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  1. Burnham's Celestial Handbook All three volumes of this classic series of observing guides. Condition is fair to good. All three volumes for just £15 + £6 tracked postage to UK mainland.
  2. Hi PayPal is fine. If you PM me, I'll reply with my email address.
  3. Farpoint short Losmandy-style mount Good Condition. £25 + £2.95 signed for postage
  4. Skywatcher Guidescope Mount. Good Condition. £85 + £4.95 signed for postage
  5. Lumicon 1.25" Filter Slider Space for 5 x 1 25" filters. Quality all metal construction. Very smooth operation. £60 + £4.95 signed for postage
  6. I'm selling my Celestron Manual Alt-Az Mount. In full working order. Damage to plastic cover on Alt axis, but in no way effects functionality (see photo) Only £40. Collection from Worcestershire or might be able to meet half way is fuel costs paid.
  7. Components for very high quality meteor camera set up. Water 902H2 Ultimate camera £195 Computar HG2610 FCS-HSP 2.6mm f1.0 DC iris CCTV lens £90 In-line video noise surpressor £5 154mm diameter perspex dome with gasket £8 Job lot of all these + aerial pole mounting bracket for only £285 + £10 insured postage.
  8. I'm hoping to be there. As with others, this will be first (and possibly only) trip away all year . Due to a huge confluence of poo over last year I had completely lost my astronomy mojo. So I've decided to keep it simple and just bring my C9.25 to do some visual double star observing. I'll be in a large blue airbeam tent on pitch 361. Do pop by to say howdy if you want.
  9. I have a very slow internet connection. The video just got more and more behind the audio and then everything froze. Had to give up
  10. I have doubts whether sanitizers would kill all viruses on your skin instantly on contact. I suspect it takes a few minutes to have its full effect. With that in mind, it might be worth waiting for a few minutes after using sanitizer before using hand cream.
  11. The news is that unfortunately the site did flood. They are now clearing up the mess.
  12. Lovely shot and nicely framed. Thanks for sharing
  13. I have a single rather tatty one. Postage would be £6.50, so £16.50 and it's your's.
  14. The RCA outputs are all 12v power, not dew heater outputs. I'll be honest and say I'm not sure about the voltage of the focus motor output,but I think it is 9 volts. It successfully drives a Skywatcher focus motors Meade zero image shift focuser. I can check the voltage this evening. Yes I could ship to France. Cost would be £11.00.
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