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  1. I sometimes forget how old I am and that many members on this site wont have a clue what a floppy disc is!! https://www.silicon.co.uk/data-storage/storage/tales-tech-history-floppy-disk-209049 It holds a massive 1.2 meg of data - ie you would need 3 or 4 of them to store a single photo from a mobile phone!!
  2. I use a CCD camera and relatively small numbers of long subs so I dont generate massive amounts of data. I recently helped a pal out with a batch of CMOS data 90 each of lights in Lum, Red, Green and Blue plus a full set of darks, bias and flats. The processing folder reached over 300gb !!!! Personally, at the end of the season I transfer that seasons data to an external drive - £30 for a terabyte ! No reason not to keep the data. The way this season is going I could fit everything on a floppy disc!
  3. Looks like its working well !!! Well done - keep going!!
  4. This is awesome !!! Keep going!!!! Makes a Mesu look flimsy!!
  5. Unless you need a colour camera for something else I would choose a mono camera - much more sensitive.
  6. Finder guider will be more than adequate. A converted finder guider is usually OK to guide a scope of up to about 1000mm. Pop your details into FLO's calculator and see what it gives you - http://astronomy.tools/calculators/guidescope_suitability I would think your biggest challenge will be avoiding flexure unless you are planning to change the mounting system of your guide scope??
  7. Lucky you! Last night was the 67th cloudy night in succession here in NW Scotland !!! I look forward to seeing your first narrowband image - good luck!
  8. Drop nosed pin ? https://www.sheridanmarine.com/product/canopy-quick-release-drop-nose-pin
  9. I get focus then use a small piece of gorilla tape to stop the focus ring moving then pop a dew band for a 3" scope on the lens shade. Its powered by a 11.1v 5000maH lipo battery which also powers the camera. Even after 5 - 7 hours on a damp night there is no dew on the lens - plenty on the camera body though!
  10. Sept to March - outside in a shed. April to August a nice dry cupboard that backs onto the boiler room (warm and dry).
  11. If you can attach a single unprocessed sub I will gladly run it through CCDI for you which will analyze and report back any tilt or curvature etc.
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