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  1. I can see reasons why folks would prefer Contacts to Specs. but how do you cope with near and distance for focus? For example, I need to wear a pair of specs at the Computer, rather than Bi-Focals, as the nodding up and down was a nuisance. Also, distance could be a problem, and I don't mean Astronomical viewing, just looking down the street type of distance. Also Driving, is that an issue with Contacts at all? Apologies for all the questions, nut I have had spectacles now for years, but contacts could appeal, as long as they can cope with near and distance. Seems unlikely to me, but you guys will be able to correct my silly assumptions I'm sure.
  2. All good fun working with kids. May seem shambolic, but it's surprising how much the little darlings do take in. They seem to be have the ability to laugh, make a lot of noise, and learn simultaneously. As Kim said, they won't forget what you taught them, and some will relate the experience to others when they are much older. Your time was certainly not wasted. You did a good thing, and they will appreciate it.
  3. I think you just nailed it for many others too Paul .
  4. Modern Files are NTFS not sure if that has any bearing on your problem.
  5. Matt, many years ago I was plagued with the same problem. Whilst viewing an object, even at medium powers, I was looking at blurred images. I noticed when I lightly touched the focuser, the blurring cleared. I trace the problem to my RA drive, which was powered by a synchronous Motor, showing my age now . I verified it by switching the drive off, and sure enough, everything cleared. I'm not suggesting your problem is the same,, but just stop the drive to make sure. Today's drives are more sophisticated, and unlikely to produce the effect I had, but worth a punt just as a quick elimination.
  6. Are you sure they aren't Pontefract Cakes Dave? I jest of course, but a pic. here to show the similarity
  7. Just recently bought a 150mm pds, doh! I don't. Mind though, one can't predict when these bargains will crop up. Hell of a good price though. I'm happy with what I got.
  8. Sweet as a Nut this. A Pearl surrounded by Diamonds, it is a lovely sight. Cracking entry Nigel.
  9. Then the cable from a mains extension Power lead will be fine. The cores are usually coloured Brown Blue and Yellow/Green.. If you strip out the wire form the insulation sheath of the cable, make sure the insulation around the Wires is sound, and no damage. Short circuits from a 12 volt battery will result in terrific heat, and possible fire, so be careful Put a line fuse in the positive supply feed from the Battery to be on the safe side. You will know what you are doing, but I'm just stressing care.
  10. If you don't Intend to do any Imaging, then for simply observing needs, you won't require accurate Polar Alignment. You don't need Polaris either, there is the Drift alignment method that will get you polar aligned, at least to a very satisfactory align to satisfy observing and object location. If you intend to dismantle the tripod and Mount after each session, then once you have got a satisfactory set up, you should carefully mark the Tripod leg positions, to ensure you get them into the same place each time you go out. Any adjustments you make to you Azimuth and Altitude on the Mount, should not be moved again either. Make sure the bubble level is plumb centre on the base of your mount too. You should find a spot in your garden to make a hard standing, preferably with concrete, so you can place your tripod each time. Place some paving stone around the concrete pad to give yourself a clean area to traverse around your rig. Drift Aligning does work, it may take a while to get it satisfactorily accurate, but it is doable. All this requires a bit of work, but it will make your observing sessions much more pleasant. You might eventually build a permanent Pier for your Mount, then with adequate weather covers, you could leave the Mount there permanently, and just remove the OTA when you finish your observing stints.
  11. Very Innovative, and very well constructed too. I love the Colour, which relates strongly to Vega, Lyra's Alpha Star. Not sure If that was by design, but it suits so well. I wish you both a very happy Union, and in time you produce some little stars of your own. Best Wishes..
  12. When you say wire up your 12 volt Battery Box, do you mean that all the output terminals and Plugs will be mounted on the battery container itself? If you intend to supply CCD cameras, Filter wheel, Focuser, USB controlled devices, which the former will of course, as well as their supply voltage. Also, Dew bands too need supply voltage. Maybe you are not intending to do any Imaging, but merely just want a supply to your Mount motors. To answer you question, Mains extension cable will carry the small currents drawn by most equipment, so it will suffice, they are designed for the heavier loads, such as Drills and other such tools.
  13. I can't understand why you'd feel embarrassed. Even though the moon is almost in full direct sunlight, your images show some very fine detail. The processing has been well done, and produced some great results. No need to feel anything but proud of what you've achieved, so carry on. Catch some more as the moon wanes, and the sun gradually starts to set across our satellites surface. Detail will be more revealing, and I'll look forward to seeing those craters and mountains in stark relief. You'll need to out at some ungodly times of the morning mind you, but it will be worth sacrificing sleep for . Well done.
  14. Enjoy the SGL forum TessicaStar, you will soon make lots of friends here. As said, please ask If you need an answer to questions you may have. there's always something that needs an explanation. This place is populated by many knowledgeable folks all eager to please Astro. beginners who find the learning curve a steep one. Main aim is for you to enjoy it here, which I'm sure you will. Best Wishes.
  15. Science Fiction Exonerated . That is really something else. 'What a Picture, What a Picture, What a Photograph' As the Tommy Steele Song Goes .