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  1. Owmuchonomy

    Lunt 7.2 - 21.5mm Zoom Review

    I have just started using this zoom EP and I was literally gobsmacked at its performance for solar and lunar in particular. Until recently I have dipped into my ES 82’ collection particularly the 14mm but now it’s now collecting dust. Looking at @Pig‘s comments I don’t have the same trouble finding the right posture to view at any of its focal lengths. The long adjustment on the helical eye cup/shield is very forgiving. I love the convenience of ‘following the variation in seeing’ over longer sessions by nudging the zoom around. A rather remarkable bit of kit and most definitely worlds apart from the terrible eye relief offered by the Baader I used to own.
  2. A bit of an impromptu session in twilight before we head off with the caravan for a while. I had packed some of my kit so I grabbed the ED120 for a lunar session interspersed with a red spot transit. The seeing was quite good so I pulled the iPhone 7 from my pocket and took this shot through my Lunt zoom eyepiece. I added a mono filter to it but other than that it’s straight from the phone. It shows part of the Appenines with their bleak shadows and some well know craters; Archimedes at the bottom and the filled crater of Cassini at the top for example.
  3. Owmuchonomy

    Medium Budget Planetary Imaging

    It’s the lowly altitude that’s the problem. Up here it barely scrapes 20 degrees!
  4. Owmuchonomy

    Medium Budget Planetary Imaging

    The planets are poorly placed for a few years so bear that in mind and budget for an ADC.
  5. Owmuchonomy

    Medium Budget Planetary Imaging

    Guiding is not necessary. You are only imaging for seconds, perhaps a maximum of 90 using very fast shutter speeds. For example for the Sun and Moon my maximum video capture is 30 seconds.
  6. Owmuchonomy

    Medium Budget Planetary Imaging

    There are plenty of options if it is solar system targets you are after. For planets then I favour my 9.25” SCT. I sometimes envy those with a 14” SCT but tread carefully as cooling has been frequently reported as an issue. For solar in white light I prefer my ED80 for the full disk and for Ha then it has to be my Lunt. For Lunar then the SCT and ED120 both work well. I only use one camera; a ZWO ASI 174 mono. I usually use my mount in Alt Az mode.
  7. Owmuchonomy

    Saturday Prom Action, 19-5-18

    Excellent effort as usual! I’m hoping to take my ED80 and Quark to France whilst I’m there in June.
  8. I did compare just that set up with my 174 2x against my 290 at native fl in my 9.25. I liked the lunar shots with the 290 especially with an IR pass filter. The near IR sensitivity of the 290 is excellent. I still use the 174 a lot especially for solar.
  9. Owmuchonomy

    Orion Nebula 21/12/2017 21:32

    What @ollypenrice is referring to is in the attached jpeg courtesy of @cotterless45. Check stars 'e' and 'f'.
  10. I do like the 'cinematic' proportions of the 290 chip. Maybe I shouldn't have sold mine!
  11. Owmuchonomy


    I will ask the obvious question. Do you have the colour version of the camera? It is also available in a mono version. Also, if you wish to post images to the threads then please note it is best to use a jpeg or png file.
  12. Owmuchonomy

    Daystar Quark

    There is still plenty to see and image in Ha through a solar minimum just not so many spots. The Sun in Ha looks different every day, thats its appeal as well as allowing astronomical activity for us in the summer months. I bought second hand (less than year old) but made sure I had the original receipt. Fortunately it seems to be a 'good' one.
  13. Owmuchonomy

    Synscan and the 'Home" setting

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand the question or the reason behind it. Maybe somebody else will answer it.
  14. Owmuchonomy

    Synscan and the 'Home" setting

    It does have some memory, for example it will show the last date you used it when you switch on and the last coordinates you used and probably the last position you had your scope in if you didn't use the 'Park to home position' when you last used it. If you ask it to 'Park' to 'Home' when you have finished it will slew the scope back to the home position then it will say 'Position Saved' and ask you to power down. Obviously, this function is only useful if you are NOT moving your kit between sessions like me in my obsy.
  15. Owmuchonomy

    Synscan and the 'Home" setting

    I’m not entirely sure I follow all the issues but to go back to basics. First, before switching on set up your mount and scope in the Home position so mount set at the latitude for your location pointing North and with the counterweight bar pointing at the ground. Your scope should now roughly be pointing at Polaris. Switch on Synscan and enter the correct coordinates for your location and the correct time and date in mm.dd.yyyy format. Choose 2 star align and choose your first star. The mount should move to put your scope close to your target. Use the handset movement controls to centre the star in your EP. Choose the second star and the mount should put your scope pretty close to that. Adjust using the handset controls to centre it in your EP and you should be successful. If it is a long way off on your first star it is likely the data you entered in the handset at the beginning is in the wrong format.

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