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  1. Glad to hear you got it all sorted but it may have paid to start off with "Hi, I have the SW ST102. I think its a nice little scope, but I am having trouble getting inward focusing on brighter stars. I took the lens's out to clean as they were filthy"
  2. Correct
  3. TBH though John I think it is always going to be a hard call to notice any differences in tripods effect on set ups unless you have identical rigs sat next to each other. I say that because I've had EQ6 mounts upon concrete piers extending down 2" in the ground amongst a ton of ballast and they are not free from vibrations. Well dampened vibrations I admit but none the less not completely immune. I don't know what it is about large long fraks but they just seem to amplify any twist of the focuser knob even on mounts that are more than capable of supporting the net weight. I wonder if a nice motor focuser would be a better investment long term for you ? I know you have plenty scopes but you'd really only need it for the APM. I couldn't get on with either of the two I had but then I only had the SW budget version. I believe there are far better out there that would probably make for an all round better experience.
  4. PM sent
  5. Pm sent
  6. If you got yourself a bigger scope you'd improve the views and increase interest in the hobby again. You would of course come to the same junction at some point where you have seen everything your skies will allow. At that point you would have to consider visiting darker skies, sketching, video astronomy or imaging. 80 mm scopes are great for grab and go but they simply cannot touch a 200+ mm scope for bringing objects to life.
  7. No sorry 1.25". Description now updated.
  8. FLO have had a Berlebach Planet tripod in the clearance section a couple times. I think it was £325 ??? but it was for an EQ6. I'm sure with a little fettling a Skytee could be made to fit so it may be worth keeping an eye on FLOS clearance section for another to come up as it would offer a superb saving and tick all your boxes for a rock solid mount.
  9. This is another alternative if your handy with metal working.
  10. I think with the safe solar kit available we often become to comfortable and overlook or forget the inherent dangers involved with solar observing. I almost made the king of all fups when trying out binoviewers for WL observing. With all the faffing trying to get focus and a momentarily loss of sanity, I took my lunt HW to see if I could reach focus straight through. Thankfully my fairy god mother gave me a swift slap around the cranium and my senses returned before I knelt down. It was almost as if it was muscle memory coming in to play. As if I was out on a cold night using my kit with out a care in the world swapping out one eyepiece for another so to speak. I knew at the time something didn't feel right but it goes to show how easily you can get lost in the moment.
  11. I know exacly where your coming from. I found on more than one ocassion all I would use is my grab in one hand and go ST120 on AZ4 and I have recently let a fair bit of kit go because of it. Despite still owning an ED120 for lunar and 200P for DSO I find I'm still reaching for the ST combo between clouds and have even considered letting the ED go despite wanting one for longer than I can remember. They say the best scope is the one your most likely to use which is not necessarily the one that is better. As long as I get out under the stars is my priority not how much kit I have. I'm not all that troubled by CA and with a Baader SA filter the views clean up that touch more. Lunar is fine with the ST but I admit it lacks a little on planets. I'm not sure what focal length scope you are after or how bad your eye is drawn to CA but the ST120 sits well on the AZ4 and has enough aperture to show some of the brighter DSO's and performs well on doubles.
  12. Yaaay I will be sure to get a look at this. Been so long now I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms....
  13. You can do a lot to reinforce those ally tripods. I filled one with concrete mix packing it all in tight with a rod and left in the summer shade to dry out. Makes a world of difference but needless to say it looses all the benefits of light weight aluminum. Because most of the fittings on the ally tripods are plastic your never going to beat replacing it with a stainless or wooden tripod but its worth considering as a cheap fix until you have funds for an upgrade.
  14. Pm sent
  15. Single 135 - 140mm ID OTA ring with camera mount As New £7 delivered Baader 14mm tuning ring good condition £8.50 delivered Revelation 2" 50mm extension tube with slight modification for use with longer 2" filters while still allowing a good amount of the eyepiece barrel to be secured. Good condition £12 delivered Standard 2" - 1.25" adapter with T Thread. Thumbscrew replaced with nylon screw to prevent marring eyepiece barrels. fair to good condition £7 delivered Celestron astromaster 90° 1.25" correct image Prism diagonal Good condition £5 delivered Good quality 10" long flocked dew Shield for 150 mm aperture refractor VGC ---- SOLD Great condition Dell Axim PDA With Case, charger, spare batteries, Red gel film for night vision and Licenced version of Astromist astronomy software £33 Delivered Revelation 1.25" x2 & x1.5 barlow VGC ----SOLD 1.25" filter case with foam £5 posted Anti-mar Compression ring adapter for Newtonian focuser. VGC ----SOLD Altair Astro 2" 35mm extension tube with Anti-mar compression ring. VGC -----SOLD Crystalview 2" Moon / LPR Filter with case and original box . This filter is more like a moon skyglow filter than a traditional ND moon filter.VGC ----SOLD Will combine postage on multiple purchases.