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  1. For outreach then by far the most used eyepieces in my set up are the 14mm and 20mm ES 82' examples. I use them all the time in my ED80 and Lunt Ha Solar Scope. Both were purchased secondhand in great condition from this very forum.
  2. As per my previous post of the AR 2741 just with the addition of a 2.5x Powermate and increase in exposure time to compensate. All the other parameters remained the same using the ZWO ASI 290MM.
  3. An image of AR 2741 and surrounding area taken on the 15th May 2019. I was actually observing but the seeing was so steady I reached for the ZWO ASI 290MM. This image is without any additional magnification. I used a region of interest that 'squared' up this widescreen chip (1096 x 1096). After processing you can also pick out the disappearing AR2740. The bifurcated spot and its filament reminded me of a Cobra. I will also post an image using the 2.5x Powermate. Camera: ZWO ASI 290MM, 60 second captures at low gain. Stack of 30% best frames. Scope: Lunt Ha 80mm Software: Firecapture, AS!2 and IMPPG Coffee: Burundi Natural
  4. Persistent high cirrus cutting down on transparency today but the seeing wasn't too bad for once. I observed for a while first using the Lunt and was amazed I could use close to the shortest fl on the zoom EP (7.5mm). The detail in the filament around the bifurcated spot of 2741 was outstanding. As a result I took the liberty of nicknaming it 'The Cobra'. I then went to the ZWO 290MM and captured some images all at native image scale except the last one which is with a 2.5x powermate.
  5. Check the Clear Outside App by @FLO for the hours of Astro darkness in your area. There is still some ‘available’ albeit short for imaging.
  6. I thought the Equinox had a fl of 500mm? Combined with a Quark and 0.5 reducer gives you a fl of just over 1000mm at f/12.5 ish. The 174 would be ok (I own one) but you might want to consider something with smaller pixels such as the 290MM (which I also own) although the latter has a small 'widescreen' chip. I don't have experience of the 178 but it is used for solar successfully. I struggled to get good focus with the Quark and 174 combination via my ED80. I'm a big fan of the 290MM for solar and lunar.
  7. Yes 'Point and Track' is what you need. I'm not sure why it is greyed out. Do you have the Pro version?
  8. I have a fixed observatory setup utilising an AZ EQ 6 GT (in AZ mode for tandem observing) which now is fully controlled by a WiFi dongle, my iPhone (plus the free Synscan App) and the Sky Safari (V5) App on my iPad. The latter is a hit with visitors who can visualise the real time night sky view on the iPad then send the scopes to the target of their choice. Wouldn't have it any other way. For outreach (see image) I use the same process with the exception that I don't need the dongle because the Az Gti portable mount has built in WiFi.
  9. Can you tell us what scope you are using or even better post a photo of the setup?
  10. As said above just use ROI capture. It’s quite possible in Firecapture for longer exposure times. Then you just mimic the smaller chip size without buying another camera. I agree, a mono option will give you better results overall.
  11. Yes, as long as the voltage is within range (around 12V) and the adaptor plug fits and is centre positive. However, whilst it may be power problems the symptoms are also indicative of your mount's WiFi getting interfered with. I set my iPhone to ignore other WiFi signals that may emanate from my house and also set it never to sleep the screen. Since I did this it never drops the signal. I run mine at outreach events from a USB source (5V) which is stepped up with a cable adaptor (EBay) to 12V at 0.8amps.
  12. ..and if you can tell us if you are observing or imaging?
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