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  1. On the subject of helping... I would be happy to give a talk / workshop on anything to do with imaging, including capture and/or processing, in the areas of deep sky, or solar, or a bit of wide field, or maybe time lapse or even a touch of planetary. I could also talk about taking Astronomy GCSE in later life, if that would be interesting. Anyway, my hand is up should their be an interest in something that I can share my experiences in, good and bad! As for talks I would like to attend - something about spectroscopy for beginners and radio astronomy for beginners would be great, please!
  2. Good stuff, thanks William. Good luck with the upgrade, Jon, and I hope the house move went well. How is it in the Atacama desert with your new observatory?!
  3. Jon, I used to have the files on my Dropbox account, but it looks like I must have deleted them. I can put them back there this evening when I get home from work. In the meantime, here’s the QSI (now part of Atik) website support page with their email address: https://qsimaging.com/support/technical-support/. They might well sort you out quicker than I can if you fire a nice email at them! Good luck, well worth the upgrade. I’m looking for an email address for support to upgrade my skies... and now we are about to enter two months of no astronomical darkness... I despair!
  4. This is a wonderful piece of work with impressive dedication to get those integration hours! How strong is the signal in Ha and in OIII? Which is stronger? I’m guessing OIII from the colour.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts - that is what I decided originally, so will stick with it. If you can’t work out what a particular object is, please do just ask!
  6. One thing I nearly added was a small graphic for each deep sky image with object name, catalogue number and distance. I decided not to as I thought it would be information overload. Perhaps I should add that?
  7. Marvellous, thank you. I hope they found it educational, inspirational and just lovely to watch!!
  8. Thank you @MartinB & @Xiga. Martin - I hope your talk was well received and the members are all converts to ‘the way of the sky’ after your evangelising! It’s great sharing the joy with folk isn’t it?! My only trouble when giving talks is that there is so much to say, I rarely manage to stick to time (I blame people asking so many questions!!). Please feel free to make use of the video in future. I have started using it in a similar fashion to the popular BBC Natural History 1 hour programme format of 50 minutes of programme followed by 10 minutes on how it was made, except that I have a 10 minute programme followed by 50 minutes (plus!) on how it was made! Ciaran - I have emailed the link to the Sky at Night magazine (no answer), but will try and send it through to the TV show part of S@N too - thanks for the idea.
  9. Now that I like! The surface is ‘boiling’ away and I don’t think it’s just the seeing! Good work.
  10. Thank you @Erling G-P . I’m doing what I can to get the video seen. I’m a bit of a social media dinosaur and am struggling to ‘get it trending’. The more shares the better! As for educational potential of the images... I have just returned from running a revision session for the GCSE Astronomy students at Marlborough College, using my images to catalyse the learning. It’s working very well and is just wonderful to ‘do something useful’ with my images.
  11. Taken on 2019-05-12 with a Lunt LS50THa, Chameleon3 & 2.5x Powermate. 10 second grabs every thirty seconds over a 1 hour 8 minute period. 15% of frames stacked in AS!3, sharpened and aligned in ImPPG, animated gif put together in PhotoShop. Hazy conditions. Look at the area to the left of the AR and the large filament area to the right...
  12. Taken on 2019-05-12 with a Lunt LS50THa, Chameleon3 & 2.5x Powermate. 10 second grabs every thirty seconds over a 40 minute period. 15% of frames stacked in AS!3, sharpened and aligned in ImPPG, animated gif put together in PhotoShop. Keep your eye on the area around AR 2741.
  13. I had a bit of a session on Sunday with the active regions (AR 2741 and the fading AR 2740)... A quick disk, that might have been a bit too quick as the illumination seems uneven - I think due to incorrect tuning of the etalon? I then zoomed in a bit to try and get a timelapse of AR 2741. If you look closely you can see a bit of 'squibbling' going on in the area around AR 2741. The majority of the movement is from the seeing - it was very hazy, but that didn't deter me from experimenting a bit! I then had a play with making an animated gif file in PhotoShop rather than my normal approach of making a video - thanks to @Davey-T for the tutorial on how to do it! Kit: Lunt LS50THa, Chameleon3, 2.5x Powermate for the close ups. Roughly 1000 frames per grab with 15% stacked in AS!3, sharpened and aligned in ImPPG. Full Disk Time Lapse 1 - 40 minutes elapsed time @ 1 frame every 30 seconds (look around the AR) Time Lapse 2 - 1 hour and 8 minutes elapsed time @ 1 frame every 30 seconds (look especially to the left of the AR and at the large filament like structure to the right of the AR)
  14. Stunning Steve, stunning!
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