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    Thank you for visiting my profile. Besides astronomy, I take an interest in photography, skepticism, science, maths, podcasts, radio and cycling. I teach mathematics.
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    the Netherlands
  1. Hi Matteo, just want to say welcome to the SGL. Likely someone will know what's needed for your mount and computer, but I don't.
  2. The second best wide field experience I have is from my Maxvision 34mm 68° (5.14° ifield n 430mm refractor). These's also a 40 mm version. Identical optically are ES 68° and Meade series 5K SWA. Only the ES is available new. With a bit of luck the other two can be found used. I have my very best wide field experience with binoculars: -- 5.5 mm exit pupil with 8x42 (8.1° field) -- 5 mm exit pupil with 4x20 (17° field)
  3. They're actually very similar, so to me both are lovely.
  4. Ruud

    Glorious Mars

    Excellent sketch, Mike. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to the SGL! Like this it looks like you have just the legs. What does the underside of the head look like?
  6. Ruud

    New guy

    Hi Dave, Thanks for joining the forum!
  7. Hail to the República Rio Grandense, to its people and to its birds. Hi Avani, this is a wonderfully detailed image, all the way into the polar regions. There is so much going on around the GRS. To its South, small dark clouds resemble half faded handwriting. It is almost as if a message was written there by that large white spot that joined the GRS. They form a nice pair together. The colours are wonderful and fresh: The bright orange pastels stand out beautifully between the whites and light greys. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi Steven, With the weight of the focuser, a field flattener and a camera, the centre of mass of the Z61 may end up way at the back. You may require a longer dovetail bar. You can then mount the telescope quite a bit to to the front of the bar's centre and so offset the back-heaviness. I have a WO ZS 73. It weighs a lot for its size but it is a perfect little scope. It gives a truly sharp, high contrast image with no trace of CA (visually, I don't use it for photography). I expect the Z61 should be every bit as good. The Z61 would double a small but super spotting scope. I think I want one myself. It is a rich field telescope. Its 360 mm focal length allows for wide fields of view. For detailed observations of planets you'd be better off with a Mak. A five inch Maksutov with around 1900 mm focal length is optimised to deliver high power magnifications of narrow areas of the sky. --- Under £100 I recommend the excellent value 16mm 82° Nirvana. FLO has it for £79 . In the Z61 its true field is almost 3.7° at 23x magnification.
  9. Ruud

    Hello from Lisbon

    Hello Pedro, Thanks for joining
  10. The jury liked it too. They're also round.
  11. It is very round. I love it!
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