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  1. Hi guys... Words aren't enough to describe the sorrow for having to bring you these sad news, but our good friend Per Frejvall (perfrej on SGL) passed away last Friday in his home, for reasons unknown at the moment. He was in great spirit that day, but somehow went very sick, very quickly... He made the emergency-call himself saying he wasn't feeling well. Paramedics arrived promptly and resuscitation-attempts were made, but sadly it was already too late. Per was in great shape & spirit, he had enough plans & energy that I thought would last many lifetimes, he was a tr
  2. How did you get access to Hubble? O_o

  3. I'm having one of these, and I must say, it's the first astro-gadget I own that simply works flawlessly right from the start. You don't even have to select the com-port, the software automatically detects if the stick is present within seconds(in my case, less than a second). Ridiculously simple to use, accurate high-res data and graphs, modern "post-Win95 design" software with stylish and functional user interface. The file-outputs should work perfectly with automation-software such as CCD Autopilot, ACP and Sequence Generator Pro, but I also imagine this would be a really handy tool for "non
  4. There are times when new images pop up that changes the way we look at things... The hubble deep field, for instance, made us realise how much "stuff" there really is even in the emptiest parts of the sky. And this mosaic of Orion will forever change the way I look upon Orion on the sky, it's simply the best widefield I've ever seen, period. I love the way the whole image looks so "uniform", how the big structures kept the same level of quality across many panels, there simply aren't any visible telltale signs of this being a 30 panel mosaic (except for the ridiculous number of pixels). How's
  5. Don't fight fight us Olly, resistance is futile! // The Les Granges Robots (attaching a photo of our robotic setup, we're blending right in at Olly's backyard.) Sincerely sorry for cramping your style, but the Allsky-camera has a mask-feature, so we can look into masking out your roof-top. Gina, that's an awesome project you got going! When the camera is up and running, I'd recommend having a look at the allsky-software from Moonglowtech, http://www.moonglowtech.com/products/AllSkyCam/Software.shtml (the brand we're using at Olly's), the program is really packed with nice features as ftp-uplo
  6. Fantastic! This clearly shows it isn't all about aperture. Or being in orbit.
  7. Välkommen D4N! Good to see even more fellow nords making the most out of our long dark nights! / Jonas
  8. There will be futuristic stuff regulating the observatory-bandwidth so we won't strangle the data-pipeline too much! And since the rigs are fully automated, no user-inputs will be required during imaging, just submitting the imaging-requests which can be done anytime through any web-browser device such as smartphones, tablets & so on. I'm very curious what can be done from Les Granges top-quality skies, since this image was shot under quite crappy conditions compared to Olly's!
  9. The image is cursed, I keep looking at it as well I just received a list of both old recent novas within M31 that I'll try to add to the annotation when I get the time...
  10. That's a great question, where do I go from here? To Procence, actually. My rig will be transported down to the new remote observatory this summer where it will share roof with 3 remote rigs. My horrible Swedish seeing is holding me back too much since I want to fully unleash my rigs potential under perfect skies. Everyone who've visited Olly Penrice's location knows what I'm talking about, there's no coincidence so much astronomy goes on in that region. So with significantly darker skies and probably 4 times as many clear nights as my part of Sweden, I will probably start doing real big &am
  11. I want to extend my most humble and sincere thanks to all of you who enjoyed and commented my image!!! It's been a long journey and I'm very happy to be able to share this epic "space-voyage to andromeda and back" with all of you. Seeing so many ppl being inspired and encouraged in exploring this fantastic galaxy really makes my day! It definatelly makes up for all my hard work, and it's already making me look forward to my next project, what ever that may be!A lot of ppl might think I'm crazy, spending all this time and and money on astrophotography... But I'm really making my childhood dream
  12. Thanks for your compliments John, I'm very happy you enjoyed my work Thanks!! It feels like I've been on a month-long expedition to Andromeda, exploring clusters & dustclouds through a panoramic window, (which is partly the truth as well) and I'm very happy I'm able to share this experience with the rest of you! Regarding the 3minute subs (180s), That was my maximum exposure-length with the lum filter without overexposing the core of the galaxy, the fast focal-ratio of f/3.8 really speed things up, and since the background sky overpowered the readnoise-level I doubt anything would be gai
  13. Hi guys!I finally managed to decide I'm done processing my insane photoproject of digging deep inside M31.Long story short: One picture of M31, 27megapixel 2x2 mosaic, +3 months of imaging in crappy weather, 18 separate nights, 534 separate exposures, +150 hours of processing, 1233 manually annotated objects inside M31.(images in the end of this post, lots of "bla bla" first)I had a great start last autumn with loads of clear nights, which made me think it be a quick stab to make a 2x2 mosaic (my first mosaic btw) of M 31 since my f.o.v is to narrow to capture M31 in one frame...But pretty muc
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