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  1. Touring the Universe through Binoculars - Philip Harrington. Good condition. £3 + £2.95 postage to UK mainland.
  2. I was just packing up after a quick bit of double star observing in the observatory. I could swear I heard voices but didn't think much of it. Anyway, The voices started getting a little louder and I swear I could hear some one tapping on our back door. Imagine my surprise when I went out of the observatory to see what was going on and found my next door neighbour and two bloke who have recently moved in just down the road all pointing torches at me! It turns out the new neighbours had been sitting out in their garden having some beers and had heard a 'filing sound' and saw the roof of my shed move - they thought someone might be trying to break in to my shed. Of course, what they actually heard/saw was me closing up the observatory roof and tightening the turnbuckles that hold the roof down. They apologised for the misunderstanding and I thanked them for being such vigilant neighbours. It made me smile.
  3. A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy - Christian & Roy 2nd Ed. (2017). Brand new, unread. £10 + £2.95 postage to UK mainland.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'll give this a go.
  5. Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars - Bob Argyle Good to Fair condition. Original CDROM of Double Star catalogues missing. Here is the publisher's blurb on this book. "Double stars are the rule, rather than the exception: our solar system, having a single sun, is in the minority. Orbiting satellites, ground based observatories and interferometers have all helped discover many hundreds of new pairs - but this has left enormous numbers of wide, faint pairs under-observed or not observed at all. This is where amateur astronomers can help. Bob Argyle, a professional astronomer at Cambridge University, shows where enthusiastic amateur observers can best direct their efforts. The book caters for the use of every level of equipment, from simple commercial telescopes to micrometers and CCD cameras. Amateur astronomers who have gone beyond "sight-seeing" and want to make a genuine scientific contribution will find this a fascinating and rewarding field - and this book provides all the background and practical information that's needed." £19 inc. postage to UK mainland. Payment by PayPal please.
  6. Every astronomer's nightmare - You divorce and your partner sells your astro gear for a price based on what you told them you paid for it.
  7. The new combined 12v power hub/focus controller/USB hub is now installed on the mount head and all wired up. I'm pleased as a really really pleased thing with it. A billion thanks to my friend Dave Lloyd for all his help. The wiring to and from the mount now consists of just 4 cables. 12v power to the EQ8 USB to the EQ8 (EQDIR cable) 12v to the new power hub mounted on the mount head USB to the USB hub on the mount head ount body and a 12v power and a USB cable to the mount head
  8. I can't believe how good the seeing has been for the last two nights. Given the high temperatures I would have expected the heat radiating off the ground to create all sorts of problems.
  9. I've just packed up after a couple of hours observing and drawing yet more doubles in Bootes. Tonight it has all been close pairs, Mu Bootes, 39 Bootes, OE288 and OE298. Closest was (according to Sissy Hass) just 1.1" separation. Whilst the all too brief hours of darkness are a right pain, I could get seriously used to observing in shorts!
  10. All now (hopefully) finally tested and wired up. I'm pleased as a really really pleased thing with it. It means I now have just two wires coming off the mount head - 1 x 12v power and 1 x USB. A billion thanks to my friend Dave Lloyd for all his help.
  11. It's been a clear, warm night with exceptional seeing. I'm just packing up after a very productive and enjoyable 3 hours observing and drawing some more doubles in Bootes. With the very steady conditions I've been concentrating on a few very close pairs. Firstly, try as I might, I couldn't split Struve 1816 or Zeta Bootes. However, I did manage to split Struve 1884, Struve 1879 and 44 Bootes, the latter two having less than 2 arcseconds of separation. I also bagged a couple of wider pairs, Struve 1850 and Pi Bootes. A most enjoyable and satisfying night. Now off to bed. zzzzzzz
  12. I took a load of photographic kit with me to Iceland last year with Easyjet and had no problems.
  13. Thanks Ron My box has two outputs. One goes to my EQ8, the other to a combined 12v power distribution/ Ardunio focuser controller box with a Startech 7 port USB 3 hub to be mounted on the head just like yours.
  14. I'm not overly concerned about dew as it's all low down in the observatory and hence is a bit shaded from the sky. I suppose I could rap the plugs in insulating tape to reduce the risk of condensation forming on them. The switch appears to be the same as used on EQ8 itself, so I would imagine it should be okay.