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  1. KISS. Keep it simple stupid - my mantra really - always use the least kit possible so there is less to frustrate. Peter
  2. Hello Laurent and welcome. Peter
  3. Hello and welcome. Peter
  4. Hello Dave and welcome. Peter
  5. I would say that a Barlow or Powermate would be helpful as well as using a high frame rate planetary camera like an ASI224. I suggest that you stack using AS!3 first before loading the stacked image into Registax for final editing using wavelets. Peter
  6. Not an ideal scope for DSO imaging. I suggest that you try a bit of "lucky imaging" where you take lots of short exposures to stack. ISO I would suggest 800 and try 30 secs exposures and see if there is trailing. There are various web sites where you can obtain your co-ordinates. Peter
  7. Just discovered that version 3.18 is available if you are interested. Peter
  8. PeterCPC


    Hello and welcome. Peter
  9. Ah... there you are! Welcome back. Peter
  10. A flip mirror helps as well. Peter
  11. PeterCPC

    Hello world

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  12. PeterCPC


    Hello Tarry and welcome. Peter
  13. I suspect that it is out of focus. Are you able to point at a very distant object in the day to check - NOT THE SUN. If not then you just need to experiment with it at night/twilight. The Moon would make a good target. Take longer exposures - try 1 sec and see if you get anything. Peter
  14. You take a video (AVI) and then stack the best frames in AS!3 and then export the file to Registax to use the wavelets to sharpen. It's quite normal for the Moon to appear blurry and waver about when using a camera. Peter
  15. Hello and welcome. Peter
  16. Something like this should do. Or just any vixen dovetail that you can fix the lens foot to. Peter
  17. Hello and welcome. Peter
  18. PeterCPC


    Hello and welcome. Peter
  19. E Bay has lots of thumbscrews like that - measure the diameter but looks like M4. Peter
  20. Hello and welcome. Peter
  21. +1 for Affinity Photo. Peter
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