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  1. A very good experience with both my AzGti and AZ EQ 6 wifi operation. Both mounts are also compatible with a handset. I use iPhone and the Synscan PRO App which is clever enough to know which mount I'm using and if it's Az or EQ setup. Make sure you get the pro version of the App not the standard version. It's very easy to use and I even let the visitors to the obsy use it (particularly the younger ones who can work it instantly!). There's nothing to be concerned about; if I can work it anybody can. The only hidden items I know about are for solar tracking (quite rightly). Once you know
  2. Have you checked your Dec axis for backlash? A lot of input corrections there trying to correct your Dec. If you haven't done so already, check the mount backlash is in good order then come back to the guiding analysis .
  3. As above, Polaris is actually about 43 arc minutes from the NCP so will appear to circle it.
  4. During our outreach sessions at the obsy, by far the easiest option for us is a small refractor on an iPhone controlled Az-Gti mount. We just pick the whole thing up and walk outside with families and set it up in minutes. It requires a 12V supply, either mains or battery. I use a cordless drill battery (USB output) through a 5V to 12V converter lead. It will last many evenings between charges. I personally wouldn't use the MAK we also have because its a bit like looking down a tunnel (narrow field) and focussing a MAK is not for little hands. Your budget is more than enough to cover thi
  5. Will you be purchasing a new mount to go with it or will you use an existing mount? The optical tubes you describe are much larger and heavier than your C5.
  6. Sounds like you have a plan. Things would go better if you could use a high frame rate mono camera and an IR pass filter. That's not to say the DSLR results will be disappointing but you are less likely to defeat the 'seeing' issues with your set up. I'm not sure of your pixel size but I imagine they are around the 5 micron size so with your scope the 5x Barlow is a must to get the best image scale and sampling rate. Regarding software, when I used a DSLR I just used the bundled Canon package. It's more than adequate. My best results have been achieved with a combination of an ASI290 mon
  7. Looking at the spec, I doubt it. It's an optimised imaging scope so one less thing to worry about. Get it collimated and then practice focusing on a bright star and imaging that before trying something more challenging.
  8. What scope is it? Addition of a coma corrector may have reduced your in focus range considerably.
  9. How will you power the Canon for that long?
  10. Yes, it's visible to me but only since I purchased the SW ED150. The views through that are exceptional. I use a UHC filter too and a 28mm 82' EP (Explore scientific). As you may imagine, the same gear trained on M42 creates an awe inspiring view. I've only tried at home but I will give it a go up at the obsy where the sky is very dark when the chance arises.
  11. ....and magnetic North is not the same as true North by some margin. Identify polaris by using the pointer stars of the plough and the mark 1 eyeball then align the axis of the mount with the star. Then move on to the polarscope. There are also smart phone planetarium apps to help you identify constellations and stars when holding the phone to the night sky.
  12. Could be you can’t get enough in-focus. Are there any superfluous adapters, accessories or tubes between camera body and focuser? I remember with my 130pds I had to have a specially ‘thin’ adapter for my DSLR.
  13. Great story. I've been to Japan about 50 times but never to that shop. There is a whole floor of the Akiba superstore in Akihabara devoted to astronomy (and photography). Takahashi plus Vixen etc. If you are into your RC models there is also an amazing multi floor TAMIYA shop. It used to be in Akihabara but has now moved closer to Ginza. Everything is Tamiya and the prices are less than half of the imported versions. Also easier to fit in a suitcase than an f/13 frac!
  14. Autostakkert can compensate for field rotation. All my solar and lunar images are taken in AltAz mode. Obviously, one has to crop out for missing corners but it’s not much.
  15. Hi. I have the same mount and it is usually very reliable. I will mention the most common cause in my view which is poor power supply. What are you using for your power? Another possibility that I admit to encountering myself is to mount the OTA the wrong way round. This can produce the effect you describe. On my set up and software version it is critical that the OTA is inserted a particular way into the mount dovetail. My understanding is that later versions of the software circumvented this. On my version the objective needs to face away from the 'FREEDOM FIND' lettering on the mount
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