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  1. Christmas came early for you Mike. You really nailed it having a friend that generous. It Looks quite splendid too. Ron.
  2. I can't understand why some folks have to drown their property in bright lighting during darkness. Motion detection lights are fair enough, but their seeming penchant for 24 hours of daylight is bordering on the ridiculous. Besides, the lights create darker shadows which a would be Tea Leaf can put to good use. Ron.
  3. Apologies from me, I was unable to make it to this one, and I was so looking forward to this topic. I hope to watch the replay though. Ron.
  4. I think he lives in Oakworth. A village in West Yorkshire. Near Keighley Ron.
  5. Welcome Ed, you could almost be describing me in your Intro. I'm just west of your patch in Cumbria, not a spit away from the Lake District, which is at present being invaded by hordes of car borne people wanting a break in this sunshine we're enjoying at this time. I owned a LX90 12" for a while, but sold in on, and now own an Obsy sited Skywatcher Mak. Newt. and all the gubbins associated with an Astrograph. You're quite right about the quality of the membership of SGL, plenty of help and advice if you require any. Enjoy your stay, and I look forward to your posts on the forum. Ron.
  6. I am in Awe of D.W's Images. Makes me wonder If I could ever aspire to such Creational Heights. I'm barely over the doorstep, but I can't even visualize producing work of that quality. Nevertheless, I will be glued to the Zoom screen on Sunday to see how Dave works his magic. Ron.
  7. Welcome back to SGL Matt. The 150pds will serve well as an AP instrument, It is designed for that purpose. I think you will find Astro photography tough going initially. An HEQ5 Mount is also better suited to Deep sky AP too. One of SGL's Mods did some splendid work with a Skywatcher 130pds , and put that scope on the popularity map I'm sure. Best of luck on your journey, and much help is available on the forum should you need it. Best Wishes. Ron.
  8. Anyone installed Ascom 6.5 ? If yes, have you found any problems with your already installed drivers? I Installed it over 6.4 on my desktop, and it seems OK running a simulation, but my laptop is the systems computer, and I hesitate to interfere with what is working fine. However, If anyone is happy with Ascom 6.5 on their rigs computer, I'd be pleased to hear from them. Always a bit wary with major changes to software. Ron.
  9. There were three private comments which Chris. wasn't certain he should answer. Except to say a Maybe' a Yes', and a Think so'. One was mine, which I suggested Young Tom the mechanic in Australia had found 5 planets orbiting one star, the big thing being the young man had trawled through hundreds of Light curve graphs to help him know what to search for in his quest. I just suggested his method triggered a flash back to Clyde Tombaugh's search for Pluto, which involved using a blink comparator to search out any object that appeared to have moved . He of course was successful and did find Pluto. Talk about tenacity. Hats Off to both, determination unbounded. Ron. PS It dawned on me that I ought to have switched my Mike on.
  10. Very nice outfit indeed. Now, If only the National Lottery would give me all my investments back, I'd swoop on this lot. Ron.
  11. I bought the Steeltrack, for my 190 Mak.Newt. and added the Lakeside Focuser to it. Both Great pieces of kit I had a bit of a fiddle initially, but all's well now. Not cheap by any means, but I'm very pleased I bit the bullet.. Ron.
  12. Welcome to SGL Gentlemen, you're in good hands here, so take advantage of the help and guidance that is available to you should you need it. Keith has acquired a telescope, and he chose well for his first instrument. The 8 inch Dob. is a very popular first intro to observing the night sky and it will bring some great objects into view, Roger, heed Johns words, don't rush into spending your hard earned money before you consult SGL's experts, they will keep you from harm. Best Wishes both, And enjoy your stay. Ron.
  13. Quite a specialised area of star study epj. Hopefully someone with the same interest in Spectra will pick up on this. There is one guy I know of who's line of work impinges on this area of science. Obviously I can't name him, but perhaps he'll read your Ad. and with luck may know someone who might show an interest in what you have for sale. Ron.
  14. Great capture for us. I like Professor Chris. Lintott, and his work has earned him world wide respect. These weekend treats for us just keep getting better. A full house for this one for sure. He is actually a member of SGL isn't he? Ron.
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