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  1. Yes indeed. We ALL need a 24" Newtonian!
  2. There are 60 arc minutes in a degree (and 60 arc seconds in an arc minute) so... 57.66 N = 57 degrees, 0.66*60 minutes = 40 minutes 4.34 W = 4 degrees, 0.34*60 minutes = 20 minutes ...forgetting the fractional minutes (which could be converted to seconds in the same way.)
  3. That's one of the crispest diffraction patterns I've ever seen for focusing!
  4. Surely, not developed these days, but processed ?
  5. From the album Duck End Observatory

    The longest and hottest day of the year (>30 degrees C) Rome wasn't built in a day, but there timber building and cement pier foundations were.
  6. From the album Duck End Observatory

    View to the North East.
  7. That's good... I was also trying to persuade the OP that it might be a GOOD IDEA too.
  8. Huge difference. See this thread... It's cheap, quick, easy (much more so than an NEQ-6 upgrade,) and so, so nice from several points of view/
  9. ...or, indeed, just live long enough to have a decent run of clear skies in the UK.
  10. Ah, OK, thanks very much.
  11. I see a red pier and I want to paint it black?
  12. Nice! I can see stars to the middle... how do you focus?
  13. ...very nice. Like a Telrad. Of course, on my scope it looks huge, on yours, you will struggle to find it.
  14. Oops..Sorry I touched a nerve so it would seem..yes Cmos sensors are in lots of dslrs..does that mean they have low read noise too?? No offence taken at all... My fault being too brief, perhaps. The read noise is only really an issue if you're taking lots of subs and stacking them. That's why the CCD aficionados like long subs (well, that's one reason.)
  15. Ah, Swahili, I believe? Known often here as SWMBO or CFO.