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  1. You can't bin a DSLR due to it being a one shot colour camera. That being it'll have a bayer matrix over the sensor that is something like RGGB. Binning is used with mono cameras (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
  2. Phillyo


    Fantastic image. I know there's no up or down in space, but M31 with M110 above it rather than below always seems strange to me?
  3. So it seems to connect and slew ok with the skywatcher app so I think my laptop/installation is the issue. Everything works fine in ASIAIR so the mount and cable are obviously perfectly ok.
  4. I'll give it a shot. I'll give ANYTHING a shot right now. Thank you!
  5. So, just to revive an old thread. I'm at my wits end here! I connected everything up yesterday afternoon and it all worked fine. EQmod running through PHD2, NINA and Cartes Du Ceil. Slewing to targets in CdC for hours, taking exposures in NINA. Not a single issue. Perfect! I connect it up again today, exactly the same and instantly get comm errors again. Nothing has changed. Same laptop (i've tried 2 different laptops now), same ports, same cables, some power socket. Everything the same. This is driving me insane!!
  6. No I think the colours are great. I might be tempted to lighten them up a little bit to enhance them a bit more, but that's just personal preference. Oh you have it set up with an EAF too! Very nice. Where did you get the adapter from? I'm tempted to get one for next year, once they're back in stock!
  7. This is really really nice. Very subtle processing! That redcat is looking lovely!
  8. That's a really lovely image of M31, super smooth. I'd be tempted to try and enhance the colour a little bit but that's just personal taste. What are you using to process your data? Also, I notice you've had your EQ6-R Pro Stellardrive tuned and I was wondering if you would recommend it? Thanks.
  9. Another clear night? Two in 1 week? What is going on!! This is 83x5min subs with the ASI533, Samyang 135 @2.8, on the HEQ5 Pro (still having issues in RA with this swinging wildly), through the IDAS NBX filter. I tried to blend the data for a slightly different colour approach here using pixelmath with RGB channels as R = R, G = 0.4*R+0.6*G, and B = 0.6*G+0.4*B. Any feedback would be appreciated! Phil
  10. The NBX is fantastic for faster focal ratios. This set up is sucking up loads of photons!
  11. Praise the Lord it was actually clear here last night, almost ALL night too! I managed to grab 5 1/2 hours of data on the Rosette nebula (63 x 5min subs) with the Samyang 135 at f2.8, ASI533 and the IDAS NBX filter. Attached are 3 images, one as is, one star removed and one with the moon to show image scale. It's really quite a large object!! Happy for critique! Thanks for looking.
  12. Here's an idea. Use Sharpcap to polar align until you're happy. Then, shut everything down but don't move it. Turn it all back on again and do another polar alignment. You'll probably notice that it isn't exactly the same as when you turned it off. When you go back to it and do it again, how far out of PA is it? If it's less than 1' then leave it. You're sky limited at that point anyway so trying to get closer than that is pretty much pointless, especially if you're guiding.
  13. I am rather partial to a starless image if it is done well, and this one is done very well. I think it shows the structure of the nebula much better without the stars distracting from the image. Lovely images, thanks for sharing.
  14. Can confirm, the RA set screw does nothing. I'm probably going to remove it as I don't use it.
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