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  1. Lovely composition Paul. Reminds me of An American Werewolf in London!
  2. I’ve had a pair of these for a year and they’re great. Mainly use them for fiddling with cameras at night now, but before that they were great while threading filters onto eyepieces etc. Hands appreciably warmer than constantly removing ostensibly warmer, but more cumbersome, gloves.
  3. A warm welcome from a fellow Fenlander!
  4. So excited about this. Landscape astrophotography has turned my Astro-mojo back up to 11 over the last few months, so this is going to be fantastic!!
  5. That’s a terrific image! I did a similarly framed image a week or so ago but yours is definitely something to aspire to!
  6. Using a Canon EOS 450D (modded), Samyang 135mm at f/2.8. About 2h41m of 45s exposures at ISO800, using a Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop. Feedback, observations, tips and constructive criticism welcome!
  7. Thanks Kyle. It looks like something has crept in during processing. The original unprocessed stack (below) doesn't seem to have the same issue (to my eye - unscientifically) but it looks like it's come in when I tried to deal with the gradients.
  8. Thank you. I did darks and flats as well, which I've found I definitely need to do with this camera / lens combo on anything remotely deep-sky-y.
  9. This is my second attempt at a widefield emission nebula, this time the California Nebula. For those interested: 201x 45s exposures at ISO800 with a modded Canon EOS450D, Samyang 135mm lens at f/2.8, all on a SkyWatcher Star Adventurer tracker. Processed in DSS and PS and cropped. I'd initially had about 50% more subs than that but some were ruined by cloud and others by my youngest son putting the back garden light on!! I'd really appreciate any feedback / tips - keen to learn more about this amazing craft!! Thanks, Paul.
  10. Thanks to those who provided some feedback. Managed to capture some flats today and added them to the stack, as well as working on the edit a bit more to remove some of the gradients. Much happier with this! Still some noise and parts that I'm not happy with, but the difference from the flat fields was remarkable!!
  11. Thank you! Appreciate that.. Flats sound like a no-brainer then and I should get out this weekend and make some. The target started off at around 65 degrees and was climbing throughout the session, so it sounds like moving or filters are the next steps there!
  12. Thanks - yes, it's a 135mm prime lens. This sounds like a job for this weekend! Thank you for the feedback.
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