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  1. Hello from NYC

    Hi Andrew, welcome.
  2. Hi :)

    Hi there welcome.
  3. Hello from Portugal [Cédric Pereira]

    Hi Cedric, welcome.
  4. Hello from Croatia!

    Hi Marko, welcome. Lots going on there.
  5. Hi All

    Hi Rob, welcome.
  6. Hello to all from Cliffm

    Hi Cliff, welcome.
  7. I've heard theories ranging from the destruction of the planet to nothing at all. A temporary blip perhaps. Far more interesting would be a gravitational reverse, that would get our attention.
  8. Hello from Cambridge

    Hi Harry, welcome.
  9. Hello, New from WA state USA

    Hi there, welcome.
  10. Hello

    Hi Christopher, welcome.
  11. New to stargazing

    Hi Kevin, welcome.
  12. TeleVue Price Increase

    I've never looked through one so I'm not qualified to comment on their quality vs price but at what point do they exceed ones ability to use them to their maximum potential. With my eyes and equipment probably very quickly.
  13. Time to terraform Mars?

    I agree Olly, no matter how able a machine appears at interaction, unless it is self aware it is not intelligent.