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  1. I only heard good things about the bresser dob slightly better quality than the sw by all accounts as in fit and finish but with the advantage they come with tube rings so with the addition of a dovetail you can also mount them on a eq mount might be useful?.I believe they are slightly more than the sw but they do look good.Ive also heard good things about their fracs.
  2. Thunderbirds are go

    Oh dear it was on film four at least I'm not only the sad one watching it,where's the drugs?....do you remember da ..da ...da when the adverts came on Hi Karate 🤡
  3. Thunderbirds are go

    I think Alan fell out of bed having a wet dream about Tin Tin they must of smoked some serious stuff.The people that made the film I mean I woz too young back then.ish?F.A.B.
  4. The consensus on here seems to keep the weight as near to the axis as you can.A heavier weight nearer is better than a lighter weight further.I certainly would never add the extension bar to my neq6.
  5. Thunderbirds are go

    Flicking through the channels and ending up watching the feature film,showing my age I know but brought back childhood memories.Tin Tin is still looking pretty good but I don't remember the film being such a load of old tosh.The film and Mr Moore however did get me into this hobby.F.A.B. Everyone😰
  6. The nice thing about a dual rig...

    Oh no where's this going to go🍺🍩🍔
  7. The nice thing about a dual rig...

    Two Tak Olly😁
  8. My only persied

    Nice one you caught it we had a bit of a lame night until a "smoker" turned up made it all worthwhile.👍
  9. Mains Power to EQ5 Motors

    Yup a 6 volt motorcycle battery will work fine and as above no trailing cables as long as you have a charger no probs.
  10. Mains Power to EQ5 Motors

    I bought a 6v 2amp for my Cg5 off eBay for about a £5 never had any problems.
  11. Eq AZ 6

    Pretty much as said before the adjustments are minute then nip the main ones up and check,keep repeating the process until your happy.yes it is the 4x5mm ones.
  12. Barlow advice (again)

    This is the crux of the matter barlows will give you extra focal lengths without buying extra eyepieces but with the focal length of my scope and the eps that I use I still struggle when wanting different focal lengths at higher powers depending on the seeing.I can do 125x,133x,200x,250x or 400x which for me leaves too much wiggle room and only one space left in my ep case however as you have more than one scope for you this maybe would eleviate the problem depending on what you are looking at.As I said before try a 2 inch revelation or sw s/hand and if it doesn't work out for you sell it and you shouldn't make a loss for not much outlay.If it does work out for you you can still sell it and go for one of the ones that have been recommended above.My tuppence worth.
  13. Barlow advice (again)

    "As I ran out of eyepieces "😢Chortle!