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  1. I bought a 250px as a first scope (€550) - and added a TS plossl kit (~€150). The scope was money well spent. The eyepiece kit, not so! I then took the plunge after 1.5yr and purchased a TeleVue 13mm T6 Nagler (€350) - more that half the cost of the scope! But WOW... much better than the €150 kit. To me, it was definitely worth it - first light on M42 was memorable, seeing strong green colour for the first time (and every time since with that EP). The wide angle views - gorgeous. Nearly 8yrs later, that EP is still used, and cherished. Buy quality once and it lasts... nowadays there are many less expensive excellent wide angle EPs going by other people's reports that cost less.
  2. Wow, love the Ca-K !!
  3. niallk

    AR2713/14 AR2715 21-6-18

    Beautiful Charl! - stunning Just in from a quick peep meself: full disc of course for me rather than the amazing zoomed views you get, but gorgeous variety of details to be seen
  4. I don't in my 250px - but usually give it 45+ mins for cooling, sometimes longer. They are thick enough mirrors in the 250px! I do always use a rear fan to initially help cool my 15" (2" thick). In fact, I'm planning to make a bracket to allow a front fan as well - just for initial cool down, not while observing. When it is cooled, it gives what I think are pretty nice views on planets, for example. I'm not really a double star observer. Its main job is for glaxies & planetary nebs Hoping to attend a star party in August In deepest darkest Kerry - might get to sample a frac there!
  5. Say it aint sooo....!!! I'll have to look through a frac someday Seeing + cooling does need to be good for a big mirror to deliver its best.
  6. Might be of interest if you haven't seen it I've reservations about aluminium & rivets!
  7. Another wooden scope that I expect to last decades with a ~yearly wax polish: Stability, balance and how a scope moves will strongly influence your pleasure at the EP, imho. How convenient it is to set up/take down/collimate is key to usage.
  8. 3: 10" dob (1st scope = best money spent) 15" dob - portable aperture for DSOs - luv it, worthwhile step up from the 10"! Lunt 50mm DS: specialized for Ha solar
  9. niallk

    Superb Jupiter!

    Sounds great Piero! Nice report I haven't caught a good night with Jupiter yet this year... running out of time!
  10. niallk

    How do amateur astronomers make money?

    I wish it was just hundreds of bucks...!
  11. niallk

    The Sun in Ha, 17 June 2018

    Nice one! Stealing the odd glimpse between cloud banks here - that AR is quite stunning visually with my LS50DS.
  12. @rorymultistorey luv the vids!!
  13. Came across this review: https://yporti.blog/2018/01/13/review-binoviewer-els/ (I used Google translate...)
  14. niallk

    First Light With the 12 inch Dobsonian.

    Nice report! Enjoy all that aperture

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