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  1. My New SGL Beanie Hat.

    I'd be rather keen on an SGL car sticker - I see there are some (no stock) with the old logo, but none of the new ones. It would look nice alongside my Webb Society "Brotherhood of the Faint Fuzzies" sticker. glad the beanie is good!!
  2. The Perfect Tonic

    Great report, Neil - and very honest! I often struggle with a clash of desires when it comes to observing; I love being at the eyepiece under a clear sky, but I also love spending time with my wife inside in front of the fire with a glass of wine and I am also up very early for work, for which I don't want to be tired! So sometimes I turn down wonderfully clear nights and then experience pangs of guilt for doing so! But, even with ever-encroaching light domes, the skies will always be there and for me this is a hobby, not an obsession (although I'd love it to be a hobby with an Obsession!) so waiting until the next clear night is just fine. And when that clear night comes around, even just a brief hour or so can really reignite my Astro-mojo. Paul
  3. Farewell to Green Witch

    The few times I've met Neil I've found him to be very much a gent; passionate about his subject and a warm, kind human being. I wish him very well for a wonderful retirement.
  4. In praise of the 32mm TeleVue Plossil

    Interesting read, Mike, and just replied to your PM. If this doesn't correct it, let me know and you're welcome to return it. Paul
  5. Nice astro Google Doodle

    For Chandrasekhar's 107th birthday (I forgot to get a card...)
  6. TeleVue Nagler Type 1 - 7mm

  7. A quick rip

    What a refreshing and invigorating way to spend an evening!!
  8. Milky Way structure

    Great stuff, Gerry - very little beats the Milky Way from a truly dark site. I remember it from next to a lake near the tiny town of Chapais near Chibougamu, Quebec - easily the darkest skies and most dazzling MW I've ever come across. Your wonderful country really does do amazing skies. Paul
  9. Full Moon 5th October 2017

    Nice capture, Frank - it was a mighty fine full moon, last night! As you say, shame it was also the first clear night in ages...
  10. A fine night for nearly anything!

    Nice report, Kevin. It takes a lot of mental resilience to get up in the middle of the night!! The Collarbone is a lovely planetary; looking forward to seeing that again this season. I'm interested in your UHC filter method for Castor - I've not tried that before. Paul
  11. Crème de la crème.

    Great post and some amazing replies. I'll be a little more brief: * Milky Way from a truly dark site in France - just amazing the structure visible with the naked eye. * Comet Hale Bopp - again best without optical aid (well, maybe some bins), but I simply couldn't take my eyes off it * The expectation and anticipation of the night I sat glued to the eyepiece when Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into Jupiter. My little Tasco 4.5" reflector showed nothing at all, but the excitement and then seeing the first pictures on the news later that night was awesome. * First view of the Orion Nebula through the 12" dob - such intricate details * Leo Triplet on a particularly dark and transparent night about 2 years ago - all 3 were so bright and different it was as if someone had turned them up to 11. * Finally getting the Veil this Summer, both in the 70ED and 12" dob - audible murmurings galore. * Tracking asteroid 2014 JO25 as it flew by the Earth earlier this year, and seeing it move - real time - in the eyepiece! In all honesty, every time I go out and observe, even for a short period of time, is memorable. Paul
  12. Hi Roy, I have a complete 2" steel-legged tripod for EQ5 that I don't use. If you can't get hold of a single leg let me know. Paul
  13. Pleiades and Merope Nebula

    Always a beautiful sight, Iain, and this year I'm particularly looking forward to the widefield view in my 70mm ED.. But I can usually squeeze the whole thing in in my 12" dob with a low power eyepiece, so also looking forward to it in the 31mm Nagler. In the dob, the nebulosity is clear. I wonder whether it will be so in the 70mm....
  14. Chasing Ghosts

    Great read, Iain - it shows how much more there is to tease out when you get to a dark site. Always worth the effort! Paul
  15. Revitalised with a bit of bin and Dob action

    Well done, Chris - just the sort of casual session you need after a break to bring the mojo back!