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    Thank you for visiting my profile. Besides astronomy, I take an interest in photography, skepticism, science, maths, podcasts, radio and cycling. I teach mathematics.
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  1. Lovely!
  2. Extraordinary footage - especially the prominence silhouettes on the Sun's edge! Amazing!
  3. Nice! Welcome to the SGL. You made an excellent start.
  4. Terrific images, Charl!
  5. It's amazing! And no doubt a first for the SGL. Congratulations!
  6. Oh, wow, that's good! So wonderfully sharp and with those beautiful rich tones, and of course sporting this mighty strange crater ... full points from the jury in the Netherlands!
  7. Never a dull day on the Moon, and although it is always familiar, it never looks the same. Great work, Avani!
  8. It has enormous presence in this mono exposure. Magnificent!
  9. Hi Taraq, we're very happy to have you in the SGL.
  10. Congratulations Pieter, it's a magnificent image!
  11. Ah, the 30mm was less expensive than that when new. I had no idea. How much was it?
  12. £180 plus post for the 14mm, serious offer for the 30mm. It's probably a good deal for the 14mm, but surely not outrageously cheap?
  13. A flock of birds, starlings maybe? A swarm of mosquitoes? Dirty or fogged optics?
  14. That's very beautiful! The first version is definitely my favourite, with its beautiful, blue gradient.
  15. Very stylish. I like it.