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  1. Great image as always. Peter
  2. Perhaps you need to reconsider ditching the laptop. You could do short unguided subs. Peter
  3. The guide camera needs to be controlled and that is done by PHD or other guiding software. It needs to be told how to move. Peter
  4. PeterCPC


    Hello Kay and welcome. Peter
  5. PeterCPC

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  6. PeterCPC

    Hi from London

    Hello Mark and welcome to SGL. Peter
  7. If it's any consolation the weather here is just the same. Peter
  8. You would just be copying the noise from the original frame so you would not gain anything. Peter
  9. PeterCPC


    Hello and welcome. Peter
  10. I find the D2 very good at reducing LP here. Peter
  11. If you are after widefield shots then the 40mm STM would be good. Peter
  12. Alex, thanks very much for this. I just did it and the binoculars are now fine. For anyone else who wants to know - the screw which adjusts vertically is the one on the inner side of the lens. Peter
  13. Hello Simon and welcome. Peter
  14. PeterCPC


    Hello Christopher and welcome to SGL. Peter
  15. I was looking through mine today and discovered that they have gone out of collimation. Objects in the left lens appear to be higher than in the right so when you are looking through both it's like you've had a few too many drinks! Before I bin them, can anyone suggest anything that I can do as I can't see any adjustment screw or anything. Peter
  16. PeterCPC

    Hi Everybody

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  17. That certainly looks like Sodium to me. You can usually tell just by looking with the naked eye - does it have an orange glow. If LED lights are coming soon then I would not bother with a CLS. Peter
  18. A CLS filter will help to reduce light pollution from Sodium (Orange) lighting. It won't really help much if you have the more modern LED (White) lights. For those an IDAS D2 filter will help. Peter
  19. I quite liked the second episode but I wish that the background music wasn't so overwhelming. Also he seems to tells us what he is going to say then he says it and then he tells us what he said. Bit repetitive I thought. Peter
  20. Hello Vince and welcome. Peter
  21. The Sky's the Limit shop on E Bay has these for £14.99. Peter
  22. It was taken with my C9.25 with a 2.5 Televue powermate and a Canon 550d. I took a video exposed for Jupiter and one exposed for the moons and combined them. If you expose for the planet only you will not see the moons. If you expose for the moons the planet will be blown out. Peter
  23. Where a DSLR really comes in useful is when you want more widefield shots to show the moons: Peter
  24. As an illustration of what I was saying above re field of view: Peter
  25. 2. A DSLR is not really suitable for planetary imaging - you want a high frame rate camera like an ASI224 or similar. If you use a DSLR you will find that the planet(s) are quite small even with a Barlow etc. Peter
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