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  1. And as my second entry (or first if videos aren't allowed!) here's a 23 panel mosaic taken with a Canon 1000D and Samyang 135mm lens.
  2. Stunning display last night (23 June) hopefully seen by lots of people. I managed to capture a timelapse from here in the Cambridgeshire Fens, over the course of about 75 minutes. I used a Canon 6D mk1 with a Samyang 14mm lens - amazing that it exceeded the very wide angle frame at the start! I have no idea if video is allowed in these competitions, but here we go for my first ever entry!! 20210623 NLC over Swavesey Lake (YT optimised).mp4
  3. Yes I suspect so. I’ve tried marrying up my images from the same time as yours and there are similarities definitely.
  4. There was a stunning display of NLCs last night - stretching right overhead at one point. Here's a couple of panos - one with a 16mm lens and the other showing more detail at 135mm. The best display I've ever seen that didn't also include a comet!!
  5. Superb!! We were totally clouded here in East Anglia - I was gutted. Hoping for a decent display in the next couple of days in the current weather window.
  6. Cracking image, Jody - right up my street. Glad you managed to get back there to capture the MW. I like the fact that you've been restrained on the processing so it looks very natural; I tend to get a little carried away with my mind's eye. I like the extra detail the astro-mod has brought out; I've seen the odd 6Da for sale in the classifieds and definitely got twitchy fingers, but have opted for now to get really really used to my standard 6D. Poor form on the non-stationary sheep though. The 14mm Samyang is a formidable lens, isn't it? I've found I have to have very generous overlaps for panos because of the fairly significant distortion, but it gets great results.
  7. Felt like I was the luckiest guy on earth witnessing it.
  8. Always worth looking out, isn’t it?! The NLC alongside NEOWISE was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I just wish I’d been a bit more competent at photography when it was around.
  9. I am very new to deep sky imaging so the only useful comment I have is “wow, incredible, that was worth waiting for!”.
  10. That looks like a great display, and a fantastically original foreground! Great to hear that your move enhances your Astro opportunities.
  11. Lovely display. Unfortunately cloud of the wrong kind down here in East Anglia!
  12. That’s a beautiful image. It was a curious thing. I wonder if the same layer of ice crystals that have rise to the sun pillar also caused the NLC display from later on?
  13. Great shot. Planetary geologists have proven that meteoroids are in fact sentient beings that can detect an open camera shutter and defer their descent until it is closed. Incredible stuff.
  14. Nicely captured Marvin. Lovely sharp image with good earthshine!
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