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  1. niallk

    Telrad ?

    Congrats on the 12" Dob! I have mine up by the EP on both my dobs. Before I committed to placing it on on my 10", I simply used masking tape to attach it and try out where I was going to ultimately stick it
  2. niallk

    Televue Dioptrx

    I'm 0.5, and since my optician showed me the rather dramatic effect of astig correction when looking at a 5x5 array of black dots on a white background, I've been considering getting a dioptrx! Haven't taken the plunge just yet, but it's only a matter of time I feel if/as my astig worsens as I, erm, age... Will be interested to hear how you get on under the stars.
  3. niallk

    View from the office...

    Drool... Enjoy + clear skies!!
  4. niallk

    TS/GSO 10 inch Dob

    Nice one - Enjoy! The GSO dobs do seem to have a very good reputation. I have a 10" dob too (though it is from Synta) and it has shown me so much - great size
  5. niallk

    Cats Eye Nebula

    Nice one! The Cat's Eye is a great target - I find lots of mag helps eg 330x or more, and I use an O-III too with my 15". On good nights, I start to detect hints ofg some inner detail: two ovals at right angles to each other. This is on the limits of visibility from my back garden- would love to catch it from truly dark skies
  6. niallk

    Telrad ?

    I'm going to bite the bullet and solder a resistor in there one of these days... I'm an electronic engineer with access to all the equipment and components, and for nearly 10 yrs I've just wiped with my finger I do cheat nowadays mostly though, I'm ashamed to admit: Telrad for 2 star alignment of Argo-Navis on my 15" dob, then push-to after that - simples, and no dew problems!
  7. niallk

    Telrad ?

    I've a Telrad for each of my 2 scopes - rate them highly, and would not be without them. They are the most dew prone things known to man, though...
  8. niallk

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    Ha ha, yeah I know, but it aint dark enough! I'm thinking this is going to take a paint based on the apparently endlessly magical properties of carbon nanotubes... Ah sure I'm only kidding (kinda) - I enjoy observing the moon, but hey all the best observing weather seems to always coincide with full moons, and I'm missing a good dose of galaxies & nebs
  9. niallk

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    Just paint the near side super flat matt black.
  10. niallk

    Interstellarium Deep Sky Guide

    Many thanks for the heads up!
  11. niallk

    Lunt LS50 or Solarmax?

    I'd recommend factoring the cost of double stacking. It rocks. FWIW I went for a LS50DS, and I love it. Fully agree re the focusser, for me the dual speed Moonlight is a transformative upgrade over the stock helical focusser. If I had enough money, an LS60DS with a binoviewer would be my wish Looked through one once: it was jaw droppingly good!
  12. Can't comment on the focus range you need. However, I got one for my 250px and it was a great purchase! Highly recommended. So nice to simply flick between filters - for me I used it for O-III, UHC, and no filter on DSOs. I had my neutral density for lunar in another slot, plus a single green filter. FWIW, I had no focussing issues with my EPs- Pan24mm, N13T6, N7T6, plus PMx2.5. Best of luck, -Niall
  13. niallk

    Aperture Fever.

    Why, what's wrong with their optics?
  14. niallk

    I made a mistake !

    Yeah, I'm pretty amazed that I get away with it Especially as she has absolutely zero interest in looking though it... The Sumerian Alkaid design is very clever - so neat!!
  15. niallk

    I made a mistake !

    My first scope was my 250px - loved it. Now its place is taken by my 15" - kept in the bedroom, and tolerated by my wife

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