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  1. Owmuchonomy

    150 vs 180 Mak

    Aah yes, 3 hours is another story. Stick to EQ.
  2. Owmuchonomy

    150 vs 180 Mak

    Regarding the above post if you use Autostakkert software for your planetary and lunar stacking it deals with the field rotation automatically. I use an AZ EQ 6 GT in Alt Az mode for all my viewing and imaging. Its fine for mosaics too; field rotation isn't an issue. I no longer dabble in DSO imaging because life is too short to do all that processing.
  3. I note that there is a prediction for an eclipse of Sirius by asteroid 4388 Jurgenstock on the 18th February. This isn't something I hear about every day. Unfortunately it is predicted to be visible only in southern Chile and Argentina, Central America and the W. Indies. Further details at http://spaceweather.com.
  4. Ah yes, the bottomless pit of Astrophotography. You have identified some issues. The doughnut appearance of the stars in your image is usually indicative of poor focus. If your camera has live view focus on a bright star at 10x zoom then lock the focus and zoom adjustment somehow. Zoom lenses can ‘creep’ so they need to be locked. This target has a high dynamic range so requires a range of exposure times to avoid blowing out the core of the trapezium. You can blend the images later during processing.
  5. Owmuchonomy

    Original SW 80ED dual speed focuser

    I have one in bits somewhere. Could that be of use to you?
  6. This item is now SOLD. Please move to completed. Thanks, Chris.
  7. Owmuchonomy

    huge, im mean Huge Prom 13-2-19

    Sun came out as it set!
  8. Owmuchonomy

    AZ-GTi - how far can you push it?

    My AZ GTi is mounted on the spare tripod I have from the AZ EQ6 GT. I use my ED80 in this configuration. I was observing (the Moon) on Monday night with 10 visitors, some in the obsy some on the lawn with the AZ GTi. I managed to trip and fall over the tripod leg. I came off worst and the ED80 didn't budge. I agree, its all about the tripod!
  9. Owmuchonomy

    SW HEQ5 Pro power issue

    Yep, my HEQ5 did this a lot. I hardwired a connector on to the circuit board in the end. Its very easy and accessible. The issue was the socket in the mount.
  10. Not to my knowledge. Regarding ‘good’ I haven’t experienced other Quarks. It can’t be compared with my Lunt because the experience is somewhat different due to the 4x.
  11. It was purchased from another SGL member who originally got it from WSC. I have only used it for visual at which it excels with the ED80. I always used my Lunt for imaging but not since 2018. Due to summer travel commitments my solar work has dropped off dramatically hence the sale. The original receipt is still with it.
  12. For sale is my Daystar Quark, Chromosphere version. It has had infrequent use and I can't justify keeping it. Works superbly with my ED80. It was purchased in July 2017 from Widescreen Centre so is still well within the 5 year warranty period. I am looking for £625 posted to a UK mainland address. Everything is complete in the box including instructions, USB cable and power adaptor. Payment by bank transfer please.
  13. Owmuchonomy

    Synscan AZ Goto Telescope

    What is the current in amps provided by your power supply? Are there any flashing lights on your mount during slewing?
  14. Owmuchonomy

    Synscan AZ Goto Telescope

    Welcome. My first question to you is what power supply are you using. I have helped various people here with similar problems and they are frequently down to poor power supply.
  15. Owmuchonomy

    AZ-GTi or Star Discovery

    I have the ED 80 and the AZ GTi as my grab and go for outreach. It works fine for that but the tripod extension tube is a must have although you can limit the altitude range via the SynScan App if you prefer. I use my DeWalt cordless drill battery as power supply and it lasts all evening no problem.

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