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  1. Skipper Billy

    Well that doesn't look good does it?

    Yep - another night of no imaging........ but I got to go home from work early!
  2. If you rotate the B image them mirror it horizontally it aligns to the L nae bother. You have to give Pixinsight an outside chance! Attached are your files rotated and mirrored and also the resultant registered image. Hope that helps. ps - just seen Harry's post saying the same thing! B33_0002120sB_registered.fit B33--0002120sB.fit B33Lum-Crop.xisf
  3. Skipper Billy

    What’s your best space jokes?

    There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand the binary system and those that dont
  4. Skipper Billy

    What’s your best space jokes?

    A photon checks in to a hotel - receptionist says 'where is your luggage?' - the photon says 'I am travelling light' !
  5. WANTED - Lodestar - original (X1?) or X2 or Superstar. Must be A1 condition and MONO! Cash waiting.
  6. Skipper Billy

    HELP !!!!! USB Trouble

    Give us a clue! Make and model of laptop? Sudden occurence?
  7. Skipper Billy

    Equipment power supply

    I use one of these - very clean power - simple - very well insulated - cheap - http://www.sloughrc.com/default.asp?itemid=O-IP2000&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgMPgBRDDARIsAOh3uyKOExAGeXVp1zNExS3KcyYIuZqU0QPszyalcs7fxTekZhrbDo8yy1MaAl_OEALw_wcB
  8. Skipper Billy

    What length of subs of NB filters

    Bortle 2/ 3 - you get used to the cold. You can always put a light jumper on over your T shirt!
  9. Skipper Billy

    What length of subs of NB filters

    This is a 60 minute single sub - no processing just stretched and converted to Jpeg. Bog standard Baader 7nm Ha filter - just taken as a test of a new guiding algorithm. No classy Astrodons here !!
  10. Skipper Billy

    SW Evostar 80ED or WO Z61 + CCD\CMOS

    +2 for the SW- ED80DS Pro - punches way above its price point but in fairness I have never used the WO scope so I cant make a fair comparison.
  11. Skipper Billy

    Stability of PA alignment

    I remove my mount from the observatory from April to August (no proper darkness this far North) so I cannot comment over a long period. At the start of the imaging season in late August I drift align and usually that's it until early April. The exception is if/when we have small earth tremors which is usually once or twice a year ( we are in a glacial valley on a fault line) and even though my mount is secured to 1.4 cubic meters of concrete is usually needs a wee tweak after a tremor - so it doesnt take much !
  12. Skipper Billy

    M33 - RGB

    OUTSTANDING !!!!!!
  13. Skipper Billy

    Browsing FITS files

    Use 'Blink' in Pixinsight - its brilliant !!!
  14. Skipper Billy

    Polar alignment accuracy

    No scientific data but my personal experience is that Polemaster will get you very close very quickly. Sharpcap will get you possibly even closer just as quickly. Drift aligning gives the best result but is time consuming. If I was mobile imaging I would use Polemaster or Sharpcap. I am lucky to have an observatory and I drift align at the start of each season and recheck with Sharpcap after each earth tremor (quite often around here!)
  15. Skipper Billy

    HEQ5 sounds

    A wee tip - when I had a HEQ5 I spent ages tuning out the backlash only to find that when used in anger outside, the backlash had reappeared. Eventually I figured out that when it was adjusted at indoor room temperature (22º) then taken outside (-5 to +5º) everything contracts creating backlash ! So make any adjustments when the mount is roughly at the temperature at which you will be using it at ! The belt mod didn't make much difference to performance except it was a bit quieter. The thing that made an enormous difference was changing the bearings for good quality ones from FAG/SKF etc and cleaning everything before regreasing with 'SuperLube' - quieter, smoother, better tracking and much better guiding.

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