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  1. Just had the pleasure of reading this article while enjoying the sun in the garden. Great introduction; really nicely written and informative. Will hopefully coax some more people into this interesting field to help bring the prices down!! While reading it I was reminded of a comment my father in law made about 5 or 6 years ago, when he claimed to look through a friend’s “night vision binoculars” and said he’d never seen so many stars. As I’ve often shown him the views through my 12” dobs or lesser gear, I was a bit put out by this (how could it possibly be better than what I’d shown him?!) and dismissed it entirely. I wonder what it was that he was looking through; maybe I shouldn’t have been so skeptical.
  2. Nice report Nick, and good idea on the aperture mask for crisp stars. I was out for a couple of hours starting with some Leo doubles before a galaxy hunt before moonrise, but the deep blue sky of the afternoon seemed to give way to a light haze and even showpieces like the Leo Triplet and M51 struggled to punch through with much gusto. Paul
  3. I received the email below a few weeks ago, which suggests they’ve been through the worst. Not had the latest issue yet but it does seem to be a little erratic. very sad news about Sue’s retirement (for us - probably great for her!). She’s such an amazing ambassador for visual deep sky enthusiasts and this amazing hobby more widely. Paul Email extract: To Our Valued Customer, Over the years, F+W Media, Inc. and its affiliated companies ("F+W Media") have strived to provide inspiration, instruction, and exclusive products and services through its various magazines, online education, print and digital books, subscription video sites, consumer and trade events, and online stores. Many things have changed over the years, but one will always remain the same: our commitment to you, our customer, in making sure that you have access to the latest content of our craft, art, writing, design, knitting, quilting, and outdoor enthusiast communities. We recently announced a plan to strengthen F+W Media through a financial restructuring. This plan is designed to guarantee that there will be no change in the services and content that our customers expect from F+W Media. In order to avoid any confusion or inaccuracy, I am writing to you personally to share two things that we want all customers to know: We are open for business. Customers can continue to subscribe to our magazines and shop across our online stores without disruption. All orders will arrive on time as promised. The financial restructuring will be done through a court-supervised process. On March 10, 2019, we began that process by voluntarily filing reorganization cases under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the District of Delaware. Operations will continue as usual throughout the court-supervised process, including meeting and exceeding the needs of our valued customers. We have asked for, and the court has approved, our ability to keep serving you in the same way we have in the past. At F+W Media, we are honored to offer products that provide inspiration in the daily lives of our customers and we want to thank you for being a part of our enthusiast communities. If you have specific questions with respect to our Chapter 11 reorganization please contact us here. Gregory J. Osberg, Chief Executive Officer
  4. Every time I see pics like these my mind is boggled! Just incredible to think that such intricate detail, so elusive to the unaided eye, can pop into view like that. Barnard’s Loop has to be my favourite. Amazing. Please, please keep sharing. Paul
  5. Nice report and fascinating to observe what effects sky conditions in different locations. Here on the edge of the Fens, moisture frequently ruins a promising-looking evening, and because it’s so flat there’s nowhere for it drain to, so it all ends up in the sky just above my head or pooling on my eyepieces and telrad!
  6. Sounds like a very productive night, Paul! Interested to hear your success with the HH in different sky conditions over time now that you’ve nailed it a couple of times. I’m still not quite sure which are the nights when I just shouldn’t bother at all!
  7. Hmmmmm, very very interesting!! Presumably you are often seeing-limited at that sort of mag?
  8. Ah, I got excited then. I thought it was the 3-6mm! Had no idea they did a 2-4; I think that would push my limit too far. All the best with with the sale!!
  9. What a great video, John - thanks for sharing. Have to say I was quite surprised how casual they seemed about lens cleaning, particularly compared to how terrified I am whenever I clean a mirror. Maybe I needn’t worry so much!
  10. Not at all, Hugh. That’s what SGL is all about - people helping others with this awesome hobby.
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