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  1. great shots Dave, in nearly missed these, darn eyesight eh . charl.
  2. sadly im house bound but wish you a great day Alexandra. charl.
  3. thanks Matt, clear skys mate. charl.
  4. thanks Ruud, wishing you clear mate. charl.
  5. thanks Michael. lovely and sunny here today but nothing to image on sol, its very quiet again mate. charl.
  6. ive seen many strange things over the years, things ive thought where satilites going across the sky that make a sharp turns sometimes suddenly start going backwards what thay are I havnt a clue but theres one think for sure do,do happens you only have to watch and over time your going to see something that makes you think. if your going to laugh laugh kindly . charl.
  7. thanks Pete, thay was very nice through the ep too. clear skys. charl.
  8. not here Peter, thick cloud and down pores all morning. thanks for the report. charl.
  9. your Welcome Peter, glad you got some views mate I think theres half a chance tomorrow here hope you have the same. charl.
  10. we have swapped thick cloud here now, I watched the big one until 11.30am and it more or less stayed the same, its not as bright as yesterday which I think shows more fine detail through the ep . charl.
  11. you should get a bit of clear at some point today Peter "fingers crossed". charl.
  12. what a difference a day makes eh. seeing today is good here in south wales theres a bit of thin cloud about but im happy with the sky for the first time in a long while. kit starwave 102 f11, quark, asi120mc. wishing you all clear. thanks for looking. charl. big prom lower oncoming limb. proms upper off going limb. small prom lower off going limb.
  13. thanks Steve, yes its still there mate, it hasn't showed its self clean for eons . charl.
  14. thanks Rusty, no you can keep it we have enough here theres no room for anymore. charl.
  15. thanks Peter, agreed, but this prom is very bright the brightest ive seen for a long time which helps when shooting through the evil stuff . charl.
  16. thanks Dave, thay said it was going to be clear here mate, do thay ever look outside ? goodluck mate there other proms to if your luck holds. charl.
  17. very cloudy here thismorrning but after looking on gong and seeing the bright prom I thought id have a go at catching through the thinner bits of cloud and I just about got it if a bit noisy. kit starwave 102, quark, asi120mc. thanks for looking. clear skys. charl. prom lower oncoming limb.
  18. thanks star101, DS while a fullmoon that's hardcore mate well done. charl.
  19. thanks Dave, for once nice and clear here but it didn't last till thismorrning darn weather I havnt seen the sun for ages. charl.
  20. not sure if it is a fullmoon tonight but it looks near enough for me on stel its saying %99.7. seeings a bit fazey but nothing what a frame cul wont sort. kit starwave 102 f11, 1200d. thanks for looking. and i wish you all clear skys. charl. wide. closer.
  21. great shots mate, some lovely detail caught. charl.
  22. thanks Matt, lastnight was better conditions mate no cloud too. charl.
  23. thanks Maw, yes its had some action in the past mate. charl.
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