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  1. great shot Rusty, thats just how i saw it just a bit redder.well done. Steve and Peter much the same here guys rained most of the day. Charl.
  2. just a heads up i got a qwick look thismorrning and there three smallish proms around the disc and a nice big active area near the mid oncoming limb very bright i couldnt see any spots but there could be some i had about a minute of clear in the near 100% cloud cover. hope someone gets a image. clear skys. charl
  3. great shots mate, i had a look first thing and it looked asleep mate, there was a faint small prom on the lower oncoming limb and nothing else doing. thanks. charl.
  4. thats a great image mate. well done. charl.
  5. xtreemchaos

    New guy

    hi mate and welcome. ive retired my bikes too my nine lifes was running out id had to many close calls. clear skys. charl.
  6. Great shots David, cloud didnt lift here untill 1pm mate but as you say quiet ,still i wouldnt of minded a look. thanks for the view. charl.
  7. thanks Dave, it rained here nearly all morrning mate, i did look on gong and seen there was a few proms but by the time the rain slung its hook it was outa range but f1 was on in the afternoon so wasnt too bothered. hope you have better skys tomorrow. charl.
  8. thanks John, good to hear from you mate. this year has been pants here, when we have had a bit of sun 9 times out of 10 the seeings been poor im hoping for better this winter, its been hot here nothing compaired to Vegas what your used to mate but 90f to us brits is like the surface of sol . hope you get some pics soon. clear skys. charl.
  9. i havnt brought any astro gear from them but have brought plenty of PC parts namely watercooling bits with a distro plate being about £180 and havnt had any imported tax yet but ive noticed the seller puts a much lover price on the item on the posted invoice maybe a that way thay get round it . charl.
  10. 2 nice proms if you get the chance, very cloudy here today but found a few gaps. seeings quite fazey. kit starwave 102 , quark, asi120mc. thanks for looking. clear skys. charl. prom upper oncoming limb. proms lower off going limb, quite bright.
  11. My old faithful is a AR127L f9.5 its a wonderful old scope ive had it about 20 years must of been one of the first ones. its great on the moon and planets but do show a little ca on bright stuff. takes lovely moon images. cons its heavy and dos catch the wind. i allso have a starwave 102 f11 but mainly use it for solar Ha with a quark but its also a very nice vis scope and a lot lighter than the ar127l but again a little ca on the bright stuff. goodluck. charl.
  12. great result Pete, nothing but cloud here in south wales mate. thanks for the view. charl.
  13. thanks Pete, your so kind mate, just pot luck i nearly deleted the vid. clear skys. charl.
  14. xtreemchaos


    great shot Den, not a chance here the weathers all bad and i think its going to be the same for at least another week. thanks for the view. charl.
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