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  1. new

    Hello Leibek, welcome.
  2. Hello.

    Hi there, welcome.
  3. We're going back... it's official!

    Mankind will push out into space eventually. It's been a dream, I expect since eyes were first raised questioningly to the sky. Temporary political or ecological glitches won't stop it.
  4. There are plenty of very young ladies and gentlemen who enjoy observing. There will be lots of advice on here. My tip would be to get him something that looks like a 5 year olds perception of a scope. That means a refractor, nothing too expensive but not a department store offering. Having said that First Light Optics who are quite prominent on here have a great selection of starter scopes including reflectors. HTH
  5. Newbie

    Hi Michael, welcome.
  6. Hello From Malaysia!

    Hi there and welcome.
  7. Just Joined

    Hi griz, enjoy that scope.
  8. Solar glasses dangers

    Well spotted. Trouble is so many people are unaware of just how damaging solar radiation is.
  9. New resource

    Downloaded this or very similar last year, it's very good indeed for £0.00
  10. Hello !

    Hi Pawel, welcome.
  11. Hello from Loch Lomond

    Hi there, welcome.
  12. Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome, the better the scope the worse the weather.
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    Hi there, welcome.