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  1. thanks Steve, think it was a flash in a pan mate back to murk here today. hope you have better. charl.
  2. thanks Dave heres hoping mate. we had a small spot a while ago I did try but nothing free enough from cloud to get a pic. yes a spot or two would be nice mate. clear skys. charl.
  3. thanks John, yes its been a bleak start mate, its been cloud here for over a month. lets hope things are looking up. clear skys. charl.
  4. first solar pics of the new year for me , darn weather. nice prom on the upper off going limb. seeings not the best here but im happy to get anything to break my luck. kit starwave 102, quark, asi120mc. thanks for looking. clear skys. charl. prom upper oncoming limb. prom upper off going limb.
  5. yes I am bored with the weather guys but never fed up with sol , I still wake up every morning hoping for a bit of clear darn weather im sure the misses has put a curse on me for saying I don't like turkey at Christmas . great shots as allways Steve. thanks. charl.
  6. Happy New Year all.

    may all your dreams come true !


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xtreemchaos


      my dream is to have a sunspot and a tiny bit of clear mate. 😀 charl.

    3. orion25


      Have a great one, Charl!

    4. xtreemchaos


      all the best Reggie.

  7. great shot Dave, nothing here but the evil gray stuff, when will it end. charl.
  8. I did see santa, only just before being clouded out I could see ruedolphs nose glowing . charl.
  9. thanks Dave, looks like we have a few tiny ones today mate, bet its cloudy here tomorrow. hope you have clear all the new year. charl.
  10. looked out the window of my obsyroom and yes a bit of clear not for long but with my star advent sat on the windows edge i managed a few frames before being clouded out once more so qwicky processed just to say merry christmas to everybody. all the best, charl, shirl, smegul. KIT 1100d modded, supertak vintage 125/35 lens. 7x 120sec frames @iso 800 nothing else just oodles of photoshop.
  11. well done Gav, now I only have to do is get rid of this Venus weather. great pic. merry Christmas mate. charl.
  12. thanks Den, yes she should start waking up soon mate "fingers crossed".
  13. yes those where the days, as dust grows on my solarscope I wish for a clear day and when it arrives theres nothing happening well at least it carnt get any worse can it ? great pics above guy heres one from 2018. charl
  14. ok mate, ive never had a problem with my quark "touchwood" but i can understand how you feel about them with all the nightmare storys but the mk2 which uses less power seams much stronger well mine do . charl.
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