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  1. 200p , bigger the mirror the more light caught the better the view. charl.
  2. Who 'invented' averted vision?

    It was cavemen, to avoid looking at there wifes hairy arm pits , sorry I couldn't help myself. charl.
  3. sol ha prom 19-1-18

    thanks Pete, its gone now, looks like its blank again . clear skys, charl.
  4. sol ha prom 19-1-18

    thank David, same here today mate, I'm sick of the darn weather. clear skys. charl.
  5. sol ha prom 19-1-18

    thanks ngwillym, it do get quite low this time of year, I image from a 2nd floor window what gives me more range. clear skys. charl
  6. The Sun in Ha 21 Jan 2018 -- huge prom alert

    great shots mate, ive been watching it on gong, nothing but evil cloud here in south wales. thanks for the view. charl.
  7. Do you use a Zoom and if so, why?

    I use a badder mk 4, it replaces about 5 eps 8mm 12mm 16mm 18mm 22mm, it shows great contrast with a nice field of view , I had the mk 3 for a few years but my son took a liking to it so upgraded myself to the mk4 which is lighter than the mk3 without losing anything optic wise . there a great zoom and id recommend one to anybody who don't want to drag loads of heavy eps about. charl. ps I use it with all my scopes and it works well with my quark.
  8. Solar Imaging Showcase 2017

    thanks MG, your so very kind mate. 222, at the beginning of 2017 I didn't think Id hit 100 with the weather, I was chasing 238 from 2016 so ended up 18 behind so I'm very happy. clear skys. charl.
  9. Solar Imaging Showcase 2017

    thanks John, that sounds about right mate, the proms do look alike and its a better date than ive got. great shot, much better than mine. charl.
  10. Solar Imaging Showcase 2017

    thanks John. those are some amazing full discs mate, well done. I must try harder with colour, I never seam to get it right, usally turning out the wrong shade. clear skys, thanks for sharing. charl.
  11. Solar Imaging Showcase 2017

    Heres a few of mine to get us started. 2017 was a big year for me, I got my quark in feb and have had a great time using it, it was a real eye opener. hope you all had a great year, my score was 222 imaging days. thanks for looking. clear skys, charl. 1-4-17. 2-4-17 22-4-17 23-5-17 1-6-17 9-7-17 12-7-17 9-10-17 25-10-17 I seam to of lost the date for this one. 25-10-17, thanks john.
  12. Solar Imaging Showcase 2017

    Please add your fav Solar Images from 2017. seasoned or new to the hobby all are welcome to build up Sols story for 2017. Drawings would be good too or anything what gives us a true picture of the year. thanks for your data. clear skys . charl.
  13. First light for the ASI1600MM

    your welcome mate, where due for some action soon, its been ages since we had a large sunspot, think this was the last large one we had back in September. charl.
  14. First light for the ASI1600MM

    great shots mate, deff a step up with the new cam. well done. charl.
  15. sol ha prom 19-1-18

    thanks Reggie, hope you have good skys too. charl.