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  1. thanks Bish, its taken me a while to get a Quark mate, but there well worth the money, the best bit I think with HA is theres allways something going ,but ill allways have a softspot for whitelight ,I get my WL shots first while the Quarks warming up. clear skys, charl.
  2. Aliens .. charl.
  3. great set Michael, ive been trying but cloud is too much to get a single frame. lovely detail as allways. thanks, charl.
  4. great shots Steve, lovely setup mate, the mention of work gives me cold shivers down my spine . thanks, charl.
  5. thanks mate.. charl.
  6. great shots Iain, nothing but the spitefull gray stuff here. well done, charl.
  7. thanks Dave, yer mate I was clouded out by 09.30, no luck today, 100% cloud not a glimce of any sun. hope you have better. charl.
  8. don't be Disillusioned Michael, I live in a darksite but the seeings been pants here for most of this year, where due for some good skys soon.. chin up mate, charl.
  9. Neil , have you spoken to the neighbours about the trees ?, ive good neighbours, I spoke to next door about a bright sercurty light thay put up at the bottom of there garden and gave them a bottle of wine and thay have turned it off , its never been on since, I fined most people don't realize somethings a problem until you talk to them. clear skys, charl.
  10. 24/7 365 days a year when theres anything in the sky with no or little cloud , I guess you could say fulltime. nice setup tony. charl.
  11. thanks Dave, today " thurs" the seeing had improved a bit on yesterday, only manage a WL smash and grab, plus thers some activity on the oncoming limb, couldn't see any spots but there was loads of the white snakey stuff. clear skys, charl.
  12. thanks Iain, been raining here mate too , the trick is to dodge the raindrops . clear skys charl.
  13. thanks Dave, its been slow going this year mate. glad you got some good skys last night it was clear here too, but the seeing was pants. clear skys, charl.
  14. great shots john, my seeing was a improvement on yesterdays, 100% cloud at the mo. thanks, charl.
  15. great shots Tony, lovely detail mate. thanks, charl.