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  1. Sharpening the perception

    Alas too late for the quiz, but well in time to express my admiration for this image of the Aristarchus region. It's really very good. Thank you Avani.
  2. insight-astronomy-photographer-year

    I love all of your work, Avani, and I am very happy for you to get rewarded this way. Well done! Many congratulations!
  3. Wonderful! It's so beautiful!
  4. Brandon eye pieces

    Hi Guys, here's what I meant: Brandon eyepieces are a joke. They were well respected seventy years ago, when they were competing with Kellners, but apart from being seriously overpriced they are nothing special by today's standard. Single coated lenses with an outdated coating means poor transmission and the field of view is narrow by necessity due to poor off axis performance of the design, even in slow telescopes. Today we have better glass, better coatings and better designs.
  5. AAPOD²

    Yes, it's a winner. Definitely a winner. Congratulations!
  6. I think it's infinite. Now, if it is infinite in size but finite in age, it was always infinite in size. Because in a finite amount of time things cannot grow from finite to infinite. We don't really know. We may never.
  7. All of them! One is the Nagler T4 17mm. I think I want a wide 17mm with huge eye relief.
  8. It's a magnificent collage, Avani, with some of the best features the Moon has to offer. A great success!
  9. Intriguing! Thanks for sharing.
  10. using a spotting scope

    That is a lovely report, Ian. Great discoveries will come your way!
  11. Did you ever read the allbinos.com endurance test? The nikons weren't bad at all. They came out fifth and sixth of 23. With binoculars things are different though: elements have to turn and slide with respect to one another while remaining water resistant. That puts high demands on the lubricants used. They must neither go sticky in the cold nor start to run in the heat. The endurance test is here: https://www.allbinos.com/18.23-binoculars_review-summary-Endurance_test_of_8x42_binoculars_Final_results_and_summary.html. At the bottom of the page is a link to the individual tests and the ranking of the 23 binoculars. Anyway, it's just an opinion, but I believe that with their purging, first N2 then Ar, ES solved a problem that none of the other major manufacturers' eyepieces had.
  12. My guess would be that the eyepieces will handle -15°C well enough, but that you'll still need to heat them to prevent them from building up a layer of frost from your breath and the water that evaporates from you eye. And of course,don't lick the tripod.
  13. A Magnificent Saturn.

    Amazingly beautiful from any angle. I love it!
  14. daytime Moon Termy mosaic

    What a nice mosaic! It has the lunar lake district in it. On the Moon, the seas and the lakes have the most imaginative names!