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  1. Thats another beauty Peter. Congrats.
  2. Excellent work Craig. And a nice little explaination of how you created it in winjupos.
  3. Some lovely fine detail on show in this image.
  4. Hi Steve first of all well done on your mars image especially the top one. Can I recommend that you try using Firecapture as your prefered capture software. It as a custom Roi section so you can put in any size you like. It also as default planetary capture settings which should also help. The Asi 178mc is a 14bit camera but there will be nothing gained using it at 16bit in fact it will just slow your FPS down so run it at 8bit with a Roi of 640x480 and go from there. the Gui looks daunting at first but it really is user friendly once you get use to it. Also there are lots of tutorials on YT H
  5. Thats a lovely elephant trunk. The stars are very tight and well controlled great work.
  6. Some lovely detail in this one. Very well done.
  7. Very nice work well worth every second spent.
  8. Lovely image Adam. Not the traditional SHO palette but really effective in showing subtle fine detail. I like it.
  9. Thats a great Pacman image Mark. I love the SHO palette the dark globules stand out very well and they look nice and sharp without over doing it. Very well done.
  10. Thats a great Image of M33. Looks like You have got the combination of the Flt98 & Asi6200 in perfect harmony. Very well done.
  11. Thats a Lovely image. The star colours especially the blue stars are very well controlled condidering you are shooting through thin high cloud.
  12. This image is from the best of the captures on the 28.09.20 The seeing was quite wobbly until some thin high cloud came along and settled things down. Software As2. Reg6 Astroart5 Cs6 Telescope C11 @4600mm Asi290mm Baader RGB filters.
  13. Some stunning detail in this one Steve. I might try upping the power on my C11 after seeing this one. Great work.
  14. Some lovely subtle detail on show Simon. Love the colour balance too.
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