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  1. barkis

    Smartphone shots 17th Nov 2018

    Very nice Indeed Stu, you are doing wonders for inspiring the use of Smart Phones for AP. Each subsequent session you post, shows marked improvements too. You are certainly mastering this new genre.
  2. barkis

    SQM at Lucksall?

    There was a thread on Sky Quality measuring back in 2012.
  3. barkis

    On this day in 1974.........

    I think any being with the capability to view us through some miraculous device they may have, might kick us into touch if the first thing they see, is a kid playing with Lego bricks, because that cryptic message looks awfully like Lego to me. The Google Logo on my Chrome browser has a bit of that message mixed in there. Must be on others too of course.
  4. barkis

    On this day in 1974.........

    The return message will go like this. "Sorry, There is no one home at the moment, please leave your number and we'll get back to you,. or leave a message after the tone."
  5. barkis

    Brief tour of a BlackGEM telescope

    Agreed James, looking closer I can see the Teflon? pads, and some of the structure does look layered indicating plywood perhaps. I think this support mount is only a temporary platform for the displaying of the telescope, and a more sophisticated mount will eventually be married to the telescope. Saying that, It does look a viable design for a DIY system builder.
  6. barkis

    Brief tour of a BlackGEM telescope

    That mount looks like it is made from MDF, looks Ideally for a fast Dob. and not difficult to construct it would seem. I can't see the bearing material under the Alt. axis, Teflon perhaps? Although, I see I tie brackets attached to the rocker, and the carrier. perhaps that is to prevent a curious person trying to move it , as it just a show piece at the Mo.
  7. barkis

    Brief tour of a BlackGEM telescope

    Nice looking instruments for sure. They will need built in coma correction and field flattening. Will these go on general sale, or destined for research establishments only? Collimation will need to be precise for sure, but I would guess it not need subsequent adjustment. They look the part for the purpose though.
  8. barkis

    An Incredible Region

    To see such a high quality detailed lunar area produced from an earth based Telescope is truly astonishing. Coupled with the information on Humboldt, it places this post in the 'Must Keep for Future Reference' category. This forum is surely blessed with your presence Avani. Please keep supplying us with your splendid Images. .
  9. barkis

    Juno to Jupiter

    Some terrific close up Images of Big Jove close up from the Juno spacecraft. YouTube vid. link below describing the mission, but if you do search yourselves on the Juno Results. you will be amazed at the detail in Jupiter's very active atmosphere. Switch your speakers on foks.
  10. Hope your main mirror didn't suffer any damage, or the secondary. First lesson learned hopefully. Don't undo screws until you are familiar with what their function is. Collimation of a Newtonian can be a frustrating task, until one becomes very familiar with the process, so practice the laid down routines until it becomes second nature to you, and remember that once mastered, you can be sure that the telescope will deliver it's best performance, all other influences, such as good seeing, adequate cooling of the optics, and sturdy mount. The latter especially, if you are intending Imaging the Sky's wonders. Good Luck to you.
  11. barkis

    Floating Desktop Moon

    Perhaps the decision to prioritise is a wise one, although dropping activities you've pursued for a long time can hurt a little, but best to do so, rather than suffer frustration, which can affect well being. Gardening is an excellent therapy, and always rewarding.. Gardening is a great joy for my good lady. She can ever wait until spring so she can get cracking again. I do help, but in a minimal way only. She won't allow me to steal her thunder .
  12. barkis

    Floating Desktop Moon

    It's a dilemma for sure, torn between the value of the stuff you've bought, and the potential run down of it's real value over time, which isn't on our side, If I can be so morbid., perhaps it's better to leave it that, and concentrate on the best things life offers us older folks. Don't mean to depress anyone here of course. There may be more years left, so perhaps a more positive outlook is needed. Golf, and young Great Grand children are pretty Paramount at present, so much pleasure to be gleaned from those two elements .
  13. barkis

    Floating Desktop Moon

    Yep! Same here, a remote phase shifter. Wouldn't, it be grand If we had that control of earth's Moon. Imagers would be fighting over the remote control though. .
  14. barkis

    Floating Desktop Moon

    I was very active in my prime Gina, but the years have slowed me down quite a bit. I still have the hunger, but unfortunately, I'm at a snails pace now. Astronomy has been a passion from 9 years old, and at 70 plus years on, I'm not for giving it up. I just ponder a hell of a lot, and I still hope to get to a couple more of SGL Star Parties in the near future.
  15. barkis

    Floating Desktop Moon

    Ah!, but you've demonstrated often how much patience you have Gina. Whereas I get frustrated waiting for a Bus.

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