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  1. Tell you what in general this morning the sky was great, a comet in the north, Saturn and Jupiter in the south, moon mars up in the east, summer triangle over to the west... great smokes it's good time for astronomy.
  2. Took a really invigorating hike up the hill out of town to a local countryside footpath to grab some more neowise shits, set off at half2 after showing the wife neowise from the landing window, just skirting the trees.. I was hoping for some NLC too but alas the comet will have to do..
  3. Just had an exhilarating jaunt up the hill... glad I did..
  4. Haha Not going to let that one go are you, which is fair enough, i admit it's a shallow reason, not liking the look of something despite the obvious optical performance and availability to the masses that the scope brings.. In fairness the op was about either rich field or a better 100mm frac, but as we love to spend everyone else's money these types of questions often evolve into suggestions a bit beyond people's means and wants.. but those suggestions are made from a wealth of experiance by those who have already asked and answered the questions.. i respect that.. i just dont think a 120ed is where im think currently.. that's not to say if a 120 equinox was available second hand, sliding dew, rotating focuser etc and I had that budget then I'd be interested.. I guess what I'm after is a complementary rich field scope, that goes a bit deeper than a 100mm, and maybe upgrade the 100mm in the future..
  5. Just got back in from hunting down neowise between the clouds.., and boy the wind was up too.. A few shots for your pleasure..
  6. Oh dobbie I half hoped you'd say it knocked to socks off the f11!! I see a 120 f5 has popped up in the classified.. could be a good partner for the f11 for wide field and solar.. might just scratch the itch for a little while..
  7. Thanks Dave, yes family is keeping well under the circumstances, the same for you and yours I hope.. thanks for your thoughts, interesting what you say about 120ed and it just not being right, I recall Jules having similar thoughts and experiences not long back, both of you being big frac people it's a point I have in my mind.. I've seen the vixen on ABS, if it had been later in the year I might have gone for it.. if I buy it'll be on an intrest free credit card I've just taken out, so I can save the savings, that and with the distance and covid, I'm less inclined to travel at the moment. Otherwise yes excellent choice, and a nice vixen frac on my GP I suppose another one of the things in my mind is my GP, after I thought the motor had failed, I'm not wanting to over face it with a bigger frac such as a 120ed.. another reason why I'm not pushing towards what is probably the the logical choice.. keeping around 5kg on a shorter tube is the way to go, hence option 1 or 3.. complimenting the 100mm and gp combination..
  8. Oh I know... I fail to explain my mind sometimes, and absolutely the 120ed is probably right on the money.. yet I look at it and it just doesn't take me to that place that my f11 does... not sure how to say it... maybe I just don't find it lickable enough!
  9. Hi Dobbie, all well thank you, yourself? I'd forgotten you had the F7 ED, sounds like a plan for a meet up.. whats your thoughts on the comparison.. I'll be honest i had a 72mm ed altair scope a while back and it worried me at the time, how nice it was.. that was fpl 51 (or equivelent) i think... so i suspect that the fpl53 is a great scope..
  10. I have, and i quite like the look of altair's fpl51 version... but then would the 102mm fpl 53, at £100 cheaper be a match for better optics against 16% more light grasp I have, of course, family favourite, does the job, well and simple... but for some reason i prefer a white tube, so these don't stick with me... fine scope as they are! ( @Alan White don't say i can wrap it in sticky white dc fix!) You rascal, you.
  11. It's a fair point.. but then the classifieds aren't littered with them... I think that could be just the reason.. what 9kg or something... May be an upgrade 100mm and a 120F5 is a better combo.. Don't want to go down the space heater route.
  12. Oh i absolutely wouldn't put a 6" on the GP (i am just sure she can take it)! I had a 200p on the skytee for a while so im thinking the 6" frac is going to be a similar beast. As hallowed as a Tak would be, if i go high end, my hearts set on the vixen SD115, but that's dreamland as i'm not spending that much, this time round, even if i cash in the skytee and f11 as a deposit... so to speak! You can see the problem though.. i know high end (well middle end) might be the ticket, but would that compensate for aperture in the end.. puts some perspective on it doesn't it!
  13. I'd like to think it is.. infact im sure it is.. but i need to treat those motors with some respect to their service years.. The skytee is for the bigger frac... it'll only go if i decide to stay with one scope, upgrading to a better 100mm
  14. Afternoon all, I have this growing itch, in my mind, i think i want to scratch at it and look at getting another frac.. so this is one of those "what would you do threads" do i compliment what i already have leaving me with two scope, for theoretically different observing or replace the one i have for better optics.. My current scope is an altair 102 f11 achro, and i am very, very happy with it.. I know given the right atmospheric conditions that this scope is no slouch at all, but it is my only scope, and with that FL is better suited to solar system work, and brighter PN's etc. My thoughts are turned towards a 150mm frac, probably the F5.9 variants, to get me a bit deeper and wider. Other equipment wise, i have a heavy duty Alt-Az mount, and vixen GP so im covered, wide EP's I've a 24/68 ExSci, and a 17.3TVD, only have 1.25mm filters so not overly interested (yet) in 2" EP's Sense would say, compliment the F11 with a faster larger scope.. BUT this little voice on my shoulder keeps saying upgrade the f11 to a better 100mm, like the fpl53 F7 starwave, which is quite appealing as i've been happy with one scope for a few years, so why not just get a better one, and keep on being satisfied.. I've thought about a Dob, or Mak/SCT, but i'm a frac man and I've put a bit of time money and effort in to the Alt-Az set up with my mind on a bigger frac, to that end my options would be 1, compliment to existing frac with another rich field 150mm sort 2, Sell the sky-tee and current frac, and put towards a higher spec, 100mm ish f7 frac. 3, the last option and one not to tell the wife, is to do both, keeping the skytee.. maybe sell the f11, and get a 150mm and fpl 51 100mm f7 doublet. Whats others thoughts on this please.. Thanks Fozzie
  15. I suspect that's a typo and they mean "local guy"....
  16. He's back...! That'll do.. bit more back towards some kind of normality!
  17. I got up for 3am, but alas no joy due to clouds... One thing that is bugging me though and its probably me.. what elevation are you folks seeing here, all the images look to be quite manageable, however the sky live is showing hugging the horizon between 2am and 3am around 6deg..?
  18. I think this looks quite refreshing!
  19. That "streamer" was the brightest nlc feature I've seen.. doesn't even look like there's any ground distances between the images does it!
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