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  1. More refractor galaxies - M101.

    Thanks Olly, I managed a good session last night and upped rgb to 10 minutes each and will see how that processes; i have to say they look better
  2. More refractor galaxies - M101.

    Really nice image and lovely natural colours. I see you are using two hours with 10 minute RGB subs. In discussing this with Peter he said that you were using 10 minutes to get above the noise factor. Do you consider this to be an issue with your dark skies? After getting some horrible RGB skies in some of my subs I have been looking at extending my normal 1-1.5 hours from 5 minute subs per channel to 10 minutes subs, and then of course you want enough of them, so two hours seems about right. Just wondering what your thoughts were ;-)
  3. Custom 12 inch F8 Ritchey Chretein

    On ABSUK now
  4. Another vote for the lightvortex tutorials, and if you havent already, take a look at Harry's Pixisight video tutorials. Using both will give you a solid grounding for some of the more fancy stuff PI is capable of. As has been said, registration with Star Alignment will align your channels - align all your channels to the same frame, i ususlly align on a good L or Ha frame as this is where the majority of the signal tends to be.
  5. I purchased RobH's 12" RC a couple of years ago and have enjoyed its use, but I have decided that refractors are where my heart is and so I am going headlong down that route . As a result, this very worthy tube deserves a new home. RobH's words from his original advert as he describes the history/work he did - "Custom 12 inch F8 Ritchey Chretein. The scope started life as a GSO solid tube. It was immediately then sent to Ian King and rebuilt as a truss scope, then had the focuser decoupled from the primary, the secondary modified so it can be collimated laterally as well as tip and tilt, a feathertouch focuser added, and finally 1300 euros worth of completely new 18 point mirror cell built, collimatable to micrometer resolutions.......in other words, everything a GSO scope needs doing to take advantage of the great optics and turn it into a killer scope. On the photos you can see a homemade dew heater that I have put on the secondary. This is included too. Any other bits and pieces I find that are specific to the scope will be part of the package. It is also equipped with robofocus, which I will add for an extra £150. I also have a couple of Bahtinov masks which are included in the price, and also some extension tubes for the rear, which you use depending on what F ratio you use the scope at. If one was to buy, for example, a teleskop service 12 inch truss RC and bring it up to this standard, it would cost £5000." Since my ownership, this has lived in a dehumidified shed. You can see a couple of minor marks on the photos, apart form that it is in the same condition as i purchased it. The Feathertouch, Robofocus and dew heater all listed above are included, as is a Bahtinov mask , a spare extension tube (one is already on the scope) and a couple of shrouds. On top i am adding a Tak Collimating Scope and up to 100 miles (by road) delivery from Shrewsbury at a mutually suitable time. I may go further depending on where and when but would ask for 45p a mile thereafter. Collection is always an option as well. Although this should easily fit in the back seat of most cars, this is a big scope and so will need a beefy mount; depending on what you have hanging off the back you are looking at 23-24Kg. It comes in at a native 2400mm focal length which Rob dropped to 1600mm with an APCCD67, but I am keeping this. £3500 cash on delivery or bank transfer, no Paypal on this thanks. If I am delivering, please can you make a 10% deposit which will obviously come off the balance. Thanks for looking. I will leave this ad just on SGL for now, but will probably stick it on ABS in a few days/at the weekend.
  6. if you aren’t sorted already, chances are I have some spares. Can have a look this evening if needed.
  7. COMPLETED - ADM mounting kit

    All sold now thanks
  8. M78 LrGB

    An odd version of M78, taken a few weeks ago with my 152/1200 and SXVR-H694. This is 38 x 600s L, 20 x 180s G and B at 2x2 and for whatever reason, only 2 x 180s R subs at 2x2. With no prospect of gaining the missing data until next time around, i went ahead and processed it anyway. So, an LGB, or an LrGB, take your pick. Maybe its a bit blue, or just dark, but i think the stars have held some reasonable colour. As a rule i try to get lots of data (thank you Mr Penrice) but almost none is a new one for me. Anyway, c&c always welcome, thanks for looking at my efforts, again
  9. flaming star nebula(IC405)

    Don’t you two think you are having your own conversation here as I am taking notes every step of the way 😀, and I’m sure I am not alone! Thank you both for a very informative read so far and especially to Barry for his hints and tweaks, some of which never even occurred to me, such as reducing background sky saturation with curves - I have only ever darkened the sky slightly with rgb/k so definitely one for me to try. If I may add one thing re magenta stars; my normal first try method now is to invert the image and use scnr at around 0.9. Inverting the image turns the magenta stars green which is where scnr kicks in. Simply then reinvert the image. This isn’t as sophisticated as the formula (which I do use as well) but usually gives a pleasing result. Thanks to both again.
  10. Orion Nebula Ha Reprocess

    Great work Richard
  11. NGC2403

    definitely my monitor; i am using a completely different machine now and no green. Trouble is, the green was showing on the supposedly calibrated monitor!
  12. Thor's Helmet HaOIIIRGB

    That second version is very good Pete; excellent! Your holiday has done you good
  13. NGC2403

    good work Pete; it might be my monitor but i am getting some green around the galaxy arms and edge; might be worth a look - ??
  14. Barnard 39 in Monoceros

    Good stuff. Despite my recent efforts, I like neglected and unusual objects. 👍🏼