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  1. barkis

    Saturn under poor condition, 14 June 2018

    Poor seeing notwithstanding, this is a very good image of the ringed planet. You should be feeling quite pleased with your work here. Very nice indeed.
  2. barkis

    Deal or no deal

    When we do our large shop on a Saturday, and I mean large (There's only the two of us too), my good lady won't exit the store until she has checked the receipt with a fine toothed comb. She has found errors on many occasions, and often quite large ones.. It's not surprising these mistakes are made, considering the speed the till operator swipes the items across the code reader, sometimes making more than two passes for the same item, not having heard the beep supposedly. I get a bit exasperated waiting until she gets back what's due, but I have to agree that she won't stand for being fleeced.
  3. Nice scope going by its appearance. Many Dobs are wooden constructions, perfect medium for the job, some Dob. creators produce veritable works of Art, that would be acceptable by the makers wives to reside in their Living room.
  4. barkis

    Should I buy?

    And a very sensible decision too. You'll do well young man, you have patience, which can be a prime requirement in Astronomy. You will learn to study, not just give a cursory glance to your observed targets.
  5. barkis

    Looks like a skull

    Images seem to form in clouds, or flames of a fire, usually transient. Everyone has different perceptions of these things. I'm sure the skull did seem to appear to you, but it likely won't to others. Without your highlighting of the area, it's a difficult one to perceive. The face on Mars is a real looking object which got many worked up as an object created by intelligent beings on the planet. Looks like a face, but it's merely a rock formation which depends on the sunlight striking it at a particular angle in order for the shape to materialise. Good Fun though Heh? .
  6. barkis

    Another M13

    Fantastic objects Globular Clusters, 13 being the Northern hemispheres best offering. Good job Steve, well resolved, almost to the Core.
  7. barkis

    Life on other worlds in our solar system.

    Remember Arthur C. Clarkes Quote in 2010 Odyssey Two.? "All these Worlds are yours, except Europa, attempt no landing there. Use them together, use them in peace" .
  8. barkis

    Thanks for having me!

    Welcome to SGL Alex, although If it's Astrology you are pursuing, I'm afraid you have come to the wrong place my friend, so I hope you have just made A little error in your choice of Topic, and you really meant Astronomy.
  9. The same thing happened to my Car Radio. Foolishly, I left it parked in The Golf Club car park facing due south. When I finished playing, and then having Coffee in the Clubhouse, returning to the car, it was like entering an Oven. I use Bluetooth to my Mobile via the radio, but when I switched on the set, it looked a right mess, the Liquid Crystal Display was a splodge all over the facia. Thankfully, it all righted itself after the car cooled down. Took about two hours though.
  10. They will, now you have paved the way .
  11. barkis

    Empty Dome

    On Astronomy Open Weeks, our Obs. in the Borders was manned every night by volunteers. Children Had to be accompanied by parents, parent, or an Adult relative Identification was required. Was the instruments and auxiliaries not insured ? it seems like a simply forgot to 'Switch Off Gaff' So claiming could be possible. Wouldn't make sense to assume a deliberate act. I'm assuming this Observatory is in Staffordshire, so there should be Amateur Astronomers in abundance in that location, I would hope. How many are registered on SGL I wonder ? Seems like an excellent resource is going to waste. Very sad.
  12. barkis

    Vixen HR Eyepiece

    Your experience will never allow you to over exaggerate John, and that is a fine discipline.
  13. barkis

    Mars 11-06-2018

    Great result indeed Angie. I've no Idea what the season is on Mars at present, but that Polar Cap looks huge. Also, a good indication that the outer planets do display phase. .
  14. barkis

    Society Obsy feasability study

    Nice Idea, but I fear too many obstacles, logistically, and legally I'd venture to say. I remember Border Astronomical Society being successful in getting a Lottery Awards For All grant of £2000. to improve their Domed Observatory. Most of it was eaten up by having to provide access to wheelchair bound folks.
  15. barkis

    NASA press conference on Mars discovery today

    Well with all the Chemical analysing being performed, I thought it might need to purge itself now and again to get rid of unwanted residuals. My attempt at a puerile jest, may turn out to have some mileage in it. Or, maybe not .

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