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  1. Sol HA,WL, proms. ar2706. 21-4-18

    A wonderful set of images
  2. AR2706 Artistic close up 21-4-18

  3. My 10" dob gives pretty great planetary views, quick to set up, cools pretty fast - I give it 40mins or so for high power use. The 250px has a surprisingly thick mirror! But not only that: perhaps the OP would find value in the versatility of also really getting into DSOs (galaxies, globs, planetary nebulae, etc), and also being great for comets, binaries etc? Especially as the planets are pretty low for the next few years. Add some cheap Baader film, and you can enjoy sunspot detail in white light. Even the moon will be incredible, when its around and ruining DSO fun, but you need your telescope fix A 10" dob is a great all rounder imho, and takes only a couple of mins to set up and put away.
  4. Love Ha

    The AR is looking great this evening: clouds cleared and got a last look before herding the kids to bed - a wealth of detail on show in my Lunt50DS with a 15mm plossl pluz 1.5x barlow. Couldnt resist a photo, but nothing compared to delicious fine detail visible at the EP:
  5. AR2706 Today, 21-4-18

    Yes it's great this morning: gorgeous day in Cork - fascinating detail, and I too had the impression of it evolving in front of my eyes Going to get out for another look shortly!
  6. Astrobaby?

    I remember she posted a planetary report, and someone suggested that she might need to collimate... there was a funny reaction Astrobaby's wonderful guide is what sorted me out - very grateful
  7. Heads up New AR2706 20-4-18

    Great stuff! Got a look at them today DS - very nice to see a bit of activity
  8. Sol 18-4-2018 Ha

    Superb as always - love them. I hope to get to see some of this action with my own eyes tomorrow
  9. Observing Report from Baltimore environs, SW Cork

    Afraid not Magnus! It is quite depressing how much cloud there has been. I really look fwd to just getting a chance to use my dob again!! I've gotten into Ha in the last 6 months, and it is killing me that there is a bit of an active region for the last few days in the midst of this solar minimum, and I havent even had a glimpse. I'm hoping to attend the Skellig star party in mid August if you'll be there? I'll be the one with a big green tent, a 15" dob, and three noisy kids
  10. 10" dob

    Congrats x2
  11. Lukehurst 14" dob

    What a beaut! Congrats Clear skies & happy observing
  12. Sol 14-4-2018 Ha

    Beautiful! Solid cloud here since the AR appeared and the forecast is dire!
  13. Yes conditions can change wildly from night to night: sometimes you see breathtaking detail on Jupiter, many times it can be mush! I've struggled too on Jupiter this year. Astrobaby's guide + Cheshire is the business: and like JOC said - when you figure out how the secondary and primary mechanically adjust - it starts to all make sense for tweaking collimation. The secondary is tricky - and may take some iterations with the primary. The hex bolts are a PITA. However, I found that once aligned, my scope held collimation ridiculously well. Collimation does affect the ability to precisely focus at high powers. I also found the 2 speed upgrade to the focuser enormously helpful: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2625_1-10-micro-transmission-for-retrofitment-of-Crayford-focusers.html I would rank it the 2nd most important accessory for the scope, the 1st being a Telrad The 3rd was my 13mm 82° EP.
  14. 20" truss dobsonian

    Sorry to see you selling your 20" - that's a beautifully crafted scope. Someone would be getting a great bargain there if they pounce...