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  1. "cave in spelunca" (Latin) = "beware of the cave" (English) Strangely, cave means beware (as most schoolchildren used to know,) and spelunca means cave (as many more Americans than Brits know.) So here's a cautionary tale: I was 'scoping out' (literally) some possible targets recently, and wanted to get some Hyperstar data from the Cave nebula, which I had recently glimpsed with my Quattro (forgive the poor quality - 30 minutes only and lousy processing): ...so I was a bit taken aback when I processed the Hyperstar data (100 minutes) and got this: Not right at all, so I went back again and gathered more data and got the same result! So by now, you've probably guessed what's going on, but it's taken me days to work it out. For the first image I entered Sh2-155 into Stellarium, which controls the mount. For the second one, I lazily entered "Cave", which, it turns out, is Ced 201 or VdB 152 in the SIMBAD database which Stellarium uses. Am I the only one not to know there are/were TWO Cave nebulae? All nicely explained in Wiki here, and I blame it all on Sir P.M.
  2. Hyper-Christmas/Cone

    Ooh, just spotted Hubble's Variable Nebula in the top right, I think?
  3. 20 minutes Rosette

    Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm having a tough time with flats for the Hyperstar, so that's certainly one area I'll try and improve when I come back and visit this for longer.
  4. Hyperstar Horsehead

    Thanks for that. I haven’t done anything special to reduce Alnitak, except trying to be a bit careful with the stretch. You can, at least, see that it is a double, which is the litmus test for me. It should be improved by tidying the camera cables across the corrector plate and also getting the spacing and tilt exactly right.
  5. Yet another test in the (long) path towards fettling my Hyperstar, and my first ever image of the Rosette. I didn't take very long over capturing this, because it was windy and getting rather cold! Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity 10 x 120 seconds (for a total of 20 minutes) Lightly processed in PI I haven't yet got around to supporting the camera cables correctly, so the bright stars show that. The spacing is still wrong, so the corners are terrible. Suggestions for improvement very welcome.
  6. Another quick snap from last night (15-Dec-2017), and the first time I've imaged the Christmas Tree cluster / Cone nebula. Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity 15 x 120 seconds (30 minutes total) Lightly (and, no doubt, incorrectly, processed in PI) Help for improvement much needed.
  7. Cracking night, last night (15-Dec-2017) although with temperatures a bit below freezing and gusty winds. Having discovered that the spacing for my QHY8L on the Hyperstar was incorrect by 3mm despite using the Starizona-supplied spacer, I'm now using the excellent Baader Universal Filter Cell to give me nearer to the correct spacing. Still not quite there yet, though. To check it all out I went for a number of targets for a relatively short time. Here's my go at the Horsehead. Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity 20 x 60 seconds Processed in PI (shhh... I'm still learning) Haven't really got the hang of noise reduction, (and seems my bias or darks aren't handling a bad column) but really the answer is more data, and I suppose this isn't too bad for just 20 minutes... Advice more than welcome.
  8. Dual Imaging Rig

    I guess the acid test is what FOV and angular resolution you get with each possible setup? Or am I missing some other key parameter?
  9. tr3 cluster with OAG

    Good to hear. Very encouraging... I believe that I'll be getting one for Christmas!!
  10. Teamviewer or VNC

    I have mine configured this way. You have to access your remote machine by (local) IP address, not machine name, but otherwise it’s all great.
  11. That seems like an awful lot of hard work? I would have thought that a fairly random placement would work fine... it does for real stars.
  12. Teamviewer or VNC

    I used to use VNC, but had some problems with configuration and ease of use, so switched to TeamViewer. VNC feels like a 1970s application, TeamViewer has a more modern web-based feel, and, for me, it works reliably on PC, Mac, and iPad – all of which I use at different times for remote access to the observatory.
  13. I’ve been wondering the same for adjusting my Hyperstar. I think that for a wide FOV it might be better to use ball bearings stuck onto a black background and illuminated by a single offset light source. Haven't tried it yet!
  14. Lovely. That's TWO dishy fishies I've seen today... my boat must have come in!
  15. The Fish Mouth

    That’s a very dishy little fishy.