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  1. I should have realised but not using dslr the thought didn't occur. Perhaps i should return to work
  2. Adam, Has something gone wrong with the calibration of O111 ? - see screenshot attached of your raw O111 image. It isn't mono, and there is a lot of interference/noise throughout the frame. Ha looks really clean by comparison. Also the file sizes are vastly different; Ha is 14.7Mb and O111 is 93Mb. Your version above looks really good to my eye, i prefer the brown tones
  3. ampleamp

    LDN 1164

    I was thinking some long billed bird, or maybe one of those long snouted crocodiles, but Nazgul does it for me
  4. ampleamp

    LDN 1164

    Taken over the last couple of nights from ICA Alicante in Spain using @Petergoodhew TMB152/1200 and QSI6120. This dark nebula is in Cepheus and comprises 22 x 600s L, 13 x 300s 2x2 R, 14 x 300s 2x2 G, and just 8 x 300s 2x2 B after rejections. Thanks for looking
  5. ampleamp

    Bubble Mosaic Ha

    Alcohol makes us do all sorts but it seems to work for you! ; this is going to be exquisite
  6. ampleamp

    SH2-134 HO close up

    thanks tooth_dr, i like these as well, not least as these type images aren't that common; i wish i had done it more justice
  7. ampleamp

    A very faint Bat. HaRGB.

    Well i think you have done a super job and produced a subtle image by not going down the road of over-processing to compensate. It may be my monitor but is there a green cast/green tinged stars??
  8. ampleamp

    SH2-134 HO close up

    In May i managed some widefield Ha of SH2-134, but i forgot that i also had a small amount of closer H and O subs taken with my 152/1200 and SXVR H694, which i refound the other night. This is an H.(HO*1.5).O version with 9x900s H and 9x900s O which i found particularly difficult to process. The lack of subs speaks volumes, but it is an unloved region of the sky and so i have gone ahead anyway. Thanks for looking.
  9. ampleamp

    NGC6979 - Pickering's Triangle

    Thanks for the comments
  10. ampleamp

    Bubble Wide Ha

    Lovely framing and context Richard. I generally prefer these wider scapes as b&w grey scale but also interested to see the finished rgb.
  11. ampleamp

    NGC6979 - Pickering's Triangle

    Its a variant on SHO; once i had the main individual SHO frames processed I tried two versions of rgb combination in Pixelmath. Both were reasonably good but I combined each rgb as 50:50 and came up with this colour selection, which i liked.
  12. This is my version of Pickering's Triangle, or probably more aptly entitled Williamina Fleming's Triangle (NGC6979) located between the Eastern and Western Veil Nebulae. I decided that the clear skies of the last couple of weeks had to be utilised despite there being no astro dark and a full moon through the period of imaging. Quite patiently for me, this is a combination of 55 x 15 mins H, 53 x 15 mins O111 and 49 x 15 mins S11 all taken with my 152/1200 and SXVR-H694 as a 1x2 mosaic. I have gotten less precious at rejecting poor frames and I rejected a further 28. This all ended up taking 14 nights at around 3.5 hours each and i am astonished i actually finished but I am happy as (for various reasons) this is the first image i have processed in a while. Thanks for looking.
  13. ampleamp

    Target recommendation

    https://dso-browser.com/ http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ Make your choice from DSO and check your fov from the calculator, two highly useful websites from which to make choices
  14. ampleamp

    NGC5846 with NGC5850

    That's very good Pete. Good to see it on a real screen; under imaged and done well
  15. ampleamp

    M51 - 30 hours

    That's excellent Pete. Did you look at just the Spanish/Les Granges data on their own and if so how did that compare?

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