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  1. Skipper Billy

    Pixinsight hangs at splash screen....

    I didn't know that Pixinsight is reliant on Java - I will check when I get home - many thanks.
  2. Skipper Billy

    Aparently a T2 is not a T2 all the time

    Looks like they have sent you the wrong one !! They are available in M42 (T2) and M48 - put a ruler across the threads and see if its about 48mm across.
  3. I am experiencing a frustrating problem with Pixinsight since the most recent major update. When I launch the programme it hangs at the splash screen for ~ 60 seconds. Message at bottom of splash screen = Creating Component Windows. All other programmes start normally. After that it runs properly. Latest version of Pixinsight - Windows 10 Pro (fully up to date with Windows updates) - i5 machine with 16GB RAM and an SSD. I have the programme installed on an identical machine in the observatory and Pixinsight starts up in about 3 seconds. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme - just the same. Any ideas ??
  4. Skipper Billy

    Lakeside focusing issue

    Its got to be something come loose. Mounting bracket - grub screw onto focuser shaft - something in the focuser - focuser to scope mounting ???
  5. Skipper Billy

    Under Rated Images

    Maybe you didnt make your point very clearly?
  6. Skipper Billy

    Under Rated Images

    Reading through this thread made me contemplate exactly why I post my images on here. The answer is simple - I am actively seeking constructive criticism to help me improve. I tend to be heavy handed when processing and sometimes I look at an image so closely that I fail to see it. It's only when somebody points out the odd colour cast or other defect that I can see it - that's what objectivity brings to the party. Some VERY competent imagers have given me great advice - willingly and freely and I am very grateful for that. With regard to likes ..... I dont expect likes and I dont even look at the number of likes - its meaningless. I dont give likes either - again because its meaningless. If I see an image that I think could be improved and I am sure then I will pass on my thoughts on how it could be better with suggestions on how to achieve it. If I see something truly amazing again I will pass comment. Amazing may not mean world class - it may be a pink smudge with a white blob purporting to be M42 but if its someones first image then that is amazing - equally if its a kid in India with a home made scope on Heath Robinson mount with a 10 year old mobile phone than that too is amazing. If I want likes I could post my images on the many FaceBook groups where a lot of people dont know the difference between a world class image and a wet weekend. I would certainly never be upset about the number of likes an image did or didnt get and I cannot imagine any value in the number of likes. I just checked the image I am most proud of - it had 23 likes - so what?? I dont use or look at Astrobin since it became a paid for site.
  7. It's a bit much having a premium scope that needs a focuser upgrade to work properly. I must admit that I would be more than a little upset!
  8. Skipper Billy

    Guiding help

    There is a good document on my website about getting PHD2 to play nicely - 2nd item down on this page - https://sites.google.com/view/astro-imaging/how-to
  9. Skipper Billy

    Problem with Lodestar and OAG

    Give Terry Platt a call on Tel: 0118 402 6898 - he will probably ask for the image to be emailed but he will probably be able to tell you almost instantly what the score is.
  10. Skipper Billy

    Problem with Lodestar and OAG

    I am afraid that looks like a 'read' error - I has something similar on a SE camera - it needed a new board - it wasn't hugely expensive to fix. I hope I am wrong and that it's something and nothing.
  11. Skipper Billy

    Software upgrade

    I jumped ship to SGP from several different pieces of software - I have never regretted it. The plate solving is sublime compared to Astrotortilla. This document might help you understand it better..... http://mainsequencesoftware.com/content/SGP-The First Week.pdf
  12. Skipper Billy

    Guidecam not connecting to PHD2

    Looks like there was a bug in a version of PHD2 - looks like you have probably got it working now. v2.6.5dev5 9 September 2018 ZWO Cameras: fix a bug in 2.6.5dev4 that could prevent camera from connecting
  13. Skipper Billy

    Guidecam not connecting to PHD2

    Put your hand over the end of the guidescope or camera and it should darken - if it does its working!
  14. Skipper Billy

    Guidecam not connecting to PHD2

    Click on the 'Cameras' tab and you should see your camera listed - click on it to connect to it. If you put your hand in front of the camera then take it away you should see it go from white out to dark - if it does its working!
  15. Skipper Billy

    Guidecam not connecting to PHD2

    That goes for any two programmes - you cant have two pieces of software accessing the same camera at the same time.

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