Does that allow the two pc's to talk to each other and both have internet access ?? If that makes sense then once its working I will look at the TP plug in adapters to use the house wiring to save a few cables.
  11. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    Thanks guys - I just want to connect the indoor pc to the outdoor pc - nothing else. So I just need a switch ??? When I do want to update the obsy pc can I just plug the switch into the bt hub to get internet at the obsy pc??? Will the switch allow the two pc's to talk to each other when the switch is not connected to the BT hub ?
  12. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    Last question - for now !! If I dont want to use the BT hub as a connection point do I replace it with a 'router' or a 'switch' ?? (I don't understand the difference!) Links to something suitable most welcome! I dont want to connect this setup to the internet.
  13. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    The Cat6 cable is in the trench and terminates into a wall socket in the house where I image from - I use another Cat6 cable from there to my indoor pc. This cable is removed when I am not imaging. My plan is to get a 'device' to sit next to my pc to take that extension cable then another short cable from that 'device' to my pc. I dont know whether that 'device' should be a router - a switch or a hub - its all very confusing to the hard of thinking !! I will check out your PM - thanks.
  14. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    Thats what I thought ! Just figuring out how to do it with wires.....
  15. Help needed with W10 Remote Desktop

    OK - I have fixed the IP address on the machine and RDP still works by pointing at the new IP address - these are words I have never uttered before!!! Thanks everyone for your amazing help! I will now have a play at using cables instead of wireless and report back with more daft questions to amuse you all !! Thanks again. David aka Skipper Billy