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  1. Show us your Frac

    That's a great setup you have there now Shane but I have to ask what made you go for the equinox when you already had the ED120? I was lead to believe they both possess the same glass and it was the fit and finish of the equinox that demanded the higher price tag? Knowing how stubby my ED120 was I'm guessing those equinox pack down nice and compact with the extendable dew shield retracted? I think is sure is safe to safe you've well and truly caught the refractor bug mate I have to say I'm liking the whole white / black theme going on. I know scopes are for looking through and not at but I don't think it's a bad thing to have a set up that looks as good as it performs.
  2. looking for a white DS focuser for refractor thanks
  3. Information on Hershell Wedge

    In reply to your PM Paul...... I'm far from an expert so I wouldn't want to give bad advice and figured it best to post here so others can add comment if I overlooked something. "I would like to know which models can work best, that is, if with an acromatic refractor, or with an ED or APO, and also with what aperture I could observe well the sunspots with their different shades and shadows, pores, plages, and solar granulation .. In this case, is the focal length of the telescope important? An achromatic refractor with short focal length can give sharp and sharp images, or will it give "colored" images?" I have found that an ED refractor offers the best results in WL but as you are observing in a specific wavelength and often using either a continuum filter (makes the image green until your eyes adapt) or polarizing filter (to dim the image so it is more visually bearable), an achromatic refractor can do just as good a job as false colour is not a significant issue. Where the ED / APO shows improvement is the overall sharpness good quality optics bring not so much the CA control. As for focal length a longer FL refractor is always going to be better corrected towards the edge but a short tube refractor is more manageable and easier to drag in and out between cloud. As for what you will see, pretty much everything you would want to. As with anything astronomy the bigger you go the more you will see. But as with anything astronomy in the UK what you see is also governed by the pee poor seeing we so often suffer. As you say you no longer have the ED80 your next option is either an ED120 (hugely expensive beyond this aperture) or various achromatic refractors up to 120mm with the 1.25" wedge or 150mm with the 2". HTH
  4. Solar mod ERF suggestions

    I will have to remove the one focuser end when shortening the OTA anyway as I'm led to believe the etalon protrudes some way on lunt's, but my estimates are that the 90mm ~ 85mm ERF should sit nicely behind the middle baffle. Although the middle baffle isn't quite middle of the ota I don't think ??
  5. Solar mod ERF suggestions

    It was not so much having the largest one that was causing me the concern but having one that gets the energy back out of the OTA the quickest. I do get rather involved in solar observing and when I had the https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telegizmos-telescope-covers/telegizmos-solar-observing-hood.html an Hr can pass by in a blink of an eye. All that UV energy has to go somewhere and I'd rather it back out of the scope than building up inside it. I honestly cannot see there being enough room for the 110mm. I drew out a couple circles to give an idea of how a 110mm erf would sit inside the tight 113mm OTA and there really isn't as much wiggle room as you might think. The 90mm is now my only option but comfortably with in budget and while it leaves me with faffing trying to find a cell I'd rather go with this than the 75mm which may end up 65-68mm when in a cell. With the OTA being shortened to achieve focus my guess is a 68mm filter will end up far closer to the etalon than the objective.
  6. Solar mod ERF suggestions

    I'd already looked in to Delrin as it would be easier to work with, have some shock absorption, be lighter and already be black but oddly the cost is more than that of aluminium.
  7. Solar mod ERF suggestions

    I had thought about it's nature to swell due to going in and out the flat with different temperatures and air moisture but would this still happen with kiln dried timber?
  8. On the canvas

    I agree I need to tread careful when thinning my kit. I'm not the biggest fan of Newtonians if I'm honest and this is why I purchased the ED120 but the truth at the end of the day is the 8" 200P is always going to show me more than the 4.75" frak. I'd have liked to keep both but it drives me bonkers having excessive kit gathering dust especially when I have other projects on the back burner waiting on funds. As for choosing between my mounts it will be a far more difficult decision.
  9. Solar mod ERF suggestions

    OK so as long as people agree there would be no real and significant advantage in having the larger 110mm D-ERF I shall be taking Peter's knowledge in good measure and going with the 90mm filter now I have funds in place. My next query is would an internal cell mount be ok in wood and what wood type would be best. I can get one made in ally when having the OTA / lunt adapter made but my thinking is wood can easily be painted matt black, it's softer material so more shock absorbing if the unthinkable might happen . My thought is that wood has a degree of friction too it so could (if within tolerances) in my mind at least be push fit with no need to fix it in place with a bolt. I had looked in to black Delrin as an alternative but this is stupidly expensive. On another note. OTA have to be shorten for the solar scope to achieve the correct focal distance. Does this mean baffles have to be adjusted to suit ? I know the focuser end will likely need to be removed but what about the middle one or would you just remove that altogether and just use the celled ERF in it's place??
  10. Wooden Tripod Plans and Advice

    Great job Fozzie. Finishing post in sight and can't wait to see the end result.
  11. On the canvas

    Thanks for the comments guys. It is just me whingeing but astronomy is such a frustrating hobby I need to vent off from time to time. I already solar observe mate and TBH I prefer it over the night sky. With the sale of my ED120 hopefully I shall have all the funds I need to get my lunt mod up and running in time for next summer.
  12. SW ED120 refractor

    Now SOLD Mods please move to complete
  13. SW ED120 refractor

    And replied
  14. On the canvas

    And ready to throw in the towel. At least that is standing out in the late night dark getting freezing cold and damp looking at the same dozen night sky objects because 20' high LED St lights have killed the chance of ever getting dark adapted and finding anything other than the brightest of messier items. I'm well aware of my frustrations come partly from not participating in the hobby over summer and again now due to determined cloud cover or full moons but I'm also aware it has been a long time coming. My skies have become worse over the past 3 years. May be coincidence with LED lights being installed or the fact even Seemingly clear nights have a high murky cloud washing out views but I much prefer sitting out in the warm day sun solar observing than I do trying to separate a distant white smudge from a pale grey sky. I enjoy star parties and the dark skies they 'sometimes' offer so while I'm going to thin out my kit, (I do have probably more than I need anyway) I do plan to keep a scope that will show me something more than a tiny blob. In doing this I also have something to hand should the UK ever experience a power cut and I can see what my back garden really could offer. Other than this I'm sticking to solar which while cloud can still create much frustration I much prefer chilling out on a warm summers day than I do shivering on a wet stool watching bats fly over head. I guess the purpose of this post amongst venting my frustrations is to convince myself I can still keep my hand in the hobby. Another reason is to get peoples advice on what they would whittle their kit down to? I currently have an EQ and AZ mount. I'd like to if I could reduce this to one but EQ have their uses for solar /double stars but the AZ has the convenience of grab and go and fuss free observing albeit nudging constantly. Another is I currently have my much loved ED120 up for sale. This is a reluctant move but I have a 200p which I'm guessing would be the better choice to keep? At least I keep telling myself that! I do have an ST120 to keep my foot in the refractor door. Not in the same league as ED glass but by far my most used scope as its perfect for solar wedge WL solar and grab and go between clouds (which we have a lot of). I had considered just having this as my only scope for night and solar or do you think I'd be best keeping my 200p in case?? Mounting will not be an issue either way. If you had one affordable scope and mount which would be? Only criteria is it would have to be as at home solar observing as it was night sky which in all fairness doesn't leave much to pick from?
  15. Sky-Watcher ED120 "APO" refractor. Comes with the usual accessories....9x50 straight through finder, 28mm LER eyepiece, SW Di-Electric Diagonal, Rings, Dovetail, Locking Aluminium case. In addition to this the focuser has been upgraded to the SW Equinox rotating DS focuser with compression rings (original box included). It does I believe have a slightly higher load capacity than the standard DS unit supplied with ED refractors. All the original packaging is present but after looking in to the cost of insured shipping it simply isn't cost effective so the scope will be collection only sorry. Good points are the optics are excellent and recently been gently wiped over with Baader wonder fluid and cloth so nice and clean other than a couple specs of dust. Bad point is there is some marks in the OTA paint work caused buy the camera adapter (Now removed) screw coming loose. This has been cleaned up but as you will see from the pictures still noticeable. Does not effect the performance in anyway but if you are fussy about these things it might keep you up at night While it's not a perfect cosmetic example I am hoping people can see past that and the excellent optics and upgraded focuser compensates for this. £700 ovno, collected from Birmingham or will meet within a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel