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  1. AKB

    The Weather

    I don’t think that Martian dust storms get quite this far?
  2. AKB

    The longest you've had a scope?

    I ground and polished my own 6 1/4 inch mirror in 1971, but for various reasons which caused a hiatus of about 40 years in terms of any practical involvement in astronomy, it was never slivered or used in a ‘scope. I still have it. I suppose I really should finish and use it one day.
  3. AKB

    Understanding mounts

    You're welcome. Having said that, though, do check out this part of the forum It is absolutely amazing what can be done. Also, as an in-between option, you could quite cheaply try EAA/Video imaging: https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/123-video-astronomy/
  4. AKB

    Understanding mounts

    You have this bang to rights. The other degree of freedom you first spotted is simply to align the axis with that of the earth, so that what was azimuth now just counters the earth’s rotation. There’s actually a piece of kit called a wedge you can get to implement exactly this AZ to EQ conversion. EQ mount is almost essential for long exposure photos, since you'll find that even if you accurately track an object with an Alt/Az mount, the image will rotate at 15 degrees per hour.
  5. AKB

    Fake News!

    Seen from the moon? ...but I doubt it.
  6. It's really come to something when the dome’s bearing wheel is larger than the telescope...
  7. AKB

    How good is this?

    Do I detect a hint of envy from even you?!
  8. AKB

    How good is this?

    ...so a lifetime’s work for any mortal in the UK (even if it was high enough.) Oh well, glad someone’s able to do it.
  9. It's a plain-old C9.25. In fact, I bought it as a C9.25 Evolution ...and this is without the hospital bills incurred after you've damaged yourself trying to lift it.
  10. Ah, these are difficult questions! So clearly, then, no obvious answers. However, I have a Hyperstar, albeit only modest experience in using it, partly because of the weather! Just a few thoughts so loosely linked to your questions, that I can’t match up the numbering.., Hyperstar does let you get several images per night, rather than needing several nights per image. the quality will probably not be APOD, but should be pleasing, given your constraints (LP, etc) If you want ‘fast’, then bigger pixels will help focusing is hugely helped with a Bhatinov mask and an electric micro focuser I don't know that Edge optics give you anything extra over vanilla SCT in Hyperstar mode I have an album here with a few examples of Hyperstar (two of the three are 20 minutes total) and a QHY-8L, which can be acquired pre-owned for a very reasonable sum. These are not GREAT images, but I think they are not too bad given minimum tweaking time and my inexperience.
  11. AKB

    Mesu 200 pier

    Surely what's needed here is simply an open offer to visit Les Granges for anyone who wants to swing by Neilston 'on the way' ...?
  12. Really worth look, an amazing video. The stuff of science fiction (cf. “When Worlds Collide”) https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180604.html
  13. AKB

    Observing with glasses advice ????

    I’m with Gina on that one, but there is an in-between... EAA (aka Video Astronomy.) A small sensitive CCD, or these days CMOS, typically those used for guiders, instead of an eyepiece, allows views that exceed the sensitivity of observing. Of course, you don’t get the fidelity, but you do get speed, enabling you to view dozens of targets a night, instead of the usual dozens of nights per target for imaging.
  14. My all-time most favourite crater! Splendid image (as usual!) Thanks.
  15. Can you post the raw stack, rather than your stretched version? Gives more possibilities to work on.

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