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  1. michaelmorris

    Delphinus gems.

    Nice report, thanks. I too have been looking at a few doubles in Delphinus over the last couple of weeks. There are some really beautiful pairs set in rich star fields in this lovely constellation.
  2. michaelmorris

    Pier Shed - Sealed or Ventilated?

    I use a small solar powered fan in the roof. This helps keep the observatory getting too hot. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Solar-Powered-Fan-Ventilator-Extractor-for-Heat-Odours-Domestic-Boat-Caravan/25005069745?iid=191389698525
  3. michaelmorris

    50/50 Roll off build

    Looks like a great project. I built mine about 8 years ago. The main lesson I learned was - A - Workout how many plug sockets you think you will need B - double it!
  4. michaelmorris

    Top 3 criteria for choosing an eyepiece

    On a purely technical basis, for double star observing - On axis performance Off axis performance Colour correction
  5. michaelmorris

    New (second-hand) toy!

    Enjoy. They are great lenses.
  6. michaelmorris

    COMPLETED - Celestron 925 SCT and accessories OFFERS

    Thanks, just sending a PM now
  7. michaelmorris

    COMPLETED - Celestron 925 SCT and accessories OFFERS

    Hi Kerry I may well be interested I have a few questions How old is the scope? Is this the 'faststar compatible' version? Any other damage or problems with the scope? Thanks
  8. michaelmorris

    Are you comfortable standing when observing?

    Another vote for observing chairs. I made one and it transformed the whole visual observing experience.
  9. michaelmorris

    BAA or not?

    If you are member of a local astronomical society, why not find out if they an affiliated member? https://www.britastro.org/links_affiliated The society will get a single copy of the journal and all society members will get full (non-voting) membership rights of the BAA. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way for a society to take out affiliated membership online.
  10. michaelmorris


    I use PHD2 for guiding (so simple to use) and Metaguide collimation.
  11. I agree with souls33k3r. The HEQ5Pro is a cracking mount and hard to beat for the price. It's a perfect match for an 80ED. You can pick them up secondhand for around £450, although I saw one for sale here for just £300 this week (VERY low price). If you're looking to be only using it in an observatory, then the weight of the mount shouldn't be a real issue. Getting an EQ6 would give you a little bit more leeway to change to a larger scope/heavier set up at a later date.
  12. michaelmorris

    How hot should a dew strap get?

    Unfortunately I don't have access to a multimeter at present, just a voltmeter. The high temperature is on all four dew straps, regardless of what I set the heating level at on the Kendrick Digifire 7.
  13. I've just been shortening the lead on a dew strap. After shortening the lead from 2m down to 60cm I plugged it in to test it. I noticed that it very quickly got very hot. Thinking I had not wired it up correctly, I fitted a new plug. I tested it again and again it got very hot. I then measured the temperature of the inside of the strap at 52oC. For comparison I tested the temperature of the other 3 dew straps attached to the controller and found that the temperature of the other dew straps ranged from 45oC and 49oC. Would I be correct in thinking that these are all much too hot? If yes, would I be correct to be thinking the problem is likely to be my ageing Kendrick digifire 7? I have measured the voltage on the dew controller output at bang on 12 volts.
  14. michaelmorris

    WST Delayed - Again

    As far as I am aware, the story that NASA developed the Fisher Space Pen whilst the Russians used pencils is an urban myth. My understanding is that the development of the Fisher space pen was paid for by Fisher, not NASA. Furthermore, both NASA and the Russians abandoned using pencils quite early in their space programmes as they both recognised the risk to astronauts from bits of pencil breaking off and ending up being inhaled or hitting them in the eye. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writing_in_space
  15. michaelmorris

    Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED and Lodestar?

    Anyone yet tried a Lodestar with an Evoguide 50ED?

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