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  1. And @Piero you've done an amazing job on your new scope too!
  2. Jayz for a second I thought you were building another dob Great craftsmanship, beaut of a scope!
  3. I got into astronomy because there were darkish skies from my back garden... no more. I now must travel for DSOs... Maybe rose tinted glasses, but the weather / cloud cover seemed much better when I first got my 10" dob!
  4. M81 was one of the first targets on my 1st night with my 15" dob of few yrs back. That was when local LP conditions still allowed me to view from my back garden. I muttered a wow! out loud as M81 appeared so huge compared to M82... it must have been a very nicely transparent night as I was picking up those sweeping outer arms. Absolutely gorgeous sight. It's amazing the difference when you get such a dark transparent night: it's only when they come along that I realise just how much transparency is usually noticeably less where I am, and LP diffusely scatters more. It sure is all
  5. Over on the other forum which shan't be named, there's always a recommendation to give TV a call, and people often seem to have the privilege of chatting to Al Nagler himself. Could even be worth an email - they might be able to give valuable advice. I once looked through a TV binovue at a solar party - exquisite bit of kit
  6. Ha ha - feels like it much of the time! But when you get a clear night down there in West Cork / Kerry ... man the sky is incredible Forget 6" frac vs 12" dob: mk1 eyeball gives memorable views!
  7. I wash mine ~ once per year, but if it needed it - eg something unidentified splatted on it, I'd wash if required. I too use finger tips. I was very nervous to do it the first time, but quickly discovered it's not so big a deal. Just have everything prepared, remove any wedding ring and take your time I hope to get my scope under bortle 2 skies in August, so I'll wash it ahead of that trip to the Kerry Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserve to get the best out of it
  8. Great - I really like his programmes - they are very well made imho.
  9. I keep a 15" dob ... assembled ... in our bedroom!
  10. yes, I'm not cooling a 2" mirror for 2-3 hrs looking for 1/100 ~ perfection! That sentence of course omitted the all important word 'thick'...
  11. I just can't do it!! I've thought about it, but am too much of a wuss at the moment It's certainly a low cost feature which would be a welcome addition on Obsession Classics... along with a thinner mirror. What I do is plan during the day if the skies are looking clear & the jetstream forecast looks good, and take a few mins to throw the scope outside and then get on with dinner / kids homework/ getting them to bed. So, the cool down time is just something I work around, without it being a major problem. The 2" mirror does need time to cool though, and the views show it o
  12. I'm thinking small fans, on bendable metal brackets in the 4 corners angled downwards on to the front of the mirror. I won't attempt to achieve "laminar flow"... just keeping the air moving to aid cool down. With a speed control, I could possibly leave on while observing. Otherwise, I'm thinking to just have a bigger fan on frame I can just place over the front of the mirror box during cool down, removing when observing.
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