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  1. michaelmorris

    Lunar impact during the eclipse.

    Nice capture More jealous than the most envious person in Jealousville!
  2. michaelmorris

    Am I a cheat? A question of morals.

    As there is no rule book, how can you be cheating? As I understand it, the general consensus (i.e. I could be wrong!) is if you add anything that wasn't in the original data, then that is cheating. Other than that manipulation and deletion is fine, as long as you describe what you did. Even if you add something, as long as you make it clear what you have added, that's fine. For instance, a few years ago we had a nice series of lunar/planetary conjunctions/occultations. The difference in brightness between the Moon and the planet was vast. So I took shots of differing exposures and produced a composite. I stated in the description on the picture that it was a composite. No-one has yet called me a cheat.
  3. michaelmorris

    DMK 41AF02 Firewire 1/2"chip CCD mono camera

    Now reduced to £69.
  4. michaelmorris

    IDAS D2 halos

    I'm a little confused (not difficult). Where in the optical train is your filter presently positioned? 1 - between your camera and your flattener, or 2 - between your flattener and your focuser?
  5. At last, some clear skies.  Last week, I managed to get around night 5 hours worth of 10 minute Ha subs of M42 over a couple of nights.  Last night I got the last 3 hours worth, giving me 48 x 10 minutes subs of Ha.   The next job is to collect some colour data using my ZWO ASI 294 MC Pro. 😀

  6. When opening the roof of my roll off roof observatory, I sometimes get a small amount of water running off into the observatory. Ideally, this could be solved by a length of guttering attached to the roof, so that it channels the water harmlessly outside. The problem I'm having is that, in order not to snag on the end wall, the guttering needs to be VERY shallow (<20mm). Any suggestions?
  7. michaelmorris

    Urgent Help! I broke my eqmod!

    I had a similar issue last night as well. In my case I fired up the computer to find that I somehow uninstalled Cartes du Ciel. Luckily it only took about 25 minutes to work out what had happened, download it and get the basic configuration done.
  8. michaelmorris

    How to make the club more appealing

    That's optimistic! More like 90% of the work done by 10% of the members!
  9. michaelmorris

    How to make the club more appealing

    We hold the following outreach events Monthly observing sessions, but only if clear. A yearly solar observing session at a 'Science in the Park' day organised by the local branch of the Institute of Physics A stand at a yearly 'Space Day' at our local library, organised by our local branch of the British Interplanetray Society There are loads of kids at the latter two events.
  10. I would have thought a 3A supply would be pushing it, especially with a dew heater in the mix.
  11. michaelmorris

    Astrofest 2019

    In most years they have usually posted a list of roughly who is giving what talk when well before Christmas, usually with a finally running list and any gaps filled in before the end of the first week in January. This year we have no clue at all about anything. They really need to get their act together, especially now that there is competition in the form of the International Astronomy Show (IAS). The number of traders taking stands seems to decline every year. I suspect this is partially a function in the steady decline in the number of Astro retailers in the UK and the costs of having a stand. Competition from the IAS is probably another factor. The last time I went (2017), there definitely seemed to be fewer punters than in previous years. I'm umming and arghing about going this year as the cost for a whole day of talks is now a whooping £40. Add on the tube fare and £30 for petrol, and the day could easily end up costing me around £80! I think I may have just talked myself out of going!
  12. michaelmorris

    Trip to kelling heath tonight.

    If you're not used to really dark skies, on a clear night, it will bring a really big grin to your face.
  13. Imaging Source DMK 41 AF02 Firewire 1/2"chip CCD mono camera - REDUCED Ideal for lunar and solar astrophotography. High quality 1/2" CCD chip Comes with: 3 metre 6 pin - 6 pin FireWire cable 2 metre 6 pin - 4 pin FireWire cable with 12v DC power adaptor PLEASE NOTE THIS CAMERA USES FIREWIRE CONNECTORS, NOT USB CONNECTORS. Now reduced to £69 + £4.95 insured postage. (£10 from this sale will be donated to WaterAid)
  14. michaelmorris

    oh no mould on my roof

    As other have said 1 - clean off the existing mold 2 - add extra ventilation. I have a solar power extractor fan in the roof that cost around £30 on eBay 3 - dry the wood (summer) 4 - paint/treat to prevent regrowth
  15. michaelmorris

    New toy arrived today

    I had something similar that came with the Xagyl 5 position EFW I had before the ZWO. As there was no way of creating a perfect seal between the edges of the filter and the EFW casing, there was a light leak around the edges, meaning it was useless for taking dark frames. . Perhaps the ZWO is better than the Xagyl in this respect?

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