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  1. I think that's got all the hallmarks of a great session, Rob. Most of the focus should definitely be on you and your hobby, as opposed to the background (after all, they could read about the background to galaxies, the universe etc on the web, but they only get to hear about you from you). One thought if it's practical - maybe some white light solar in the car park at lunchtime? All the best with your talk! Paul
  2. Thanks mike. Looks good. My thinking was to mount it on the inside of the OTA behind the focusser. Should be some protection there at least. I thought those filters you flogged me were dew-proof, Shane?!
  3. Does anybody know of a source for a good value slider for 2" filters? Looking to mount one perhaps on the inside of the tube of my dob so I can slide filters in and out of the optical path easily, without having to swap the between eyepieces. Something like this:,11398 But I don't fancy paying €200 for what is a relatively simple contraption (albeit with some precision machining needed for threads etc). Any ideas? Thanks Paul
  4. Good find, Nick - thanks. The comet finders are particularly useful. Paul
  5. That's a great looking book, John. I have it on my list for when the second hand price drops a bit. This arrived for me last week from the same series (and a bargain at £1.80 delivered!!):
  6. I had both for a while. The ST150 is a significantly heavier beast and has to be balanced very carefully. It's not grab and go, mainly because it needs a chunkier mount (I had it on an AZ4 for a while but it really struggled). In contrast, the ST120 and aZ4 were an excellent pairing. The wide, deep sky views through the ST150 were something special though and I kept the 150 for longer. I know someone (forum member) who might be selling an ST150 fairly soon. PM me if you are interested. Paul
  7. Price reduced in ad above. Now £55 UK delivered.
  8. Price reduced in ad above. Now £85 incl UK delivery
  9. That's a nice looking scope, Mark. How do you find the mini-Giro? Looks pleasantly simple; do you use counterweights with that particular scope?
  10. At the end of March I am looking to buy an ultra-portable setup for travel (holidays with the family and the odd business trip) as well as back-garden jaunts. It should also deliver good white-light solar and maybe H-alpha (although I'm open to the idea of a PST as well). I'll be asking a lot of this scope - it will need to be good for rich field views but also be able to withstand cranking up the magnification for lunar and planetary and for doubles. Likely to be almost solely used for visual. The mount will need to be light but robust - perhaps I could make use of a reasonable camera tripod that came with my 20x80 binoculars (which I'll be selling) although I also have a SW stainless tripod knocking about that I could use, although that limits taking it on a flight. At a similar time I'm planning to finally invest in a small set of Ethos - most likely the 3.7mm, 13mm and 21mm so it would be good if the scope could accommodate 2" barrels. Ideally I don't want to spend more than around £500 unless there was a very good reason to do so and residuals were strong (although I anticipate holding onto this scope). Current shortlist for the scope: SW ED80 William Optics ZenithStar 71 (would probably need to go used for this) Altair Astro Starwave 80ED TV60 (I'd be very naughty if I did this) For the mount, I've not yet given it much thought. As the kind a knowledgeable people on this forum are expert at helping people spend money wisely, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Anything I've missed? What ultra-portable setups work well for you? Thanks Paul
  11. Great catch, Gerry. That stubby Newt really sounds like it's giving some impressive views. No chance on the Loop from my skies (especially at the moment as they're cloudy!!) but love reading your tales from Astro-paradise! Paul
  12. Telescope Service ("TS") 2" extension tube - 50mm. Excellent condition (unused). Comes with 2 screws for the brass compression ring. £15 UK delivered (PayPal fees-paid or bank transfer) Paul
  13. Good condition, 5-element design gives 70 degree APOV. Comes with both end caps. £20 UK delivered (PayPal fees-paid or bank transfer).