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  1. great shots Mate, i sleeped in and missed it, its outa range by 9.30 am for me. thanks for the view. charl.
  2. great shots Mate, todays the first day ive had free in a while and wall to wall cloud. thanks for the view. charl
  3. you need a high core count like 8cores 16 threads or at least 6c 12t but saying that im still using a msi gp72mvr Leopard Pro i7 7700 4c/8th and its performing well still after 3 years but the next lappy will be a RYZEN hopefully a 8c/16th the high core count makes processing fast as well. goodluck. charl. ps another thing is Ram id go for at least 16gb of 3200mhz with XMP 32gb would be better.
  4. well done mate. great first images i wish my first ones was as good. charl.
  5. great shots mate, i did have a look this morrning but the seeing was like a bath of milk full of frog eggs so didnt bother with trying to catch anything. charl. charl.
  6. great shots mate, thanks for the view. charl.
  7. great image Dave, im sad the duel ARs have gone its been a good while since we have seen the like. charl.
  8. thats quite a good image, Copernicus and Tycho are looking good. darn batterys thay dont last long when fully charge i think the most i get outa mine is 30min if im using the live view. charl.
  9. thanks mate, think i got some good seeing untill the cloud rolled in. its been ages since i caught it last im a bit rusty too. clear skys. charl.
  10. well done for catching that AR right on the limb. charl.
  11. thanks Dave, ive cloud n rain here today mate. hope you have better today. charl.
  12. thanks Kitsunegari, yes thay sure have been putting on a nice show. thick cloud here today "Fri". clear skys. charl.
  13. thanks Chris, sorry about your cloud mate ive owned it for the past week today being the only real cloud free for ages it should clear with you at some point today . when i was a lad dreams was in black and white with text . charl.
  14. thanks Mark, im just been doing some vis with my 102 f11 and both those ARs look to be very active still, shame one of them will be popping past the limb soon. glad your getting some views mate. charl.
  15. nice and sunny here today in south wales, seeing was good at first but started getting fazey as i started taking vid. but still the ARs look very nice. kit ed80, quark, asi120 mc wishing you all clear. charl. AR 2824 and 2826 first vid before it got fazey.
  16. A mate of mine got the ED102 just before christmas for vis ive had a look through it a while ago and the scope is great very good colour on stars very chrisp image mate didnt notice any CA you will like it mate.
  17. thanks Gus, yes mate it will be mine untill me last breath . clear skys. charl.
  18. Qwick moon from lastnight, i was going to do some closer shots but the cloud bushwacked me. kit- starwave 102 f11, 2000d . wishing you all clear. charl. click for closer view but watch your eyes
  19. thanks Paul. glad your getting some views, im trying today but no luck so far. clear skys. charl.
  20. thanks Mark, i tryed yesterday for 4 hours without a gap but this morrning i woke to sunshine but by the time i got setup it had changed but on the brightside i got a pic before it started raining its 50/50 at the mo but sols outa range by 1200. hope your skys clear mate. charl.
  21. thanks Dave, UV through this cloud . yes on the live view it looked very bright but i got about 60sec to see, its raining here now darn weather eh. clear skys mate. charl.
  22. as the title said cloud riddled. 400frames so not the best by far. but im glad i caught the ar again. kit ed80 quark, asi120mc clear skys all . charl.
  23. rain cloud and misery here bud. well done great pic. charl.
  24. thanks Hughsie, yes time and weather has been against me but ive a bit more time on my hands due to the GPU problem im not taking on any new builds. hope we get some good weather to follow the action. charl.
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