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  1. Interesting... I haven’t updated mine in years “if it ain’t broke “. So, just back to USB for a sec. The quality of usb Components seems to vary considerably. I went through a few hubs & cable setups before I got things settled. Also using active and powered. I’m not sure powered are all equal and actively disconnect the feed from the computer port rather than just boost it. I know mine isolates it so I can remotely switch the 12v supply to the hub to simulate an unplug/plug of the usb. Works a treat. I think the Altair Pegasus powerbox can do this at a port level too. Be interesting to know if this SX update fixes your issue. For any remote setup the ability to simulate a plug/unplug is a must really otherwise you end up having to reboot/restart everything & bite nails hoping it comes back online!
  2. I had this randomly a few years ago with mine. I installed startech industrial usb hubs in the obsy and configured them to supply power to the usb bus rather than use the supply from the computer USB port. Computer ports can vary in their ability to supply enough power to all attached devices.
  3. It does feel like it gets harder and harder every year. I realised a while ago that the only way for me was to automate the obsy. Not cheap but it’s the only way to grab a few subs here and there. In the uk with our constantly changing weather it’s surprising how many gaps there can be between going to bed with thick cloud and waking up to thick clouds.
  4. Bit more tweaking on the fishing Elephant
  5. Hi Been a while since I posted an image here. Life's had a few spanners thrown in the works last few years but now I'm (hopefully) committed to this imaging season. Feels like it's been so long, trying to remember how to process. This is a quick preprocess in Pixinsight.. lights, flats.. no bias/darks, a play in Startools and a quick finish back in PI. RC8, 314L+, Astrodon 5nm Ha
  6. Yup, customer care is the key factor. I’ll exhaust all avenues & make compromises to be able to deal with my trusted retailers. It’s a symbiotic relationship after all in these niche markets. Always pays to do a bit of research and ultimately you should be prepared for worst case scenario of writing it off if you still want to go down the unknown retailer/new kit route! The old “Workman and his tools” saying is so true.. some who seem they could produce an APOD out of just about anything! Not me for sure... I seem to need more investment in my processing skills than my equipment. So, back to the scope in question. I’ve not found many images taken with it. Only really by one person in Canada’s link on CN to Astrobin & I tracked down their flicker Account for some more. They all look good (his other photography is well worth checking) but it’s only the one scope so no chance to compare consistency. Anyway, I may have tracked down an Esprit this side of Xmas fingers crossed
  7. Just when I thought I'd give my 8"RC a rest from it's 5 year tour of duty & go for an Esprit 150 they go and do this!.. That 10" looks sooo tempting! I've been very pleased (well its been on the mount on auto for 5 years!) with my 8" carbon Altair version. My only concern would be the focusser. Hard to tell from the pics, but they do have the same look. Hopefully these ones are all metal. Mine (Altair) wasn't very good at holding a FW OAG and a 314L+.. it eventually split as the bottom piece was partly plastic. The nice folk at FLO got me a Moonlite & motor which I totally recommend. Looks like the size needs updating for the 10" as its saying 2" at the top 3.25" at bottom.. another typo there FLO. Any option to have these bench check'd & tested?
  8. ... nooo.. this brings back memories.. I practically wasted a whole season trying to use mine for imaging years ago. I could never get it in.. I tried all sorts.. bobs knobs.. even got an advanced CT laser.. CCD inspector. Anyway gave up & got the RC.. around the time you did the Vids for yours!.. night & day!. So, I left it for a year or 2 & one night spur of the moment decided to do some observing to show friends.. well I amazed my self.. must have been well under 10 mins on a star with an eyepiece!
  9. Yes the HEQ5 is a nice mount.. had one for years. I find my NEQ6 too heavy now to cart about. Of course it does depend what you are putting on the mount that will need to be considered with load capacity. The HEQ5 is recommended max 11kg for imaging.
  10. Thanks.. it's consistency of quality I'm fussy about.. (had a few WO scopes some were great, some fell to bits!) I want a frac that I can just put on the mount that works and stays that way. The dual ED intrigued me but I don't want to mess about with something that turns up needing adjustment. Otherwise I wouldn't be thinking of taking the RC of the mount after it's 5 year tour of duty! Cooling, ie. air spaced or oil spaced I don't think bothers me as it will live in the obsy. There doesn't seem to be many images about & as far as I can tell this was announced in 2018. The Esprit 150 is proven.. my 2 80's I love.. guess it's why there's none in the shops But this sounds quite tempting with the lure of f4.8 with reducer & a decent image circle if I sell a kidney for a full frame
  11. Hi Just wondering if there's any experience here of these scopes? I had my eye on an Esprit 150 but looking at everyones stocks it seems I've (literally) missed the boat on probably getting hold of one this year. So far I've seen one thread on here when they were announced & a few threads on Cloudy Nights. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p11814_TS-Optics-Photoline-140-mm-f-6-5-Super-Triplet-Apo-with-2-ED-elements.html
  12. Oh Brilliant.. didn't know about this.. thanks for the heads up. I'm just getting back into processing again having been fighting with life's "distraction techniques" for the last couple of years or so.. . I updated to the latest Pixinsight the other day and stared blankly at it trying to remember the name of the STF tool ... so you can see how much I've forgotten!! Last physical book I got was Lessons from the Masters and while I do love the smell & feel of a good book I simply have no more room to pile them up.. as my Wife reminds me every time she knocks into one of the piles as she navigates her way into my study.. so digital version ordered & multiple large screens it has to be.
  13. Registar is really good at what it does but for me once I’d got into Pixinsight I found I didn’t need to use it. That’s some 7 or 8 years ago since I last used it but I’ve not been mixing scopes for a while. I used it when I had a dual & triple shooter going between 60 & 80mm so not too wild and Pixinsight handled it fine. I hear Astro Pixel Processor is also good at this. I guess it depends on how much difference you’ll have between scopes & if mosaics are involved. Registar does one thing and very well whereas Pixinsight is a pretty big toolbox that will do everything start to finish. After 7/8 years I’ve only scratched the surface really. They are all different in workflow & interface & I’ve been evaluating APP recently (But not for mixed registration) but it’s actually sent me back digging deeper into Pixinsight.. which I wasn’t expecting .. maybe I’m just getting too old to learn yet another workflow interface Most of these have trials I think so worth seeing how they suit you.
  14. Is it registar? https://aurigaimaging.com I haven’t used it for ages as pixinsight works for me On the Mac but it does a great job
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