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  1. There is enough meat on the mini dovetail to drill and tap for a 1/4 - 20 UNC thread to mount it directly onto a camera tripod. If you dont have the facility to do that but would like it doing just PM me for my address and I will happily do it for you - no charge !
  2. You weren't trying to guide on a hot pixel were you ?? Done that - been there !!
  3. The only solution I have found that really works is USB > Cat6 > USB using Startech converters. I used it over 40 meters and never any issue whatsoever. https://www.startech.com/uk/Cards-Adapters/USB-2/USB-Extenders/usb-over-cat5-cat6-extender~USB2004EXTV I have since gone back to using a PC in the Obsy rather than remotely and mine are now surplus to requirements. https://sites.google.com/view/astro-imaging/items-for-sale
  4. Skywatcher guidescope bracket

    Hi Carole I have just bought a Skywatcher EvoGuide that comes complete with the rings and shoe etc exactly as per this link. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/sky-watcher-evoguide-50ed-guidescope.html I have a custom made set of very heavy duty rings and dovetail machined from aircraft grade billet so I wont be using the supplied set up although the supplied ones look to be well up to the job - stiff and well machined. They are brand new (delivered this morning!) Two rings with nylon tipped screws and lock nuts, mounting plate and mini dovetail to fit Skywatcher finderscope shoe. ie everything in the link except the guidescope! Open to offers by PM if its of interest ??
  5. Help with a OSC ccd

    I am fairly sure I used to use BGGR when I had the same camera - I vaguely remember it looking a bit like a swear word !! Worth a try ??!!
  6. What size light panel for a 130PDS

    I use the Huion and bought the A3 one to cope with future scope upgrades - now I am using a big fast newt I am glad I did! One tip - leave it switched on for at least 5 mins before taking flats - the illumination isnt completely even until its been on for a while.
  7. recommend quick release buckle for ror

    Pelican hooks - they are threaded M6 or M8 to fasten to a threaded rod or a stud swaged onto wire and they are marine grade stainless steel. The BIG advantage is that they add tension when you fasten them and cannot come undone until you pull the string. If you need prices then PM me - we stock and sell them and I am happy to sell them at cost plus VAT. (To any SGL member)
  8. Shim washers

    A set of feeler gauges makes a good set of shims in various sizes - metric and real (imperial) and they kindly write the thickness on each one !
  9. Power pack leisure battery issue?

    To some extent the more power you draw the more the voltage will drop. A healthy battery fresh off the charger after a full charge and no load applied should be between 13.7 and 14.4 volts depending on the chemistry used. A 0.25 volt drop when pulling 4 amps doesnt sound out of the way. Worth checking the fully charged no load voltage though.
  10. Adjusting camera tilt "offline" ??

    That sounds worth trying !! Thanks very much.
  11. I have identified a camera tilt issue and luckily my focuser is adjustable for tilt. I have CCD Inspector to measure it but wondered if there is any way to make the adjustments and check the results without wasting a clear night under the stars?? I would think I would need to recollimate after each adjustment of the focuser so it could be quite a long winded process but if there is a way of doing it with an artificial star or a laser etc then I would be very glad to hear about it! Its an ES 201mm f3.8 reflector fitted with a Moonlite focuser, Atik 460 EX camera, EFW2. Any advise most welcome!
  12. Rosette Nebula (Core)

    The Rosette Nebula (NGC2237) imaged on 25th January 2018 in LRGB - 75 mins of Luminance binned 1x1 and 20 mins each of RGB binned 2x2. Very poor seeing. Taken with my new scope (Explore Scientific 210mm f3.8 carbon fibre astrograph) which has been returned after warranty repairs - it works properly now! Equipment used - AZ-EQ6-GT mount, Atik 460 EX Mono camera and Atik EFW2 loaded with Baader Broadband filters. Guided with converted finderscope and Lodestar camera. Processed entirely in Pixinsight.
  13. Phew - thank goodness - glad I asked though! Thanks all.
  14. I am embarrassed to ask this as I have been playing at imaging for nearly 3 years now and feel sure I should know the answer!!! Does the suggested practical maximum payload of 50 - 60% of the manufacturers recommended maximum payload include or exclude the weight of the counterweights ??
  15. Show us your ED80’s!

    and here she is in her previous home ! Scroll down to about 1/2 way down the page. Moonlite focuser - SO smooth 😍 https://sites.google.com/view/astro-imaging/equipment I miss her !😢