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  1. hobbit

    Hello From Sydney

    Greeting Trex. Where abouts in Sydney are you?
  2. Sure that's not from the LRO? Absolutely fantastic work
  3. Man I wish we got snow here Been struggling through several 40 degree days this week.
  4. I want to move up from my asi 120mc as was wondering which is better for lunar. the 174, 224 or 290. oh. and it would be on a celestron c8 thanks.
  5. hobbit


    one of my favourites. 20x120 L bin 1 10x120 R bin 2 10x120 G bin 2 10x120 B bin 2 taken using takahashi fsq106 and sbig SBIG STL-11000M. was originally much wider field but had to crop it down to get rid of some the stacking artifacts. Still trying to figure out how to get rid of them.
  6. 8x300s HA 8x300s SII 8x300s OIII
  7. Thanks, I'll have a look over there
  8. my (limited) understanding is those are for collimating, not focusing.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with these? I was thinking of getting one to use with my ED120 but wanted to get some feedback first Thanks Pete
  10. I sense that you're joking but it did screw up a lot of the servers at work.
  11. Always look forward to seeing your images.
  12. Michael, size and distance in astronomy has always blown my mind. It's impossible to visualise just how immense it all is.
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