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  1. Owmuchonomy

    Jupiter / Saturn Conjunction 21/12/2020

    Can’t get that excited. Very close to the Sun. Maybe just visible after sunset?
  2. Owmuchonomy

    Worthless EQ5 goto

    Polar alignment and GoTo are separate beasts. I wouldn't worry too much about super accurate PA until you sort the GoTo. My first suspicion would be your power supply. If that isn't up to spec it can cause all sorts of issues. Can you check you are getting consistent voltage and current from your supply? I recently 'fixed' an EQ5 power issue (from the battery pack). One (new) cell was only providing 0.6V and that caused problems. I also made up a mains supply to use as well from an old Nintendo kit. The clutch was also slightly loose so I fettled that. All is good now.
  3. Owmuchonomy

    A reliable green laser?

    I purchased a green laser form Rother Valley Optics a few weeks ago under a recommendation via the N. Yorks Starmakers initiative. It is excellent. However, I went to find the link for you and it is not listed on the RVO website at the moment. You could contact them to see if they can source you one.
  4. Owmuchonomy

    HEQ5 sounds

    According to PHD2 and it’s alignment error function, the handset routine provided an extremely accurate PA.
  5. Mine is always in the shed as that is also my obsy. Draughty is good and mine is purposely ventilated. It’s not covered but I do coat it with a fine layer of GT85 which keeps it as new.
  6. Owmuchonomy

    What’s your best space jokes?

    A neutron walks into a bar and asks the barman how much for a pint? The barman says, "to you, no charge"!
  7. Owmuchonomy

    HEQ5 sounds

    If you want the mount to run smoothly and with minimal backlash then it's important to invest time in sorting it out. That's why adjustment is provided. Only you can judge if it is hard work. The Synscan Handset has a routine that allows you to accurately set the Polar Alignment. You don't need a Polar Scope, which is a pain in my view, just a rough axis alignment to start off. It is fully described in the instruction manual and is part of the auxiliary function section (Sec. 11.3 page 36 in my manual).
  8. Owmuchonomy

    December 9, 2018: Wirtanen brightening clearly

    Had a few folks round last night under spectacular skies but although 46P was on the agenda again it is still disappointing. I couldn’t really see much change from last week. I couldn’t get a tail in the 6” frac. It is fast enough to record movement over a few minutes. I got the visitors to chalk their views on the obsy walls every few minutes. Hopefully Michael is right. Closest approach is next Sunday I believe.
  9. Owmuchonomy

    Splitting the Trapezium

    The ED150 side by side with my 9.25 SCT (collimated) definitely produces an easier visual experience on the A-F Trapezium stars (and others).
  10. Owmuchonomy

    HEQ5 sounds

    That’s why I suggested you don’t do anything until you have adjusted the worm float as described in Astrobaby’s guide. Do that first so you know the mount is tuned then decide if there are other issues. A belt mod may not be what you need. I never used the polar scope. It is rendered superfluous by the excellent polar alignment routine on the Synscan handset. You only need to align your RA axis roughly in the direction of the NCP to run the handset routine.
  11. Owmuchonomy

    Is andromeda galaxy really naked eye?

    Apparently yes. Such an event is not directed towards Earth, or so I have read before. I imagine they can estimate the main fall out by detecting the orientation of Betelgeuse from its spin. I'm sure it will still be somewhat spectacular though!
  12. Owmuchonomy

    Observing Comet 46P

    It’s obvious in the ED150 but very diffuse. No obvious tail though. The core shows a bit brighter. Sky Safari RA/DEC coordinates were spot on.
  13. Owmuchonomy

    Observing Comet 46P

    NB. On Synscan it accepts RA decimal inputs for seconds so I do a quick mental calculation when taking RA coordinates from Sky Safari. Each 6” is 0.1. For a comet, an estimate will be close enough.
  14. Owmuchonomy

    Observing Comet 46P

    Yes, that’s how I locate many things on my Synscan handset. I am set up with the ED150 ready to try 46P tonight. I will use Sky Safari as it is normally very accurate. I believe it is a fast moving comet.
  15. Owmuchonomy

    guiding /imaging

    Craig Stark’s wisdom is to aim for a 4x ratio so you are not far off.

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