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  1. i use my eye and scope and get a pic too if I get the chance. clear skys, charl.
  2. ive the white low intensity ones installed in my street, thay made a big difference in the seeing streetside, gone is the horrid orange glow replace buy pure darkness just above the lamps, I live in a very dark site but the leds has made it darker + thay give off no heat so makes better clarity with less rising warm heat. clear skys all. charl.
  3. thanks Starsapling, very quite mate, looks like where heading for another blank one. clear skys, charl.
  4. thanks Stu, yer mate I'm trying to will some action, a bit of clear sky would be nice, I havnt had any since taking these pics. clear skys, charl.
  5. thanks Furrysocks, I carnt think of any links offhand, but I have seen them both as charts and globes made from composits. back to cloud here now, the clear lasted about 45min. clear skys, charl.
  6. thanks Dave, can you tell I'm at a loss for something to do ?, its clear here at the mo but sols outa range for me, the winds blowing east so someone might bag a few frames. charl.
  7. patched the missing tile with one from 17-12-16, not quite the right faze but I don't think it looks to bad from a distance. this has got me thinking, what if this could be done with all the fazes, like terminator all over, I know pros have done it but could it be done by me with a attention span of a goldfish ?. thanks for looking. charl. before. with the tile mophed in. last after being tickled in photoshop. ive had to tilt it a bit to get things to line up. and one for luck, this time I managed to do it without tilting it.
  8. thanks Dave, keep getting sol braking through the clouds here, too late for me but there heading east so somebody may get lucky. clear skys , charl.
  9. nice one neil, didn't realize this had gone to a two pager,ive only first seen it thismorrning. very fitting to have the king poping outa the moon. well done. charl.
  10. "theres many a slip from cup to lip" guys you carnt worry about a few secs when telling the time by a shadow, we have watches for that. hope your coughs get better chaps. charl.
  11. so what do I win for getting it right then... charl..
  12. I allways go by eye, its a suck it and see thingy, the values in the eg 0.5, and so on really don't mean much unless there got from your location. if it looks good it is good and clarity in your images or eyepiece should be good too. clear skys , charl.
  13. thanks Pete, the seeing helped mate, best this year so far. clear skys , charl.
  14. lovely shots mate, some nice detail caught along the terminator. well done. charl.
  15. thanks Pete, I'm willing it to develop mate, fingers crossed. charl.