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  1. Wow, I didn't realise they were now charging. Luckily we migrated our local astronomical society's Yahoo group over to groups.io a couple of years ago.
  2. I have a new (to me) SW EQ6-GT mount. On it I have mounted a SW 80ED with a standard SW 9 x 50 finder converted into a guide scope using the SW finder to C-mount adaptor. I use a SX Lodestar 2x guide camera screwed directly on the C-mount adaptor. I've always found that my mount calibration seems to take ages when using a finder/guider (up to 10 minutes). However, with the new mount it takes so many steps to calibrate that PHD2 runs out of time and calibration fails. If I try it using PHD version 1, calibration is successful, but still takes ages to complete. I am using 3 second exposures and the calibration step size set to the maximum value that the software will allow. I have checked and PHD2 is definitely moving the mount on each step, just not enough. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Two organisations come to mind. The BAA and the Society for the History of Astronomy. https://britastro.org/ https://societyforthehistoryofastronomy.com/
  4. Kendrick DigiFire 7 Digital Dew Controller 100% digital operation with 6 outputs, four of which are programmable. Run 12 VDC accessories or heaters from the 2 dedicated 12 volt outputs. For example, run cooling fans, computerised setting circles, DewGuard secondary mirror heaters etc. Includes low voltage cut-off. Protect your battery from being to deeply discharged. £55 + £5 P+P
  5. The delrin T2 spacers sold by FLO are also good at reducing the risk of them getting 'cold welded'. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-t2-delrin-spacer-ring-set.html
  6. Okay, your post has prompted me to look at the website. I've now booked for general entry + the talks by Patrick Gilliland and by Prof Hilary Downes.
  7. I'm probably going, probably on the Saturday. - (decisive aren't I?!)
  8. 10-12 Amp QJE Qj1863 13.8v Linear DC Power Regulated Power Supply Almost new 12v bench regulated power supply. Ideal for running an observatory or imaging rig. £25 + £8 postage or pick up for free from Worcestershire or SGL star party.
  9. Heavy Duty Pier Levelling Plate/Eyepiece Holder Made of two x 20 mm thick pieces of aluminium, each 284mm x 284mm with rounded corners. Also comes with aluminium wood/composite eyepiece holder (two pieces of plywood sandwiching a piece of aluminium). Immensely rigid. Weights 9.2kg. Originally used for Meade LX200 and then for an EQ8 mount. £45 + £10 postage or pick up for free from Worcestershire or SGL star party.
  10. Unless you intend to keep moving it in and out of your van every night, a good waterproof cover for your scope is an essential. Many people cover them with a toilet/utility tent.
  11. Not so much 'great minds ticking over searching' as 'drunk befuddled minds groping hopelessly in the dark'
  12. Hi Marty

    Welcome to Stargazers Lounge.  We have a policy of only allowing for sale advertisements where the seller states a specific price.  Please will you amend your advertisement to include the price you want for your items.  It is okay to put 'or near offers' in your advertisement.

    Thank you

    1. Marty1012


      appologies, I have put a price up now. I thought I had added it before but am stil trying to negotiate around the forum lol

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