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  1. Cheap in real terms, I got it down to 11p per day over 30 years.. like a true finance office, no emotion or sympathy.. or actual understanding of anything other than ledger books.. problem is negotiating has highlighted a few up and coming pesky bills for her car that might take precedence.. I know, i know collective groan! So it won't be this time round for a premium 4".. and I'm ok with this, having a young family I almost feel guilty spending money on myself, the right priority in many ways as I'm sure many can understand.. I think for now I'll look towards one of the 102mm f7 fpl53.. Hardy a hardship.. Also to say thanks for those who have DMd me offering some great scopes, including one that might take up on as itll make a great lunar imaging rig.. I think although I could... and I can which is a privilege to be in such a position especially this year.. I'll be sensible and go small steps as opposed to great big one..
  2. Peter Drew..... what utter depths of deviousness!! Do you have a proforma you can send me!? Negotiations are going well... so far I've pushed bedtime back by 10mins, and I can get a starter with our takeaway tonight...
  3. Regrettably I think I might have desensitized her to my annoying behaviour over the last few years.. I secretly think she knows I'm going to spend... problem I'll have is when it comes back at me! The debt will always be paid.. Funny story on that, a colleague of mine had a heart attack at home a few years ago, in the middle of the night.. his wife a intensive care nurse saved his life.. a few weeks after he returned to work, she rang him, he was stood in my office and clear as bell over the line his wife starts with "you know how I saved your life..." I had to leave I was chuckling that much, poor lads credit card is steaming now!
  4. Who buys a scope with out a handle!! I've seen both the FS and Stu's vixen FL... both lovely but both requiring me to take out of savings which I don't want to do, keep it for a rainy day... unless @stu has somewhere to swipe a card I'll be buying new... maybe... don't know yet...
  5. I do need to figure out what i'm going to look through though.... after the stellalyra cloud penalty the UK is currently under disperses!
  6. Takitus is worse than the green and black slippery slope.. If feel bad for @JeremyS for being so inflicted... I'm also fairly sure every Tak he had was on a 50% promo, with a further reduction of 15% if bought in cash, with a claimable cash back value to put towards his next purchase... I'm going to print a few dummy voucher codes off from work... see if i get that past the mathematician at home! for what its worth.. being tired, i rekon i've 30 years in me.. that's nearly 11,000 days.. so that DZ would cost me £0.27 a day... You can't even buy a 10p fudge for that now.. Money well spent considering the resale value of say £1800.. that would equate to £0.11/day.... sign me up, we should all have one when you think about it! £3k a day, what is she on about!
  7. I am without scope, my beloved f11 is going to a new master, who has great plans for it, which made the transaction a little more bearable.. this however puts me in the market place, which requires certain discussions with the finance director.. never easy, even when thoroughly rehearsed.. "I'm surprised you sold your scope without getting one in first, have you seen one you like?" Innocent enough "I've seen loads I like, not made my mind up yet, thinking similar but better glass tbh" "like this for instance" flashing her a picture of a Tak DZ package.. at £3k "Take this for instance... I'd probably never need to buy another 4" frac ever again" "For as long as you live" she says... "That's right.. take I keep it for the rest of my life..Do you know how much that would be a day...?" "Yes" she says.. "about £3k" I didn't know she was that good at maths...
  8. WHAT! I don't like having it for sale as it is, don't make me regret before i even part with it john... Only got room in the stable for 1 4" frac though..
  9. Thanks, no joy at the moment... it is a lovely capable scope, high quality finish and a good lens up top... I wonder if the lack of postage that puts people off sometimes. Nudge the price a bit... £225.. same as above.
  10. Hi All, I'm offering up for sale my Altair F11 achromatic doublet, it's a reluctant sale, as this scope has been with me since the beginning of my active observing in the hobby. Its the early white version, with rotating duel speed Crayford focuser, which accepts 2" accessories and comes supplied with 1.25" adapter, supplied with rings and vixen dovetail, vixen style finder shoe. carry bag and boxes are also included. It's a good refractor this, and has given me a lot of memorable views, moon at 450x (see picture, taken through 5mm EP and Barlow & semi apo filter) was one such occasion when conditions allow, so the scope is very capable of showing you the best the conditions will allow. scope is in great condition, some marks on the focuser as is the norm, and also the dovetail are the main issues, no paint chips or scratches. looking for £240 collected, or happy to arrange a meet up within an hour of Leeds.. Please note, mount, diagonal, eyepieces, rigel base or children are not included in the sale. thanks for looking Fozzie
  11. there was a certain excitement about the "what if...." element.. glad it's all done and dusted now.. I can concentrate on buying reputable astro purchases from reputable suppliers... if I ever make my mind up on what I actually want!
  12. so it's true you never know with ES.... So to update this, I spoke with Amazon on the 10th as suggested, and raised the A/Z insurance protection they had told me to once the delivery slot expired.. bearing in mind this was all done through the mobile app on live chat, it was really easy and simple.. and they even resisted the temptation for the "STUPID BOY!" comments when reviewing the order.. All was in order, but my card would be charged, however it would be refunded within 5days, sure enough sometime Saturday evening the charge showed up on the card. While I wasn't alarmed, it did cross my mind that maybe i hadn't actually been speaking with amazon and this was how the scam works.. Who knows, but i thought I'll start to panic after 5 days.. Not to fear though, my card received it's credit back from Amazon this morning.. Fair play, I've found them really quite easy and professional to deal with.. The curious case of the £393 165mm FPL53 F7 with feather touch 3" focuser closed! Ta Fozzie
  13. Thanks Craig.. I thought that about the 6"CC being close to the F11, but the astrotools calculator threw out some figures that made me think again.. the F11 has a dawes of 1.14arc/sec while the 6"CC has a DL of 0.76arc/sec, that feels like a reasonable jump... resolution is 0.68 to 0.42 (native) 38% increment.. weight wise its easily 8kg for the 6CC, the 8CC is going to be 11kg including camera.. i'm not sure the 25 year old motors would thank me for the later, especially with counterweight, its a lot of weight, not to mention the setting up etc.. I think 6CC is more realistic.. Any thoughts on camera to match.. I'm basing the fact the canon has 3.75 pixels to the 2.4 pixels as being/bringing a better resolution.. but i have no idea how that side works.. thanks again Fozzie Oh and the f11, will probably change to a F7 when back in stock/at some point.. which will obviously impact resolution
  14. I've had a good read of this now.. initial thoughts are really good. for someone interested in a "how too" for a workflow on PiPP, RS6, AS3 and some basic PS then this book covers it well, sections on equipment configuration, DSLR and High frame dedicated cameras, also covered. and to finish a section on ICE.. All bases covered. What i think attracted me is the colour imagery, as opposed to mono. the subtle shades of the images are really engrossing... close ups are taken with a Skymax180 and ASI 224.. The remining sections in the book, are a lunar features guide, based on the scopes he used, 80mm triple and skymax 180.. with a colour code to the best observing instrument.. must say, don't quite agree with some, as my 4" frac has shown me some features down as needing more aperture.. decent read, talented imager.. ta Fozzie
  15. I've seen similar to this, was just about to swap out the EP for a camera, when i took one last look... and yep tiny black dot.. I put that down to a satellite.. still though does give you a little thrill of excitement.. also i won't deny the history channel guy popped in to my thoughts for a second too..
  16. Hi all, I'm thinking of upping my time and capabilities on lunar imaging.. currently I use a 102F11 achro and unmodded eos750d, and I've had some nice whole disk images.. coupled with an es x2 Telextender for closer I'd like to get a bit deeper than that combo allows me, so with weight in mind for the GP mount, duel motors, I'm thinking the new 6"f12 CC and asi 178mc might make a really nice combo, especially with the pixel size of the asi Totally new to dedicated astro cameras, would this be a good match, with the x75 reducer I could use the 750d and CC for whole disk also.. What's people's thoughts.. Tia Fozzie
  17. Thanks, I thought it would be tight... shame, I could see myself really enjoying it, on a tracked mount.. there's always the skytee though..
  18. These are great looking scopes, the 8cc has my eye, do we think a GP is man enough for lunar work, as I think the the 6cc is too close to the 4"f11..?
  19. Star book controller or other..? I've only had a GP driven mount, and that is quiet... even on max slew..
  20. As Meg Ryan once said... "yes, Yes...... YES!" I do love the sound and look of this set up!
  21. put that side of me back in the box.... for now!
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