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  1. Unlike a GIRO III, the Ercole doesn't accommodate for a north post. As long as this is removable which I believe it is on a pillar extension there should be no issue. At this price....... and on a 2" steel leg tripod, it's an absolute steal. The Ercole alone is worth the £295 asking price IMHO but then I am biased HTH
  2. And replied. Sorry guys and girls but other than the Nagler Zoom all items for sale are collection ONLY!!
  3. Thanks for the offers guy but I would like to get back what I paid for it so I will hold out for a little longer. And replied
  4. I'm just not getting out observing as often as I once did so I thought I'd have a sort out of my surplus to requirements astro gear. The double clamp Berlebach UNI-28 tripod (RRP £389) is in excellent condition and extends plenty high enough for even the longest of refractors to be used comfortably. Compatible with the EQ3-2, EQ5, HEQ5, AZ4 or GIRO type mount heads. The optional tripod spreader (RRP £58) is included as is the original tripod chains. Also included is rubber and spiked feet (RRP £21) for concrete or grass use. The eyepiece tray has some signs of handling and a couple minor dinks that have been repaired but over all this is an excellent example of a truly superb tripod. £270 In excellent condition with finder, diagonal (not pictured), ota rings and dovetail. A rare opportunity to purchase the Celestron XLT120 OTA as this is usually sold as part of a package. £180 Originally purchased for a solar mod but the scope is so nice I just couldn't bring myself to shortening the tube and making other necessary modifications to it. AZ4 in excellent to mint condition. Suitable for fast Newtonians up to 6", Short tube refractors up to 5" and f/10 4" refractors. Comes with eyepiece tray / spreader (not pictured) ST120 not included in sale. £90 Immaculate condition, All as new Televue Nagler 3-6 zoom, boxed with caps, etc £280 posted PENDING All items also on AB&S. Collection from Birmingham area on larger items.
  5. Sorry for any confusion Paul. What I meant if you had the choice of just the ED120 or all three together 200P,EVO120, ST120 would you choose the single ED120 or the three scopes. Depending on used prices you could have all three scopes for probably less than a good ED120 can fetch by itself. My reasoning behind the threads are because I stupidly sold my ED120 to fund a solar mod which I then got cold feet on due to the solar minimum being upon us. To then have cash burning a hole in my pocket over xmas means if I am to replace the ED I have some saving or even kit chopping to do. I want to be clear in my mind to making the right choice as I always seem to sell kit at a loss and then find myself 6 months down the line paying back out for the same thing again, often at a premium. Oddly the one scope I would honestly find the hardest to part with is the one totally dismissed by all but a couple members. That being the ST120 which is by far my most used scope due to it's size if nothing else. It serves me for grab and go (garden and holiday), solar and lunar. Not to great on planets though I know the ED120 is pretty small but if an ST120ED was out there I think I'd be all over it.
  6. Following on from a previous thread I though I'd throw a curve ball in to the mix. It is clear the poll suggests that the better choice for a single scope is the ED120 but as always budget becomes another deciding factor. By my math even a used ED120 £600-£700 costs marginally more than all three EVO120, ST120 & 200P would do (used of course). The 200P obviously goes deeper and the ST120 suits grab and go while the EVO offers up better correction over the faster ST f/5. Would the ED120 still be the first choice of those who picked it out for a single scope? It's often said there isn't a magic bullet in scope design so is it better to have a choice over a single scope if the cost is very near equal ? I think whether 3 or 1 a case of quality over quantity will be argued but I'll be interested to see which way the vote goes given the 200P wasn't exactly out of the running in the last poll.
  7. If you only had one ??

    At 10-8 between the ED and 200p I hope there are going to be a few more members willing to participate in the vote even if they don't offer up a reason. I didn't think it was going to be so close to call. I know the ED is a superb scope having owned one (and want another) but I thought the aperture king rule would have already pulled the 200P out ahead. I admit refractors are far more versatile than newts so maybe this has swayed the voting?
  8. Skywatcher AZ5 mount head

    While I have re-greased my AZ4 so it's probably a tad smoother than out the box, I can't say I have any sticktion issues. I admit I did when I first had it as it is kind of intuitive to think, the less tight the clutches are, the smoother it will move, but I actually found too loose and that's where issues arise. If the clutch is slightly tighter you may need a slight bit more force to move it over say a giro mount, but the action is dampened nicely and so it isn't sticky. I agree balance is key to any friction AZ mount and this isn't always easy accomplished with smaller scopes. I have to say I always enjoyed using my AZ3 albeit for daytime solar (hopeless for night time observing above 55-60°) so I have no doubting the flexibility of slow motion control would win over many a manual mount, and if the AZ5 performs well on a beefier tripod then there is no competition. Sky watcher do seem to take customers comments on board so maybe there may be a version II come out with a better tripod or even M10 thread in replacement of the 3/8" in the future ?? Is there anyway to tap the thread out to M10 so it can drop straight on to a 1.75" tripod or are the bases hollow cast and there is a lack of meat on the threaded part ??
  9. Skywatcher AZ5 mount head

    This is an interesting thread. When the AZ5 came out used prices seems to fall off on the AZ4 yet it would appear the AZ4 remains the heftier mount of the two. I've certainly never had any problems using my ST120 on my AZ4 at higher mags and I even used a 150P for some time with no issues. Granted it doesn't have slow motion controls but when it's well balanced I've never felt the need for them anyway. I guess it is always assumed a later version number means they are a better mount. I have no doubt it brings a far better capability to the table over the AZ3 which would in all fairness be it's direct competition regards the use of slow motion controls and lightweight portability. As for a comparison to the AZ4 it's probably not in the same bracket. An AZ4 would probably be better compared to a Giro II, mini or similar I guess?? Did you not have an AZ4 @nightfisher
  10. That looks a great bit of kit and I bet the views will be breath taking. As others have said, take care on those steps. I don't personally feel the steps are the problem but more so the ground. May pay to pave the area at some point. Would probably make carting the dob out easier also.
  11. Solar Max III upgrade???

    An advantage you would find with the solar Max III 70mm is that it has an externally mounted etalon so it is possible to remove this out of the equation along with the blocking filter (replace with star diagonal) and use the scope as a traditional refractor. Great for a grab and go or travel solar / astro scope but not really as an upgrade from your LS60.
  12. A member did send me a paper on this years ago as I always argued a central obstruction would surely reduce aperture but it isn't the case. I can't remember what the "adverse" effects were of a central obstruction other than the ones we commonly complain about, diffraction and loss of contrast, but light grasp was not one of them. The academic side of astronomy was never my strong point so I shall try to find the original thread as it will better explain it than I can. Either way I agree completely that the views through a well corrected refractor are hard to beat and far more aesthetically pleasing than other scope designs. I don't know what it is but I also enjoy using refractors over other scopes.
  13. I am near 100% confident that the tripod will fit the eq3-2 (not eq1 or 2 or 3) as celestron sell the omni series on a cg-4 (basically a rebrand eq3-2) on a stainless steel tripod. The cg-4, cg-5, eq3-2 , eq5 & heq5 all use that same stainless steel 1.75" leg tripod with M10 center bolt. HTH
  14. No need to be sorry Dave. You know your scopes and have had a bad experience with a MAK (although I know a few who didn't favour the 180 MAK over others in the line). We all have our own preferences. My thinking was just that you could end up spending a lot of money on the scope to only find out it is what it is and the money could have gone towards something else. As you said you've already checked collimation which your happy with. I did though forgot to mention...... have you checked there isn't a filter in the optical path. Stupid question to ask I know but I remember a thread on SGL a while back where someone had totally forgot they had put a filter in the diagonal when looking at the moon then when they next went out observing wondered why they couldn't see the same detail they had previously seen when looking at DSO's. I admit to doing it myself one time so assume it is a more common occurrence than some may think. You know.......end of a long night observing and all you want to do is quickly pack up, get inside and go to bed. By the time the skies are clear again you've long forgotten you left a filter in the diagonal or on the end of an eyepiece.