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  1. Eyepieces that have an apparent field of view and focal length that is an below the blue line in this plot can be made as 1.25" eyepieces. It has to do with the field stop. The field stop increases with the focal length, and also with the apparent field of view of the eyepiece. When the field stop becomes too large for a 1.25" barrel, a bigger barrel is needed.
  2. Thanks guys! It was an interesting day on the Sun today.
  3. There's a big black hole there: Sagittarius A*. It's mass is about 4 million solar masses. This diagram from wikipedia show how some of the nearests stars orbit it. Note the inset which shows the size of the orbit of Neptune
  4. Maybe it was sunlight reflecting off a very high orbit satellite?
  5. Thank you Steve! That was an excellent review. These Helios LightQuest binoculars are very interesting! I'll ask my local dealer to read your reviews and maybe get a few of the LightQuests in stock because you've got me very curious about them.
  6. Congrats on that Opticstar for you new mount, Gus! Together they are nice and light, and you'll be able to make good use of that gap in the clouds once it arrives.
  7. Thanks, I too was looking for a FITS viewer.
  8. Wonderful!
  9. Wow. Apart from everything else it is so beautifully processed. Lovely colours!
  10. Congratulations on that image of the day. The picture is excellent. About the CC - yes, it sure looks like one. Congrats!
  11. Hmm... Tops!
  12. Oh dear, you've done it again! Especially Ganymede is a good match. Very convincing that one! The others are mere fabulous.
  13. Can't believe my eyes. That's so good! Thanks!
  14. Nice! The less it gets, the better. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I like this one that iPeace has: Good luck