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  1. White light 19 August 2017

    great sketch Shane, the short time i got to do vis today was amazing, the detail in the AR was staggering in both lights. thanks charl.
  2. Sol HA,WL,Proms. AR2671. 19-8-17

    thanks James, yer the weathers been a real pain this year, I'm 28 behind last years count at this date at 151 solar imaging sessions so far, I'm hoping for a better autum so I can catch up. charl.
  3. Sol HA,WL,Proms. AR2671. 19-8-17

    thanks Pete, clear skys. charl.
  4. Hello AR2671 in CaK & Ha - 19/08/17

    great Ca-K Robin, lovely detail. yes mate the AR is looking very nice today, i was doing a bit of vis after getting my shots thismorrning and the fine detail on offer was amazing, loads of action in between the spots , micro fillaments bridging the spots, but my vis was caught short by the evil cloud . hope you have clear tomorrow. charl. ps. love your website mate, just spent a hour on it, i was like a kid in a sweet shop.well done.charl.
  5. Sun Ha 06/08/19

    great shots James, lovely detail mate, you got all the action thats what counts. thanks. charl.
  6. Sol HA,WL,Proms. AR2671. 19-8-17

    thanks Dave, it hasnt rained here yet but its dark sky all round, and its forcast clear for tonight, but i carnt see it , there no wind to blow this cloud away. hope you have clear tomorrow. charl.
  7. Solar Max Coronado 70mm Scope

    that kinds defeats the 70mm objective or am I missing some thing ?, but still id love a look through one, the price tag makes my eye water a bit, it has to be a apo base. charl.
  8. some nice proms on show today 19-8-17 09.30

    thanks Ade, thay was quite faint mate, im using a 80mm and quark and could only just see them. charl.
  9. AR2671 - White Light

    great shots Neil, the AR is looking mighty today. well done. charl.
  10. The Solar Photosphere - 19th August 2017

    great discs Dave, lovely detail as allways. darn weather carnt make its mind up today, suns in range now till 11.45 but so was the cloud so didnt get much vis today, but with what i did see in HA was quite a few micro filaments in between the spots, looked really nice. charl.
  11. ha ar2671 SOL_093415 19-8-17.png

    From the album 2017

  12. 2017

  13. ha ar2671 SOL artistic 19-8-17.png

    From the album 2017

    taken with ed80, quark chromo,asi120mc. 600 frames, thanks for looking, clear skys. charl.
  14. Eclipse fever?

    take two asprin Olly and it will be allright in the morrning mate . charl.
  15. some nice proms on show today 19-8-17 09.30

    great shots Nick, yer the AR is looking very nice in WL, looks good in HA too, theres a few micro filaments inbetween the spots, quite stunning fine detail when i get a gap big enough to view, gaps are getting smaller here now . charl.