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  1. There’s an interesting progression which links visual observing and astro photography: VA (video astronomy) EAA (electronic assisted astronomy) NV (night vision) Also, now, at least one offering of an integrated EAA / telescope package. The short-exposure results available from these technologies are really quite amazing and link to some of the above suggestions too. I think there’s a story there.
  2. AKB


    Luna, the satellite we love and hate.
  3. AKB

    Curious lunar images

    I believe there was recently one of these in Peterborough Cathedral in the UK recently too. Unusual pictures!
  4. .. So then it would be perfect to use with Paul Shears' 'Starlight Live' for EAA.
  5. As a matter of interest, can this be used with a Hyperstar? I'm looking at the fan on the side and wondering if that's optionally removable?
  6. AKB

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

    Amazing! Almost as good as the images @astroavani makes.
  7. I use Matlab for developing signal processing algorithms... it’s built for exactly that. For astronomy, I've implemented a bilateral filter for noise suppression and also this deconvolution/stacking algorithm: Online Blind Deconvolution for Astronomical Imaging - Stefan Harmeling, Michael Hirsch, Suvrit Sra, and Berhard Schölkopf
  8. AKB

    M51 and M33

    Nice. How?
  9. AKB

    M51 and M33

    Ah, so what this shows then, is the lack of a coma corrector! I'm using PixInsight for processing and used the TGVDenoise process. Also a bit of a lift to the low-end intensity curve a la Olly Penrice (I call this ONR - Olly noise reduction.)
  10. AKB

    M51 and M33

    These look pretty good to me, especially with moon and clouds. M33 is a really difficult target to make look nice, IMHO. I did, however, take a close look at the edges and I assume you're using some sort of coma corrector (?) because it looks like the spacing is just a smidge too close Spacing too close: For M51, which looks great, getting rid of the green and doing a bit of noise reduction gave this: Hope you don't mind me playing with your data. I 'm only a beginner and use a QHY8L too, so am always keen to try things out.
  11. AKB

    Atik Infinity Controls

    Does this help... https://www.atik-cameras.com/news/colour-binning-atik-infinity-software/
  12. AKB

    New Obsy in the making

    Love the way the raised bed is incorporated! Enjoy!
  13. AKB

    HEQ5 PRO SynScan

    Yes, I think so. A terrible grinding noise is generally the norm when starting and stopping a rapid slew. For more peace of mind (and, perhaps, peace in general) then consider the belt drive modification which makes it almost completely silent (and improves the tracking.)
  14. AKB

    Lunar X - 2018 OCT 16

    Here's an image of the 'X' (and 'Y', or is that 'V'?) that I got entirely by accident... scope: C9.25 with x0.63 reducer camera: QHY8L one-shot colour exposure: single 2ms frame date/time: Feb 21, 2018 @1815 I was really just testing the whole setup and the moon was a convenient target. I had no idea at all that it was 'just the right time' !
  15. AKB

    Hyperstar and QHY8L

    Images taken with 9.25" Hyperstar and QHY8L OSC.

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