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    Rejuvenated childhood interest in Astronomy. Photography, cycling, classic rock.
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  1. Owmuchonomy

    EQ5 goto latitude degree

    I believe the specification of that mount only allows adjustment between 30 and 90 degrees of latitude. As said above, you should make it safe by the addition of another bolt anyway.
  2. Owmuchonomy

    iPhone backup

    Its not just your normal 6 digit phone code is it Dave?
  3. Precisely! Fortunately, my hall floor was highly polished.
  4. Owmuchonomy

    Attempted Solar Shot

    For Ha you are essentially imaging in mono and only using the pixels sensitive to that wavelength. For example, for a chip with RGGB pixels that’s a quarter in use.
  5. Owmuchonomy

    Attempted Solar Shot

    That's a reasonable file size. What size is your ROI when you are capturing? What type of camera is it? My files are around 300kb maximum for solar.
  6. Owmuchonomy

    Pier & Observatory

    The Mods may move it anyway as I think you will get better responses there. Yes I have a ROR shed. Here is a picture from a recent thread where I compare my SCT 9.25" with a new ED 150.
  7. Owmuchonomy

    Pier & Observatory

    There is a whole sub section of this forum dedicated to DIY Observatories. That would be a good place to start your research. My AZ EQ 6 is mounted on an Altair Astro pier with an extension tube. My concrete pillar base cube is 70 x 70 x70 cm.
  8. Owmuchonomy

    Daylight Test for ZWO ASI120MC

    I assume you are attempting solar system imaging. It is best to use your ZWO camera without the eyepiece in your imaging train. Aim for a f/ of 4 to 5 times your pixel size so somewhere around f/15 to 20. That looks like your ED 80 focuser so a 2x Barlow is ideal. Introduce the camera directly into the Barlow lens. However, the scope's focal length is not sufficiently long enough for good planetary imaging. Imaging the Moon will be very good though.
  9. Owmuchonomy

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    I can feel the heat on my neck now but here goes. My Flextube 300P Dob with Synscan. Life was just too short to live with it and in my hands and under my skies it didn’t do any better than my 9.25”. It was a two man (willing child) job to collimate and to balance it was a feat in itself. I’m sure in the right hands it is a great scope.
  10. I should have added to my viewing notes that I searched for some time with averted vision for the central star of M27 to no avail in either scope.
  11. I’m interested how you get on with such a wide field. Until recently I owned an ED 120 and the wide field view using my ES 24mm 82’ was nice but the field curvature was quite apparent. So it was necessary to adjust focus for the outer parts of the view. The ED 150 behaves identically to that using the same EP. Is this normal in your view for a doublet?
  12. Last night I set up the ED 150 and the SCT 9.25 again on my AZ EQ 6 in Alt-Az mode. I spent some time manipulating the cone error adjustment on the ED 150 (the SCT doesn't have that provision) so that the views through both scopes were perfectly aligned this time. Once completed I moved on to adding to my list of targets to compare in both scopes. Here is the extended 'live' list I added to. In addition to the viewing equipment I used last time I added my Lunt zoom EP to the list mainly because I wanted to 'fine tune' some of the views. I am still aware of the problems encountered by @John so I wanted to conduct a star test again. Unfortunately the shortest EP I have without using my Powermates in the train is a 4.7mm ES 82" to give 255x. I would prefer to use a 4mm but don't have access to one. The seeing was not great I think partly due to windy conditions. The transparency was ok and I could clearly make out the Cygnus rift and the Milky Way from Perseus to Aquila. This is not quite the best that can happen here but it was ok. It was hard to hold an in-focus star test view but under the prevailing conditions the collimation still appears ok. I would like to stress this test though to be absolutely sure. So onto the views. M13: A virtually identical view in both scopes of a bright core and beautiful jewel stars surrounding it. Very sharp. M51: Spiral structure was immediately obvious through both scopes for M51 and a bright core of NGC 5195 presented. There was no difference in brightness for the main galaxy, subjectively perhaps extra contrast in the ED150 compensating for the smaller aperture. Western Veil: Here the ED 150 gave an instant and remarkable view of the area North of 52 Cyg. I have never seen such a contrasty and dense view of this area. The SCT revealed the area too but it was more diffuse to my eye. It was easy with the ED 150 to navigate the length of the nebulosity. Eastern veil: The SCT revealed a 'blotchy' appearance to the nebulosity whereas the ED 150 revealed a sharper view. Of course the shorter FL of the ED 150 enabled a wider view so I could enjoy the extent of this area. I can't wait to try my OIII filter in this set up but that will have to wait. I also want to comment about the focuser hardware but I am dashing out now so I will get to that later.
  13. The new Evostar ED 150 is coming out again tonight.

    1. emadmoussa


      So, you're amongst the first to get one. How's the performance? I'm tempted to get one, but worry it's just too long to use comfortably. 

    2. Owmuchonomy
  14. Owmuchonomy

    Nothing in camera...

    Polar align before you set up for imaging. Get Deneb in the centre of view then mount your camera. Use live view and a high iso to get Deneb in camera view and use a 5x or 10x option on the live view. Then you can focus using the image In live view. Then slew to your target without changing your focus settings.
  15. Owmuchonomy

    Canon 70-200mm f4 vs Canon 200mm f2.8

    Don’t forget to consider weight. My 70-200 2.8 is a beast.

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