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  1. ...me three - I want one! Thanks for posting
  2. Think I saw a Zeiss EP being sold for $5k being discussed on CN... and it apparently sold fast!
  3. Fair play - nice job. I'd welcome them on my Obsession, but I'm too much of a wuss to attempt drilling
  4. My dob by night, and my lil' Lunt by day
  5. Yes, this is a really interesting effect - I've seen Io appear as a beautiful 'ball' just as it transited across Jupiter's limb - breathtaking. Off Jupiter's disc, they appear as having different sizes and colours to me, but only on limb transits do I see them as really sharp discs (15" dob) - too much glare from the moons against the black of space.
  6. Wonderful choice in music for the vid! Very cool.
  7. Hi @seven_legs - do you know if the scope is collimated? If you have a cheap 25mm plossl (perhaps the scope came with one?), it would be interesting to know if you see the same effect if the scope's optics and focusser are well aligned & collimated.
  8. Looks like a helluva lot of scope at a great price point
  9. Looks like a helluva lot of scope at a great price point
  10. You really did a super job designing and building your scope
  11. I saw it - really interesting: certainly recommend it
  12. I store my 15" dob fully assembled in the house. If I chuck it out to the garden, I have to disassemble, carry out and reassemble. All told, takes less than 10 mins, so not too bad! However: if I'm going to view planets for example, I'll leave it to cool for 2-3 hours. So grab - wait- and go For comparison, my 10" 250px took maybe 2 minutes to throw outside, and I'd typically leave it 45 mins to cool. Cooling is key to good views. I'd only bother setting up on planets if the seeing had a fair chance of being decent. With the choice of the 10" or the 15", I'd pick the 15" as the views and smooth movements of the scope were worth the effort for >240x observing. If seeing isn't good enough, I just don't bother on planets. DSOs are a different matter, but to be honest I still try to decently cool the scope for observing, even though folk will often say it's not required.
  13. Congrats @John - simply put, you're one of the pillars that makes SGL great! The impact that guys like yourself (and I'd include you too @Stu) is huge: it goes beyond all the wonderful sharing of vast knowledge and experience - it sets the enthusiastic, helpful, friendly and respectful tone for the whole forum.
  14. How about save up a bit more, and consider solar Ha?...!!
  15. Imho, collimation is a *must* learn skill with a dob. You have to collimate even for your first use... it is not optional. Yes it is daunting at first, but with the likes of AstroBaby's guide, and a little practice, you get the hang of it. Every time I use my 15" truss dob I collimate - because I disassemble, transport and reassemble. Takes about 2 minutes with a barlowed laser ...in the dark! I think the mindset needs to be like tuning a guitar - just something you routinely do to get the best out of your instrument.
  16. Hi @CoffeeEmerald, well did you make your choice?! +1 for a dob: great for BOTH planets and DSOs. But, they are sizeable, so considering lugging it around or transport to a dark site is important. I was going to go for an 8" dob as my first scope, but went for a deal on a 10" ... and I was glad! Here's a pic, to give a feel for sizes (solid tube designs): post for user comments on any models you may be considering & best of luck with your decision if you haven't already pulled the trigger
  17. Snap - for me it was one night stumbling out of O'Neil's pub in Allihies! You can't beat that sense of awe at a big sky, just naked eye - at a really dark site!
  18. I use a Telrad, a 31mm 82° Nagler ... but also Push-To on my 15": no explicit optical finder. Tbh, if I didn't have push-to, I think I'd want an optical finder, the N31T5 fov is a bit narrow - it's not a replacement. My decision to forego a finder was driven by balance: I mounted the Argo Navis unit conveniently by the focuser, so I traded the weight of a finder as I also use a P2 and Ethos EPs.
  19. Me too: I'm an electronic engineer so should enjoy mucking around with hardware and software, but I just like the "simplicity" of two mirrors, an EP, and a dob mount. Nothing like seeing things with your own eyes, imho! I also just love the peacefulness of being out under the stars, with big skies and low horizons if I go to a spot on the coast to observe - and the sounds of birds on the Marsh and the waves lapping on the shore. Its good for the soul. The last thing I want is wrestling with a dodgy connector or a software error That said, I did pick up one of those smartphone holders that clamps onto an EP - in a vain attempt to capture something to show to others what the telescope can do. Let's just say Damien Peach needn't be worried
  20. I went up by the same 1.5x diameter factor (from a 10" to 15"), and the extra aperture is really great on DSO's. I'd say chance it! It should be good on planets, and offer more on DSOs. You only live once
  21. Nice one - I have something like this, except it has a plastic tube to hold the glass optics, an f20 system. It is excellent on sunspots Highly recommend these, and I've also used a 250px with baader solar film, and have a LS50DS Ha scope. For the money you really cannot go wrong, and will get a lot of enjoyment, imho!
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