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  1. Thank you kindly Sam. I'm pretty excited about the probable improvement, although I'm really over the moon with the improvement the first procedure has made to my sight. Best Wishes.. Ron
  2. Well folks, I am into hospital on Tuesday morning at 8:45 to have my left eye procedure. I am really looking forward to it. If the result is as successful the first one, I can't wait to see a world twice as clear . Ron.
  3. They certainly deserve to reside in a Book Carole. Excellent quality indeed. There are more folks other that those in the Astronomy Fraternity that will appreciate these images. There are still so many people blissfully unaware of what beauty is concealed in the skies above their heads. Perhaps your book will go some way to remedy that. Congrats. on a Job well done, not just the Book, , but the inspirational work you've produced for our Forums pages too. Ron.
  4. That's a shame Michael, expectations dashed but perhaps a window will open later and afford an opportunity to get that attractive rig doing it's stuff. Here's hoping anyway. If not, the Malt will ease the Pain. Ron.
  5. Sorry, no offence intended. Perhaps I was influenced by the TV show Extreme Cleaners, that showed cleaners, females and males, who had the unenviable task of cleaning homes that had suffered the lack of cleaning for years. I'm sure many of you also saw that prog. They deserved the highest praise for what they endured. Anyway, no Offence. Ron
  6. A fair few Skip Fulls there for sure. Now who's gonna clear it up I wonder ? Wherever man Goeth, He'll leave his mess behind, whether on Earth, (Land or Sea), Asteroid, Comet, Moon, or Planet. We sure are an untidy species. We'd better get an Army of Housewives trained as Astronauts, to go get that lot cleaned up. Ron.
  7. Those comments of Shock and Awe, are always the result when the moon viewed through a telescope with the magnification at high level. How good it is to see that demonstrated in this fine video. Even though man has had is feet on the lunar soil, these telescopic views can refill enthrall folks. It even inspires us Amateurs to get more people at the eyepiece.
  8. Couldn't agree more Stu. Why they saddle our natural satellite with silly and usually meaningless descriptions is beyond me too. Over and Out. Ron.
  9. Certainly nothing weird about the sketch though Achim. I have a great respect for sketchers of Astro Targets, Details are almost always very good to extraordinarily good, as in this Solar work of yours. Very good indeed and well done. I've never tried sketching, I don't think my patience would be tolerant enough, or my concentration either. Keep up your good work in this field. Ron.
  10. Even though all my setup is now clicking into gear, where the hell do we find stars, planets, or any other astronomical body in this Country. We've had Nowt but grey skies and pigging drizzle where I live for days on end now. Even my pond fish are sulking. Spring Equinox, let's hope for some gaps in the muck soon. Sorry guys, but my trigger finger has been itching to fire at Summat, but it Ain't happening. I consider myself a patient person, but It's being tested to the full lately . Ron.
  11. Only now just seen these. Such splendid images, Globular's are amazing, if not fascinating to the mind. Seeing them as produced by ground based amateur Photographers in such detailed quality such as these, just beggars belief. I heartily congratulate the imagers here, of 1, 2, and 3, but high praise to all the other contributors too. Quality work like this is very inspirational to budding Astro photographers too, Competition promotes a lot of interest on SGL. and other places too of course. Ron.
  12. A Warm Welcome to SGL Neno. You have made a good decision in joining this group. You will find great support for your Astronomy here, there are many with skills in many areas of Astronomy's multiple sciences. Enjoy your stay, and the many friends you will make here. Ron.
  13. This is the older version of this model, but it is a competent camera for both guiding, and lunar imaging. Include ST4 Guide cable and USB Cable. £50 incl, P&P. Ron.
  14. Offset the solder jointed cores so they don't form too large a lump in the cable. Slide heat shrink as already recommended, over each core to be soldered, slide a larger diameter heat shrink over the main cable itself so you can shrink it with heat over the joining area. makes a neat job. One other reminder, place a heat shunt between each bit of core H/Shrink, otherwise the heat will travel, and shrink the core and you won't find it easy to slide over the joints. You can use longer shrink tubing, but you will have to sacrifice an inch or more if you don't shunt the heat away. Ron.
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