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  1. spaceboy

    Show us your LZOS Scope

    Truly superb collection of scopes Matt There is something about refractors that I love and the view I feel are by far the best offered by any scope design, ALTHOUGH I have to say the pics posted disappoint me somewhat. The 180 looks right on the edge of manageable and certainly demands a mount of substantial load capacity. Then you see the 254 and it game over unless your in the prime of your life. It's just a shame that the one scope design that offers the jewel in the crown for night sky views goes from a practical grab and go Evostar ED120 or TMB 115 to your back ain't got a prayer in only an additional 130mm aperture. By the time you get to a 16" dob it could be considered quite the handful but a 12" can be managed by most with a little effort. Eyepiece position remains comfortable and in the case of dobs no concerns for expensive mounts to become the make or break. Sorry if this is going a little off topic. It's just I like me fraks and it's a shame that I can never own one what would in a practical sense equal the resolution / light grasp on my 8" newt. I do agree that a good quality refractor can out perform a larger newt in the quality of view even if it is a slightly less bright in comparison.
  2. WTH !!! Am I correct in assuming this is an introductory price Ste?? If so do you know how long this will last?? If it is the set price how long can the 120ED remain at £1100 I wonder? I bet the 120ED used prices are no doubt going to suffer if all the reviews are correct about how good the 150ED is.
  3. @John are you going to SGL star party? I can't really do the whole camping thing due to conflicting term holidays but always enjoy popping along for the day. I'd love to see and maybe look through the ED150 if FLO still have it on loan. A bargain no doubt but still a lot of saving for me to gamble on a scope I have only seen on a web page.
  4. Can you loosen off the objective and give it the old gentle tap all the way around to re-seat everything? Hypothetically talking of course as this is a loaner.
  5. [removed word]!!! I was going to put a second dibs on this but figured it was good as sold. Will have to settle for THIRD DIBS ANT
  6. I know on this occasion the courier should get 40 lashes but it's a shame they don't follow Bresser's thinking with their collimateable cells on refractors. Admittedly I'm not 100% sure their new 152 ED has a collimateable cell but I'm positive they do on the 127 ED. Thinking about it I am sure the APM 152ED has a collimateable cell. I guess cost has a lot to do with it and SW wanted to offer a 6"ED to us poor folk but personally when it comes to collimation in refractors I'd rather save that bit longer and pay that bit more and know I can correct for these little alignment issues that inevitably happen over time rather than forking out for a pro to do it or even worse just settling for a slight slip in performance.
  7. I'm showing 300g on my scales. That's a homebrew dew tape and dew shield so may differ a bit from commercially available tapes/ shields. Thanks again mate.
  8. Sorry to be a pain John but I can't recall you ever saying you needed dew prevention despite having plenty fraks. Could you do the same pic with some thing like dew tape weight wrapped around the objective or even a camping mat extending the dew shield? Not sure if you have these ? If they put their logo in near the same place as the older fraks then it does seem to sit far better in the rings than my collimateable EVO150 did.
  9. OMG those camera mounts really are more hassle than they are worth. If they aren't working loose and scraping through the finish on a scope they are poking holes through flight cases. I wouldn't mind but how many people actually use the dam things???. First thing I do when ever I buy a scope is take them off! Have to say while others may see it as a plus I'm not particularly a fan of metal dew shields. With a huge lump of glass and a tube of steel extending past that I have always found scopes to sit right back on rings to balance and in doing so putting the observer on their knees for the best part of the night searching for night sky objects. With my EVO150 I stuck a lump of lead focuser end to help center that balance. Having a tall UNI-28 tripod really helped. Also disappointed to hear the objective cover is a single piece. Having the advantage to stop down the aperture can come in handy at times. No deal breaker as it is possible to make an aperture mask but surprising that it is included on most other scopes SW offer yet in this case they chose not to. Is the focuser rotateable by any chance John? I see they haven't employed their usual ota/ focuser adapter despite retaining their usual white DS focuser.
  10. If you still have the lunt wedge I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I know the 150ED is a little on the large size for a 1.25" wedge so I'll leave it to your discretion if you think it a wise idea or not John.
  11. I'd be very interested to hear of a side by side comparison between the SW ED150 and APM 152 ED. In my mind the chances are the glass and optical performance is going to be the same but the ED150 is priced considerably more favourable and similar to what I have seen used APM 152 ED sell for. I have to say I have been tempted to go with a single scope set up for some time and the ED150 would be a high contender if the views are anything near the ED120. I imagine with more cost effective ED glass and 30mm extra aperture there is going to be some noticeable CA. Using a SA filtered, fast achro I can say during the course of observing CA can be tolerated by my eyes almost to the point I have to look for it. I'm not sure if this is due to the scope reaching ambience or that my eyes adapt to the dark ?? What ever the case, at £1620 it's a steal if you have a suitable mount to begin with
  12. Berlebach UNI-28 tripod now *** SOLD *** Omni XLT120 OTA available again at £160 Sorry but both items are collection only due to a lack of suitable packaging materials but I will consider meeting within a reasonable distance if it helps.
  13. spaceboy

    COMPLETED - A much needed clearout

    I'll take the 10mm tripod centre bolt if still available.

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