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  1. Very nicely done, and good to see your still using the 102 skymax
  2. So my good lady has developed an interest in bird watching, i had a shocking pair of travel 10x21 folding bins i let her use, just to see if the interest grew....it did, so i have bought her a new set of better bins from ebay, that will also get some use in astro. I took a chance and got a new set of 10x42, small binoculars from ebay new and less than £21 posted..............I have to say i am mega impressed with the quality of the item and more so the super quality of the image they give, better than my old Bresser 10x50`s
  3. So i got lucky and bought a used Evostar 90mm from a very nice guy on here....cheers Ant I bought it mainly for full Luna disk imaging with 1000D, when it arrived lots of cloud for weeks, but did manage a sneaky visual session other day with near half moon, very sharp image but i had forgot about "frac wobble" after using a Maksutov for so long, but very nice scope and nice dual speed crayford, i can see this getting a lot of use come the darker nights, still keeping the mak though
  4. Somethings never change, i buy a nice used refractor and still waiting to use it

    1. Knighty2112


      Yep, we’ve all been there mate! 

  5. Thanks Trevor, still getting back up to speed with this after a long break
  6. very nice detail great images
  7. Very nice image, taking a good single frame does take some work and practise to get it right
  8. Just a quick single frame Skymax 127 and canon 1000D at prime focus 1/100th speed and a tiny touch on wavelets in registax
  9. I may be interested in picking up a 90mm Evostar OTA if you have one let me know and we can see if we have a deal
  10. Hi guys an gals, i have just returned from a camping holiday at this wonderful place Usha Gap campsite, i have had a small star party here before but i still want to push this site for astro, BTW i have no link and gain nothing from this, just highlighting a stunning place for astro, the site owner works with campaign for dark skies, and since last star party they have dealt with lights on the barn that may of caused a slight issue it is well worth a visit only drawback they still have not managed to get EHU put in https://ushagap.co.uk/
  11. some years back i had the Helios branded ST150, and it was a very nice scope, i gave it a carbon vinyl wrap and dual speed crayford focusser and a big 9x50 finder, good scope
  12. Very best wishes to Martin and his family, enjoy a long and happy retirement
  13. nice image charl, i need to get some practise in after my last bodge
  14. might be interested in this, will get back to you on it
  15. Managed to get out for a short Luna session last night, but the battery on the canon 1000D was in the red, no time to charge it, so a race before it shut down, so basically i goofed up and got a pretty bad image, no big deal always next time, i also did a little observing and really enjoyed the view using antares 40mm plossl with the 127 maksutov
  16. stunning vintage scope, still waiting for your Luna reports on this, i just know it will be good
  17. Ron, hope you make a speedy recovery, keep your chin up mate, and the best xmas you can
  18. I guessed Tal would get mentioned in this interesting thread, and its such a shame that the 100RS is no longer for sale in the UK, it was an iconic scope that packed a punch well above its weight and always seemed to deliver sharp contrasty views
  19. I have the open view but will it be clear, not likely here in queensbury, but if it is then scope will be out
  20. Not really used pickup point before but local post office and there is a hermes shop, i think local pharmacy does DPD, but printing a label may be an issue, please look into it though
  21. Welcome back, i dont visit so often these days, not like i used to, glad your back
  22. Richard if you want to get a courier quote based on 14kg to allow for packaging let me know and i can see if i can source suitable way to pack it, thinking about it, with weight bar unscrewed its not a large box
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