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  1. Ah, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak... not forgetting the contribution of Twiss, of course.
  2. I’d try this, given some clear skies... Interested, though, as to why an improvement like this should be camera-specific? Maked no sense to me until I checked the link in detail... ...Aha! Now that makes sense. Looking forward to trying it.
  3. AKB

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

  4. AKB

    Hello from Sutton, UK

    Hello! I live in Sutton too... but I suspect it's not the same one. Sutton, a place name meaning 'south settlement' or 'south town' in Old English. Do you mean the borough, or the one in: Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Devon Essex Kent Norfolk Oxfordshire Shrewsbury Somerset Suffolk Surrey East Sussex West Sussex North Yorkshire Wales ... Sorry! I'm not usually pedantic... must have a lot of time on my hands today (actually, supposed to be tidying my 'warm room'.) I'm in Oxfordshire! _______________________ PS: Great image!
  5. AKB

    Winter experiments with kit

    Look like a worthwhile use of time! Rosette, yes? I’d be pleased with that at any time... got a horrible problem with my Newtonian at the moment, or maybe camera, or perhaps calibration, ... should follow your example and try to fix things rather than hoping they’ll be better next time! Tony
  6. AKB

    Playing with QuickMap

    Very nice Avani. of course, we need to learn how to make images as good as yours in the first place...
  7. AKB

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Thanks so much, Olly! Dropbox link works fine for me.
  8. AKB

    Tour, comet, nebula, galaxies.

    Those are amazing!
  9. AKB

    Filters with EAA?

    Yes, I believe that it did, although I seem not to have posted comparative shots (I must have them somewhere.) I did post results from an EAA session with UHC here:
  10. AKB

    Filters with EAA?

    I don't have so much of an issue with LP, but before getting the IDAS, I did use a Baader UHC just to help out a bit. I have also used an IR-pass filter (685 nm cut-off) ... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uv-ir-filters/baader-ir-pass-filter.html ...but not enough to speak eloquently about its virtues.
  11. AKB

    Filters with EAA?

    I usually use an IDAS P2 filter for my EAA imaging, be it mono or OSC. My problem with narrow band, both for EAA and regular imaging, is that it is SO SLOW, which seems o defeat the object, to some extent.
  12. I have to agree, the scope is great, the tripod is great, perhaps the mount is too, but, it’s just too small for the scope.
  13. AKB

    PI Windows Stuck under Tool Bar?

    I used to have this problem (on my Mac) but then realised that when you positioned windows like that, there appeared a scroll bar to allow you to scroll the whole workspace and find the top of the windows, with all their controls.
  14. Does anyone else remember seeing the NASA ECHO balloon satellites – the first artificial passive radio reflecting satellites in 1960s?
  15. There’s an interesting progression which links visual observing and astro photography: VA (video astronomy) EAA (electronic assisted astronomy) NV (night vision) Also, now, at least one offering of an integrated EAA / telescope package. The short-exposure results available from these technologies are really quite amazing and link to some of the above suggestions too. I think there’s a story there.

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