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  1. Both are lovely images and elegantly processed. Bortle 8 ! Wow - daylight struggles to get to Bortle 8 up here in the winter!!!
  2. You are welcome to download any of my images and use them freely without crediting. Click on any image and it will take you to the full res version on Flickr which you can download. https://www.davidbanksastro.com/widefield-imaging https://www.davidbanksastro.com/deep-space-objects https://www.davidbanksastro.com/home
  3. Some are just jumping on the bandwagon too !! I was all set to buy a set of Astrodon narrowband filters until they went up about 30% for no apparent reason!
  4. As a retailer (nothing to do with astro) we are facing two issues - UK (non) supply chain - take International Paints for example - spring time - people ready to get their boats sorted out for the season - International have virtually nothing on their shelves - many of the workforce were furloughed and therefore not making paints - how can they or we trade our way out of this mess if nobody has any stock of anything??? Secondly - stuff that comes from outside the UK - aside from China a lot of boaty stuff comes from Sweden, Germany, Italy and Greece - the few that will still ship to the UK hav
  5. The Horsehead Nebula and Flame Nebula (Barnard 33 and NGC2024) - 7 hours of Ha data gathered on 12th Feb. and 40 mins each of RGB binned 2x2 under terrible conditions - (full moon and wispy high cloud) on 1st March. Nearly didn't bother processing it but the quality of the HA data hides the poor quality of the RGB.
  6. @Xiga Thank you so much for that detailed and easy to follow explanation. Very kind of you to share your method. Every day is a school day!!!! Thanks again and congratulations on your win!
  7. Well done @Spongey and @Xiga A worthy winning image Xiga. I would be very interested in how you tamed that screaming star - its something I always struggle with.
  8. It would be a good idea to put a piece of heat shrink over the connection between your lead and the extension - helps keep moisture out and helps prevent it from accidentally being pulled apart.
  9. If you want it extending (and you cant do it yourself) I would be happy to do it for you. Just the postage to pay. Soldered connections and waterproof etc. PM me if you want it doing.
  10. You dont say whether the USB hub is powered or not - if its not powered its almost certain to give problems. The best one I ever found for reliability was the Startech one - https://www.ebuyer.com/196841-startech-com-mountable-rugged-industrial-7-port-usb-hub-st7200usbm
  11. Welcome !! I am just down the road from you just across the border between Lochaber and Argyll.
  12. This might be the cause of the problem then - the Lat and Long you are using is pretty much Kenilworth Castle.
  13. Your signature doesn't give your location but your lat and long gives somewhere near University of Warwick / South West Coventry. Does that sound about right ??? Incorrect Lat and Long can give spurious errors like the ones you describe.
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