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  1. Aperture Fever Strikes!

    Looks class! Congrats
  2. M1 Tonight

    Nice one! I find detaiil can be highly variable detail with conditions. Cool to read all the history behind it, the pulsar and see the amazing vids of its expansion over the years
  3. Sol WL,HA Proms 12-2-18

    Stunning as always Im abroad with work, and clear blue sunny skies here: but I've no scope. Tis killin me: Ive been waiting for an AR to appear, and now I'm out of the country for 10 days!!!
  4. What difference a day makes A/R2699

  5. Dawn

    Just auto on my samsung phone There were quite a few people with tripods and big lenses taking shots on the piers.
  6. Dawn

    The crescent moon and Saturn just looked beautiful this morning - taken in San Francisco: couldn't sleep for hours so went for a run! Saturn is at least one whole pixel to the lower right of the moon: didn't dare post in the " Imaging - Planetary" section! Seems like a reasonable altitude compared to back home in Ireland: wish I had my scope with me! Jupiter and Mars also visible, beautifully strung out in a line with Saturn. Stunning just plain naked eye
  7. AR2699-06-02-18

    Nice one! Caught it visually today - real nice to see an AR on the disc
  8. I think I have the GSO one - if so the one I have is 70° afov. It was my fave ep out of an ill advised purchase of a case + plossl set + coloured filters. The fov was a delight compared to the plossls in my manual 10" dob, and comfortable to use; barlowed well. After a year or so I purchased a 13mm T6 Nagler. Wow. M42 appeared green for 1st time ever in my first light, and has done every use since. 82° of sharp, lightweight heaven 6 or 7x the price though, of course!
  9. Oh thing of beauty

    Man that is a sweet dob at a cracking price! If I lived in England and could easily take a drive to view, I could be very tempted! No one else will chase your dreams for you...
  10. headup new AR 5-2-18 pic added

    Thanks a mil for the heads up Charl great to see a decent sunspot again!!! Will chuck the gear in the car and sneak out from work tomorrow: yr.no says there is good hope for some sunny spells
  11. Heads up for those with PBS

    PBS do some great stuff
  12. skellig star party

    Hi Ger, It's well worth going to, and Ballinskelligs is a spectacularly beautiful part of the world - especially when the weather is good, with a gorgeous beach. I plan to attend this year again, and camp with the family in the grounds of the Skellig Lodge. I really like the opportunity to see all the other types of equipment and see the imagers at work. I even got to have a few looks through a 20" Obsession dob last year thanks to the sound owner The skies are amazing down there if the weather plays ball, and a nice friendly gang of people. If the weather aint so good, there's Cable O'Leary's pub for pints and grub. Hth, -Niall
  13. Recent-er Jove...

    Stunning - wow!
  14. Proms 3-2-18

    Nice shots! Got a brief session visually - some nice proms, and some detailed features on the disc - small AR, a very well defined delicate filament, and some lighter plage spots. It has been a while for me, so good for the soul to get a chance to use my setup again before the cloud rolled in again!