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  1. morimarty

    Saturn 11-06-18

    Thanks for the nice comments and ticking the likes everyone they are very much appreciated. @Angie I wondered if the light spot was a storm I could see hints of it in your image of saturn captured on the 15-06-18. I have checked a saturn image I captured and posted on the 07-06-18 but sadly the resolution is not quite good enough to tell. here is that image from the 07-06-18.
  2. morimarty

    Saturn 11-06-18

    I finally got around to processing the data I captured of Saturn on the 11-06-18. I would say in average seeing conditions. The red and green data was surprisingly good but again the blue channel was just a blur. I did manage to tidy it up so it was usable though. Scope C11@fl4000 camera Asi 290mm Filters baader RGB The image is R-rgb image 2 and 3 are rescaled 125% & 150% respectively thanks for looking.
  3. Hi John, Bear in mind the FLT98 is a very fast triplet. Designed mainly for deep sky imaging with excellent colour correction glass.
  4. morimarty

    Saturn 15-06-2018

    You have certainly captured some fine detail Angie from your 8"sct. I can definitely see some activity around the pole region. It is a shame you can't get the colour but I know it is very difficult with saturn being so low. Dont give up on the colour just yet as I'm sure you will get it at some point this apparition.
  5. morimarty

    Venus in UV 14.06.2018

    You have certainly mastered imaging Venus Pete. Thats another cracking image captured during daylight.
  6. morimarty

    Jupiter by 180mm Mak, June 10 2018

    I really like this image Tareq It's very smooth and nicely colour balanced.
  7. morimarty

    Jupiter 14th June

    A very impressive image Peter captured in average seeing conditions.
  8. morimarty

    Jupiter 09-06-2018

    You have even captured some fine detail in the GRS Angie.
  9. morimarty

    Mars 11-06-2018

    Thats a very impressive natural looking Mars image Angie, your processing is excellent as usual. It looks like a barlow is going to be the order of day on this elusive planet.
  10. morimarty

    Venus in UV from 2-6-2018

    Thats a great image of venus Pete. The clouds are clearly defined.
  11. morimarty

    Jupiter grs 9th June 2018

    Thats a lovely image from the big meade Simon great colour balance and very well processed. I'm not sure what the dark spot is as there were no moons visible when I was tracking jupiter. But I did read that some of the observation guys saw this and said it was a very rare Io eclipse? I would also love to know.
  12. morimarty

    Second Saturn from 07-06-18

    Yep well and truly captured in my backyard here in the midlands Blighty. I was actually going after the europa transit but I just missed all the fun as I got in late from work so turned my attention to saturn instead and i'm glad I did. Thanks for your great comment.
  13. morimarty

    Venus in the daytime

    You've worked wonders getting a very good image out of that seeing well done.
  14. This image of Saturn is from my second capture run from the 07-06-18. I've tried to be a little bit more aggressive in the processing than usual and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. 1500 frames stacked per channel in As2 processed in Astroart5 Cs6 and reg6. C11xlt @ 3250fl Asi 290mm camera baader RGB filters.
  15. morimarty

    jupiter tonight 08-09/06/18

    There is lots of fine detail on show in these images Paul.

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