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  1. Live rocket launch

    and it's off the launchpad...
  2. Live rocket launch

    2 mins...
  3. Live rocket launch

    Well I found it informative.. didn't realise it was the last one launched from the west coast either.. thanks..
  4. Once bitten twice shy

    Yours does sounds as if its tighter than usual then. I havn't been at the point of extreme force to adjust my NEQ6 or HEQ5 & I wouldn't force them either. The other reason we have "put up" with them is the fact there wasn't anything else available at this price point that does the job as well as they do.. certainly not for AP. Next one up is the EQ8 which is fine in this regard.. after that its 5k Plus really.
  5. Once bitten twice shy

    It is sad to see yet another thread on this age old bendy bolts issue. I refrained from changing out to harder bolts on any of my mounts as I’ve seen too many stripped thread & even cracked mount “Threads” on here. As said before if you want to adjust fully loaded then loosen off both bolts and grab the shaft & scope & ease to general position. Then adjusting both bolts at same time tweak gently. It is a good idea to loosen the bolts right off, grab the unloaded head & move up & down to make sure it feels smooth & you have no binding elsewhere first of all. At my altitude the lower bolt is up against the polar scope so a right finger jamming pain. Also the top bolt can jam against the counter weight lock screws if they are in the centre & not checked for clearance as the arm swings past!
  6. Quadruplet - Flat Field

    The too close or too far away example half way down in this post is always a good reference..
  7. Live rocket launch

    Its still a buzz to watch.. not as grand as the Saturn V when I was a kid but I never get tired of thinking what went behind it for those few minutes into space.. enjoyed that.. thx..
  8. Live rocket launch

    Haha.. the wife just came in & said.. "oh got my wrong specs on.. just pause it"....
  9. Live rocket launch

    .. 3rd Hendricks & Tonic here..
  10. Live rocket launch

    See if they get past T minus 4 this time
  11. M42

    ..Crikey.. Nice one!
  12. Quadruplet - Flat Field

    I've been tweaking a new Camera/scope setup. I've got CCDI but found the Pixinsight abberation inspector / spotter scripts useful. You probably need a more dense star field to be sure but they look pretty good. Id get a few images going... when the clouds head off AA70Q_Atik_1_corners_AbberationInspector.fit AA70Q_Atik_1_corners_AbberationSpotter.fit
  13. Using the PoleMaster - part ll

    Yeah its all coming back to me now.. I read through Steve's version of the manual when I first got mine. Section 5. Calculate the rotation centre might be worth checking. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/user/manuals/polemaster_user_manual_english_UK_northern_hemisphere.pdf
  14. Live rocket launch

    You're not missing anything... scrubbed for 24 hrs..
  15. Live rocket launch

    Ah cool...thanks. Looks like its set for 16:59 pst (00:59) now.. That app only seems to show up as available on the phone. Don't show up as available on ipad in store