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  1. My thinking is that the MK IV zoom is all you need and the x2.25 barlow would be over kill. I have a PST but have yet to try it with my MK IV. I have though tried it with my Lunt60Tha and it works well but again the 8mm setting (x62) is as far as I'd want to push it on an average day. Not sure how good the seeing is in Holland but it is very rare I get above x42 most days in the UK. Even in my 100mm PST mod most days only allow for x66. All said and done though there are those rare days where even in the 60mm lunt I have pushed x100 (5mm)
  2. Thanks @Stargazer McCabe I shall be in touch in the near future once I renew my passport
  3. That would be great Peter although I don't plan to go until next May. A lot of saving is needed first. The idea is to go as a family on a "summer" holiday with the intension of visiting the observatories, stargazing (specifically to tick omega centauri off my things to do before I die list! ) and anything else to keep the family interested in the idea of going out of season. This means finding an ideal place to stay that is in reach of both beaches, POI and dark locations. I have read a rental car is recommended and I would also look to hire a scope rather than settle for a smaller airline friendly scope. Does anyone know if you are permitted to stargaze anywhere near the observatories at night or do you have to settle for more public locations?
  4. A little bump on this thread and a request for anyone having a recent live link for the site as this one appears dead.
  5. Thanks Peter. PM me if it is the same and a price shipped.
  6. I may be wrong Shane but I think this is just the blackening on the inner side of the front objective cell / ring which would otherwise have been white ????? Not the best workmanship it has to be said ! but its a similar case on their white focusers inside the OTA.
  7. A similar system to most but I use the capping off conduit as the slip ring. The jubilee clip fits nicely inside the trunk but the OTA ring screw benefits from being countersunk.
  8. I know you had a Skymax 127 in the past and wasn't at all impressed so I'm assuming your asking advice for a fellow enthusiast ?? I've had both a syntrek and synscan az goto skymax127 and found them adequate enough to get you on target and support the 127 MAK. That said they are as with most telescope/ mount deals the basic AZ goto is under mounted so the beefier 5kg load capacity of the star discovery would give a noticeable advantage while retaining the AZ convenience. I think the skymax tends to come on AZ mounts (as does most MAK and SCT designs) due to the configuration of the focuser and fixed dovetail. I did while owning a skymax use it on an EQ5 and found the focuser knob would often get in the way as I inevitably had to rotate the diagonal as the rotation of the RA/DEC came into play. If the scope came with OTA rings then the scope itself could be rotated and the focuser knob would never become an obstacle but as it stands due to the fixed dovetail I would on regular occasion find the diagonal clash with the knob in one way or another. It is doable on an EQ mount but just a consideration as a goto mount will often dictate the orientation of the mount/ota for you. Again addition of OTA rings would resolve any issues. It is also worth considering that MAK are dew magnets and heater bands will more that likely be necessary. My guess is cables hanging here and there can also be less prone to tangling on an AZ mount??
  9. I have given sketching a try but never with any success. It is not that I lack artistic talent but more so the skills needed to go from the eyepiece to pad in the dark. What I have found effective though is to have a picture handy of the chosen object. I then go from eyepiece to image and try to pick out the more subtle details. It can come as a surprise just how deep you can see when you know for sure a star or gas cloud exists in the view. When you just observe an object you may miss these details due to seeing or transparency but when you know for certain the detail is there you can wait for those fleeting moments where the point of interest reveals itself. It is also worth returning to these same POI on different nights as skies vary hugely one night to the next which often mask the true potential of even larger instruments.
  10. It's not the 100ED I'm after mate
  11. I may be interested depending on where you are? Do you have any pictures ?
  12. Chop it all back and go with a steel pier!
  13. Sounds like it may be firmware. You can check what version firmware the motors and handset are running then adjust as needed. I believe manuals can be downloaded from SW website to guide you throughout.
  14. MODS PLEASE REMOVE Looking to buy a skywatcher EQ6 extension tube in black please. Cash waiting