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  1. I will do the bug report - thanks Alexander.
  2. Upgraded to 15.2 today from 15.1 - W10 64 bit. New version loads up and I can scroll around the sky but as soon as I type anything into the search box it crashes. Have downloaded again and reinstalled - same issue. Any ideas ??
  3. No idea sorry - I have only used the Startech one which converts the Cat 6 cable back to USB at the computer end. I am not a techy person sorry!
  4. USB doesnt like more than 5 metres - it might work but it might not be reliable. This will do the job and be utterly reliable - shop around you can find them cheaper. I use one over about 35 metres away and its flawless.
  5. Complete guiding solution. Skywatcher 9x50 guidescope. Starlight Express Lodestar CCD Camera, ADM guidescope rings and Modern Astronomy adapter to screw the camera into the back of the finderscope (no slop). Complete lightweight guiding solution – just pop it in your finderscope holder and enjoy fabulous guiding. Incredibly sensitive camera – I can often see the object I am imaging in the PHD2 frame. For the ultimate in solid mounting the ADM setup splits where I have put the red line in one of the photos and the base plate can be screwed directly to a dovetail across the top of your scope rings. I have guided scopes over a metre focal length with this setup with superb results. The SX drivers are very robust and it has never crashed or failed to perform. Complete with USB cable and original box. All in excellent condition. Bargain at £275 (inc postage within UK).
  6. I use XLR plugs and sockets - no issues - but I am reasonably competent with a soldering iron.
  7. Now resolved. Mods - please delete - many thanks.
  8. Now resolved. Mods - please delete - thank you.
  9. All sold - pending payment.
  10. No eye piece required - the diagonal unscrews and the guide camera with adapter screws into it. *** It is not for sale until the scope has been sold as the purchaser of the scope must have first refusal on the extras ***
  11. GSO/Altair Astro 6” Ritchey Chretien Astrograph. Full spec here - This is a lovely scope – designed for imaging but equally at home for visual use. I bought it for imaging but its right at the upper end of my mounts capacity and to be absolutely blunt I have found it a very difficult scope to collimate perfectly – I can get close but not 100%. As we have only had two clear nights in the last 3 months I have decided its time to go to someone with more patience, time and ability than me as I am not prepared to waste the few remaining potential opportunities this far North before I pack up for the summer as we don’t have any proper darkness from the end of this month until the end of August. (NW Scotland). I am happy to sell the scope on its own and there is a shopping list of extras available to choose from. Buy all the goodies and you can have the scope for free!! The scope is fitted with the top mounting rail, dust caps, all 3 extension tubes and a TS two speed focuser (which works very well). Scope new - £399 – asking £200 Photographs here – happy to take detailed ones on request. Antares 9x50- RACI viewfinder / guidescope New £65 – asking £40 Astrozap Dew Shield New £31 – asking £20 Bahtinov Mask New £30 – asking £20 Kendrick dew band on the secondary – I would like to leave this on as it is glued with silicone to the secondary mirror holder! New £90 - asking £60 Altair Astro tilt adjuster rings fitted New £80 - asking £50 Moonlite focuser – with M90 flange (direct replacement for standard focuser). New £360 - asking £250 Astro Physics telecompressor – AP CCDT67 – increases speed of scope to about F6. New £210 – asking £150 Total new price of all the extras excluding the scope - £866 - total new price including the scope is £1266 – If you buy all the extras for £500 you can have the scope for free!! That’s £1266 worth of gear for £500 – well under half price!! If you just want the scope on its own then its £200 – then all the ‘goodies’ will be sold separately. The above prices include carriage within the UK – I will not sell any of the ‘extras’/upgrades’ on their own until the scope is sold. I have the original box it came in. I am travelling down to England a few times over the next few weeks if that helps. Contact David Banks (aka Skipper Billy) for more details or to request detailed photographs –
  12. Not at all, it's bone dry. The overlapping capping strip is fastened to the windward side and when closed forms a good seal on the leeward side.
  13. Home designed and built - made it up as I went along really based on fag packet drawings. When I do it again I would make it 300mm wider each way.
  14. I might want to see what I am imaging ?! Curiosity really!
  15. Same issue but slightly bigger - cost less than a fiver! Top two or three images - lump of ally bar with an Argos 'gym' weight fastened to it with a wing nut - easy to add or subtract more weights.