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  1. If you start to get feelings of fear, and irrational thoughts start to grab you, it's just those pesky Aliens using Their Hi-Tec. to suck the rationale bits of your brain out. They don't bother you if you have company with you, so don't ever go solo .
  2. I know the scope is primarily an imaging unit, and designed as such. However, since these radial aberrations are depicted quite clearly from a camera produced Image, but have you observed them visually too, using different eyepieces? Just out of interest. This may have been asked by someone earlier in the thread, but I don't remember seeing it.
  3. Hope you get a result, Hull City certainly need points to stay in the Premier League. It will be a tough ask, the Hammers need the points too.
  4. I understand, I wouldn't like to see the lad deprived of his training ground either. Perhaps you will reconsider in a few years, when He has signed for Leeds United, or another Yorkshire Club .
  5. Build yourself a pier for your mount in the garden. It's not difficult to do, and you can leave the mount attached so as not to disturb polar alignment once you have it correct. There are many ways to polar align, the cheapest is drift alignment, and as good as any other, it just takes patience is all. When you finish your imaging, or observing sessions, simply remove the OTA and store it away, cover the mount and pier with a weather proof covering, and tie it down against possible high winds, and Bob's you Uncle. No more alignment hassle. If you don't have a garden, then sorry, this won't help .
  6. Ah! Blissful solitude beneath a clear sky peppered with distant suns, and other bodies, rendered visible only by the kindness of our own Star. I would have written a poem, but I'm not a poet .
  7. Enjoy SGL, there isn't anything you won't find a answer for here. I can only assume you like the Sombrero Galaxy a lot to choose it as a username . You seem well equipped to pursue the deep sky for the fuzzies, so the advice I can offer in that respect, is to use averted vision during your observing sessions. Sometimes looking directly at a faint galaxy or Nebula fails to reveal it, but by using your peripheral vision, they can pop out as if by magic. There is much knowledge in the population of SGL, so just ask your questions in the relevant sections, and you will receive loads of replies. If you experience any technical problems regarding the forum itself, contact a Moderator Green names, or an Admin. Blue names. Best Wishes.
  8. This certainly bodes well for you, It's a cracker full of Islands. Hope it goes well for the remainder of the project.
  9. I think, but more I hope, the skies will be clear for you up there. I'm not far from Kielder and the latest forecasts are promising. You may get skies good enough to help you search out the clusters. Good Luck, and don't forget the warm layers of clothing . Ron.
  10. The only Doug I know of, is SGL Member Cloud buster, I think there was a a mall glitch with the forum software at some point, which did something to screw up the Quote function, I may be wrong, but I think the confusion arose from that. It's no big deal, not sure If Doug gets my name popping up from time to time. 😂
  11. Ah! Sorry, I misunderstood you, Calf domes look a better proposition as an Astro Dome. I'm going to use my name after each post I make, too many replies are calling me Doug. for some reason. My name is Ron. 😇
  12. Welcome to SGL sir. You sound as though you could be around my age if you have spent 60 years in Telescope making. Your description on wrestling with the Farmers Dome suggests it was an old Silo Top, and If so, I know what you mean when you described it's size and weight. I found out on the grapevine, that local farmer had disposed of a Silo top, and had chucked dismantled it into a disused quarry. I drove out to have a look at it, and decided I could make a good dome from it, If I could reduce it's dimensions somewhat. So full of excitement, I borrowed a tractor and trailer from a Farmer I knew well, and drove the 10 miles to the said quarry, where I proceeded to drag each section up and out of the place, almost killing myself in the process. The leafs of the silo, were fibre glass, set in individual frames, and no lightweights. however, I managed to get it all onto the trailer, and got It home, unloaded, and into my back garden with the help of a neighbour. After about a month of cutting sawing, and trying in vain to construct a dome of suitable size to go atop the extended part of my garage, which was to be my Observatory, I gave up on the project as it became obvious it was not going to cooperate. My engineering skills were no great shakes. Quite simply I gave up. Although I did make dome eventually, after local light engineering firm made me support track for grooved wheels, a superstructure for the dome skins, which I cut from galvanised sheeting, and got the whole thing up and running inside a month. Trouble was, the ring was bolted onto L brackets extending from each brick wall, which meant the roof had to conform to the circular ring,. and keeping it permanently sealed was almost impossible. The dome was quite heavy, it caused flexure in the roof, and the seal would fail, and when it rained, it leaked. the only solution was to suspend ducting from the ring internally, and catch the water as it leaked in. I was able to pipe it out through the Obs. wall into a drain. that worked very well. I enjoyed the dome, obviously, it was the right environment for Observing, or Imaging, and no stray light getting in. It got a bit scruffy in time though, not aesthetic like the modern construction are, and the wife moaning on led to it having to come down. I have Roll Off Roof one now, still does a good job though. Enjoy your experience of this forum, we have loads of fine members, who are very helpful, cooperative, and loads of experience and knowledge which they are happy to share.
  13. Thanks Barkis for responding back. Still trying to figure out how to use this site was a bit of a challenge. Anyways, I have the the telescope of the picture you sent me. I guess I should have just got to the point but, felt like I had to introduce myself. If I joined a RJ12 Coupler to the cable of the hand controller cable and plugged a RJ12 6p6c (straight thru) & tested this. The reading shows reverse lights on my tester. When I changed the cable RJ12 6p6c reverse (voice) & tested this. The lights were correct. Exactly when I tested just the cable from the starsense (I'm assuming the starsense cable & the cable from the hand controller are the same). So I'm guessing that I should use the reverse cable and I get the right lights configuration.  But, I read some where that your not suppose to use a rj12 6p6c (voice) cable. Can I use this. I thought telephone cables are 4p4c type. Hope I explained this a little better. And if you can tell me how to add a picture or two maybe this might help. Thanks so kindly and appreciate your advice. 




  14. Sorry Pirate, I got blinded buy so much text in your Post, and found it difficult to decipher exactly what it is you are wishing to do. From what you say, I gather you want to extend the length of your hand controller cable. Is this the rig you have just bought recently? [Image from SGL Sponsors website ]
  15. I've visited the place often. It was boring for the wife, although she enjoyed the tour around Flamsteed House. The Camera Obscura was operational at that time. Unfortunately the day was a dull one, and although the views were good, they would have been better in sunshine. Harrison's Clocks are a tremendous attraction, what a craftsman that chap must have been. Let alone infinite patience. How those poor excuses for men denied him payment for so long, was criminal. He got paid eventually, thanks to the Intervention of King George 1V. The TV Series 'Longitude' was a brilliant insight into the history of Harrison's work on these Instruments, and the terrible injustices he suffered at the hands the Committee set up to oversee the competition for a method of finding Longitude at sea. it is also in Book form, but I'm sure most people are aware of that. A great read too.