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  1. I have the 17-10-6 progression as my base in a 15" f/4.5. I did indulge in a 31T5, which is a nice step up from a 17mm, but a little less from a 21E. It does get use but the 17E does gets more. I also slipped in an 8 - again, a bit indulgent!! Perhaps the money would be better spent on something else- eg do you have a 2" O-III?
  2. You only need the clamps to stop the mirror from falling out ... there's no clamping action at all I had a 250px and man those clips were tightened down - difficult to remove. On my 15", the mirror hangs in a sling, and there are 3 prongs which are about a centimeter clear of the mirror to catch as a fail safe. I think the only risk is if you transport the tube on its side or turn it upside down. there should be no contact at all. I doubt that the glass is permanently deformed - fingers crossed. Can you loosen them to a point where the mirror is free to move just a little?
  3. Rather than exit pupil, I have always thought about it as at the same image scale, larger aperture => brighter image on extended objects. Hence good for O-III. Or, one can choose to magnify further before dimming below the image achievable in a lower aperture. Please let me know if I've misunderstood! Globs are amazing in larger aperture - each star being a point source.
  4. Just took a peep- well worth a look Nice active region with lovely detail too. From GONG - though it's always better in the EP :
  5. I found Baader Maxbrights very good on planets in my 10" dob. I used a lovely pair of 15mm tv plossls and a 2.6x GPC. Really great step up from mono, imho. Excellent on the moon too. I personally recommend experimenting. I observe planets mono with my 15".... but not by choice - focus issues with my binov gear Anyhoo its main job is DSOs, but its mono planets have delivered best ever views on Jupiter, Saturn, Mars. I once observed the sun in Ha during a nicely active phase in a LS60DS with a TV binovue.... unbelievably exquisite! I observe mono in my LS50DS, but those bino views are burned into my memory
  6. I've Astronomik filters - 4 of them. They deliver good views - imho I must get a 2" filter slide - my uhc might see more use. I had a 1.25" filter wheel for my 10" and it really unlocked the use of filters due to pure convenience.
  7. Sounds great! You are going to have fun with that lovely instrument
  8. That's a beaut! Very nice indeed. Congrats + enjoy
  9. Ah you'd only be wondering what that extra inch would do for you
  10. I was going to purchase an 8" Orion dob, and Wolfi at TS helpfully pointed out the SW250px for about the same money. I'm so glad that I went for the extra aperture - I wanted a versatile all rounder, with good capability for DSOs. It showed me loads!!
  11. I had a Skywatcher 250px - it is a great scope!! I think the best money I've spent on astro has been that scope. I would also consider the Bresser 10" dob with the large diameter alt bearings and tube rings. I've never seen one in person, but they look the job. The large diameter bearings on my 15" really aid smooth movement and balance - this really positively impacts the viewing experience at the EP. Best of luck! -Niall
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