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  1. I couldn't find much info on the web - the best I found is on my website here - at the very bottom of the page. The only tricky bit was locating the three grub sccrews that secure the RA sshaft nut - they are accessed through the holes in the clutch collar. In fairness to SW the bearings were pretty good but the grease was awful and the amount of swarf was shocking. Its going back together nicely now all clean and lubed with 'Superlube' PTFE grease. Will keep you posted!
  2. Taken it to bits to replace the dodgy grease and replace the bearings for SKF/FAG bearings and high quality grease. Lots of lovely black stuff full of swarf to get rid of !!! I am committed now !!
  3. Do you mean really spent or what I told my wife I spent ? To arrive at the latter figure take a zero off the end (thats what she does with handbags and shoes!)
  4. Thanks guys - will do a wee back to back trial and see what happens !
  5. Aye - another 10 years and it should be starting to free up a little ;-)
  6. Cheers !! Look forward to hearing from you!
  7. Serpently not! I was considering my own abilities on a 40 year old Myford! It's looking like the only option though!
  8. I thought about that but its going to be used for collimation so it needs to be very accurately machined - like the one from Billetparts. Its machined from Acetal and is almost an interference fit. I should have kept the one I bought a few years ago.
  9. Anyone ?? Will pay a good price !!
  10. I am just considering the best way to go about things next season. My new setup - Quattro CF10 and Atik 460 will give me less than 1 arc second per pixel - our very best seeing here tends to be about 2 - 3 arc seconds. So I am planning on binning Lum 2x2 as a trial against 1x1 - back to back. Does that sound sensible? If I bin the L 2x2 should I bin the RGB 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4? Any comments on binning most welcome!
  11. Found - thanks Alistair !
  12. Nothing received ???
  13. I am looking for two ADM Losmandy dovetail plates - 1 x 12" and 1 x 15" or thereabouts. Doesn't matter whether they are metric or Imperial.
  14. WANTED - Billetparts Microsoft webcam adapter This one - Will pay new price for a good one. (They always seem to be out of stock!)
  15. I have been trying to buy one of these for ages but they are always out of stock and the manufacturers don't respond to emails. Anyone know of another source or an alternative ??