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  1. There is no need to divert to any private conversation over this. I like to engage in topics of this sort, I say what I think, and if it is wrong I am happy to be corrected, but in a polite way. Everyone has a right to their input, but no one has the right to ridicule what they say.
  2. I'm not sure I care for your attitude Floater, I have a right to an opinion on this matter, just as everyone else has theirs. I am not forcing it on anyone, just read it and dismiss it if you so wish, but don't be so rude about it. And, I am not your Brother either.
  3. Simply discovering Exo. Planets, even those presumed to be in the So called Goldilocks Zone, is far from any guarantee of intelligent life. I mention Intelligent life, because I think many are already making assumptions that these bodies probably harbour life forms of some description, and maybe Intelligent life too. If we make a comparison with the Martian Rovers and Laboratories searching for evidence of a long dead form of life on the planet. Nothing has emerged other than the fact that water may exist. That had confidently been predicted long before any probes trawled around the place. We are no nearer any evidence of life in any form existing there at any time in the past. Perhaps more research is needed there. I think radio wave detection might be the biggest clue as to any Milky Way Galactic intelligence in existence, after all, Radio transmissions from earth must have reached out over 100 light years since we invented radio. We ought to have detected them coming in too, if they exist, yet we have heard nothing as yet. Do I think life exists elsewhere in the vast Cosmos ? I'd be foolish to say No. However, I'm not sure we can expect results from miniscule sample of planets discovered so far. It is no surprise that these systems are waiting to be discovered, we lack only the means to uncloak them at present. If there is Intelligent Life out there, it might be decades or even longer before it is revealed.
  4. I'm sure you'll have reserves in the pantry and fridge Michael. No sense in risking life and limb In high winds. She'll be gone tomorrow hopefully.
  5. Storm Doris has not put in an appearance in Cumbria yet, at least Carlisle, although some heavy rain, no winds to speak of. The rain is dying down now, and sun is trying to peek through. Perhaps we have missed the worst of the Lady's wrath. Hope so, this place has suffered enough from Storm damage. Twice in 5 years caused utter devastation for many folks.
  6. Good to know that, Great actress, and Beautiful and talented too.
  7. It amazes me how making these announcements about other planets light years away from earth, are deemed possible life bearing worlds. Even for those deemed to be in the Goldilocks Zone, that just seems a bit presumptuous to me. These planets are not even visible to the telescopes that seek them out. This kind of assumption about life could have a worrying effect on some older folks, who know little if anything about science, the Universe and little else of a technical nature. Perhaps the Astronomers should keep tight lipped until until at least some facts emerge, and not speculation. Even radio contact is not feasibly doable, assuming they are dreaming intelligent life forms inhabiting these far off, nay, very very far off worlds. We are never physically going to travel to any of them, at least not in two or three generations of would be travellers . I suppose it's a topic for some discussion, either for or against the release of information that is not going to be fully verified for a long time, one way or another.
  8. Some Announcer used the term, the 'Late Doris Day', well, the lady is not deceased I'm pleased to say. Lovely Gal. way back then, and as Old as she must be today, still is I'll warrant. I've no Idea what he was trying to say, but egg now on his face comes to mind.
  9. I think it's safe to say Hubs are in used by may Imagers. There are so many devices that can be employed in that endeavour, the USB Hub is probably considered mandatory. Colour coding each port port to It's specific device, and maintaining that discipline is a wise move though, Less chance of driver loading problems that way. Too many cables around are likely to give more hassle, at least the Hub allows things to be tidier around the Rig.
  10. Many thanks for this terrific depiction of big Jove in motion. Many contributions, and lots of work to create this animation, and we're grateful to all involved in the project. Great stuff indeed .
  11. So, 18 arc seconds then. Still mighty close. Considering that Polaris is 2,520 arc sec. from the NCP.
  12. Boos 4 Yays 4, It's a draw, and things can only get better.
  13. Helen, could I take the 150 pds please. I will PM you regarding collection and payment.
  14. I think you have it nailed Rob. I don't know what time you are allocated for this talk, but you seem to have a good cross section there. I think the slides will draw a few gasps. It still surprises me how little the general Joe public know about the night sky above their heads. You will do OK, and hopefully you can gain a few recruits to SGL as a result of your eye opening Lecture . Good Luck anyway. Not that you will need it.
  15. Heat from a candle yes, not sure how much body heat a Bee has, I've never held one in my hand I try to avoid that. When they sting, they leave it embedded and die, so I'm told.