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  1. Oh dear... oh dear....

    Well I doubt he will see the Mekon Menace but why not let him use one of your finderscopes?
  2. NGC2174 The Monkey Head Nebula

    I like it a lot defo looks like he’s scratching his chin,well done👍
  3. First outing as a family

    Yes it does,I believe Patrick Moore showed how to make a simple clock based around it.
  4. First outing as a family

    I too have tried to get her indoors interested Jupiter turned out to be a “damp squib” but I did get a “wow” with Saturn so that’s basically it.The transit of Mercury was somthing I tried to show both my grandson and missus and got a “oh yeah” and “can I go back to my PS4”.This can be a very lonely hobby.
  5. Hyperstar Horsehead

    Excellent result looks natural trying to tame Alnitak is abit of a [removed word] though.
  6. I got as far as taking the rubbish out at 10pm hoping to see some meteors but got soaking wet instead straight back in for a warm.
  7. The Sky at Night

    I generally thinks it’s ok but I think Maggie should ease off on all that coffee she must drink.It will never be as good and informative as it used to though.
  8. I too love the colours and detail especially around the “eye” region,great job👌
  9. Just Joined

    Congrats and welcome,it will give you many years of use for sure.
  10. tonights super moon with 72mm ed

  11. Twins - Think Danny & Arnie!

    Wow the size of difference in c/w shaft makes me wince abit from here it looks a little like aEq8.I hope your happy with it as it should be future proof,congrats.🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️
  12. I’ve not had the experience of owning one but a lot of folks on hear seem to say it’s the one to get as it hits the sweet spot.
  13. Mmmmm sounds Swedish to me😁
  14. Telrad sticky pads?

    The number plate sticky pads are the same as the ones that come with the Telrad they won’t come off if you do need to remove them however using a hairdryer and abit of patience is all that’s required.