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  1. Chuck Yeager always said that casualties had to be accepted at the cutting edge of aeronautical research. I think that this guy whilst a yo yo was made in the same mould.
  2. Dave Lloyd


    Hi Katie, welcome.
  3. Hi and welcome. The mount you have is an equatorial. If you just want to point and shoot to start with you can put that dial to 90 degrees and use it as an alt azimuth mount. This just means that it will work just like a camera on a tripod. And don't worry, you'll soon be throwing those terms about like the rest of us
  4. Hi Malco, welcome. As already said it will NOT be a one off purchase.
  5. Hi and welcome, your star adventurer images are much better than mine.
  6. Hi Dave, welcome from another one.
  7. One of the very few women who brought astronomy to the mainstream viewing public.
  8. Dave Lloyd


    Hi there, welcome.
  9. Dave Lloyd

    New member

    Hi Chris, welcome.
  10. Very nice, a lot of work's gone into that. P. S. P has excellent drawing tools.
  11. Are the parents going to let it go?
  12. It is entertaining in a way but the sort of bigotry displayed by this guy has caused no end of suffering throughout human history.
  13. Betelgeuse looks no brighter than Bellatrix tonight.
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