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  1. FenlandPaul

    Field Note Taking Equipment

    Glad this is working out for you, Paz. I've gone back and forth on what works well for me. Occasionally I use a voice recorder a bit like yours, but I found that I'd accumulate a lot of audio and never quite get round to writing it all up, so it was wasted. But I could probably be a bit more concise when I'm talking! Overall I find scribbled notes with a few abbreviations and, often but not always, an eyepiece sketch works well for me. But even then I can accumulate piles of rough notes that need converting into something that makes sense. but you've made me contemplate using my voice recorder again!
  2. Great, entertaining report, Alan. You can Hoover up a lot of targets on a Spring evening!
  3. FenlandPaul

    Best time of the year?

    I love any clear night that doesn't clash with work! Frost-free April or May nights that are filled with galaxies. Balmy late Summer or early Autumn evenings when the Summer constellations are still available. I could gaze at the Veil all night! Frozen, crisp and stunningly clear Winter nights when my down jacket gets a workout and the Horsehead teases me.
  4. FenlandPaul

    Vixen SG 2.1x42mm binoculars

    Really interested to hear what you think, Paul. I need to get mine back on the market - I don't usually like selling things that I'm not personally happy with, so I'll be directing people to this review in the interests of transparency!
  5. FenlandPaul

    Webb Society 50th anniversary meeting

    It looks like such an excellent lineup, Owen. I was very much hoping to come again this year, but realised last week that I am on holiday that Saturday. Very mixed emotions about that!! I've been really enjoying the Astrodessin book that Yann contributed to; it's been a challenge working through it (school French has had a thorough dusting off) but it's an excellent work - somehow more poetic in the French as well! Hope it's a great day.
  6. Well done John. I believe I bagged it last night as well (if you can really call it bagged - it seemed it was always trying to slip through my fingers). On first attempt the bite would come and go and I couldn't be certain. But returning to the eyepiece later, IC434 seemed ever so slightly more obvious but ever so slightly less obvious to the east and slightly south of the two stars (one of them is HD37699) that were my guidepost. The "bite" was real. Used 22mm Nagler with H-Beta filter, giving x69. Whilst I was thrilled to have a positive sighting, I would be disappointed if I wasn't able to have a more convincing view at some point!! But I can now confirm, at least, that the HH really does exist!! Paul
  7. FenlandPaul

    Another clear spell

    Tooled up and ready for action (well, after the kids are in bed). First time in weeks.
  8. Merry Christmas and clear skies for the new year to all my friends on SGL.  I'm hoping next year I get more of a balance between work commitments, the availability of clear skies, family and observing - observing time has definitely tailed off alarmingly over the last few months!  

    1. Alan White

      Alan White

      Same to you Paul,

      may 2018 bring clearer skies and more time to observe it in.

    2. Lockie


      I hear that, Paul.

      Merry xmas and new year to you, fingers crossed for getting out there more in 2018 :) 


  9. Many congratulations, John. I had hairs raised on my neck reading that - I was with you all the way. I was hoping that this would be my season for the horsey too, but so far work and travel have rendered my observing a complete afterthought. I'm not complaining - but I'm so looking forward to when I too have an evening when it all comes together like this!! It'll be worth waiting and persevering for!! Paul
  10. FenlandPaul

    Good Night, Mixed Bag, 12-13/11/2017

    Lots of interesting targets there - nicely off the beaten track! Enjoyed the read!
  11. FenlandPaul

    18Nov Another evening with a big Dob…

    Lovely report of an enviable night, Alan. It kept me company during a solo dinner on a business trip!! Paul
  12. FenlandPaul

    My New SGL Beanie Hat.

    I'd be rather keen on an SGL car sticker - I see there are some (no stock) with the old logo, but none of the new ones. It would look nice alongside my Webb Society "Brotherhood of the Faint Fuzzies" sticker. glad the beanie is good!!
  13. FenlandPaul

    The Perfect Tonic

    Great report, Neil - and very honest! I often struggle with a clash of desires when it comes to observing; I love being at the eyepiece under a clear sky, but I also love spending time with my wife inside in front of the fire with a glass of wine and I am also up very early for work, for which I don't want to be tired! So sometimes I turn down wonderfully clear nights and then experience pangs of guilt for doing so! But, even with ever-encroaching light domes, the skies will always be there and for me this is a hobby, not an obsession (although I'd love it to be a hobby with an Obsession!) so waiting until the next clear night is just fine. And when that clear night comes around, even just a brief hour or so can really reignite my Astro-mojo. Paul
  14. FenlandPaul

    Farewell to Green Witch

    The few times I've met Neil I've found him to be very much a gent; passionate about his subject and a warm, kind human being. I wish him very well for a wonderful retirement.
  15. FenlandPaul

    In praise of the 32mm TeleVue Plossil

    Interesting read, Mike, and just replied to your PM. If this doesn't correct it, let me know and you're welcome to return it. Paul

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