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  1. Just start using it, and get a Telrad very soon No need to be thinking about drilling or cutting anything. Get the cheapest Sky Safari version on your phone if you have one, and set the red nightvision option, with the screen dimmed down as much as it will go! Be careful about ruining dark adaption unlocking a phone - just charge it and set up the screen to not time out. Ideally it is best not to use a screen at all, but it can really really help you getting to know the sky initially, imho. FWIW I never flocked my 250px.
  2. niallk

    Sky-Watcher Skyliner 200p

    Great choice - I got its slightly bigger brother the 250px as my 1st scope and loved it. (pick up a Telrad for it!!!)
  3. niallk

    The gift of excellent transparency

    Fantastic report- sounds like a superb night!
  4. What a beaut of a scope
  5. niallk

    Hell and The Devil in Astronomy?

    The hell of astronomy is the truism that clear skies only occur when the devil's orb (yup, the moon) is high in the sky...
  6. niallk

    Neptune for the 1st Time

    Nice one! it's very cool to see these things with your own eyes
  7. niallk

    New Gravitational Wave detections

    I know - all those points are what I thought too - and I sincerely hope that counter claims are incorrect. I don't wish to derail the thread, sorry.
  8. niallk


    Congrats! Me too - I was chuffed to finally see Neptune with my very own eyes, and to also catch Triton too. Pretty amazing what a couple of mirrors and lenses can do!
  9. niallk

    New Gravitational Wave detections

    I hope so... I've been reading a New Scientist artcle about the analysis raising doubt that any gravitational waves have ever been detected by LIGO/other detectors ... a little bit depressing. I had at first dismissed the headlines as sensationalism especially as there was the simultaneous flash of light detection for one event. I really hope their method for signal detection in noise does hold up to full scrutiny, because it is amazing to be alive when these fundamental breakthrough discoveries in Physics are made.
  10. niallk

    Is andromeda galaxy really naked eye?

    I was taken aback down in the dark skies of West Kerry - M31 was huge naked eye - just amazing
  11. niallk

    Andromeda Galaxy

    It took me 5 nights to find Andromeda for the first time with my 10" dob But wow! My 1st galaxy... I was chuffed!
  12. niallk

    Solar Observing fear

    I looked with my left eye my first time (right dominant)
  13. Nice vid! Gorgeous scopes that look thoughtfully designed - looking forward to your reports
  14. What a beaut! Congrats + enjoy! Btw who made your mirror??

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