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  1. xtreemchaos


    ill have it if he will post ...///
  2. xtreemchaos

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    smegul is 7 years old, hes a Sphynx "hairless" and is just about the most amazing cat on the planet .. charl.
  3. xtreemchaos

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    no worrys Rusty, you can talk about anything in my threads mate. charl.
  4. xtreemchaos

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    thanks Dave, that is good news mate, its taken a longtime coming to get a good one. yes mate the seeing was pants with me and with the fazing it wasnt worth me getting some vid + the longest Day is on telly and didnt wont to miss the start. goodluck. charl.
  5. xtreemchaos

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    thanks Rusty, about the ERF i havnt a clue mate Peter would be the one to ask, it do sound worrying to burn paper with it fitted but etalons can take a lot of heat, Peter would know. charl.
  6. xtreemchaos

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    thanks Alan, clouded out here now, hope theres a clear patch tonight for the moon. clear skys. charl.
  7. xtreemchaos

    The Sun in Ca-K - 17th Jan 2019

    great shots David, its very quiet today still. charl.
  8. xtreemchaos

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    i woke to a bit of sunshine so power up the quark with the ed80, its very quiet, 2 small proms on the lower oncoming limb and a near small loop on the upper off going limb with a small spike just a bit up from it, sol was fazing quite bad so didnt bother to try and image, there was a small bright patch towards the upper off going quarter. i hope we get a AR soon with some clear to go with it. clear skys, charl.
  9. me too Peter, i like the close up stuff, theres nothing like a nice close up of a prom or sunspot to warm ye cockels of ye heart.
  10. yes staxing is the way forward, it makes the best image and gives more processing leaway. the lunts are more for full discs but there pricey but i would like to own one one day to go with my quark and have the best of both worlds , i live in hope . charl.
  11. xtreemchaos

    Orion widefield

    bliss, a wonderful image. well done. charl.
  12. xtreemchaos


    it was there 4 nights ago when i was imaging the sword but that was 4 nights ago anything could of happened inbetween . charl.
  13. i use a 50% reducer with my quark but have never got a full disc with it , with a f5 frac and asi120mc i manage about a 3rd . everybody gets a sharper image than gong there not going for sharpness there going for as many images thay can get to show the changes as thay happen which is remarkable the job thay do to give us the heads up.. charl.
  14. xtreemchaos


    we use blocking filters for the sun to be safe. i think your star is sirius the dog star . charl. this is what its like when focus and staxed.
  15. it affects the weight of my wallet ... charl.

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