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  1. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    thanks Pete, agreed it was a lovely sight. charl.
  2. sol HA 22-10-17 new AR

    thanks Dave, just tried it now and its still pants, I think there isn't enough detail caught mate, the cloud was bad ,it was slightly better when getting the AR But if thay where welles you wouldn't want to use them for diving. hope you get clear tomorrow. charl.
  3. sol HA 22-10-17 new AR

    thanks Neil, yer mate when life gives us lemons what do we do , yes make batterys. charl.
  4. sol HA 22-10-17 new AR

    thanks Gordon, yes mate its getting dizzy . charl.
  5. sol HA 22-10-17 new AR

    thanks Freddie, your being very kind. charl.
  6. very nice scope mate, its making me drool , well done. charl.
  7. sol HA 22-10-17 new AR

    two poor shots taken through a cloud filter, theres less than a 100 frames in each, so just to show I'm paying attention. the large prom is on the disc now "sorry about the shot" and we have a new at last, its not the biggist but ill take anything after the blankness we have had lately. hope you have clear to view, charl. the new AR, i don't know its number yet. a mess,
  8. Sol 22/10/17

    thanks Naillk, yer mate it looks very nice as a fila, got a few vids, ill post as soon as done. charl.
  9. Heads up new AR 22-10-17

    thanks Jules, its not nice here mate , near 100% cloud, the winds died down a bit thismorrning I got the worse of the storm lastnight. charl.
  10. Heads up new AR 22-10-17

    yes we have a new AR thismorrning, nice size too. if you get the chance its worth a look. pics to follow. charl. heres a qwick whitelight for the jist, cloud attacked as soon as I wrote this post but I'm still trying.
  11. DSLR M22

    I like, lovely image mate. well done. charl.
  12. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    yes road race bike simler to what thay use in the tours, hes into extreme sports, mainly mountain races ,running and bikes, don't know where he gets it from I never done anything where you carnt drink coffee while doing it , big respect to you for doing cross country its not the easyist or safest bike racing type. charl.
  13. our huge prom today 20-10-17

    thanks Dave, I didn't even get a look mate, sat there hoping the histrogram would grow but nothing I powered down about 11.30 ,its raining here too. charl.
  14. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    thanks Shaun, your a brave man to ride in this wind, those bikes don't weigh much nowa days "my sons bike is carbon fiber you can lift it with 2 fingers", it must of been like sailing, well done. charl.
  15. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    thanks Naillk, your so kind mate. clear skys. charl.