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  1. Just in case anyone else is looking for these cables - I went with the Canford option linked above but just be aware - there is a minimum spend of £35 plus VAT and the minimum postage charge is £10 !!!!
  2. Thanks folks - will have a look at the links. Slainte Mhaith.
  3. I have searched in vain for ultra flexible Cat5 or Cat6 network cables. Something that drops under its own weight rather than stays in a spiral trip hazard !! About 3 meters. Any suggestions ??
  4. A year or so ago I showed my 4 year old grandson the moon through a £100 Heritage 130 and it blew his little socks off. We live in Scotland and the grandkids all live in Sweden so we dont see them very often. On his most recent visit when we collected them all from the airport the very first words out of his mouth were 'FarFar Visa mig teleskopet' (Grandad show me the telescope). He couldn't wait to get to our house and thankfully it was a clear night. He gazed through it for ages. My son and his wife tell me that he is always asking about the night sky so the effect was clearly profound. To me - that's a serious telescope!
  5. From memory that guide camera on that scope needs a lot of spacers - I am holiday but will see if I can find some photos. This is the best I can find just now - its not a very good photo but it looks like there is about an extra 70 - 80mm backfocus required??? Try making a temporary spacer from a toilet roll tube and gaffer tape - you will soon see if its a backfocus issue. Even with tin foil and a tiny hole the required exposure will be ridiculously short!! Try letting Sharpcap choose the exposure automatically.
  6. My observatory is the open roof type rather than a dome and for me dew bands on imaging scope and guide scope are absolutely essential.
  7. Go outside and look North - Lady Aurora is raging here right now - NW Scotland
  8. Mine is thick walled high pressure steam pipe (from a submarine!) - the flanges were welded on each end. The concrete block was drilled for the studs when it had cured and they were set in construction epoxy. The top is just a steel disc with bolts welded to it that match the holes in the top flange. I am not a fan of the 'rat cage' design but with 8 x M16 bolts there is no flex. Painted with 4 coats of Smoothrite and filled with sand. If/when we move house its easy to unbolt and leaves nothing but a concrete pad (after cutting the studs off flush). Total cost - well under £100. If I did it again I wouldn't do anything different. Photos here and here
  9. Its a few years since I used AstroTortilla but I remember this site got me up and running - once sorted its like witchcraft !!!!! From memory the command line syntax is all or nothing - an extra space or a missing comma will stop it from working. Good luck - once its sorted backup your settings!
  10. Thanks folks. I have sent this image to FLO and they have been in touch with Baader. Just waiting to hear back now. Will post what happens as it may be of interest to others.
  11. Hello David. I am going to show my ignorance now! Which is the anti reflective side?? The way they are installed now is that they are screwed into the filter wheel from the scope side of the wheel. IE - the side of the filter that is away from me when screwing the filters in is facing the camera. I cant see any way to change this as the camera attaches directly to the wheel with three screws and the attachment points on the wheel housing only exist on one side of the wheel. AFAIK the carousel will only fit in one way round ?? (Its an Atik EFW3) https://www.firstlightoptics.com/atik-accessories/atik-efw-3-filter-wheel.html Any suggestions gratefully received as the quality of the data looks pretty good apart from these horrible haloes !!!!
  12. Ah - I didnt think to look in the second workspace !!! All sorted thanks very much.
  13. I am sure its me being thick but I cant work out how to import the process icon you so kindly sent me ???
  14. Outstanding - and great patience !!! I am getting better at gathering data but processing is still my weak point so I have nothing to add except it might be worth posting up your three stacked files to see what the Pixinsight and PS wizards can get from it then ask the questions about what they did they you didnt ?? May I ask why you gathered so much more Ha than Sii and Oii ??
  15. Thanks I will try that too - thanks for the info. i have just seen the price of a 2" Astrodon mounted OIII filter so a software solution is very much required !!
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