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  1. If you intend buying the neq6, it is a weighty unit together with tripod . Transporting to site and setting up for a session will require dedication. Plus, polar aligning needs to be carried out. If you want to go big, delay it for a while, until such time as you build yourself an Observatory with a permanent pier to install your mount and larger scope. Polar alignment need only be done once, no repeat setting up, all that's required is to set out your imaging targets for the night. Hi into your obs, switch on and away you go. Now I know the above would be the Ideal outcome for you. However, that route is not possible for many, and I've no Idea if you have the facilities to build an Obsy. If not, I would keep your setup requirements to a minimum, and do it well. I wish you well whatever you do. Ron.
  2. In this present weather, even an IST. Is of little use. Acronym being of course the,Infinitely Small Telescope. Has a launch date for the James Webb been announced yet by the way? Ron .
  3. barkis


    I reported a missing cable in a recent order for a Lakeside Focusing system. Martin at Flo responded quickly and the cable arrived in post this morning. Thank you very much, Flo Staff are a well drilled team. Ron.
  4. The 130p is an Ideal instrument to cut your Astronomy teeth on,. Versatile and easy to handle. Many objects will be accessible through your eyepieces, good steady skies prevailing. I concur with the posts warning of the sun's danger. You need to be equipped with suitable protection to enable you to observe it. Always seek advice on the best filters. If the scope has a finder fitted, you must cover it's lens to safeguard anyone curious enough to chance a look without realising even a finder is dangerous if not filtered properly. Enjoy the scope, and post your viewing experiences with us. Ron.
  5. Another sad Loss, and so missed on our TV Screens. She cooperated with Nigel Henbest writing books quite bit. RIP Heather. Ron.
  6. barkis

    Astro EQ mod WANTED

    Ah! I see, my humble apologies Jonjoe, I wasn't aware of such a unit. They seem popular though. Hope you manage to acquire one. Ron.
  7. I understand what you say, I too read a lot of books on what in those days can only be described as fiction, however, our deepest hopes were that in the future, some of what we avidly read, would actually materialise. My remark about a possible intervention by an interstellar intelligence, may perhaps occur, however, the Voyagers are light years short of any possible encounter. Sadly you and I will be ancient dust on a planet that may already devoured by it's mother star, along with others of her family. Now this last part isn't fiction, but distinct reality. Ron
  8. That planetary alignment fortunately encouraged the plan to make that journey Mark. They planned it well, but success could not be guaranteed. However, history has proved the attempt was well worth it. Thanks for your input here, that very early description of the route is historical. Ron.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me Paul. Fly tipping could well be an Inter Galactic Nuisance .
  10. Unknown methinks Barry, rough estimates vary between 5,000, and 100,000 Au's.
  11. It's an incredible story the journey these two craft are on. Goes without saying so of course, but I understand both vehicle are beyond the Heliopause. V1 is apparently 14 Billion miles from Earth, and V2 11 Billion. probably being bombarded will all sorts of exotic particles. These two human creations gave us a first close of the Solar Systems Giant gas planets, and how great was that? The first encounter with another star is expected in about 40,000 years. Another wonder, is the communication we still receive, a result of the Nuclear fuel supplying the energy to broadcast the signals down to Earth, although the engineers have to have much patience in waiting for these. It just seems fair we continue to acknowledge these two small craft, as they are a credit to those who built them and monitored their journey out of the Solar System. Perhaps some time way in the future, they will be examined by another species, and some form of contact will be forthcoming. A bit science fiction perhaps, but at least the bulk of this is very real. God Speed you two tiny adventurers. Ron.
  12. barkis

    Astro EQ mod WANTED

    Are you referring to an equatorial mount here J.? Not sure what you mean by an EQ box so I assume when you mention motors, you are after an eq mount. Ron.
  13. Hi Lee, as you say, the scope is an old doublet, and probably not worth a lot, so I've decided on those grounds just to keep it. It will be OK for a quick browse around from the Patio perched on my Snapper tripod. Good luck in your continued search, one suitable will turn up eventually. Ron.
  14. Hi Lee, I have a WO zs 66 f5.9 Apo in excellent condition. It is the Blue version, It has been in it's aluminium case biding it's time for a long while. My mind turned back to it reading your 'Wanted' Ad. I can send some pics. if you're interested. Barkis.
  15. I hope the Hubble is allowed to function for as long as it's feasible to do so James. The JWT of course as you know, will be imaging in the Infrared, and will reveal very distant objects denied to the Hubble due to the vast distances involved. I'm just hoping for a launch sooner rather than later, and that the telescopes deployment is entirely trouble free. Nasa's taking their time testing, getting it as perfect as it can to ensure a perfect result. However, it's still in the lap of the Gods. Ron.
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