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  1. A lovely sight, and it would be very difficult to resist buying something. It's all eye candy.
  2. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Very nice indeed Ken.
  3. I'm Very Confused

    I was also concerned about the load on your EQ3. What size is your OTA. ? It's difficult to assess from your picture.
  4. LUNT CaK B600 Diagonal

    Solar Observing/Imaging has become increasingly popular. Looks a bargain too, should attract attention Ant.
  5. New puppy naming challenge

    My Black Labrador I got for my Wild Fowling days, which I have to say were not many in number. Got him as Puppy, 10 weeks old. A friend brought him into the Pup I frequented regularly, like 6 night a week and weekends. Used to think I would be missing something If I missed a day. Played a lot of Darts, and Snooker. Anyway, I took the Pup home that night. in a Cardboard Box, and and as I'd forgotten my door key, had to knock on the front door. When the Wife opened the door, she enquired a to what the box was for, and thinking on my feet, told her I'd won some groceries in the Pup Friday Night Drawing. I got well established in the house, before I came clean, and showed her what was really in the box. Suffice to say I suffered a lot of abuse that night, in a voice I'd never heard from her before. However, she came around as time went on, and became very fond of him. We were having a struggle finding a name for him, but we settled on Sambo, a name that wouldn't sit well in today's PC world, (and I don't mean the IT Superstore). The dog grew quickly, and became a celebrity amongst the school children who passed our house on their way to School, which was only a few hundred yards up the road from our Home. In fact, he often followed them to school, and was regularly returned to us by one of the kids, saying dogs weren't allowed in the Classrooms. He was so friendly, even the shop owners gave him treats. One weekend I took my two kids to a play area close to Carlisle Castle, and of course the dog went too. He would wander around on his own introducing himself to anyone he saw. Then he got a bit too near the equipment the children were using, and fearing a possible collision with the dog, I called his name, "Sambo, Come here" , a chap very close by stopped and looked at me, he was a coloured chap in Railway Gear, and obviously finished his shift. I immediately explained that my Dog's name was Sambo, and I was not being disrespectful to him. He simply said that's OK, he's a fine looking dog, and his name suits him, and this with a huge smile on his face. He proceeded on his way.. I remember Sambo with so much affection, and I'm filling up with emotion now just relating this very true story. Sambo was never really Ill, but He died suddenly in the house aged 18 years. I was at the table in the dining room, having my lunch, when he got out of his bed walked over to me, and a sixth sense told me he wasn't right. I kneeled down and cradled his head, and he just passed away. I've never ever experienced such sadness, my son came home from work, and was utterly grief stricken, as were my Daughter and Wife of course. I buried Sambo in the Back Garden, and I still feel his presence now, he's an ever present memory, and our neighbours we still have from those day's often recall some of his antics. Her's a Pic. My son wrapped a Carlisle United scarf around him, and stuck his Bay City Rollers Cap on his head.
  6. Betelguese close-up!

    The beer will keep till the Spring Jaunt Michael, I'll help you sup it, but I'll bring supplies too matey. It's surprising how quick these thing come around.
  7. The Sun Through Sahara Sand

    Great shot there. through real mucky atmosphere, and the Sun now Looks like Mars during a close conjunction . Even the passing clouds give a Martian detail look. Next close one will be July 31 2018 though.
  8. Betelguese close-up!

    Nice facsimile Michael, but thank goodness Big B' Isn't at the same distance as our star, or we'd be inside it, and very crispy. Good to hear your Talk went well at Lucksall. Seems this SP was a bit better for weather than previous ones. About time too.
  9. Betelguese close-up!

    We're just waiting for that infamous lady to say hello to us here in Cumbria. According to the weather pundits she ought to be here by now, at roughly 1-15 pm. The Sky is a pale Vanilla ie. yellow, and very ominous looking it is. However, the tree leaves are hardly rustling, so perhaps she has decided to by pass us. That would be Ideal for us, as she has really given Ireland a hard time according to reports.
  10. New puppy naming challenge

    How about,. Selene, Greek Goddess of the Moon. Or, Luna, the Roman equivalent.
  11. New puppy naming challenge

    My apologies to everyone. I boobed there. Not something to be reminded of .
  12. New puppy naming challenge

    Of course, I don't think any dog lover from that era will forget Laika.
  13. New puppy naming challenge

    Errm! A Russian Space vehicle carried a dog called Laika into Orbit years ago. I won't add anymore to the post.
  14. New puppy naming challenge

    Daz. Admin. has a dog named Lyra, but there's no reason you can't name your dog the same. Fine choice of breed, like Labs, great with kids.
  15. New puppy naming challenge

    Have a browse through the moons of Uranus, (No jokes now guys). You'll find a number of girls names there..