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  1. thanks Dave, i carnt remember the last time i was out in the garden mate . its a nice day here but nothing happening on sol i had clear first thing but could not see a prom or bright bit anywhere "darn sun being lazy eh". charl.
  2. im board so put together a AR2738 line up for something to do, its a hard old life isnt it . all taken with starwave 102 f11, quark chromosphere, asi120mc. ta for looking. clear skys. charl.
  3. same here had a qwick look couldnt spot anything at high mag to image. great set David, sols gone abit quiet again mate. charl.
  4. thanks Paul, im sure we get some action soon mate, sols had to have a little rest after the activity of the past weeks, its getting on a bit . clear skys. mate
  5. its the speed of dark im worried about ie its too light at night sorry i couldnt help myself. charl.
  6. thanks Pete, yes very quiet mate, last week was teaming with activity we was spoilt. clear skys. charl.
  7. a qwick prom today, not a lot happening today, there are other small proms but the cloud stopped me before I could catch them,seeing is soso. kit 120mm f5, quark, asi120mc. wishing you all clear. thanks for looking. charl.
  8. i had a boat about 15 years ago and after not visiting it for a few months i opened the cabin to see a wasps nest the size of a melon hanging in the middle of the roof, what i did was return at night with a old thick plastic bag and put around the nest and tied the top then cut the bit of the nest which was holding it to the roof and took it to the nearist wood and took the string off so the wasps didnt die because wasps are very important to the eco system. charl.
  9. great shots David, nothing happening here with the weather. well done. charl.
  10. thanks David, clear skys mate. charl.
  11. thanks Dave, hope you have better sky today, clouded out here. charl.
  12. great shot Ewan, darn weather this year has been evil mate. charl.
  13. great shots David, the seeing here was chalaning like yours, i think the jetstreams drifted back again. you did good mate some nice detail in the spot. charl.
  14. thanks MG, hope you have good weather downunder mate. charl.
  15. thanks pi_co100, clear skys mate. charl.
  16. thanks Wouter, hope you have clear mate. charl.
  17. thanks Hughsie, your so kind mate. clear skys. charl.
  18. thanks Chris, lashing of photoshop and topaz brought the surface up well. clear skys. charl.
  19. great animation Chris, i havnt done one in ages with the darn weather. well done. charl. ps i use Pippand tidy in photoshop
  20. great shots mate, loads of lovely detail caught. well done. charl.
  21. seeings ruff today so used the 120mm f5 scope and reducer to make any sence of the seeing. only the one prom caught there are other small proms but thay was a waste of time with the seeing. wishing you all clear with better seeing than me. thanks for looking. charl. AR2741. AR2741 SUPER WIDE. Prom upper offgoing limb.
  22. great shot Swoop, theres something about light moons, i seam to be drawn to them, now for close ups i like a nice dark one but there nothing like a whole moon against the blue. well done . charl.
  23. Darn i carnt help myself ! stunning moon tonight with cracking seeing. too good to miss if you have chance.,heres a few shots i felt i had to catch. kit starwave 102, 1200d whats still trying to electroshock me. thanks for looking . clear skys. charl. wide. large mono. large colour. closer 1 closer 2 closer 3.
  24. great shots Dave, battling cloud here today but got a few vids. well done. charl.
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