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  1. At least the obs is getting some use by something at the moment. Not sure how warm it is but i think the hard work of the birds responsible will not be disturbed
  2. Being in the same situation, like you, I went down the multiscope rig route so at least data is acquired at 2 or 3x the rate and therefore grab what clear opportunities arose. The main advantage is that data *is* acquired at 2 or 3x faster so in theory you should halve or third your target time and projects do get completed ready for processing. Reality for me is that I then revert back to something Olly told me once which was 'data is king' so I tend to acquire much more on a particular target than I normally would, so where is the advantage when there is an obvious £ disadvantage? For m
  3. This ended up being a tortuous experience which i wouldn't let go. Ultimately over (too) many evenings, this is a four pane mosaic of LDN1495 taken with my multi-scope-wide-field rig which was pulling in three times the hourly rate of data. Approx 50 hours of Lum data and 40 hours of RGB were used to tease out some details. These totalled - L - 132x10' and 160x7' and 128x6' R - 271x3' G - 264x3' B - 264x3' This may seem excessive and it is. However i managed to not have enough data to reliably stitch the top to the bottom and had to reshoot a central strip so i guess if i
  4. O111 and S11 now both sold; 5nm Ha 1.25" Astrodon still available
  6. The last item i have for sale from my imaging setup is a set of 1.25" Astrodon 5nm Ha, O111, S11 filters; boxed and as in the same condition they went into the filter wheel. New QHY forces sale. I don't really want to split them up yet, however, I do have a sale for the O111 and S11 filters if someone here just wanted the Ha. Price is fixed at £725 for all three delivered, or £241 for just the Ha. Bank transfer or PP F&F only please. First person to commit to either the Ha, or all three, will get what they want thanks for looking UPDATE 10/02/21, O111 and S11
  7. mods can this expire now please as most items have sold, thanks
  8. What an excellent image and you didn’t take long to use them . Zoltan’s loss is definitely our gain with this quality, though I’m sure he will have a queue of customers. Hoping for many more
  9. in response to a query, attached are a bias and 600" dark
  10. The time has finally come for me to sell my stock imaging kit. Everything is fully working and hasn't given me any grief; my current setup on my longfield scope. Imminent arrival of a new QHY forces sale. I am happy to sell the lot in one, or after a few days split into component parts - I can keep a list of interest until then but preference will be given to the first person who wants the camera and FW (I fully accept that the AO is not for everyone). SXVR H694, pretty sure i have the box and will supply usb and my split power cable to run the additional fan. £750 delivered SXFW usb
  11. And the wheel has sold now mods please can you send to "sold" thanks very much
  12. Due to a long awaited upgrade to 2" filters on this scope, my SX filter wheel and set of 1.25" filters are now redundant to me. As a result, i have for sale - 1 x SX Filter Wheel 7 x 1.25" wheel; this wheel has worked flawlessly under SGP and NINA. I have owned from new. The central retaining bolt has been ground down when i needed an extra couple of mm space when i had a rotator but that obviously doesn't affect use. Set of Chroma 1.25" filters. All are in excellent condition having been put in the wheel when brand new (I am first owner) and never having seen daylight till i took th
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