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  1. great vids mate, i missed those othier proms mate, ill have to go to specsavers . charl.
  2. thanks Steve, yes hopefully untill ive save up enough to get something better mate, the res is higher on the QHY than the asi120 so might be a mosaic on the cards . clear skys. charl.
  3. thanks Stu, yes that prom looked very nice through the ep here sadly only had 5 min vis before sol was outa range at 9.30am, im going to have to get up earlier mate. clear sky . charl.
  4. i brought about 3 years ago for a guide cam, think i used it once on some moon close ups, i think it works with firecapture but if not it will work with sharpcap just need to download the latest drivers.
  5. found it , it was the tin box that put me off, i was looking for just the cam. ive never used a mono cam for Ha before .
  6. thanks Den, ive been lurking and doing a bit of vis but its not the same without a good running cam and sods law my new canon kicked the bucket too but canons taking its time sorting it but as the world is a the mo with the virus i should think thay are short handed. clear skys. charl.
  7. still good results David, think we have bad weather heading our way mate but still sunny here but sols out of range by 9.30am. darn earth tilting eh . charl.
  8. thanks Richard, think we have your cloud tomorrow mate, hope you get some clear. charl.
  9. thanks David, i dropped just before Christmas and as i went to pick it up i stood on it and broke the bit where the usb connects so had a go at soldering it back to the PBC and i think ive heated something too much as it will only give me 800x800 and cuts out mid vid so only short vids, i have a QHY 5-11 somewhere in the loft but am having trouble finding it. charl.
  10. I caught something, prom and active area as seen buy my poorly cam. kit starwave 102 f11,quark, asi120mc +sticky tape. thanks for looking. keep safe, clear skys. charl. prom upper off going limb. active bit.
  11. great shots David, had a look myself thismorrning but still no camera so my images are etched on the back of me eye balls . well done. charl.
  12. great disc Chris, i had a bit of vis thismorrning , that prom on the upper off going limb looked very nice. im cameraless at the moment so missing imaging. clear skys. charl.
  13. cracking Den, loads of fine action going on there mate. well done. thanks.. charl.
  14. great discs and proms mate, well done. charl.
  15. Corr now thats what i call action mate, well done Ewan. charl.
  16. outstanding mate, well done. charl.
  17. great moon john, im camera less at the moment so am missing imaging thanks for the view. charl.
  18. thats cheap, wish i had the money, someones going to get a bargain. charl.
  19. better shot than me mate, mine looked like custard. charl.
  20. great shots David, seeing here today wasnt too bad mate, it was the cloud that spoilt the session. lovely detail under the conditions mate. charl.
  21. thanks Pete, great pics you got mate. charl.
  22. great shots Pete, lovely detail mate, the seeing here wasnt too bad before the cloud arrived, hope we both get a bit of clear tomorrow. charl.
  23. started to rain here about mid day too.
  24. great first Prom shot, well done, wish my first was as good. charl.
  25. Thanks Geoff, agreed mate any shots better than none. yes seen the AR but the 2 sets i got was too washed out to do anything with mate. charl.
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