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  1. My mini observatory

    That looks very like a somewhat larger HomeObservatory UK building in the background??
  2. Really? I got some over the counter at Boots...
  3. I use an online site, like this https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-gif
  4. Remote imaging experiances

    Yup, with you on that thought!
  5. Remote imaging experiances

    If we had weather like you, then we’d actually be able to do some of that. Sadly, the U.K. barely permits that kind of tinkering, so we need system which works first time, every time... Oh dear, that means refractors, doesn’t it? If you’re into just processing, then a shared system like ITU could work well. If you’re more interested in acquisition instead / as well, then I guess it’s time to move abroad. (Obviously not you, Olly, you already did that.)
  6. Words Words Words

    I think that the use of such terms needs to be “thoroughly thought through” (stolen from a Stephen Fry novel.)
  7. I found this helpful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bortle_scale
  8. FLO Packaging Humor!

    That might have been me? Yes, enjoyed it a lot! Thanks.
  9. Olly's Triplet

    This actually means, then, that stars on top of the galaxies come from the harder stretch, so you have to hope there’s nothing too bright in that region? Cracking image (and tidal tail,) though.
  10. Thanks for that clarification, so that isn't my problem, then. Oh well...
  11. Rosette Ha from ITU

    I thought RC was the real devil for collimation, not so for RH?
  12. Please help with QHY8L

    Those seem like reasonable numbers? I use a gain of 14 and offset of 113, so not much different.
  13. Yes, that's the point. ...as is this one!
  14. Sara, do you not find it noticeably slower than the ODK10?
  15. Am I a dinosaur?

    Who would possibly want to do that ??