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    Thank you for visiting my profile. Besides astronomy, I take an interest in photography, skepticism, science, maths, podcasts, radio and cycling. I teach mathematics.
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    the Netherlands
  1. Ruud

    Atlas and Hercules

    Atlas and Hercules are high on my list of favourite craters. Thanks for a wonderful sketch!
  2. Ruud

    Mare Crisium

    Wow, may details. Great work Mike!
  3. Excellent image, Avani. I assume the north pole points to the right. If so, the northern hemisphere must really be brighter than the southern. That is pretty obvious from your image. The albedo features in the southern hemisphere seem to be an artefact from the processing because they do not show in your second, less processed version. I would expect to see at least some of these features shine through. Still, if I tonemap your second version to the extreme, I get this which makes it difficult to decide either way. Thanks for the image. It is wonderful as always.
  4. Skywatcher Nirvana 16mm 82° is well within your budget. It is almost Nagler-good and will provide a true fov of slightly under 2.4° at 34x magnification in a 550mm focal length telescope. The exit pupil will be 2.9 mm. Also, it Barlows well. Edit: I see Flo has this eyepiece in the WO UWAN version. It's the same eyepiece, bit looks like it might be a bit more expensive? (Skywatcher Nirvana is around €120)
  5. Ruud

    Copernicus Crater

    Wow, you had the sky clearing up on you and made good use of it. Wonderful sketch. Thanks!
  6. Gorgeous galaxies!
  7. Oh, that is wonderful!
  8. Who doesn't like the Iris nebula? Excellent image!
  9. Difficult to say which version I like better, but if the second had just a few less red stars it would be my favourite for sure. Anyway, both versions are excellent!
  10. Ooh that texture! This nebulosity is beyond compare.
  11. Brian, it is a magnificent image!
  12. What a lovely quaint chart! I had some trouble identifying everything in it, so using Stellarium I went to London in 1869. It looks like the old chart is off by a few hours, and the brightness of the stars is quite arbitrary at times. Delphinus is missing entirely and I couldn't trace the left arm of Hercules even though I think it is there. In order to get a level horizon in the Stellarium screenshot I had to place it halfway the screen, which made a very wide view necessary, so that the screenshot too is distorted. I zipped the full size view: stellarium-000.zip It is a magnitude 5 chart. It may have its flaws, but the 150 years old chart easily beats the Stellarium chart when it comes to charm and beauty.
  13. I get that when I don't have an image open.
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