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  1. cracking shot mate, theres so much to look at. well done. charl.
  2. well done John, think your about the only imager to catch it today on here. thanks for the view. charl.
  3. great news mate, you got there in the end, I love my quark, it amazes me everytime I used it, luckly I got to try before I buy, so took a lot of worry outa buying one. clear skys, charl.
  4. I find the biggist difference between my eq6 and heq5 is weight differerence ie when you want to move it the heq5 is a lot easyer to handle with my gammy knees, as about max load ive had my solar duel setup on both and its about 10kg "over weight for imaging with the heq5" and thay perform the same, the motors on the heq5 are a tiny bit noiseyer when slewing. clear skys, charl.
  5. thanks Pete, totally clouded out for the last 2 days mate here, hope you have some clear. charl.
  6. that's a great shot knobby, loads of detail there mate. well done. thanks, charl.
  7. great set Chris, that lunt do perform well mate. well done. thanks , charl.
  8. thanks Chris, clear skys, charl.
  9. thanks Michael, its been quite quiet in the showcase post the last few months so I thought id give a reminder, we already have some fantastic images but theres room for loads more , look forward to your pics, clear skys " cloudy here today" charl.
  10. come on solar imagers get your pics put in the solar imaging showcase 2016 pinned at the top of the solar imaging sec, alls welcome, where in desperate need ... clear skys , charl.
  11. great shots under the conditions Michael, clouded out allday here, hoping for a chance tomorrow but the odds are low with the forcast, hope you have better skys. charl.
  12. thanks StargazerMcCabe, glad you like my shots, hope you get your scopes soon. check out my Flickr page if you would like to see some more of my astro shots. heres a link clear skys, charl.
  13. thanks Milwaukeelion, your so kind mate, clouded out today, hope you had some clear. charl.
  14. talk of the devil mines just arrived. charl.
  15. havnt had mine yet, charl.