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  1. I agree with all you say - cracking scope for the money and probably my most used scope. BUT !! I would carefully get rid of all the grease you have added - if it gets onto your eyepieces it will be a proper issue. Remove it and put a few turns of PTFE plumbers tape around the threads - it will take up the slack and provide a nice positive but smooth result and without any fear of damaging anything. Enjoy it !!!
  2. Wanted - Takahashi FS-60CB Ideally with mounting rings as opposed to clamshell but this not a deal breaker. Will be used as a guide scope so diagonals etc etc not required. Cash waiting.
  3. I looked at the Eagle but couldnt understand the price tag. I bought an i5 NUC with loads of RAM and a big SSD and a lid with 2 extra USB ports. Cost about £400. Runs SGP, PHD2, etc flawlessly. Only one wire to the ground.
  4. I would steer clear of ceramic bearings - for the intended purpose they are wonderful - I use them in my miniature gas turbines - run at very high temperatures and high speeds - my turbines idle at about 90000 rpm and over 250000 rpm at full chat but they dont like being squashed - they are very brittle. To adjust your focuser so it doesn't slip you will need run the bearings in compression - a better bet would be stainless steel These would do the job nicely.
  5. You will get them from here - they have every bearing imaginable Metric and Imperial and they cost pennies - and next day delivery... https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/?gclid=CNiKnojH4c0CFVYo0wodV1sM2Q
  6. The mass is only one factor - a big scope acts like a sail in a breeze and even though the scope might be within the mounts stated capacity a large lightweight 'scope will get blown about.
  7. Just seen this on UKABS - would be nice if we could help.... Ad here in case anyone wants to get in touch with the OP. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=149397
  8. Oh for goodness sake - I thought all this was cleared up back in 2047. ?
  9. @Tom OD Can I delete the Drop Box folder now ? Its just that my Drop Box is almost full and I am expecting an incoming set of photos of my grand-kids from far away! Glad you got it fixed !
  10. More seriously - Stellarium works really well on an iPhone.
  11. All mobile phones have a brilliant device for use when committing astronomy - its usually marked with this symbol....... ?
  12. Moral - Caring for living things doesn't make you a wimp or a wuss !
  13. I try to live by the Buddhist philosophy which amongst many other things includes love and kindness to all living things (yes that includes wasps!) and doing as little harm as possible. I am not vegan but I eat as little animal produce as possible. Both my kids and all my grandkids are vegan - their choice not mine. I know we are not allowed to discuss religion here so I would add that I am in the camp that Buddhism is not a religion it is a philosophy or a way of life - others will disagree.
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