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  1. Roll-off roof OBS using Off the peg Shed

    I used rubber 2 x 4 castors for 5-6 years in an 8'x8' pent shed and they worked absolutely fine on plain wood rails; they do have an inertia that takes some shoving with a heavy roof (mine had a full steel frame under the standard shed roof). Bear in mind that wood changes shape through the year and as a result i found the effort to move the roof could go up considerably at times. As Michael says, if you have any desires to motorise, i wouldn't with castors. I decided recently to motorise my roof so took my castors off and replaced them with V grooved wheels and track; now i have almost zero effort to move the roof manually. I now wish i had done this right at the start but just having a shed will be a massive boost. The pier is a good one imo; obviously bolt it down hard and keep the height of the top plate as low as possible, i can just about put my hand in the gap on mine. My shed is sat on decking which has worked very well; i see you have calculated heights etc so may not be of use, but there is nothing like an air gap to keep the damp out. Good luck and enjoy all the tweaks you will do when it is all finished ;-)

    Well done Pete, if my version looks half as good i will be delighted
  3. Robotic recommendations?

    Another to consider is ICA http://www.icastronomy.com/astrophotography.html a collaboration between a Ian King and Colin Cooper. Peter Goodhew and I share a site there.
  4. NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

    Thanks Martin. Nit picking feedback is what I am after as I am looking for way to improve.
  5. NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

    Thanks very much for all the positive comments
  6. NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

    Thanks Gorann, your comments are most welcome. I did an HT stretch and a star reduction process as the Ha was pretty bloated versus normal. Have you used masked stretch much as I haven’t had any real success with it?
  7. NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

    Thank you both; yes Pete, the stars weren't great and Ha was like looking at Lums in terms of star size but happlily the O111 data brought them back down.
  8. NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

    This is my first go at processing this data acquired from ICA in Spain using Peter Goodhew's APM152 back in Jan/Feb this year. It is 10 x 1800s H and 10 x 1800s O combined as R = H, G = (HxO)x1.5 and B = O. I found this quite difficult and had to ditch a few frames from each channel which didn't help so critique and comments most welcome. Thanks for looking
  9. As an alternate multi-scope array you could always look at the Predator system from Holland - http://www.jtwastronomy.com/products/predator.html i had a bit of contact with them in the summer and even though I decided to do my own thing, they were very helpful and will make custom sizes.
  10. NGC7380 Wizard

    Thanks for the tip Barry; i forgot about ColourMask I have had another play at this and to my eye this is starting to get a bit garish, but I'll stick it up anyway as it is all learning for me
  11. NGC7380 Wizard

    Thank you 👍🏻
  12. NGC7380 Wizard

    I continue to plough through my backlog, much to the annoyance of my wife....... This is 12 x 30 mins each of Ha, O111 and S11. I took these just before i had a pa failure (no known reason but little fingers were being blamed ) and looking at this, the stars aren't quite round so perhaps something was deteriorating and little fingers were indeed not to blame. I am still learning my way around both Pixinsight and the finer points of colour balance etc as this HST pallette attempt isn't quite right. Thanks for looking
  13. Open cluster IC4665

    The not-often imaged open cluster of IC4665, at least the central part. This started off as a bit of a time filler back in April on a clear night whilst waiting for something else to get high enough. It is the so-called HI cluster and of course i have managed to not catch the final star of the H - oh well. This is 16 x 5 mins each of RGB at 1200mm focal length. Obviously too long for this object especially when i had to crop the edges., but a fun object and its all learning. Thanks for looking
  14. M27

    So much to remember in this game 😀