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  1. Nice Share @Stu.. Love that chart in the Beeb website recording the impacts, that is interesting.. Spot on Chris, I was demonstrating this very thing to little Oliver this weekend while as I was emptying the dishwasher.. I stood up only to crack my head on an open cupboard door, that impact, while it didn't have a dizzying 32,000 m/s velocity, certainly had A LOT of Kinetic Energy.. felt like a good portion of the Chelyabinsk blast had gone of in my head.. I can only surmise that my mass made up for the lack of velocity in this instance.. Worst of it was, I'd left the door open in the first place!
  2. Mines the skytee2, the chap I bought it from had a 14kg 250p reflector on it, along with a big old Meade counter weight.. I used it with a 200p for a while, no issues.. now just has to cope with an 4kg refractor.. I've added a adm saddle, long slow mocontrols and extension.. with a home made tripod.. very steady capable mount.. Can be good value second hand!
  3. Oh and apology to @paulastro for the tangent in the thread, totally my fault.
  4. Thats part of what makes me question what im buying, I came very very close to the AAf11ED, and I was planning to visit the show, but for a sicky baby and nasty letter from HMRC I would have, and would probably have walked away with one.. but at the back of mind, having owned a aa72mm ED which they themselves termed a semi apo due to fringing why all of a sudden, across numerous quarters a hush on this element..the new 72mm ED skywatcher and 150ED, now the AaF11.. surely as a consumer you've a right to know the fuel they run on..
  5. I'd have gone with HFK61 or fcd1, with a specialist mate lens, lanthium or otherwise, all similar abbe numbers in the low 80s but I guess you don't hear of them in the same "consumer" circles as fpl51.. most manufacturers don't mind saying fpl51.. I've not heard of hfk61 in any of my online shopping i assume for some reason manufacturers feel it may be off putting..
  6. It's the biggest point for me over the achro.. I say that I knowledge that the achro is very, very good when conditions allow.. I'm not a big fan of buying things that I'm intentionally kept in the dark over, especially when it's the main selling point.. ie ED glass.. it's like buying a car, without them telling what engine is in it.. id personally like to know a bit more, otherwise I might suspect the ed not a significant jump/better than my achro and semi apo filter combo..
  7. It doesn't Chris, I've used the WO set with mine, it was fantastic, but it needed a Barlow or opc to reach focus.. with the 20mm supplied EPs and 1.6 nosepiece from a Barlow, plus the added focal.of the binos etc I reckon I was easily over 200x.. so right at the edge of useful mags on most nights.. had some fantastic 3d views of the moon and Jupiter, but also had some real mush due to conditions.. sold then with the intent to revisit binoviewers at some point when I had a scope which would allow native viewing so to speak..
  8. Yep.... a few of the altair scopes have this feature.. I like it! Saves people suggesting 100mm to be cut off the tube.. There's a CN thread on the scope but not too much info.. I'm tempted but there's a few things I'm not overly convinced about, compared to the achro version.. If the tax man left me alone, is be carrying out a side by side right now.. pesky tax man..
  9. I'd be agreeing with John on this the AZ4 is not really the mount for an F10 frac for use at higher powers, it's ok, I've found personally at mid to low magnifications, but a 100mm F10 or F11 scope are quite large and vibrations are "amplified" along the length.. Less so at F7 I'd suspect. From your list above, apart from the SD103s which is tops in my book (I'd snap up a SD115s tomorrow if I had the cash) id be thinking the AA FPL 53 F7 scope, especially if you in the position to look at the build quality at the PAS. I've had 2 AA scopes, not had a problem with either of them. Interesting that you fancy the F10 Vixen, had you considered the AA Ascent 102mm F11 ED @ £599? Also you quote FPL 51 on the AA ascent 102 F7, I didn't think AA had specified which ED element they had used, in all their "ascent" class scopes... do you have some juicy gossip for us on glass types? I'll watch this with interest I think.. Ta Fozzie (ps I know you said new, but if you like the idea of a F10 achro then AA previous F11 is a great scope, second hand bargain price too, I have one, it's a well put together bit of Kit, money left for something else?!?!)
  10. Hi Mark, the best time is usually quoted as late September through to March as the nights are generally longer, especially the further north you head. Obviously I guess the longer the darkness lasts the better chance of seeing any activity. Although that's the key, activity, i'm not sure there is a prescribed time "when" the aurora will be active, and any forecast doesn't allow for much time to arrange a trip, I guess that bit is pot luck! As an example, I was lucky enough to take the family to northern finland in December 17, and was blessed with 3 outstanding nights of activity (although the number of people who hadn't seen anything I met there was remarkable , not sure what they were doing to miss it!) Last year my sister in law also visited northern Finland, and although they had clear sky for 4 nights, they didn't see any activity at all. One of my directors at work went to Iceland last year for a week and also didn't see the lights, despite going on an actual aurora hunting trip to the north.. So I guess that's the crooks of it, there's a more opportune time, but probably no best time.. Ta Fozzie
  11. Just watching a shaft of light throw an arc through hevelius.. lovely view as it's developing And a even fainter "fan" of light developing in grimaldi too..
  12. Toasty.... might need some odour eaters!
  13. New boots for cold night observing!!
  14. Check out the attached from Tom Kerss of the ROG. True colour moon is on my to do list also.. Ta Fozzie MoonTrueColours_TomKerss.pdf
  15. Fantastic, lucky thing, twice in 2 years... great shots!
  16. @Stu, I can lend you an Allen key set if you like... Edit* Oh actually I cant I need it for the cot, as my 9month old nearly pulled himself over the ledge this morning... which is nice as I didn't even know he could sit up by himself!!
  17. Dont do that, she'll be mad you don't know, and she'll know you don't know by having to ask... best just runaway!
  18. You've knocked over her slipper and not put it back... that would be inexcusable in our house!
  19. I'm intending to go for the morning it's a 5 hour round trip by the looks of it.. still thoigh if I make it, it'll be my first astro show.. maybe put some faces to names!
  20. Yeah, a Skytee2 with extension pillar and tripod is not the most portable set up.. I've a large wooden tripod on mine which adds to the stability but again the weight! not a pick up and go option for sure, but then a neither is a 6" frac..
  21. I'd have said, second hand bear bones skytee2 with 1.75inch tripod.. future proof as well with designs on a big 6" frac.. Problem is you'll want a ADM saddle up grade and probably an extension tube.. £££
  22. It does seem that ignorance and selfishness that was once a preserve of social media is creeping out into everyday life, it's a sad indictment! As an example, I was in a supermarket on Saturday with the wife and the 8 month old. Little William accidently dropped his comfort blanket/teddy on the floor, which I without thinking bent to pick it up. However at the same time the woman, who was stationary looking at yogurts had decided to move off, accept I was then blocking her way for all of 2 seconds. I was actually just about to apologise (pet hate of mine is abrupt stoppers in the supermarket!) when not only did she tut, and role her eyes at me she said, "your in my way, he (referring to an 8 month old) shouldn't be messing about when it's busy like this"... Usually I'd hold my council outside of work (construction, some of the conversations can get "over exciting") however this time I decided against it.. I know it's not big and it's not clever... sticks and stones and all that.. (it did feel big and clever though!) I just can't believe that's where we are with things... and by the look on the wife's face, I did the lady a big favour.. A BIG FAVOUR! Emad, great to see the generosity, sad to see the concept of pay it forward is lost on some people.. Ta Fozzie
  23. So who's going to brave the early morning cold to see this.. I'm being forecasted clear sky's over north Leeds (for now).. I've also got the day of work too..
  24. Yes the initial reports do sound encouraging, certainly the Achro does show some false colour at 170x, but it's not objectionable, and the semi apo filter does help. So good to hear that it's virtually non existent at 170x in the ED variant! As that's usually my upper limit on good nights due to seeing and local conditions. I swear the river to the south of me gives of more thermals than a radiator sometimes! As said though, and not the first time we've seen this with a new scope, packaging and transport seem to have let it down a bit. I'm going to hang fire for some more reports, photo's and the like, the intention currently is to go to the Astro Show in Kettering and have a look.. hopefully feel assured enough to walk away with one!
  25. Im going to withdraw this mount for the time being while I decide which avenue to persue.. Can the Mods please archive/remove.
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