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  1. great shots Dave, i had blue today but give up when i couldnt find any proms. well done. charl.
  2. would you believe it a day of blue sky and nothing happen on sol, someones having a laugh ....

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      Yep, waited all week for clear skies!

    2. SIDO


      Yep totally believe it 🙂

  3. wish i had a mosaic with a bit missing . well done Steve for catching anything in this weather. lovely colour and detail. charl.
  4. lovely discs Steve, cracking detail as allways. nothing but cloud here mate the sun has forsaken me . charl.
  5. +1 for Autosakker, its very rare i use Regi with solar shots, i sometimes do when ive lots of cloud in prom shots because AS2 carnt cope. charl.
  6. +1 for microsofts ICE, its all i use just remember to crop the edges first. charl.
  7. lovely image Steve, i like the colours. charl.
  8. thanks Reggie your so kind mate. not allways theres a lot of shots that dont make it on here. i try to get as many frames as possable then i can cul a lot to try and get the sharpist image possable but it dont work all the time. clear skys. charl.
  9. thanks Sido, i love shooting the fuller moons and day ones i enjoy the challenge. yes a small spot looks good if this cloud would sling its hook but ive been sat at the rig for 3 hours thismorrning with no luck. hope you have better skys. charl.
  10. nice one mate. i think its something to do with the aline points, someone with more knol will be along soon . charl.
  11. post it in the imaging as well "go on" theres no sutch thing as a bad image in the persuit of science, theres some good data in your image thay dont have to look like masterpieces. well done for catching some action. charl.
  12. thanks Steve, me too, i was wishing someone would put 50p in the meter . clear skys. charl.
  13. thanks Alan, yes i hope so, my scopes have never had so much dust on . wishing you clear mate. charl.
  14. thanks Wouter, that very kind of you to say so. clear skys. charl.
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