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The 400 hour image...

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Everybody has said it all already, but I had to add my bit as this really does deserve a massive virtual pat on the back to both of you. That is some dedication to an area of sky and what a stunning result. I think I will allow myself to use the word AWESOME! Good luck with doing something with the image, I look forward to hearing how you progress and where we can all see the final 'life size' print! That will give hours of pleasure.

Basically, staring at this image is better than standing outside and staring at the real thing!

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ORION. This is a marathon O'Donoghue-Penrice production owing more to Tom than to me. Tom began the luminance and Ha in Spain four years ago using one Tak 106N/Atik 11000. We then set up the dual Tak

I m happy to say that the 400hr Orion image is now available to view at 40% full size through Zoomify on my website. Click on the Full Screen button then zoom and pan away. https://www.astrophoto

Thanks Olly, and everyone for their comments. I'm delighted with the result, so I'm glad you're enjoying it. This almost got out of hand, as despite the 11000 chip size, at 530mm, we thought we would

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Hi everyone

I d like to reiterate what Olly was saying about being bowled over. Thanks for the Ana ing response to this image.i m at the Galway astro festival today and the small print I quickly made of ollys image went down with gasps, and praise. It's going to be fun whatever we do with this. I hope to be able to get it to the stage where everyone can get to it, and see it huge as it should be seen. Lots to work out in the meantime, from the printing to the how do we go about this.

This is a learning curve I was not expecting to try to get to grips with when I started this. It's exciting to have other people excited by this.

Thanks all again for the encouragement.


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A huge well done to both of you Olly and Tom OD.

You have both put a great deal of time into constructing this piece of work, and nobody

should nit pick over  the proportions of time devoted to it. It is simply a joint effort which has worked very very well.

It is a superb result, and if it doesn't make  APOD, then it can only be down to petty jealousy, or some other petulant reasons.

You should both get that accolade, simply because you deserve it.

Brilliant!!!  :icon_salut:  :icon_salut:  :icon_salut: .


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RobH has the right word - staggering.

Olly, you were talking about this project (in its infancy) nearly two years ago when there were two 106s on your kitchen table and i am delighted to see the results; you and Tom have worked very hard on this and this image is a credit to you both for your tenacity and sheer blumming-mindedness in completing. Well done to both 

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I'm not an imager so I rarely dabble in these parts of the forum. But I am so glad I just did. That is absolutely sensational - many many congratulations, chaps. That's just stunning.

I am just about to deck out a new study. I most definitely want a print of this on my wall. Amazing.

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Simply stunning, so much going on there I could study it for ages.

If I had any criticism it would be a very minor one- the 'enhanced detail' areas like M42 don't seem to 'match' or seemlessly blend with the rest of image. It's like looking through a misted window with a few tantalizingly mist free bits! I guess there are no plans to image the whole area in detail and make a 4000 hour version!

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I've been away this weekend - that's why last night's conditions were so good. :embarrassed: 

Anyway, when I saw this come up on my iPhone with "400 hours", "Olly", "Tom" etc. one of my first tasks tonight on getting home was to power up the home PC and have a look at the image on a decent monitor.

Although I was expecting something special - I was completely unprepared for the sheer scale, detail and beauty of this. Congratulations to both of you and curses to you both too for raising the bar so @#£%^ high that us mere mortals who need some sleep occassionally and / or live in the UK can only ever dream of.

Thanks for sharing. I would imagine that your next big challenge will be to find a display medium to do the image justice - do they have iMax theatres down there??


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There are times when new images pop up that changes the way we look at things... The hubble deep field, for instance, made us realise how much "stuff" there really is even in the emptiest parts of the sky. And this mosaic of Orion will forever change the way I look upon Orion on the sky, it's simply the best widefield I've ever seen, period.

I love the way the whole image looks so "uniform", how the big structures kept the same level of quality across many panels, there simply aren't any visible telltale signs of this being a 30 panel mosaic (except for the ridiculous number of pixels). How's this even possible? Top job guys, we're very grateful you made all this possible, thanks for sharing!

Sign me up if you start selling big prints of this


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