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  1. Skipper Billy

    Advice in custom adapters

    Use a good quality 2 pack epoxy such as Araldite (standard not 5 min) and glue the correct sized hex driver into the grub screw. Let it cure FULLY - 24 hours minimum. Then unscrew it. Then heat the grub screw with a heat gun and the epoxy will soften enough to get the screw off and scrape off any remains from the top of the screw and the hex driver. Works about 80% of the time.
  2. I have upgraded my filter wheel to an Atik EFW3 as I need 7 x 2" filters for my new larger sensor camera. Consequently my Atik EFW2 is surplus to requirements. Atik EFW2 with 9 x inch a quarter carousel - original and unused power and USB leads and original box etc. Excellent condition and perfect, reliable working order. Baader LRGB filter set - complete with original cases. Baader Narrowband filter set - Ha (7nm) - SII and OIII - complete with original cases. The new price for the above is £944 from FLO. I will accept £565 by bank transfer or cash (no Paypal thank you) - inc delivery by RMSD to a UK address. All the photos on my website have been taken with these filters - www.davidbanksastro.com
  3. Skipper Billy

    Colour All-Sky camera and lens choice?

    Cheers Mike. Do you know where to get the Fujinon lens in the UK ??
  4. Skipper Billy

    Another flats problem...

    Put some kitchen foil over the holes and tape it down then try it again. Its likely that there is light leakage through those holes,
  5. My light panel is about 40cms away from the end of the scope - its an A3 light panel - it works just fine as there is no extraneous light. One tip - leave the panel on a for at least a few mins before you start taking flats or you might get banding with some brands of light panel - I use a Huion and its not affected at all by banding.
  6. Skipper Billy

    Colour All-Sky camera and lens choice?

    Thanks Julian I have read good things about both those lenses - weird that we cant get the Arecont in the UK ?? Good luck with the build !
  7. I am toying with the idea of a colour all sky camera. I know mono gives better results / less light pollution / greater sensitivity etc but this will be just for monitoring sky conditions but mostly for aurora capture as we see it quite often 'up here'. I am leaning towards a ASI 385MC and maybe a better quality and wider angle lens. Any suggestions, comments, pointers on cameras and lenses?? I am quite happy with making an enclosure, dew control etc etc is just camera choice that's confusing me !!
  8. Skipper Billy

    Tilt on a G3, should I worry?

    This what CCD Inspector shows. This would suggest that the tilt / looseness is in the optical train rather than a camera issue I think as you can see in the third and fourth images that the problem moves 90º whereas if the problem was with the camera it wouldn't move. If you need future images running through CCDI just PM me for my email address.
  9. The Achilles heel of the Avalon mounts is the performance in windy conditions - the belts stretch and rebound - that's probably the cause of your eggy shaped stars. 5 mins is very short for Ha subs and probably the cause of your noise - although its not that bad. Can't help with suggestions to get rid of the intrusive spike ! There is a significant halo around brighter objects - are you sure you weren't suffering from dew ??
  10. Skipper Billy

    How to interpret field curvature? [ED72 + OVL]

    Hi Neil, What ID are the spacers you need - I have loads of Delrin spacers from 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1mm - PM me your address if you would like them. (FOC).
  11. I am sure someone far more knowledgeable than me will chime in but my view is..... You cant go wrong with a SW ED80 - fine scope and great value for money and a match made in heaven for a HEQ5. Many of us cut or teeth on excatly that setup - inc. me ! For dew control you need either a camping mat home made dew shield or of budget permits one of these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/astrozap-dew-heater-tapes.html and one of these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/hitecastro-four-channel-four-port-dew-controller.html which will also allow you to add a further dew band for your guide scope when you get one. Taking flats isn't to correct distortion like you would with a lens profile with a camera lens - flats are taken to remove the effects of dust motes in the system and vignetting. There are some examples of home made dew shields and the better dew strap system on an ED80 mounted on a HEQ5 here - scroll down towards the bottom of the page.... https://sites.google.com/view/astro-imaging/equipment Hope that helps!
  12. Skipper Billy

    How to interpret field curvature? [ED72 + OVL]

    Is this any help ?
  13. Skipper Billy

    Maximum imaging focal length with a finder guider?

    Your guiding setup should be fine up to 1000mm fl and maybe a bit beyond - 750mm shouldn't frighten it at all.
  14. Skipper Billy

    Any idea whats causing this defect ???

    Thanks RayD

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