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  1. Another vote for skiing salopetes- plenty of second hand pairs around from people who go skiing just the once......
  2. Liking the narrow gauge railway at bottom of your garden- Talyllyn?
  3. Rain or cloud - my obsy now doubles as a radio shack. Lots of interesting signals out there.....
  4. Pozidrive screws are okay so long as you use size 3 (or larger). The smaller size 2 is prone to rounding off either the screw or the bit. Torx is good though too- but again, the larger sizes are better for this kind of work.
  5. Panorama from my observatory in Mid Wales Southern horizon- late summer evenings.
  6. Never seen that one before- nice!
  7. Remember the Bow Street Tornado- just down the road?
  8. If it helps- I leave an EQ6 outside all year round on a permanent pier. It survives severe mountain conditions under a few layers of plastic bags and BBQ covers....
  9. Canon 40D - self modified to full spectrum sensitivity. Plenty on E-bay <£100. NGC7000 taken with GSO 8" F4 Newtonian telescope, 0.7x ASA Keller coma corrector/reducer, modifed Canon 40D full spectrum camera @ ISO1000. Stack of nine images totaling 38 minutes of exposure
  10. North or Mid Wales- no too far from Brum. Llyn Peninsula is worth a look too. Brecon.....bit near the LP sources in the South
  11. Great project- wish I had access to a digger for my build. The gradient was too much to be safe though, I fear.
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