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  1. A good 3 hrs on M42-M43 and the Running Man

    Very nice 'rose' version. The eye is drawn to the perfectly positioned 'running man' too. Very easy on the eye Michael.
  2. Images. Before & after stacking.

    Doug German's tutorials are an excellent starter as @happy-kat said. They will ensure you tease the best bits out of your DSS stacked file. Once you have mastered those then Pete Rosen does a great (if a bit lengthy) tutorial.
  3. Notes from last night.

    Great session Nick. I'm not sure I get the Jedi thing though.
  4. M 51

    Superb image and lots of small distant galaxies too!
  5. On off behaviour of ASI178MM

    What download software have you tried with the 178?
  6. First light, ASI178MM/Lunt 50

    Hi Matt. Good start there but sshhhh, don't tell everyone how civilised it is. 😉☀️
  7. A trip round some winter nebulae

    I like your view better Stu!
  8. A trip round some winter nebulae

    Well you learn something new every day. I never knew you could adapt NV gear for use with our scopes. Who supplies the gear in the UK and where can I learn more. It is quite intriguing. What a great thread. The Monkey Head is inverted in Gavin's picture by the way.
  9. I don't use glasses so I can't really comment about that. Sorry.
  10. I have owned both types but moved the Hyperions on simply because the eye relief was very poor compared to my batch of ES eyepieces.
  11. Poor image quality of moon when zoomed in

    As Stu says and use a cropped video mode if available to help with image scale, memory usage and frame per second capture speed.
  12. I don't think RGB align is the problem (but yes the RGB align works in RG6). It looks like the wavelets application is a bit too severe to me. I gave up with RG6 as it is just too harsh on images. I now use Autostakkert which is a much more user friendly programme (and it works on my MAC) and then I sharpen in photoshop in similar fashion to that suggested by @MarsG76. There is some great detail in the bands on the image.
  13. The Sun in Ha 31.1.2017

    Loads of sunshine here but the Sun is just a tad low still for the obsy wall. Another two weeks then out comes the solar gear for 2018. I am hoping to double stack the QUARK I obtained 2nd hand with the Lunt 60?
  14. Markarian's Chain

    I love this target and that's a great capture. I would be interested to hear more about your Namibian experiences as I fancy that trip. Is there a thread on that too?
  15. Posting Abroad

    Ditto. It's no more hassle than posting locally. Just cover any extra postage charges in your price. I have often posted to Europe and Asia (Japan) without hiccup.