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  1. This season brought you a rich harvest. That's for sure!
  2. Wonderful new ventures -- wishing you sunny days!
  3. Smashing! Splendid Saturn. Wonderful.
  4. Ah, an old friend. I remember it well. Thanks!
  5. Definitely two good images by any standard!
  6. A fine series. Thank you for posting!
  7. Great! It's fabulous!
  8. Lovely pics! Thank you.
  9. I think that for your f/4.39 telescope 24mm is better than 32mm. 24mm will have an exit pupil of 24 / 4.39 = 5.5 mm 32mm will have an exit pupil of 32 / 4,39 = 7.3 mm You don't want an exit pupil bigger than your own pupil, so 7.3 mm is just a bit too wide. Also, sky brightness will become pretty obvious with exit pupils much larger than 5 mm. Additionally, a 24 mm 68° wide field and a 32 mm 50° plössl will both show the maximum amount of sky that you can see in a 1.25" focuser. I'm not very fond of zoom eyepieces. Your 3 fixed focal length choices seem quite good to me, except that I prefer just a bit more eye relief than what you get from 82° ES eyepieces. You could also consider William Optics UWAN 82° or their clones.
  10. Wow, it looks brand new! Congratulations!
  11. Hi Matt, welcome to the forum and to our really expensive hobby!
  12. It's a gorgeous image, Avani. Thanks!
  13. Fascinating animations and a gorgeous opening image. Beautiful!
  14. Nearly identical to the ES 68 are the Meade SWA and its identical twin, the Maxvision 68°. I have a 28 mm Maxvision and it is very good at f/5. (Never tried it on anything faster than that.)