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  1. xtreemchaos

    Contrail hell today

    thats ridiculous Dave, i dont get a lot here. the should be a ministry of contrails to complane to, "whats that" smeagul say there is it next to the ministry of silly walks . charl.
  2. xtreemchaos

    Qwick Moon 18-2-19

    thanks Dave, its prob a buzzard or kite we have loads round here there isnt many owls the buzzards have eaten them all . charl.
  3. xtreemchaos

    Qwick Moon 18-2-19

    stolen through some gaps in the permacloud. seeing was fazey but fair. and a birdie transit as well. kit Old Faithfull, 1200d taken from obsyroom open window cos im lazy or old or both wishing you all clear. thanks for looking. charl. wide. closer. birdy transit. well i think its a bird or a very large bat.
  4. xtreemchaos

    Qwick Moon 18-2-19

    thanks Alan, the moon has been outa range of my obsyroom window mate plus ive been building a few custom PCs for people so times been short and of course darn cloud been near every day mate. glad you have had some clear . charl.
  5. xtreemchaos

    Moon, 15th February

    A darn fine image there mate, well done. charl.
  6. xtreemchaos

    Solar 17th Feb - I give up!

    great shots David, darn weather, misery here not a bit of sunshine, I woke this morrning with a frozen shoulder and neak so i double mift. well done for catching anything. charl.
  7. xtreemchaos

    Roll on summer

    is that with postage ? . can you remember the old way thay would plasty/power coat where you would heat up the metal then dip it in plastic grains and then reheat in the oven until smooth ? for the life of me i carnt remember the name of the process but would be good to use on weights because it wasnt britle. weights have paint that the wind blows off it dont matter which paint. charl.
  8. xtreemchaos

    Roll on summer

    all the crazzy people do it from indoors . great setup Dave but you need some paint on ye weights mate or is thay scrapyard camo . darn weather it would be a poor day on venus. charl.
  9. xtreemchaos

    good news ... bad news

    take a bit of sticky tape next time you use the camera and stick it down the place where join in the camera body and see if you still get it, ive a 1100d what do the same a bit of tape fixed it for me. to me it deff looks like a light leak. charl.
  10. xtreemchaos

    Sun bits -15-02-19

    great shots Dave, yep what a differents 100% cloud here today mate it was gooood while it lasted. well done. charl.
  11. xtreemchaos

    prom and fila 15-2-19

    thanks John, glad you got some viewing the weathers been bad of late. clear skys. charl.
  12. xtreemchaos

    prom and fila 15-2-19

    sunny again seeing is not as good as yesterday, I couldn't see any spots in the returning AR in HA but that don't mean there isn't some lurking. kit 120mm f5, quark, asi120mc. thanks for looking. clear skys. charl. prom oncoming limb mid. AR2733R filament.
  13. xtreemchaos

    Sol 14-2-2019 ha

    great shots Steve, clear skys. charl.
  14. xtreemchaos

    prom and fila 15-2-19

    ive done it morethan once and different sites
  15. xtreemchaos

    prom and fila 15-2-19

    thanks Dave, ive been trolling the section all day thinking thay must be here somewhere . better late mate. clear skys. charl.
  16. xtreemchaos

    prom and fila 15-2-19

    thanks David, hope it develops, it started off like this last time round. charl.
  17. xtreemchaos

    prom and fila 15-2-19

    thanks Mark, hope you get some great views mate . charl.
  18. xtreemchaos

    Proms of the day

    great shots Den, bit of sun here too. charl.
  19. xtreemchaos

    Don't blame I'm old :)

    great shots Dave, ye the seeing was a bit nuff here mate. some bright bits in the AR but it started that way lasttime round. ive been looking for these pics all day . charl.
  20. xtreemchaos

    The Sun - 15th Feb 2019

    great shots David, hopefully it will grown a bit as it moves on the disc. thanks, charl.
  21. lovely sunshine here today with good seeing, the huge prom from yesterday has gone but theres a nice sized one on the on coming limb still. hope you all have clear to view. thanks for looking. charl. prom upper oncoming limb. starwave 102. prom oncoming limb midway, 120mm. both proms ed80. and heres the prom with a bit of work.
  22. xtreemchaos

    todays prom action 14-2-19 "updated"

    thanks Dave, goodluck mate. charl.
  23. xtreemchaos

    todays prom action 14-2-19 "updated"

    thanks John, hope your skys get better. charl.
  24. xtreemchaos

    The Sun - 14th Feb 2019

    heres the site mate, https://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/sunspots/ . charl.
  25. xtreemchaos

    The Sun - 14th Feb 2019

    great shots David, looks like somethings brewing near the limb mate. think tomorrows going to be clear for most of us fingers crossed. well done for beating the cloud. charl. ps thay have given it a number 2733.

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