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  1. Sol in Ha - 2017-11-17

    Thanks Charl. If it was a snowman, it’s melted, unsurprisingly!
  2. Sol in Ha - 2017-11-17

    At last, only hazy cloud to contend with and finally a view of the fascinating active region 2687, which has shape-shifted from its original incarnation as Worzel Gummidge! Usual kit - Lunt LS50THa with PGR Chameleon3, close-ups with 2.5x Powermate (which definitely needs a clean!). Still suffering from Newton's Rings with the Powermate, tilt devices on their way soon, I hope. Clear skies (though I have a feeling the Sky Gods are angry with us at the moment...)
  3. Sun-17-11-17

    Excellent work! The AR is spectacular. Well worth any discomfort. Are you sure it was a fig tree...?!
  4. What did you get up to imaging wise last night?

    I was at an event in London yesterday evening, rather frustrated knowing that the forecast was clear. However, remote control saved the night as I stopped at Heston Services at about 10pm on my way home to dial in to my observatory and start an imaging run on IC342. Thankfully it all went smoothly and didn’t involve the line “Heston, we have a problem”! Unfortunately the run was cut short at about 2:15am as high hazy cloud flooded in from the West. I still have quite a bit of data to collect before any image is forth coming.
  5. Sol WL 15-11-17 + close up of new AR

    Good work Charl. Ha ha ha, it really does!
  6. heads up new AR 14-11-17

    Tut, tut, no wonder there's so much cloud. I've been selling astro things in the hope that it will have the inverse effect of a purchase and give me some clear sky! I did get one clear night as a result, but really...
  7. heads up new AR 14-11-17

    Hurrah - AR! Boo - living under Venusian dense cloud!
  8. I have recently started to notice artefacts in my stacked images and my current theory is that my Darks Library is out of date. I reprocessed some very old data the other day and noticed that the artefacts were not present. So, I have decided to re-do my Darks. I think that the Darks I have been using are about two or three years old. The question is: how many dark frames should I shoot? This extends to Bias frames and Flat frames - how many calibration frames is just right? In the past I have shot 49 dark frames, 201 bias frames and 31 flat frames. Would there be any benefit to shooting more than that? Am I shooting too many anyway? The reason why I raise the question at all is that 49 x 1800s dark frames does take quite a long time to shoot! At least it is something that can be done during the day and while it is cloudy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions, backed up by scientific research or not, on this subject!
  9. That's a good start, well done! I recommend a shroud over you and box to help with eliminating reflections - think Victorian photographer! Good luck and at least down in Australia you have a very good chance of seeing the Sun far more frequently than us lot here in the UK!
  10. time lapse with SW star adventurer catch 22

    At 30 seconds and wider than 50mm, which I presume the kit lens offers, you will barely notice any blur in the foreground once the sequence is played as a video. In fact, a bit of blur will help give the motion a more natural look and feel. Give it a go and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You can even up the exposure to 60 seconds and still get a great result. The only problem then is that as exposure time increases, so the total time to make a decent length clip increases. I look forward to seeing what you produce. A long focal length would be a totally different story, where the movement of the foreground would be far greater per exposure and might well start to look plain blurry!
  11. 4 images in one night from a Quattro

    Wow, good effort. The astro equivalent of speed dating! So, who are you going to go on a second date with?!
  12. SGP Temperature Compensation

    The other thing is regarding balancing the mount and meridian flips. Why don’t you balance the scope ‘perfectly’ rather than east heavy and then enjoy the delights that flipping can offer? That’s what I have done and last night my guiding was around 0.5” all night with my Edge 8” & Reducer, so a focal length of 1422mm. The subs are perfectly acceptable.
  13. SGP Temperature Compensation

    I don’t use it. No seriously, I reckon your dodgy subs are down to poor seeing. The sky has pretended to be clear just recently. Last night was ‘good’, but my all-sky-cam all night time lapse shows very high hazy cloud coming and going. There was a post by John as well about his Tak giving a dodgy view and then being fine later. It’s all down to icy high level wisps.
  14. time lapse with SW star adventurer catch 22

    What lens are you thinking of using and what exposure length are you aiming for?
  15. M51 - Which Version - Please help me decide!

    Thank you Mike. Fortunately I will print this one myself, so I have a great deal more control over the output than when outsourcing. You are absolutely right, screen to print is a very quirky process and results rarely resemble each other. I have just received a 40”x30” outsourced print of my image of the Horsehead Nebula and it has completely lost all detail in the shadows. I’m not happy with it and now have to go through the lengthy and potentially costly process of obtaining a satisfactory result.