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  1. Smashing report, Paul - really brings across the excitement of teasing out detail. So excited about spending some nights under the Spring Galaxy-strewn sky! Paul
  2. I've been waiting for some pics of this to come through - marvellous! What a stunning sight. great image. Paul
  3. Very nice report, John. Sometimes it's best just to make it up as we go along! It's promising to be clear here tonight so I would love another look at 41P near the Owl.. Also need to get my first proper look at Jupiter for the season. Best Paull
  4. Good shot, Martin. So the slight concentration I commented on looks like a negative: it seems very regular on your pic. P
  5. It's making up for the 10 weeks of murk and cloud!!
  6. Got my first look this evening in the 12" dob, near Ursa Major's feet. Best view was at low power, but it was still fairly diffuse, like a very faint but quite large globular cluster. It was brighter but non-stellar towards the core, generally round but with a possible concentration towards the NW (possible, not confirmed). It didn't hold power well. It will be heading up through UMa over the next few days. Paul
  7. Great stuff, John. Just come in from a couple of fun hours in pretty steady skies. Managed to grab the F-star for the first time in the Trap (E was really obvious) and tried for the Pup as well, but no joy this time round. Doubles were well-suited to the calm atmosphere. Bagged comet 41P T-G-K near Ursae Major's feet as well. Early night now! P
  8. Final reduction to £75 - a bargain...
  9. Can't help but think this might be a 32" length rather than aperture! Auctioneer's estimate only £30-£50. But might be wrong...
  10. Thanks for the heads up - perfect combination!!
  11. Great stuff - congrats for getting that off the ground and through to completion. I've often thought of doing something similar, but haven't actioned anything yet. You've got me thinking again...
  12. Really interesting comparison. Cornish skies are lovely. Last Summer we stayed a couple of weeks at the lighthouse keeper's cottage that overlooks Sennen and Lands End. Once the hideous Lands End visitor centre lights were switched off at around 11pm, it was Milky Way right down to the horizon. Stunning. Looking forward to popping back this Easter for a week. The pic of M101 is spot on - shows what can be achieved from the less than ideal conditions most of us spend most of our time under! Paul
  13. I honestly think you'd struggle more times than you'd like with a 150 on an AZ4, even with the stainless legs. If you want to be assured of stability even in a brisk breeze, the SkyTee would do it. Nothing as frustrating as a mount not up to the task in the wind! I'm a big fan of the AZ4, but I just think the 150 would risk swamping it. Paul
  14. Oh and I'm sure you've seen but there's one for sale in the classifieds at the moment. That particular one has a good forum pedigree and has passed through a couple of people here (me included). Paul
  15. Hi Andy It's a good deal heavier than an AZ4 but I'd still call it portable. With that heaviness comes a step up in sturdiness plus the advantage of being able to mount two scopes at the same time if desired. One other difference to the AZ4 is that you definitely need the stainless steel tripod rather than the lighter aluminium tripod that you can use with the AZ4. I found the SkyTee to be a really good mount although I know others have their frustrations, principally with some of the aspects of the design. I think there was a recent discussion on here about it - you might want to do a search. Paul