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  1. Hello from Bodmin Moor - new Dark Sky area!

    Hi there and welcome to SGL and when your out all alone with your scope and the stars beware the beast👹
  2. New puppy naming challenge

  3. Polar scope on AVX?

    With my Cg5 I just shine a red light over the opening no need for a illuminater.
  4. Hello from Seattle WA

    Hi there and welcome to SGL
  5. Hello from South London

    Hi there and welcome to SGL I too was from your way born in Lewisham and lived in Sidcup.
  6. NGC 7635 and M52

    Nice bubble👍
  7. Who can tell me somthing new

    The sky isn’t blue.
  8. Down time

    Yup just so I don’t forget how to use the mount.
  9. Dark Sky Bonus - Owl at lunch

    Yup we are the same over the next few years 3000 home are going to be built,we are lucky to live on the last road out and back onto fields but I'm dreading the new rounderbout that's going to be built at the bottom of the road.I wish they would realise how small this country is.
  10. NGC246 The Skull Nebula

    And a very happy looking skull too,love the colour and detail nice capture.
  11. The Great Rift

    Wow stunning image👍
  12. SW Newtonian Mirror Washing

    I found mine had locktite on the threads so was probably applied at the factory I replaced them with Allen bolts and re applied some studlock it was obviously there for a reason.
  13. But it’s not real astronomy...

    Just shrug it off and yawn.
  14. I move mine as tripod first then head followed by weights,I can do it with head attached to tripod but just becomes more cumbersome especially going through doorways and steps.
  15. Skywatcher Quattro 12S

    Nice image,collimation looks good too.