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  1. Jupiter, march 08-2018 the best!

    Stunning image,some great detail there👍
  2. Another suspicious eBay sale

    To me it seems he has quite a good knowledge of scopes and mounts Malik-rafi mmmm.
  3. Work with what you have

    Nice surprising what you can achieve with a cheap scope👍
  4. Great stuff some great detail there you can’t miss um.
  5. Wonders Of The Moon - Heads-Up

    On record thx.
  6. Carry bag/case for NEQ6

    Good job
  7. Problems with Alnitak

    I agree stunning image Alan,didn’t know you had been seduced by the dark side.Olly is probably the one to help he’s managed to tame Alnitak.
  8. Carry bag/case for NEQ6

    http://cpc.farnell.com/duratool/d03134/water-resistant-case-569x425x215mm/dp/SG33494 This is the one I use the cubed foam in the base has been removed leaving 10mm of foam left,the egg crate foam in lid stays,nice snug fit.Hope this helps.
  9. Carry bag/case for NEQ6

    http://cpc.farnell.com/duratool/d03137/water-resistant-case-wheel-560x355x230mm/dp/SG33497 I use this to hold my neq6 mount head and synscan in,you can also get them with a trolley handle and wheels.Check dimensions first I actually have the one without the wheels.
  10. EQ5 PRO Legs Doing The Spider

    I think the legs just need turning around,curved edge facing outward.I can’t see it being a fault with the casting.
  11. Wot spillage said,you might get one that’s already been modded.
  12. A Cg5 with a 2inch tripod secondhand if you can find one would also be a good bet.
  13. JOY! my AZ EQ6-GT arrived

    Congrats should last you a lifetime ⛈💨☔️
  14. Is De-Ionised Water OK for Mirror cleaning?

    I used de ionised water without any problems at all,angle the mirror in the sink quick rinse it will be dry in a couple off minutes and no streaks.