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  1. Hi, I use a TS cheaper equivalent to the Lunt zoom in my LS50DS. I also use a 15mm TV plossl, and I have an cheapo TS barlo lens I can screw on for an additional ~1.5x. Works really well, but these days I use the zoom for convenience. It's good across most of its range, but not at max zoom / 7mm setting. I have also used my Pan24 + 2.5x PM for great views. My N7T6 kidney beans. I have 1.25" 6/8/10 Ethos but no advantage and more weight. The plossl is the best imho!
  2. I run my mirror under a shower head to clean it. Any loose dust is sloughed off. I do then barely rub the surface with washing up liquid covered fingers... under constantly running tepid warm water. Seems ok; lots of folk do it? Yup SiO2 overcoat on mine too.
  3. Good point Don If I do take the plunge, I'll look at knocking together a little dew heater circuit, along the lines of what Astrocrumb offer as an extra. I used the filter wheel in my 10" when I had it, and found that the convenience of flicking between [no filter / O-III / UHC / neutral density (eg moon) / and i just stuck a green colored filter in the last slot] was really great - really conducive for experimentation at high power on nebs without accidentally losing the target having to screw on/off I kinda miss this ease of use on my 15", where I don't have enough focus travel to a
  4. Lovely setup! Was just looking in Ha and lovely detail on view - hadn't been out for a while, so good for the soul to grab a few mins!!
  5. Just after looking in Ha with my LS50DS - some lovely detail on show this morning in this area with the little pair of sunspots.
  6. My O-III and UHC 2" filters are in my EP case and I keep my 1.25" filters in a cheap but wonderful filter wheel: One of these days I'd like a 2" Astrocrumb filter slide for my 15" dob.
  7. Welcome @Bhrigu! I can't speak to that scope, but I'm sure it'll deliver wonder and delight to you. Yup, there's a learning curve getting into astronomy - but a very enjoyable and rewarding one. Sure, there'll be some frustrating moments, but outweighed by magical ones! I too had no one around, but SGL is an outstandingly friendly community & a rich resource. When I got my first scope, the first thing I did was pointed it at the moon, and had my first wow moment You're going to have Orion and M42 high in the sky, so another great target. The book 'Turn Left At Orion'
  8. The Cat's Eye is another good one for bluey green colour. I had a funny experience with my old 10" dob: I used to have a 15mm 70° super wide field cheap EP from TS. M42 was always shades of grey. Then I purchased a TV N13T6 - wow 1st night M42 was strongly green - and always since. Only once have I seen pink in M42 in my 15".
  9. Yup, some carefully shaped and aligned glass and we get transported from the everyday to the extraordinary mysteries of the universe within which we live. A few hundred yrs ago none of this was even known about. You gotta just luv what a scope can do, it's truly magical really Nice image - some lovely details visible!
  10. As Faulksy says, no substitute for dark transparant skies! I had a 10", and took a punt on an Astronomik O-III filter for nebulae, after reading Dave Knisely's survey. I was bowled over on the Veil, and many other planetary nebs. It will make nebs pop, increasing the contrast by selecting the narrow emission band, and attenuating most other wavelengths. I later purchased a UHC, but I'd recommend the O-III if you were to pick one/ or a first choice to purchase. I observe from Bortle ~4 skies, and if you have sodium street lamps, then yes filters should help from your skies. Honest
  11. Nice one Mike - say, that's a nice looking scope Holy moly: red in M82?!!! Man that's seriously impressive to hear. Great to hear you're back in business with that wonderful scope you crafted with your new 21E and secondary.
  12. The rubbers perished on my 250px focusser... though it took probably 8 years. Yes I was disappointed, but really no big deal really. The 250px was the best astro purchase I've ever made: it has been excellent imho. Thin flexible rubber can tend to perish, and it shouldn't within a year, don't get me wrong. Ask for replacements. But don't let it colour your enjoyment of the scope, it's easily replaced. It was the only thing that went wrong with my scope, and the mirror coatings look as new 10+ yrs on. No problems with the particle board mount whatsoever, nor wear on the beari
  13. Sounds like an interesting documentary on Spirit. I watched live as the signal from Cassini was lost, and it was quite emotional!
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