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  1. well its took me 3 hours to upload these, I had to turn to jpeg and reduce the size by a 3rd to get the uploaded, kept getting "your only allowed 3.77 mb" its taken a bit of detail sorry. same old kit. thanks for looking. clear skys, charl. HA 2 prom wl, I have 3 but because of the up loading ive only posted 1. update. after uploading these it saying "you are only allowed 0.1 mb to upload" hope thay fix it soon, I have reported it but nobodys got back to me yet. charl,
  2. gremilings mate, happends to me all the time, I mess up at least once a session, if I don't I know I havnt been trying hard enough .. charl.
  3. thanks John, I'm very impressed with the Quark, its a lot easyer to use than WL when theres so much action in HA, and the cost soon passes into a distent memory after the shock of buying one, I wos lucky enough to get a brand new one for nearly hafe price. clear skys, charl.
  4. great shots Steve, nice and sunny here today mate "fri" carnt belive I had 4 days on the trot. lovely detail as allways mate. thanks ,charl.
  5. thanks Dave, its nice and clear here tonight, might have a chance in the morning too if the forcasts right, doing a bit of vis tonight ,jupiters just rose but its a bit wobberly yet with being so low . hope you get some clear soon. charl.
  6. great shots Pete, yes the small spot is most welcome. thanks, charl.
  7. great report mate, the Orion nebula is truly a wonderfull sight, ive been looking at it for over 40 years and it still makes my heart skip a beat, sadly my eyes arnt as keen sight wise so 3 or so years ago I started to dabble in the mistic art of AP, it has made up for my poor eye sight and I wish id started years ago, I still do a lot of vis, tonight ill be on the eye piece looking at my old favs including the o-neb and area. hope you get good seeing for Jupiter. charl.
  8. thanks Pete, yes it is mate, it was blank for along time this time. clear skys,charl.
  9. thanks Michael, clear skys, charl.
  10. thanks Steve, hope your clouds dissapeired mate, its nice here at the mo, going to have a look at Jupiter later "fingers crossed" clear sky, charl.
  11. thanks Pete, just caught the plane by chance. clear skys, charl.
  12. great set Michael, thanks, charl.
  13. great shot of Copernicus Vox, that's got detail no one else is showing, what faze is it at . thanks. charl.
  14. thanks Gus, not the best of conditions here today, but over all I'm happy just to get a few shots. ive lernt that the Quark don't like thin cloud at all, but as you said it still showing quite a bit going on. didn't have time for any vis today . hope for better skys tomorrow, its turn really cold here , hard frost firstthing. clear skys, charl.
  15. well theres a bit of sun here but covered with a vail of thin cloud, so detail isn't upto much. kit ed80, Quark, asi120mc for HA. 120mm, 1200d for WL. thanks for looking, and I hope you have better skys than me. charl. prom 1 prom 2 HA, you can just see AR2643 if you sqint. closer. Whitelight.