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  1. Of course. Thats what the Synscan polar alignment routine does after accounting for cone error.
  2. Ok, I haven’t used it for a while so thanks for clarification. I have also used AS!2 for spectra images and often for other work.
  3. I’ve not done this for a while but from memory I think BASS project software does the stacking for you. Have you got a reducer for your 6se? I got excellent results with my SCT 9.25 + .63 reducer, an SA100 and my ASI174mm camera.
  4. It is highly likely the problem lies with your power supply. I had exactly the same problem with my 12 inch Synscan Dob. I solved the problem by using a 12V 4 amp mains power supply. My Powertank was supposed to be 17 Ah but it would not power the Dob for more than 30 minutes.
  5. Are you using the pillar extension tube? If so, I find you have to make absolutely sure that the one of the pins is definitely in the receiving hole on the pillar otherwise AZ ‘slop’ is pronounced.
  6. Maybe so. I've not tried to align from scratch mounting it the other way, but somebody may have done so and will comment. Also, don't forget to use the UP and RIGHT arrows to align your targets before hitting enter on the App.
  7. That is great work Robin. Must be some feat to pick individual stars out of the noise.
  8. Ah well, I found this out to my cost at a solar observing outreach event when the crowd kept complaining that the Sun was drifting out of view. Woops, I had it 180' out. This is the setup that always works for me when pointing North for a North level alignment; offering perfect GoTo and tracking ability.
  9. Great to see a shot with the shadows across the uplands.
  10. I have pursued both options in the last few years. A purpose built obsy helped with the imaging but for me it was a lonely pursuit, long nights just in the company of Alice Cooper on Planet Rock. I still do Solar and Lunar imaging with my Alt AZ mount but I have moved on and am almost fully observational in the company of others. For the public events I do the joy is in seeing the faces and hearing the pleasure in observing a few juicy targets. It also means I take portable kit to dark places and tonight I will be presenting at an event in Keld, the darkest place in N Yorks.
  11. Ooh, that’s a beauty. Well done Charl.
  12. My view of it has only got rosier. It’s definitely a keeper. The views are exceptional. Just be aware of its bulk and that others have had collimation issues. Mine appears perfectly set up. I don’t see any difference in CA generally compared to my previous APO. (AA 102mm)
  13. Yes, as above I use the App in conjunction with Sky Safari on my iPad and it is an excellent set up. You could easily star hop that way.
  14. Very thorough advice above. The juicy planets are poorly placed for a few years. As part of your need is to keep the interest of others then I found that showing the moons of both Jupiter and Saturn and explaining their movement and positions to be an option. Your C6 should show the major moons. The views of Saturn’s moons through my 9.25 were very good the other day. As above, check your collimating is spot on.
  15. If you are just viewing and not imaging then only a rough polar alignment is necessary. So ignoring a step like you describe won't make any difference to your GoTo setup. The Barlow is probably just a focuser issue. Adding a Barlow can change the 'in focus' point dramatically so make sure you have racked your focus in and out fully after adding the Barlow.
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