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  1. Thanks very much wimvb. I do use PI so can take a closer look
  2. Thanks Olly. @gorann thank you very much. That is quite an improvement. Hands up re the stars. I hadn’t correct a mechanical issue - pretty sure it was a slightly shifted PA problem - and have now stripped down my widefield kit ready for being moved into the new obs but that’s another story. I am intrigued by what you did there and didn’t know that such an improvement could be made. You are right in that the whole star field loses its intensity and calms the image down. Not knowing anything about PS, this is far from standard to me but will find a tutorial somewhere.
  3. Thank Martin, I will look into the limits as maybe I am being a tad too ambitious.
  4. Thank you. The Long Mynd is very dark and it would be great to have those skies at home though living next door to an army camp does have its advantages. Maybe not dark enough for this type of target however. Like you I have a multi scope rig so that isn’t being dismantled anytime soon but it would be a really good exercise to compare home with LM. Maybe i will give it a go as you have me thinking (and that’s never good!).
  5. Thanks Martin; i will be going back to see if i can make anything better of this but didn't want to keep doing the same thing over and get no improvement. Trouble is that there is literally nothing visible, certainly on individual subs and pushing the data is everything here; or just loads more data from a better quality sky???
  6. Mandel Wilson 2 is just a part of a much wider region of Integrated Flux Nebulae in northern skies and as another challenge/test to myself i decided to see if i could see any never mind get even come close to the lovely image @Barry-Wilson produced nearly a couple of years ago, except mine was taken between two towns in Shropshire I could really do with some help/advice on the granular nature of some this (and some others) image. It was imaged at 1.67"/p with a Tak100DF and an Atik16200 assisted by an FSQ85/QSI683 yet to my eye it appears granular and I cannot yet work out what process I am over or under-doing. As with all the recent weeks, clear skies have been at a premium and those that are have carried haze or high cloud. There are 125 x 300" L, and 30 x 180" each of RGB. Thanks for looking and especially anyone who can offer suggestions.
  7. Good result, especially given the state of the recent Shropshire skies. Everything seems like a fight at the moment so hope your dual kit piles in the data. That’s what it’s all about, , and enjoying it.
  8. Thanks for the comments. Alan, it is a lovely object and my image doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. I underestimated the RGB importance and have lost out with the surrounding dust. Maybe I will get a chance to add some more, maybe not, but this one I would like to get in close. Carole, thank you, those large stars gave me a lot of trouble and in the end I just stuck with them as I lost more than I gained.
  9. I decided on one last challenge before my POD goes and for some unknown reason i went with NGC2170 the Angel Nebula. Its too low which when combined with persistent high cloud made life challenging. I have tried to stick to fairly neutral processing but that's not for me to judge. Taken from my triple rig over a couple of evenings in late January, this is 147 x 300" L, 19 x 300" R, 24 x 300" G, 26 x 300" B. I really could have done with more RGB but work and moon conspired against me. thanks for looking
  10. **SOLD** Due to an observatory rebuild hopefully being completed, from the first week in February my 2.2m POD will be available for sale. (It will be available from the 10th February no matter the situation with the build so there is no dragging on of time). It is five years old and bought new from Altair; i am the only owner. As you can see it is a dark grey lower section with a light grey dome and this was deemed acceptable in the garden. It has lived on a raised pad and decking since i had it. There is one bay which is where i have kept all my computer kit. After owning this for a year i saw that Altair had the key components for a partial Pan Zentih Table, just not the table! That wasn't a problem for me so i made a wooden platform onto which the roof slides. Moving the roof away gives huge advantages over the standard design and i hope you can see from the pictures just how much sky you gain. Removal of the dome is a bit of a knack, but not at all difficult. Of course you don't have to remove the roof to use the POD as you can get to approx 75/80 degrees altitude and then you can have the dome acting as a wind break or light blocker. I placed mine behind a shed gable-end which has protected it from most of the weather. I have drilled a few holes through the walls to carry electric and network cables, and a drain for the dehumidifier hose, but nothing that cannot be plugged or just re-utilised. You can have the lockbox that i bolted through the floor of the bay into the decking - i kept various small high value items there. I would recommend viewing to satisfy yourself as to the integrity of the POD, see how the roof comes off and how it all fits together prior to dismantling for transport - when it is put back together you will need to apply some silicone sealant again. I have a trailer and am willing to transport the POD up to 150 road miles from Shrewsbury for the return cost of the fuel and you can obviously collect yourself. £1250 plus miles if appropriate; mount, scopes and pier not included
  11. For sheer ease i went with two computers - cheap NUC-type boxes - as i got too many conflicts with trying to run two rigs from the same box. I know it is possible and some do it very well, but i couldn't. I have one of those HDMI blanks in each which apparently tricks the computer into thinking it has a screen attached and then I just link through by Anydesk. If you are on the same network, which presumably you would be, it is very quick. I've never bothered with dithering though i do tend to shoot L/H through both scopes before tasking the slave to RGB. If a nb target, i would shoot HOS equally through both scopes. If Cosmetic Correction doesn't pull out the hot pixels, stacking does, and using data from two scopes does seem to improve the background noise significantly. Definitely worth thinking about with identical cameras.
  12. Faint. My daughter says it’s witchcraft.
  13. Lots of variety and quality there How did you get on with SH2-114 Dragon? I found that a nightmare to acquire and process.
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