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  1. Earlier this year I had new neighbours knocking on the back door (I was outside in the observatory). They thought someone was breaking into our 'shed' (my observatory). IT's nice to know that the new neighbours are keeping an eye on the place.
  2. My local astronomical society (Worcester Astronomical Society) are currently setting up a project to research and record the history of amateur and professional astronomy in Worcestershire. The results of this research will hopefully help expand the the Society for the History of Astronomy's Survey of Astronomical History for the county. Does anyone have information about amateur astronomy in Worcestershire that might help with the project? Please let me know if you would like to get involved or would like to pass on some information. You can find out more here. Thanks
  3. Using finder/Guidescope as main imager

    Piggy-backing a small scope on the back of an SCT used to be very common and can work well with the right mount. However, as others have said, finderscopes tend be pretty rubbish when it comes to optical corrections. Good enough as a finder or a guidescope, but really pretty hopeless as a main imaging scope. However, one (not cheap) option to consider would be replacing your finder with a small wide field apochromatic refractor. Examples might include - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-61-apo.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/borg-astrograph-telescopes/borg-55fl-f3-6-astrograph-set.html
  4. Orion (UK) 10" F4.3 Newtonian telescope

    Hi Neil Okay, in the end had to finish early today, so managed to whizz the mount round to a friend's who has an EQ3. It turns out that the mount is about the same degree of chunkiness as an EQ3, but a little more solid. Photo attached.
  5. Orion (UK) 10" F4.3 Newtonian telescope

    I'll aim to take a picture tonight. The mount is bigger than an eq3, but I'm not sure if it's as big as an eq5 without having an eq5 to compare it to. My guess is it's slightly smaller.
  6. Used Equipment Prices and Sluggish Used Sales

    I usually set a rule of thumb of around 2/3 new price, but condition and desirability also play a big part. Anything with significantly out of date technology is likely to be well below 2/3 of new - sometimes less than 50% of new. For instance, the latest (618 chip) DMK 21 cameras used to sell new for >£350. You can pick them up for half of that secondhand if you shop around. Older cameras may sell for significantly less. Conversely, a discontinued classic or something in pristine condition may go for 70% of new price.
  7. Solar Filter for 80 mm refractor - SOLD

    yes it was.
  8. Orion (UK) 10" F4.3 Newtonian telescope Orion (UK) 10" F4.3 Newtonian telescope on an equatorial mount on pier with manual slow motion controls. Comes with a 6mm, 10mm, 12mm and 25mm eyepieces, and a Camera adaptor for eyepiece projection. Tube length is 113 cm, weight is 7kg, equatorial mount is 11.5 kg. Collection preferred (from Worcester). £220
  9. 'Seymour Solar' glass solar filter https://www.seymoursolar.com/store/p186/Helios_Glass_Solar_Filter.html 108mm diameter - designed to fit tubes 99mm to 105mm diameter. Excellent condition. SOLD *PLEASE MEASURE THE EXTERNAL DIAMETER OF THE DEW SHIELD ON YOUR SCOPE BEFORE BUYING
  10. Step Back and Take Stock

    Wise move. The important thing is this hobby should be fun, not a chore.
  11. Off-Axis Guiding - Vibration ?

    I would check that you're going to have enough back focus to accommodate and OAG on your Newtonian.
  12. Yet another night observing doubles in Auriga.  That's 4 decent observing sessions in 2 weeks! :icon_biggrin:


    1. Mr niall

      Mr niall

      What’s the observatory like at this time of year? Is it cold /damp?

    2. michaelmorris


      Certainly not damp.  The walls keep the wind off and warm clothing and gloves keeps the Morris body all snug.  :icon_biggrin:

  13. One for the Apollo fans

    Thanks Helen That's my weekend sorted!
  14. Mine arrived yesterday. It's gone straight upstairs so my wife can wrapped it as one of her Christmas presents to me (can't wait for the surprise). Her other present to me is the much awaited second edition of Allan Chapman's 'The Victorian Amateur Astronomer'
  15. Heads up " Voyagers Journey" Thursday

    Just watched in on iPlayer - brilliant programme.