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  1. Congratulations and great video. I think there are a few on here who were sorely tempted by that scope but couldn't make the logistics and practicalities work at the moment (me included!). Really look forward to hearing your deep sky reports!! Paul
  2. Nice report, Stu. I've just come in from a couple of hours dodging clouds but managed to get a very clear shadow transit of Io - like Chris - which progressed noticeably during the time I did my sketch. then took another look at 2300 (BST) and Io itself had just emerged off the western limb, looking stunning.
  3. Thanks John - hopefully now I can get the benefit from it. About a quarter of the field was smeared and I didn't have the guts to try to deal with it myself. Originally I thought it was condensation inside but thankfully Simon at TWC confirmed that the eyepiece hadn't been taken apart and that in fact the problem was on the outside of the lens. The perils of buying used (I hasten to add it wasn't from someone on this forum, and I don't believe there was any malice involved).
  4. Thanks Piero - it's taken me about a year, but finally took the plunge!
  5. Hooray! Finally able to reply to this topic with something more than my (excellent value but mediocre performance) Revelation kit. Just picked up my used 22mm Nagler from the Widescreen Centre, after they kindly sorted out a serious smear on the eye lens. I'd been saving a space for it in my new case, and here they are as a family for the first time:
  6. I'm a grubby dob boy but even I have goosebumps looking at that! Beautiful. Congrats and look forward to your first light report!! paul.
  7. Hi Piero For my 12" f/5, I fold down one set of seats in my estate car. The tube goes lengthways in the back and the base goes in the opposite side of the boot. I rest the tube on the polystyrene inserts from the box it arrived in, which gives it a bit more protection. One day soon hopefully you''ll see it in action!! Definitely room for a TV60 in there too. P
  8. Wow! Seriously envious of those S&T volumes!! What a beautiful collection.
  9. Just reinvigorating an old topic as I've seen that volumes 1-3 are now available on the Webb Society website. Thanks @jkwhinfrey and @obrazell. Paul
  10. A few years ago I was inside one of the big fund managers in the City, in a tall office block with far reaching views over the capital. In the lavish reception they had a scope to check out the skyline (or spy on their competitors - who knows?). THey'd got over the fact that it was equatoriallly mounted by setting it to +90 degrees north - smart. However imagine the disappointment when guest after guest peered through to see the whole of London upside down.... I did chuckle to myself. Oh, and made sure I ate lots of their nice biscuits.
  11. Love the Haynes manual!! I've not seen that before. Someone gave us a Haynes manual for babies once - surprisingly informative!!
  12. PM incoming.....
  13. There are some great books there, John. Also I note you invested in the binder for the BAA Journal - now I've seen how good it looks I wish I'd done that (I'm sure JeremyS will agree!!). I threw out my tatty journals a few weeks back. I've not come across the David Levy "Skywatching" book - any thoughts on that? Paul
  14. What's really pleasing, Alan, is the number that I've managed to get for next to nothing via sites like Amazon (invariably used or ex-library, though never borrowed!). That makes me feel justified in the larger investments I've made in, e.g. the outdoor version of Interstellarum or the Annals series, which will be a fair whack by the time they get to Z.
  15. It's infuriating, isn't it? We had 2 good nights last week, which managed to coincide with the 2 nights I was away from home. Grrrr....