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  1. laser_jock99

    I need a collimating tool!

    Agreed. I collimate my uber critical F2.9 Newtonian astrographs (yes F2.9!!) with a Howie-Glatter. Nothing else comes close.....
  2. laser_jock99

    NGC2264 Cone Nebula and Fox Fur

    Nice image- I love this area of sky.
  3. laser_jock99

    2019 CPRE Star Count

    I don't believe this is meant to be a fully scientific survey as there are way to many variables. It's more for public particpation and raising awareness of the issues. The result of the last survey in 2012
  4. laser_jock99

    2019 CPRE Star Count

    The Campaign To Protect Rural England are running another star survey to monitor the spread of Light Pollution- details here: https://www.cpre.org.uk/what-we-do/countryside/dark-skies/star-count-2019?utm_medium=email&utm_source=engagingnetworks&utm_campaign=campaigns-update-2019-jan&utm_content=Campaigns+Update+2019+Jan TAKE PART: 2 February - 23 February Help us reclaim our dark skies Dark, starry skies are one of the most magical sights the countryside can offer. But light pollution means many of us can’t see the stars. We want to reconnect people with the wonder of our glorious night skies. You can take part in #StarCount2019 and help us map light pollution, to ensure more of us can enjoy the most magical sight the countryside has to offer. Our Star Count will take place this February, when we’ll be asking you to look up at the night sky and tell us how many you can see in Orion. You can do this from anywhere in England. The results will help us to create a new map to show how light pollution affects everybody’s views of the night sky.
  5. laser_jock99

    What did the postman bring?

    Had a bit of kit from Nevada this week- none of it really astro related (although it is destined from my obsy/radio shack!). A Scanking Discone antenna and an antenna tuner amongst other things. Quote
  6. laser_jock99

    Bewitched Witch...

    Nice- but the 'Witch' is lying down!
  7. laser_jock99

    IC 2177 Seagull Nebula...just!!!

    Good effort - something not often tackled in the UK due to being low in the sky. Needs a dark southern horizon!
  8. laser_jock99

    Isolation of central pier plinth

    If you can build a wooden floor above the concrete, that helps. I can jump up and down while imaging to no effect!
  9. laser_jock99

    Winter solstice !

    Thats depressing. The nights are getting lighter and I've done almost no imaging........
  10. laser_jock99

    Time joke

    Seen on a house in the village of Long Itchington......
  11. Super image- love the those TAK Epsilon scopes.
  12. laser_jock99

    Veil Nebula Mosaic - 17 Hrs of Ha and Oiii

    Excelent image and processing.
  13. Bortle 2-3 here in Mid Wales. Milky Way very obvious on a dark, clear night.
  14. laser_jock99

    M33 - RGB

    Very good image.
  15. laser_jock99

    It's looking bleak

    Clear here (Warks). Don't know how long for though.....

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