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  1. Thanks Francis. I have had a ball with it in the last 18 months great lens. Carole
  2. Much better than the first process. Carole
  3. It sounds like I don't have it, I don't even have Camera Raw.
  4. What a great way to present them. I am only half way through and so far I don't see so much of them picking what I call "gimmick pictures" like they normally seem to. Also nice to see the winners. I will however reserve my judgement until I see the rest of the video. Carole
  5. Looks like some good data there, but also looks like too much noise reduction. Carole
  6. Any-one who hasn't booked will have a job to get in as it is always oversubscribed. Best to ring Kelling Heath and ask to make sure you can get in. I shall be there as usual in a Caravan on T311. Lets hope we get some clear skies this year, last year was the first one in over 10 years where I didn't get a single night of imaging in 4 nights. Carole
  7. It's the diagonal yellowy orange bit that is called the wall. I have no idea who named it, but guess it's because it is an elongated prominent area of nebulosity. Carole
  8. Thanks everyone. Thanks Xiga, means a lot. Not heard of this, and I use PS all the time, but maybe it's in the later versions of PS, I use CS3. Carole
  9. I agree, if it's the dealer I think it is, he's a good egg, he makes a living out of it so his prices are higher than selling your own kit second hand, but he gives a good service, knows what he is talking about, as far as I know checks the items over before selling them and has certainly helped me out on a number of occasions. If you don't like his prices don't buy from him. Carole
  10. Thanks Guys. Full FOV Padraic, all except a bit of stacking artifact cropping which was minimal. That's correct. Carole
  11. My second of two images taken last week in the Cotswolds. What a treat it was to have Bortle 4 skies. Atik460EX & Skywatcher ED80 + Focal reducer x 0.8 Ha 22 x 600 (3h 40m) Oiii 10 x 300 binned (50m) Sii 11 x 300 binned (55m) Total imaging time 5hours 25mins
  12. I went with a small group of Astrophotographers to the Cotswolds last week Bortle 4, so nice after my horrible home location of Bortle 8. This is the first of 2 images I managed to acquire on the 2 clear nights we had. Been wanting an opportunity to get this combination of targets for some time, but given my lack of dark sky opportunities, I didn't dare risk starting a Mosaic, so I used my Samyang lens. Atik460EX and Samyang 135mm @ f2.8 Lum 23 x 600 (3hours 50mins) RGB 14 x 150secs binned each filter (35m each) total 1 hour 45 mins Total imaging time 5 hours 35mins Stupidly forgot to cool the camera, so the whole lot was done uncooled (gun to head).
  13. I used an NEQ6 in the past but found it a bit large and heavy for my needs as I go to Astro camp frequently, so i sold it. I now have an HEQ5 and have used a 130PDS quite successfully on it as well as refractors up to Skywatcher ED120 and also the Esprit100. Very nice mount. Carole
  14. Fantastic photos. I am about to purchase an IR wildlife camera as we have occasional mysterious "goings on" in the garden, to do with chicken eggs arriving - whole, or dug up??? Want to know what's going on though think it might be foxes burying them. Carole
  15. I wonder whether you have selected your DSLR in the DSS settings. If it's true B&W you may have the debayering wrong. However I have found Andromeda quite lacking in colour whenever I have processed it in the past. I have some You tube videos on Post Processing in Photoshop, quite a few are designed for mono imaging with filters, but this one might help:
  16. Lol, that is because I copied the co-ordinates on Astrobin of some-one else who had got it nicely centred. My Mount doesn't slew to Sh2 numbers via the handset so I am forced to use co-ordinates. Thanks for the comment. Carole
  17. Not my best image, but running out of suitable targets I can do from home with my heavy LP. So thought I'd give it a bash as been wanting to image this for quite some time. Considering I am Bortle 8 I normally can't do LRGB from home but decided to try an IDAS LPS filter instead of luminance, and also did shorter subs than i would in a dark location as it blew out the sensor. Atik460EX and William Optics ZS71 on HEQ5 Idas filter (Lum) 450sec subs x 32 = 4 hours Ha 6 x 600 secs RGB total of 1 hour combined (binned) Taken over 3 nights Total imaging time 6 hours. Would still like to try it at a darker location at some point.
  18. That's one Super result. I only tried this target once in Bortle 4 and my result was no-where near as good as yours in Bortle 7. I found it a really difficult target, Very impressed, Carole
  19. No brainer, I do it on a regular basis to a Bortle 4 campsite. It is a lot of work but well worth it. Carole
  20. Well done a huge and tricky target, you have done well. For my taste I would increase the colour saturation a little. Carole
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