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  1. Great capture Simon. by the time the clouds cleared for me jupiter was just to low behind next doors garage!
  2. Some incredible detail in this image Peter, very well done.
  3. Superb images Simon, they really are.
  4. A lovely set of images Angie, beautifully processed especiallly the middle two!
  5. A Very impressive image Peter. love the albedo markings on ganymede!
  6. A very natural looking jupiter Pete. with plenty of detail on show!
  7. They just look superb Simon, I love the colour balance on these images. I think i'm going to lean to the first image!
  8. Despite the jittery conditions Peter, there is still lots of fine detail on offer in this image.
  9. Thats a razor sharp lunar image Simon through a IR filter I see. I must invest in one of those.
  10. Wow. I love the colour balance on this image Ralph, you certainly have your C8/asi290mm very finely tuned.
  11. Thats a great reprocess Harvey, lots of fine detail on show in this one.
  12. Thanks for the encouraging comments guys, I usually go after Dso's, But I can see the lure of planetary imaging as well its very addictive. I know one or two of you dabble in Dso's especially Pete (theo) with fantastic results. So if I can get anyware near as good results on the planetary side of things i'd be very happy Thanks again.
  13. Thought I would post these images of Jupiter from the 5/5/17 captured in a twilight sky and very blustery conditions it is my first planetary image and also first light for my asi290mm. Captured with a C11& Asi290mm baader filters Thanks for looking Martyn
  14. They look really good considering the conditions. I went out last night with my C11 and the conditions were truly dreadfull so well done on capturing some nice images.
  15. I agree I too prefer the linear stretch image. Like you say you need to see it in full resolution but it does need some computer muscle to view it.