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  1. He seems to say "stupid" a lot but in a very roundabout way almost backs up the relativists theory of time dilation and constant light speed. Although to be fair I did abandon it about half way through.
  2. Cbeebies are also doing a stargazing week for tots. I don't understand though why a- they've waited until the winter constellations are disappearing and b- waited until it's not getting dark until after 8, too late for most little ones.
  3. You lose a lot of magnification for planetary using prime focus unless you also put an eyepiece adapter in the imaging train.
  4. Hi and welcome.
  5. Hi there, welcome.
  6. Hi Mitch, welcome
  7. Hi Max, welcome.
  8. Castings are brittle and I imagine these are made to a price. It does look like a stress fracture and although hard, castings have no tensile strength.
  9. That'll be great, it's just down the road from quite a few of us I think.
  10. Hi and welcome, it's a quantum leap from mk1 eyeballs to 8 inch mirror. Enjoy.
  11. Hi Imanol, welcome.
  12. Hi Mr niall, welcome, you've set yourself quite a task.
  13. Hi there Messier, welcome.