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  1. michaelmorris

    Talk to a Photographic Society ???

    One idea is to stick to the simpler end of AP. Star trails and wide angle lens shots with a DSLR with and without a simple tracking mount.
  2. Having multiple cable coming to and from the mount head can be a real PITA. You should be able to have just two cables coming to and from the mount head, 1 x 12v cable and 1 x USB cable. Mount any USB hub and a 12v power distribution box (see below) on the scope (or dual mounting bar if you use one). You can then wire up a loom of short cables to run between the various bits of kit and the USB Hub/12v power distribution box. Bingo, no more spaghetti! Startech market some nice USB cables with right angled plugs on that make your wiring loom even neater. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HobbyKing-Hobbyking-PowerStrip-Protected-Distribution/dp/B00URCLOO2
  3. michaelmorris

    Best way to process prominences?

    Okay, thanks. AS3 and ImPPG it is then. Are then any tutorials on using AS3 for proms?
  4. michaelmorris

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    Another really great programme. Keep it up Guys and Gals.
  5. michaelmorris

    Best way to process prominences?

    After a break from Ha solar imaging that has been WAY to long, on Saturday I took advantage of the fine weather to capture series of AVIs on a nice group of prominences. It's been quite a while since I took Ha images so can someone please educate me on what technique is now considered the best way of stacking and processing solar prominences? Thanks
  6. michaelmorris


    What mount and camera are you trying to connect? The guide camera is connected to your guiding software (typically PHD2 https://openphdguiding.org/ ) . The guiding software then connects to APT, although this is only needed if you are going to be dithering. https://ideiki.com/astro/usersguide/dithering_and_guiding.htm
  7. Thanks, but I'm afraid I don't really understand your conclusions. Which ones come to focus?
  8. I'm toying with the idea of getting a Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED to use as a small guide scope with my Lodestar 2 guide camera. In order to reduce the risk of flexure. I always like to attach cameras using a threaded connector rather than a push fit. So, before biting the bullet I want to make sure of one thing. Can I screw the Lodestar into the rear of the Evoguide using a T thread to C thread adaptor and get the camera to focus?
  9. michaelmorris

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    The 6 feet tall bit might help, but the 'bit of a geek' isn't really very helpful. This is a meeting of amateur astronomers for christ's sake!
  10. michaelmorris

    Best planetarium prog to control EQ6

    What he said .
  11. michaelmorris

    New flooring for the Obsy

    Is this an observatory or a padded cell?
  12. michaelmorris

    BAA Deep Sky Section meeting 2018

    Another great meeting. Thanks to all at BAA and Bedford Astronomical Society (inc. Daz and Tracey) for a really interesting day.
  13. I must admit that I get totally confused with seemingly constant stream of new telescopes that William Optics seem to launch. Apart from looking at the price, I have no idea how any 'new' scope differs from the last scope WO launched of a similar focal length.
  14. If you are prepared to swap over scopes on the mount, then the combination you suggest (HEQ5 Pro + 80ED or 8"SCT) would seem a very well tried and tested combination that is pretty much guaranteed to cover all the aspects you talk about. However, don't disregard the idea of a single Apo refractor such as the Skywatcher 100ED.

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