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  1. Anyone contemplating stripping, cleaning, replacing bearings etc may have found a strip down guide hard to find. I found one by Scott Cunnington and I have put it on my website if anyone wants to download it. If anyone has PDF's of Astrobaby's excellent guides on the HEQ5 EQ6 etc please PM me for my email address and I will happily host them whilst Astrobaby's website is down.
  2. Nope - wouldn't change a thing. Funnily enough we are talking about a potential house move in the next few years and I have been thinking about what I would change on MkII - nothing comes to mind ! (Apart from a bigger ducting!!) I wouldnt go any smaller - even though I rarely have to get in to it there isnt much room to move around when the mount and scope are loaded up. There are more photos here if that helps??
  3. I did the upgrade but have now sold the mount - it made a massive difference in terms of noise, smoothness and backlash The puller is essential IMHO to avoid damaging the gears or bending the shafts. A very worthwhile upgrade.
  4. Get your own website - its free from Google ! This took a couple of hours to throw together Click on the button at the bottom of the web page if you want a free site.
  5. Polemaster adapter to fit Heq5 or Orion Sirius - £25 inc postage within UK.
  6. SOLD !!!!!
  7. My trusty HEQ5 / Orion Sirius mount is for sale. This is probably the best HEQ5 / Orion Sirius in the UK. From new it had all the cheap Chinese bearings removed and replaced with high end FAG/SKF bearings designed for high load and low rotational speed. All the horrible grease was stripped out and replaced with 'SuperLube' a teflon and PTFE based lubricant. It was then fitted with the Rowan Astronomy belt drive kit and meticulously rebuilt and adjusted. Needless to say it runs almost silently and extremely smoothly with hardly any periodic error. It is complete with tripod and eyepiece tray and power lead etc. It has been fitted with the upgraded adjustment bolts. There are extra counterweights with it that are not shown in the photos. There is also an extension for the counterweight bar. I have the original boxes and packaging so it can be posted. Everything is in exceptional condition and I am confident you will not find a better HEQ5/Orion Sirius in the UK. The only reason I am selling it is that I am planning on a very heavy new scope that is beyond the capacity of the HEQ5 so I have bought an AZ-EQ6-GT. A new Orion Sirius is £1200 although the virtually identical HEQ5 is only £775 The bearings cost £94 The upgraded alt bolts were £30 The Rowan Astronomy belt drive kit is £100 Asking £650 for this superb and completely 'sorted' mount Full details are here - on the for Sale page.
  8. Ready for 68mm conduit!
  9. Thinking outside the box- would it matter where the rain sensor was placed? In my experience if it's raining at the bottom of the garden it will be raining at the top too. Yes - but - it wont be raining in my study so the wire still has to come in from outside
  10. Already dug - hence the high heart rate !! The daft thing is - we own a chandlery - I should have used a length of Dyneema which is virtually indestructible but expensive !! That's me trying to save a few quid and ending up doing it twice ! Tried that and snapped the data cable - its seriously jammed up somewhere. The whole 38mm conduit is out now and being replaced with a 67mm conduit (rainwater downpipe) - room for loads of cables !! Live and learn eh ?
  11. Will split !!
  12. Note to self - next time I lay data and power cables in an underground conduit from the house to the observatory I must do two things. 1. Pull two extra mousing lines through. 2. Use something about twice as strong as I could possibly break by pulling. Why ? It would have saved me digging up a 20m trench in very stoney soil (that's only been down 18 months and the grass had just recovered) to recover a broken mousing line that snapped when I was pulling through an extra cable for a rain sensor alarm !! Pictures to follow when my heart rate drops below about 300 bpm - I would make a rubbish navvie !!
  13. OVNO ??
  14. Skywatcher 9x50 guidescope / finderscope with Modern Astronomy adapter to screw your camera onto mounted in ADM type rings - slides into your finderscope bracket or the arm can be removed to screw the baseplate to a dovetail for zero flexure. The Lodestar in the photos is not included! Bargain at £100 posted.
  15. Cracked it - just posting the result in case anyone else is having the same issue and looks here for a solution. I can't take credit for this - somebody dropped me a PM suggesting it was flare from nearby Alkaid. Attached is a screen dump from Stellarium and all the stripes point directly to Alkaid and it was quite a cloudy night. Well done that man !!! Thanks everybody for your help in trying to diagnose the issue.