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  1. 18Nov Another evening with a big Dob…

    Great report / write up
  2. How strong a patent is really depends on how well the claims are written, and can also depend on what is acknowledged by the examiner in the cited prior art list at the time it is issued. In many cases, it can be possible to alter an aspect of a design and circumvent the claims of a patent. This happens all the time in circuits, systems and algorithms in the electronics industry, for example. Many times companies are in violation of each others patents, but don't sue each other. If the ongoing fees aren't paid over the lifetime of the patent, it lapses. Enforcing a patent can be very very costly! One also has to submit and pay in each country you wish to have protection in - time and money! My understanding is that the Ethos optical arrangement is not patented?
  3. the Trapezium in M42

    Is part of the problem in seeing >F contrast against the background nebulosity, rather than absolute magnitude? I never saw E & F in my 10" tbh, first seeing them in my 15". F ain't easy... Good seeing is important it seems. I must go back and try for them in my 250px...
  4. Sol in Ha - 2017-11-17

    Very cool images This type of forecast is happening all to often - sheeesh!!!:
  5. Sol WL 15-11-17 + close up of new AR

    Nice Can't wait to get a chance to point the scope at it!
  6. Congrats - and the mount looks super
  7. Yup, I defo admit that I feel like I am cheating
  8. +1 for push-to! Yes I derived great satisfaction finding things for myself, but push-to is very convenient indeed I have to admit! Nexus looks coo; I use Argo Navis which is also great. Alignment is a cinch, and remarkably accurate and reliable. Would I like to be able to track at the push of a button? Yes, sometimes - it would be nice for sharing the views. For me though, I'm happy manually tracking: I even have a platform but rarely ever bother with it.
  9. heads up new AR 14-11-17

    Nice one! I've been keeping an eye on this on SOHO, now just need to order that cloud gun from FLO...
  10. 16 " Open Truss Dobsonian Build

    Stunning work I hope you get good weather now to test and enjoy it
  11. Wow, that's some mount (+ scope)! Congrats
  12. Sol 12/11/17

    Very nice sketch Nick! Got a very quick peek at it this morning
  13. Can you guess...

    A wonderfully detailed deep sky atlas for using with the dimmest of red lights because using a screen ruins the oh-so-valuable adaption at a verrrrry dark site. (Have I ever mentioned my love for Interstellarum... )
  14. New Toy - 200P Got an upgrade

    Gorgeous, beautifully crafted focusers - got one on my Lunt 50mm
  15. M82 SN 'light echo' - Amazing

    Class Stu! Thanks for posting I remember viewing that SN in my 10" - very cool to be able to see with your own eyes and a just a few expertly polished pieces of glass