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    Thank you for visiting my profile. Besides astronomy, I take an interest in photography, skepticism, science, maths, podcasts, radio and cycling. I teach mathematics.
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  1. Ruud

    Alternative to Baader magic fluid?

    The market is just cashing in on the fear we are causing ourselves and each other. The glass and coatings of the eye lens of an eyepieces are very hard. An eye lens a small element that can be coated at high temperatures without much chance of it cracking from heat stress. Consequentially, it can be hard coated. Objective lenses, corrector plates and especially mirrors have coatings that are much more delicate. These are generally not exactly wear resistant. Unless you are very careful, repeated cleaning these surfaces will cause ever more micro scratches in the coating and dull the optics. You may not notice any difference before and after a specific cleaning, but the damage accumulates over time. --- The danger of acetone is not for the glass or for the coating, but for anything around the lens that might dissolve in the acetone and get smeared out over the glass. Paint or plastics will do that. --- I've read, and it made sense to me, that for cleaning optics it is important to use a cleaning fluid that leaves no residue at all after evaporating. No products that contain soapy substances, leave anti-fogging films, films that make surface dirt repellent or make water run off smoothly. For that reason, Windex, or screen cleaners and most products for cleaning glasses are not recommended. The same goes for rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover (mostly acetone) because these contain lotions.
  2. For me bringing my 6SE would be too much stress. I'd bring binoculars. Anyway, first ask @mariosi about the weather there in December. He's from Cyprus. And ask Easy Jet if they won't charge you extra at check-in because of the bulk and weight of the package. You could tape the Styrofoam block that the OTA was originally packed in around the scope to get it there relatively safely, and the tripod, well maybe you could hide it in your trousers. Have a good holiday!
  3. Ruud

    Alternative to Baader magic fluid?

    What also works is 70% (or higher) alcohol, and Televue recommends acetone. I'm not sure though that all brands react equally well to acetone, so I keep that exclusively for the surface of my dielectric diagonal. Here's a nice video of a how a keyboard reacts to acetone
  4. Ruud

    Comet 46P Wirtanen

    Well done, Marios. It's an awesome sketch!
  5. Thanks, Reg. It's a pretty pair!
  6. Ruud

    Heart and Soul with widefield set up

    Martin, it's a magnificent image! I'm all impressed.
  7. Ruud

    1647 in Taurus

    It's a great sketch, Mark. Thanks for drawing our attention to this lovely open cluster. It's been years since I last looked for it. It's time that I pay it another visit. Stellarium calls it the Pirate Moon cluster. Isn't that imaginative?
  8. Make screen shots before you chance any settings (in case you want to go back). You may have higher than 8 bit/channel colours in your monitor and video card, but to start with try set the video card and photoshop to these settings. Without the use of Crtl+Y in photoshop (video proofing) you should see identical colours inside and outside photoshop. Photoshop Edit > Color Settings Video Card ( I have NVIDIA) Use google to find out more about photoshop colour management, consult you monitor's manual about the bit depth per channel. Depending on your monitor, PS version and your video card you may create smoother gradients using a higher bit depth. Also check in the video settings of your video card if it is set to render video using the full dynamic range. Good luck.
  9. Ruud

    Sky at night

    Have you ever tried Stellarium? It's free, it's here: https://stellarium.org There are many ways you can use it for planning observations.
  10. Ruud

    Windows 10...

    Here is a list of published vulnerabilities of Vista. Just check which have come to light after you stopped getting updates. By now, your Vista PC must be leaky as a basket. https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-26/product_id-9591/cvssscoremin-4/cvssscoremax-4.99/Microsoft-Windows-Vista.html It's a big problem when a computer is wide open to hackers and connected to the internet.
  11. Ruud

    Windows 10...

    Support for Windows 7 stops January 2020. That's in 14 months. After that you get no more security updates. If your machine is connected to the internet, it's time to start thinking about migrating to Windows 10.
  12. Ruud

    What to watch on TV when it's cloudy

    Thanks. I've always loved the Sky at Night, even though that I cant watch it without it making me feel that I miss Patrick Moore. It's a great show.
  13. Ruud

    Stellarium 0.90.0.xxxx

    Thanks Alexander, I've downloaded and installed the beta. Looks great so far.
  14. Ruud

    ASI120mc completely blank

    I think you may need hands-on help, like from someone at the Croydon Astronomical Society. Let them have a look at how you go about setting it up. They are here: http://croydonastro.org.uk/meetings.html
  15. Ruud

    Turning Luddite??

    GoTo works, but there's no satisfaction in finding anything. I took my small SCT off it's GoTo mount and put it on a manual alt-az. It immediately became an instrument of discovery. Out with the drudgery of finding twenty targets per hour! I'm back to exploring the universe on my own power.

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