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  1. The Stars, Like Dust

    A magnificent sight indeed. A proper Astro. Image to me. Brings back good memories of slide shows of wide field images at my local Astronomy Society. Educational too, members picking out and naming objects in the image. Equipment and knowledge have moved on a pace since those days though.
  2. Quick Snap

    I looked into the early morning sky at 08:25 this morning Dec. 14th, and I saw this sliver of the waning Moon. Since my Obs. and gear are not ready for any serious imaging, I grabbed the Canon 1000D and the 150mm lens, dashed to the bathroom, opened the window, and at f5.4 and iso 200, I snapped this. It looked so lovely, and lonely up there. It is a fun shot, and certainly not intended as a serious contender in this challenge, but just for the sake of joining these fun Challenges, I had to place it in this one.
  3. faint objects can be difficult to locate, and see directly. To help you along a little, if you suspect you have hit your dim target, you could try averted vision, that is looking to one side of the suspect, and use your peripheral part of your eye. It could help verify at least, that you have found found it. Never be disheartened or disappointed with some of the fainter sights, there are hundreds more to gladden your heart. Double stars are a joy to observe, there are many of those in the sky, and their colours vary too. Look first for Albireo in Cygnus, A most beautiful pair Gamma Andromeda is another nice double. Your telescope is more than satisfactory, many would love such a starter telescope. In time you might become afflicted with the plague known as 'Aperture Fever'. No it isn't a physical ailment, simply a desire to own a bigger light grasper, a larger instrument. Use up the good times with what you have first though, much to learn with the 8" scope.. Best Wishes, and enjoy your journey through time.
  4. The Sky at Night

    What is it with some of you people? The lady you seem to dislike ought to be shown a bit more respect. She has worked damned hard to get where she is, and her her place on the Sky at Night on merit. Her CV would put most of her dissenters to shame. No one can make people like any one they dislike, but for the sake of that lady's dignity, this forum is going to do what is necessary to ensure the childish digs against are stopped once and for all. So take heed, any more unnecessary taunts against her, will cost whoever writes them. She can't defend herself directly, but I'm sure some of the adverse comments may have been passed on to her, If she herself hasn't read them. So please refrain all you people who feel the compulsion to besmirch her, it isn't pleasant, and it certainly isn't fitting for this forum There is no free speech here, so don't use the space here to voice personal gripes against anyone. The whole of the Moderator team are united in this too.
  5. M42 au chocolat...

    Simply outstanding Olly. It has been a marathon getting from data collection, to final processing, but By Gum it has been worth all that effort. It deserves the highest of accolades, and I hope they happen. A well done to the other contributers to this work. I'm assuming you've included data gathered by guests imaging from your site.
  6. Uranus 30/11/2017

    Useful info. here. http://www.nakedeyeplanets.com/uranus-telescope.htm
  7. Uranus 30/11/2017

    No doubt that would distort the disc Tim. Eyepiece projection requires exacting alignment too. The original image wouldn't reveal the distortion, only when he blew it up did he assume the Phase?? aspect.
  8. Uranus 30/11/2017

    The planet is showing a gibbous phase, but Starry Night depicts it as full phase. The superior planets do exhibit phases, but they are rare, and the Earth Sun and outer planet geometry has to be in place.
  9. New LED street lights

    We all know, and are aware of some lighting schemes impinging on practical amateur astronomers. The best approach to the problem is via the local lighting authority. Some have succeeded in getting adequate alterations to at least minimise their particular intrusive light source. These threads continue to highlight this problem, and some contain good advice. On the other hand, there is always an input of potential criminal suggestion, which is certainly. Severely frowned upon by SGL's administration. Such a post has appeared in this particular thread, and therefore dealt with. The Code of Conduct everyone is. supposed to read on becoming a member, contains a reference to this particular situation, and expressly forbids incitement to cause. Criminal damage to. Council, or any other Body's property. It is getting close to the time, when anyone guilty of any such incitement, could be banned immediately, with no prior warning being issued. The streets lights where I live have been changed to LED's, and the area is flooded in light, but the sky above is black, and stars are quite visible to the naked eye. The previous lamps were Sodium, and were really damaging to any astronomy. My observing sessions needed a LPR filter to kill that awful Sodium glow. So, use these light pollution threads to air your LP. woes, but beware of suggesting non legal ways to act against council lighting. It could lead to you losing your SGL membership.
  10. Just when you think you've seen everything, then this. Stunning work for sure, and clever too. Thanks for posting it here.
  11. Perseus Galaxy Cluster

    That is one massive piece of the Universe you've brought down to Earth John. Magical stuff indeed, these telescope/camera duos far outdo any Harry Potter wand. One beautiful sight for sure.
  12. New member

    A warm welcome to you, SGL is a great source for all aspects of Astronomy. Much knowledge is within the membership, and any question or queries you may have, will be answered here, all you need to do is post your question in an appropriate section. What part of America are you living in? If you are near to any Desert region, such as in Arizona, then the skies should be highly suited to Astronomy, both for Observation, and Astro. Imaging. Perhaps there is an Astronomical Society based in your Town/City, who would offer you good advice regarding suitable locations for you. Best Wishes.
  13. 7 Panel Moon mosaic

    As above two comments, but with added WoW's. Indeed as crisp and clear as one could wish for. Compares very favourably with Lunar Orbiter Images. Excellent Indeed Gary.
  14. Moon in the Skye....

    Had to happen one day Nick. It would be a shame not to use those large apertures for grabbing a pic. or Two, or Three, maybe more. I can see the day these monsters will be mounted on Polar Disc fork mounted friction driven Mounts. Lot's of gear to ferry all the way to Skye though. I just hope this seemingly rebel act, doesn't fragment this very close group of people. I think they are too strongly welded together for that though.
  15. Pity they can't seem to round these evil gits up and name and shame them publicly as the thieving swine they are.