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  1. TS Optics Adapter for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 for CCD cameras - with 1/4" photo thread T2 thread to EOS adaptor for using Canon lenses with a CCD camera. Connect your CCD camera to the Canon EOS bayonet and use your camera lenses for astrophotography. ♦ Use your high-quality CCD camera and a sharp Canon EOS lens for unique wide field images. ♦ Simply connect your EOS lens to the EOS bayonet of the adapter - that is very easy to do. ♦ Simply connect your CCD camera or autoguider to the T2 thread (M42x0.75) of the adapter. ♦ Now you can mount the combination piggyback to your telescope or directly to your photo tripod. ♦ One-piece construction, thus very stable and rigid ♦ Flat base with 1/4" photo thread and three M5 threads. ♦ Insert for 1.25" filters included. ♦ Only 19 mm deep. Full specification here https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p7835_TS-Optics-Optics-Adapter-for-Canon-EOS-Lenses-to-T2-for-CCD-cameras---with-1-4--photo-thread.html £49 + £4.95 insured postage
  2. michaelmorris

    Anyone bringing a laptop with Firewire to SGL SP2018?

    Just a quick update. I've determined that it was the brand new PC card, not the camera that was faulty, so thanks Grant. I owe you.
  3. michaelmorris


    If you have a Skywatcher mount, then you will probably be using the EQmod ASCOM driver to control it. EQmod has built in hub functionality, so using a separate hub driver, such as POTH, is pointless. With EQmod I have planetarium software (Cartes du Ceil), guiding software (PHD) and camera control software (APT) all connected to mount simultaneously.
  4. We've had a nice run of clear nights over the past week, so I've trying out my new ZWO ASi 294 MC Pro camera.  It seems easy to use, but I've quickly learned that it takes around 10 minutes to get down to -20, so need to start the cooling cycle before I start telescope alignment if cooling time is not to delay the start of taking subs.

  5. michaelmorris

    Astro cake!

    Great looking cake, happy birthday.
  6. Lovely photo. Sorry to hear about the camera.
  7. IMHO I wouldn't recommend using the standard SW finderscope bracket if you are using a finder/guider, it far far too much play in it. I use a cheap 9x50 finderscope for guiding, But I mount mine in a pair 3-point guidescope rings. Works a treat and no flexure.
  8. michaelmorris

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

    Okay, thanks.
  9. Just to give you an idea as to how clueless local papers can really be. Oh the irony!
  10. michaelmorris

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

    Unless I've misunderstood something (quite possible), I though the point was that this was real images taken by the LRO satellite.
  11. michaelmorris

    The Tardis Observatory gets a refurb

    Love it. I am however struggling to understand why you have the roll off shed-type arrangement, when surely it have been easier to simply have the Tardis dematerialise?
  12. michaelmorris

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

  13. michaelmorris

    Filters ?

    What he said

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