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  1. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Planet Rock on in the obsy. The sugar rush after the second bowl is insane. (Other nut and maize based cereals are available).
  2. It will have to be pretty special to beat value for money from say the SW ED120. Having suffered at length with an AA scope (triplet) in the past I remain to be convinced but hopefully for those interested enough it will be a winner.
  3. Still plenty of Ha action to look at Michael. Thanks for posting.
  4. I'm not entirely clear what exactly you are trying to solve? I presume your HEQ5 Pro has Synscan and the handset to go with it? If so you do not need to be concerned with spirit levels and setting circles. Spirit level accuracy of your mount is not necessary. It won't make any difference to your polar alignment. The critical thing is to get your mount's RA axis aligned with the earth's rotational axis. You can either struggle with the polar scope and hour angles to do this or like me you can roughly point your mount's axis at Polaris and use the handset to polar align your mount after running a two star alignment. It's all in the handbook. When you do the 2 star alignment use two stars on the SAME side of the meridian and before you start make sure your scope is as near the HOME position as possible. Good luck.
  5. I'm heading out to the obsy now. Cheers for the heads up.
  6. Hi James, the slow exposure fix is of great interest. Is there a new ceiling limit on this?
  7. Precisely what I did. I have one spare I made earlier as it were but you would need to tap the disc so I guess its no use to you.
  8. Ditto. I have the same WO diagonal as Michael mentions and I can't detect a visual difference between that and other less 'high end' models in my 9.25" SCT.
  9. I have used both. I moved my Lunt 50 on for the 60 for a few reasons. It depends a lot if you are visual only or intend to image. The stock helical focuser on the 50 is dreadful in my view for an OTA of that level and as result partly of efforts from folks on this forum a Feathertouch upgrade is now available. There are well documented issues in focussing a camera chip with the stock 50 focuser. In my case it was lack of in-focus and the only way round it was to image through a Baader Hyperion EP connected directly to my DSLR. The 60 package although more expensive is a much better option. You get a better focuser and the option when purchasing to have the B1200 (12mm) blocking filter which improves your imaging options considerably. With the B1200 BF the views through the 60 are much better than the 50. Whatever you choose make sure you get the PT version for superior contrast performance. Another point, getting such scopes is often a bit difficult and I would imagine the upcoming eclipse may have affected that too. Always check items are definitely in stock before parting with your money. Good luck.
  10. Yesterday's and today's prom on the Eastern limb compared. Also I grabbed a quick spot picture for AR2664. Yesterday: Today: and AR2664: Ha26_6_17spot.tif Ha26_6_17spot.tif
  11. Caught sight of some very nice proms on the Eastern limb I nicknamed 'The Pennant' today. So I grabbed 2 x 30 second SER files on the ASI 174MM and here is the result. Unfortunately the blue sky is somewhat of a rarity today.
  12. Well done. Nothing but grey and drizzle here all day!
  13. Just be careful with a zoom lens that you don't get 'zoom creep' during your session. It would be prudent to make sure once you are set that you fix the lens zoom (and focus) rings so they can't move. Alternatively, buy a fixed focal length lens.
  14. Also some are gear driven e.g., HEQ5 and some are belt driven e.g., AZ-EQ6GT. You can upgrade the HEQ5 to belts though.
  15. If you are aiming for AP predominantly have you considered your choices from the point of view of your camera and what you wish to achieve in imaging scale from the combination. You may also want to consider good matches with reducers/flatteners. What mount will you be using?