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  1. PhotoGav

    A Week At Fforest Fields

    Looks like you had a good time, Tich, but we’re missing you at Lucksall!
  2. PhotoGav

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    A few shots to add to the SGL SP2018 album: Water level rising... at what point is it sensible to scarper??!! Inspired by Stu’s talk - my first smartphone shot ‘through the eyepiece’: Reports of thieving from the site are flooding in this year: ‘Scope & Bottle’ (should that be the new name for the marquee pub??!): The new riverboat restaurant at Lucksall this year: Finally, there was some star gazing done through Astro Lunartick’s exquisitely made 20” dob - including my first ever view of the Veil Nebula - The Wtches Broom - stunning. Thanks Pete! A fab party so far. Thanks to all!
  3. PhotoGav

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    The Dark Skies of Lucksall........ Unfortunately nobody has had to complain about the light pollution from the fabulous marquee.... yet....!
  4. PhotoGav

    How to cure the dreaded damp USB problem?

    Thanks Alan.
  5. PhotoGav

    How to cure the dreaded damp USB problem?

    Thanks for that. Can you recommend an online supplier, please?
  6. PhotoGav

    How to cure the dreaded damp USB problem?

    Alan, thank you, this could be the finest bit of information ever shared on SGL! Do you spray this ACF-50 stuff into the end of the USB lead and into the USB port it is plugging into?
  7. PhotoGav

    Help with SGP Setup

    As Ray says, though I would definitely Unpark from within SGP as it gets confused if it doesn’t do the unparking when you’ve done it already from EQMod. Re. Slave the Dome - you need to click ‘Slave to Dome’ from the ‘Others’ control panel, where you set up all the Dome related stuff. Hope that helps and keep the questions coming. It shouldn’t be tooooo difficult to get you up and running. Dome automation is the absolute business and well worth the effort (and pain) to get working. Let us know how you are getting on. One other thing - have you entered all the Dome measurements in SGP?
  8. PhotoGav

    Help with SGP Setup

    Absolutely, you can get scope / dome coordination working with SGP during the day. You just need to: Open SGP Enter the correct values for dome slaving in SGP control panel Connect to the dome and mount in SGP Un Park the mount from within SGP Slave the dome in SGP Move the mount (easiest with the EQMod control panel) Watch in amazement as the dome moves to keep the scope pointing through the middle of the aperture If it isn’t in sync, just tweak the slave settings in SGP, which you setup before starting all of this. Good luck!
  9. PhotoGav

    Barnard’s Loop and the Horsehead

    Wow! As said, exactly what kit are you using there and how close are these pics to the view you have in the eyepiece? I love the Barnard’s Loop image. Excellent. The idea of seeing things like that so clearly through an eyepiece is very appealing!
  10. PhotoGav

    Wide 2” eyepiece - Help please!

    I’ll post something when next on my laptop. @vlaiv - that’s another interesting idea, will investigate the possibility when next at the telescope. I know that the focuser is a rickety old brass thing with an odd screw fit end and various 2” push fit adapters. It certainly isn’t ‘upgradable’ only ‘addable to’!
  11. PhotoGav

    Wide 2” eyepiece - Help please!

    Absolutely! And in terms of the value of the telescope in question, even a 3” eyepiece system would be peanuts!
  12. PhotoGav

    Wide 2” eyepiece - Help please!

    Thanks John. I have to say, SGL has delivered yet again - earlier today I was fumbling in the dark with regards to eyepieces. Within a few hours I have been educated and informed by you generous souls and have a great deal more understanding of the whole eyepiece world. Thank you all. You have also found me a wonderful way of spending 2000 plus Euros - the other great skill of SGL, finding ways of spending shed loads of cash!!!
  13. PhotoGav

    Wide 2” eyepiece - Help please!

    @Ags that is a very interesting idea, thank you. Not sure what the observatory director will make of the budgetary requirements, but that would certainly give the significantly wider field of view we are after. I’m intrigued by the camera lens idea - do you have any further information please? @Stu - thank you very much for your help - I will have a Jaffa cake or two for you at the SGL SP!
  14. PhotoGav

    Wide 2” eyepiece - Help please!

    @Stu - thank you for your very clear explanations. Yes, it takes standard 2” eyepieces. I will do some maths and see what numbers the Masuyama eyepieces generate. Can you recommend any other top quality long focal length 2” eyepieces that I should consider?
  15. PhotoGav

    Wide 2” eyepiece - Help please!

    Thank you for your replies @Stu & @rockystar . As you can tell I am not very well versed in the mathematics of eyepieces. However, the scope in question is indeed a monster 10” refractor. It’s an absolute beauty - a Thomas Cooke 10” made in 1860 on a monster equatorial motorised and computerised mount. It’s the oldest GoTo telescope... in the world!! It has a focal length of 3.8m and a focal ratio of f15. I am very privileged to have access to it. The views that I have had through it of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, double stars, clusters and planetary nebulae are simply breath taking. Please can you explain the subtleties of how eyepiece focal length, apparent field of view, exit pupil and eye relief all work! In terms that an imager can understand, please!!

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