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  1. barkis

    Some people...

    As heart rending as the OP's tale is, it isn't an uncommon ocurrence. He did something generous, because that is the nature of him. The response, whilst totally opposite in nature to his, should not result in a change to his natural demeanour, that would be a tragedy. Carry on being yourself emad. This forum thrives on the fair mindedness of all of us at the forefront of it's popularity. The bad eggs are very few, and well diluted by the good ones. Ron.
  2. Hi Gabz. welcome to SGL. This is a very useful instrument, and as said, Ideal for lunar viewing. The picture below is what you have, and it may be on an equatorial mount, which means it will need to be aligned with the North Celestial Pole. The star Polaris is near enough for general observing. Is the scope driven perhaps? and does it have a power supply for the motor? The Eclipse of the moon really can be enjoyed without a telescope, in fact it may be more than a hindrance than a help. For most other targets though, it will be excellent. Below is a picture to verify that your scope is the same scope is. If you do have a local Astronomy Society, the the advice to seek their help is very good. Best of luck. Ron.
  3. barkis

    Free Kindle Astronomy book

    Interesting indeed, unfortunately for me, buying more reading material, or even getting Astro. related freebies would be a waste. I have so many books relating to Astro Photography, it almost can be classed a Mini Library in my Den. The horrible truth is, I have read little from these goldmines of practical knowledge, I was almost afraid to admit to this membership the shame I bear for this neglect. Perhaps this confession will waken me up to the need to avail myself of the Information I must absorb, in order to kick off my Imaging career, If I have the Gall to call it that. Nevertheless now the truth is out there, and I must redeem myself by abandoning stuff that I do, that is getting me nowhere big style. I have all the Equipment needed, the Software, the Observatory, and also the latent desire to make a fist of it. This tale of woe goes back a long way, as many folks on this forum can attest to, but I determine to correct my failings, and get on with it. This probably deviates a bit from the OP's topic, and I apologise for that, but I'm sure Gaz. will understand . Ron.
  4. barkis


    I thought there was a general tendency for Councils to install full cut off street lighting whenever the old units were due for replacement. I also believed that the amount of energy wasted illuminating the sky, had finally been recognised by central government, and agreed to full cut off lamps as replacement for clapped out older ones. Not sure I haven't just dreamed this though.
  5. Just to be a bit whimsical if I may, Matt Damon managed to grow Tatties and other Veg. on Mars, but he managed to construct a habitat of sorts to give them at least fighting chance of Suck Seeding. I jest with this expression of course. I'm not naive enough to suggest mankind won't ever make the moon habitable for himself, including the ability to grow his own food, and produce other necessities,including fuel to support the intended Exploration further afield. It is all way ahead in time, but if the will is powerfully enough, then who knows what lay ahead.
  6. Sorry to report this, but those poor seedlings have perished. I really cannot understand what other outcome was hoped for really. Harsh environment doesn't adequately describe the lunar environment as far as being conducive to plant growth. No doubt conditions can be engineered sometime way in the future. More hope in that direction on the Red Planet perhaps. Sad outcome of course, but the result was a huge odds on certainty. Ron.
  7. barkis

    A tale of two implants

    I too have had a cataract procedure on my right eye, and I endorse your reaction regarding the amazing result of this procedure. I'm patiently awaiting for March 26th. at 8:45am, when my left eye will hopefully be restored that miracle that great vision provides us with. I was so grateful for skills of these specialists, that are able to do this magical work. The wonder is, how quickly the procedure takes, I was wheeled in, and wheeled out again, in what seemed like only 10 minutes. The saying goes,. " The Best Things In Life Are Free." That, without doubt, applies here. Ron.
  8. barkis

    Apologies to you all.

    Yeah! Me too. Nice to see someone somewhere is able to get some data down, and on a great target like the Trunk Neb. Nice result for him too.
  9. barkis

    Apologies to you all.

    I'm sure you will have no regrets committing a hefty sum to this beauty. It looks good, tasty, classy too. If the weather spoils things for you, worry ye not, because opportunities will present themselves eventually, And great joy will fill your heart. Don't you forget to let us know how it goes. I bet you can't wait to first light with this baby .
  10. Mirror cleaning is a subject that crops up fairly regularly on SGL. Many remedies are suggested, and I think I have come across about two that I would consider dangerous. (None in this thread I might add. ) Some surfaces may be manufactured with a protective quartz over coating for example, but that does not protect it from poor cleaning methods. The surface at all times must be treated with great care, the secondary is just as important as the main mirror when cleaning is to be attempted. Never be alarmed by what you might consider a dirty mirror surface, and think very long and hard before removing for cleaning. Bear in mind, that a Seemingly dirty mirror, will perform much better that a badly cleaned one. Ron.
  11. barkis

    First Image of 2019 - M81 and M82

    Stunning work CK, You've got off to a great start early in 2019. You really brought out the Starburst in the lower image of M82, but these pair make a great sight don't they.
  12. I like this a great deal, the Orion complex is imaged by thousands of AP's, but not many do a widefield capture of this beautiful area. I have seen splendid coloured mosaics of this vast area surrounding M42, which is so dynamic. It's a fine image you've put together, and frankly,. I find Greyscale images of deep space nebulosity very dramatic. I know little or nothing about mosaic constructions, but perhaps Scott's advice is worth exploring Good luck with your progress. Ron.
  13. barkis

    When you dislike electronics...

    A Meade LX90 ringed, and mounted on a SW EQ 8 would serve well. Which mount would depend upon it being the 12", or the 8" OTA. Not a cheap option I know, but many have taken that route. I considered the EQ option just prior to selling my 12" LX 90. It was the Alt Az mount that made up the unit when I bought it, then I bought a Heavy Duty Wedge off a guy in the US. Cost a mint too. I had read, and heard of differing opinions regarding the Wedge being a suitable addition for accurate guiding. Try as I did, I couldn't figure out why a suitably polar aligned Wedged mount should have any problems guiding. I saw some great images produced on the the Meade forum captured by both methods. I had some great observing sessions with that scope, but never got around to guided imagery with it unfortunately. Regarding your struggle with your electronics, you seem to be a trained operator in that field, so from that point of view, the skills will not desert you. The will to carry on will be fluid, so when and If you need to dig out your soldering station again, you won't need to ponder too much, you'll get on with it in auto mode . You're just experiencing little doubts, but not life changing, all will smooth out again in time.
  14. barkis

    Problem for Nasa

    Is he back from Mars then,?
  15. barkis

    Problem for Nasa

    Hubble has been a revelation, and provided some tremendous images for us all. If the telescope is in decline, then it will be a big loss to astronomers worldwide. Maybe it is a bit presumptious to write it off this early, after all, it had more cameras to continue working with. It is a shame the instrument can't be recovered and brought back to earth, it deserves a better fate than re entry to a fiery end. I do hope I'm being a bit hasty, and a solution is forthcoming to action a fix.,

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