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  1. Some great detail in the rings Geof. Enke and ring C is definitely visible well done for persevering.
  2. Two lovely images Peter, both targets are very difficult right now but you have still captured lots of detail in both.
  3. You have done really well with that data Simon, the colour as a lovely pastel flavour about it and the scale as mentioned is excellent. you've more than done it justice Well Done.
  4. Thats a very good widefield shot Pete, I like the colour balance, was this captured at native f/L on the C9.25 ?
  5. Nicely captured Chris in such a short window. I think you should take up imaging more permanently?
  6. You've managed to get some nice detail out of that data Simon. good scale aswell.
  7. Supposedly clear skies over derby last night so decided to set up but then of course the clouds rolled in. Saying that there was a patch of clear sky around saturn,just enough to get one 2minute run per channel in so here is the result. C11 xlt baader RGB filters Asi 290mm
  8. The inability to use the catcooler in all the edge sct's as been the bane of many dedicated imagers both planetary and deepsky!
  9. Thats a great image, M109 is a very difficult target and you have controlled the flares/background very well.
  10. Thanks everyone for your Interest. The Pier is now SOLD to a member of SGL. Can the Moderaters please remove add.
  11. Hi Adam Yes the Heq5 should just sit on top and is then held down by the central bolt from underneath, access via the owl hole!
  12. Superb as usual Pete. I love the colour balance you do on your jupiter images.
  13. Hi Ian The hieght of the pier is 37.25" inches I'll just add it as also been powder coated.HTH
  14. I am selling my homemade pier for a skywatcher neq6, It is a Very heavy duty pier and was made by local aerospace industry welders. It is very simple to set up. I am looking for £125 cash on collection. I am open to offers.It will need two people to carry.
  15. Selling my orion optics 10" F4.3 mirror set. I purchased this in the mid 90's and had it Hilux recoated in 2005. the primary coatings look in very good condition. the secondary is 63mm, and the coatings are in average condition. this would make for a great DIY project, the optics are 1/8wave and have been boxed indoors for the last ten years. I am looking for £200 but open to offers. I would prefer cash on collection.