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  1. So many things went wrong here that i hesitated to post, but here we go. A badly framed Iris Nebula (NGC7023) to Ghost Nebula (SH2-136) taken with a triple rig through a light hazy sky a couple of weeks ago. I convinced myself to image on the basis there hadn't been any clear nights for around three weeks prior. The dew band failed on one scope and so the frames were useless, and another (doing the rgb) rotated a few degrees as you can see from the top right corner. Cropping cuts too close to the Iris so I have just ignored this for now. The night finished early as the clouds rolled in (and never left). Frustrating, but a good exercise and most importantly it was fun to get out. This is approx 5 hours L taken in 10' frames and 5 hours rgb taken in 5' frames.
  2. Thank you Adrian. I took this from a triple rig (my attempt at beating the weather!) which is combination of FSQ85/Atik383 and Tak100/Atik16200 as they more or less end up having the same fov, allbeit that the image scale is 3.3"/p vs 2.75"/p respectively. I have been trying for a while to make this combination work and finally am starting to see some results.
  3. Despite the full moon period, the recent run of clear skies was too much temptation so i turned to the NAN and PN having never imaged them before. I obviously ran out of imagination as this is a 1x2 mosaic which i just kept taking for the four clear nights we had locally. Cropped by approx 25% and I can see some corner issues so will have to look at spacing. Thanks for looking.
  4. I think this object usually comes out better for being mono. Great result in challenging conditions
  5. Your blood sweat and tears certainly produced an excellent image. I can’t think I’ve seen them all presented in this manner before and mores the pity. Many people, me especially, focus in on individual objects but when you are aware of the detail and then see them aligned together gives a sense of how they all fit to our view.
  6. Another excellent image Pete, and how nice to see you look at something other than PNs
  7. LDN1251 is a dusty molecular cloud situated in a busy region of Cepheus that includes many dark nebulae including the shark I had a look at a while ago. It is approx 14LY across and 1000LY distant. This image came from my triple widefield rig and consists of L - 74 x 10’ and 75 x 7’ R - 24 x 5’ G - 31 x 5’ B - 21 x5’ I found this object difficult to draw out hence the dominance of the luminance channel. I also tried drizzleintegration to improve the resolution from the native 2.7-3.2”/p. c&c always welcome. Thanks for looking
  8. My wife now tells me that it wasn’t a power cut but more that the trip switch in the main shed (that feeds the electric to my obs) had tripped so something had gone bang off that circuit. I now suspect that it was the mount going pop as everything else on that circuit works. Looks like I will definitely have to get IK/Baader etc involved.
  9. The button is the only way i can get this far. If it was the control box and hand controller I would take that as it would mean not stripping everything off the mount. I hope IK could organise any return should it be necessary. Do Baader own 10M now?
  10. I haven’t tried the updater as I just assumed that there was nothing there to read it; however I did read on 10M about power surges causing some mounts to revert and lose software. It won’t hurt to see if it does see the mount. Thanks. Never thought to try that.
  11. Hi Davey-T. Thanks. Yes it was on, which was unusual but that doesn’t help. I have had a plough around 10M but it is sparsely attended this evening though somebody may well reply before 10M support. Just my luck really.
  12. After a recent power cut i opened up my shed this evening to setup and i have no mount (GM2000). Power is getting to the mount but nothing seems to be happening as in the handset gets as far as the picture attached. For info, the mount power supply is connected through a UPS as both a surge protector and a protection against those silly on/off powercuts that we seem to get occasionally; i would expect the UPS to work for at least an hour in the event of a powercut. I have removed and reset all the cables anyway but nothing changes this status so I am really hoping that there is a nice easy fix, or an easy reset button that I'm just not aware of Unfortunately 10M support is away till 2nd September. I have contacted Ian King but on the small chance someone has seen this before and knows what to do I might still get my night?? Any help gratefully received thanks
  13. Thanks all very much for the comments; i am fairly pleased as this was only ever to be an experiment, and nearly ended up being lost data. I think my fundamental problem is that I don't have enough data and i'm sure that would go a long way to address Rodd and Alan's feedback
  14. This image came from the first set of subs i took in a dual setup system at the start of April. One camera was at near-45 degrees to the other so i fixed the problem and promptly forgot about these. Having re-found them I decided to try processing them anyway despite having to heavily crop, and no worthwhile flats. Happily most of my ccd dust is towards the edge of frame so they mostly got cut out. Each scope produced just 10 each of LRGB 300" and one did an additional 10 x 300" Ha I have treated this as more of a trial than anything else, but c&c are always welcomed. Thanks for looking
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