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  1. The ZWO ASI071 and QHY168C use the same APS-C sensor (same size as your Canon) and get good reviews. I have the QHY and love it. They're above your budget at about £1450, but you can get them used for about £900.
  2. zicklurky

    TEC 140

    Let me know if you are thinking of selling
  3. Looks great! I've got the same on order from FLO, looking forward to seeing your results.
  4. ALL ITEMS SOLD. I've decided to finally go for a bigger sensor, so I am selling my trusty Atik One 9.0, filters and tilt adjustor. All were purchased new by me. Images at the end of the post. First off is the Atik One 9.0 kit, which includes the Atik One 9.0 (which contains a 5 position internal filter wheel for 1.25" filters), Atik GP guider/planetary CCD, off-axis guider, faceplate so you can use the CCD without the OAG, 2" nosepiece, 1.25" nosepiece, and filter changer tool. The Atik One 9.0 has a very senstive 9MP Sony sensor. This has been an amazing piece of kit and has never had any problems or let me down. Puchased August 2014. Here is the link to FLO to read more about this kit: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/atik-cameras/atik-one-90-with-integrated-oag-and-atik-gp-kit.html I'm looking for £1600 £1500 or nearest offer (includes insured and tracked delivery). Can supply any images taken with camera. Next up are Astrodon 1.25" 3nm Ha and Oiii filters. They've just been sat inside my Atik since I bought them. Ha has a bit of dust on it, Oiii is virtually spotless. I've never touched or cleaned the surface of the filters. Looking for £420 each (includes insured and tracked delivery) Lastly is a Teleskop-Service M42 tilt adjustor. Looking for £20 delivered. Cheers, Chris
  5. Doh, was about to pull the trigger on this and it's gone
  6. zicklurky

    Lunt 50

    Thanks! Oh interesting, I was using the powermate after the diagonal. Is it better to position it before the diagonal?
  7. zicklurky

    Lunt 50

    Nice images! Pete, what capture settings do you use when using the powermate? What exposure length do you aim for? I can't find any info into whether it's better to lower the exposure time and increase gain, or increase exposure time and decrease gain. Chris
  8. Great, thanks for the replies. Good to know that's just how it works and I need to get better at tuning!
  9. Hiya, I recently bought a second-hand Lunt LS50THa B600PT to image with an ASI178MM, and I'm struggling getting the whole disc to show detail at the same time. I've not used a pressure tuner before, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I made a couple videos to show what I mean. In the first video I centered the sun in the frame and tune from all the way out to all the way in, and back out again (sorry for the shake!). In the second video I tuned for the sun in the center of the frame and then move the sun around the frame. Would you mind having a look? First video: Second video: https://youtu.be/DqUZrfFHNuI Thanks
  10. Few bits for sale, all only used a couple of times and pretty much mint condition: - Skywatcher 116mm tube rings (white) - £16 - Skywatcher 140mm tube rings (black) - £16 - Geoptik EOS adaptor - £70 - ADM vixen dovetail (11 inch) - £40
  11. Ello! It's been a while since I posted. I haven't been out much lately as I moved in to a flat. Not sure what's going on with the brightness though. The exported image looks brighter when exported than it does in PixInsight, so had to give a few tweeks so it looks ok when exported. Anyway, haven't imaged the Soul by itself before, so thought I'd give it a go. 2 panels, roughly 5 hours each.
  12. Same as daz, I've used the mono GP with my Atik One for the last 3 years and it hasn't let me down.
  13. I don't quite understand those posts on CN. The Horizon is in beta, and some people are complaining some features aren't working properly. That's the whole point of a beta, to get the product tested and fix any issues before going into production. And they were made aware it was a beta product when they bought it. I do feel the pricing is a bit high though. But I guess we'll have to see when it launches if there's any features which make the extra cost worth it. The ASI and QHY sometimes get microlens reflections on very bright stars, and Atik said this is not present on the Horizon, so that's one thing. Maybe they somehow got the read noise even lower?
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