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  1. ADM mounting kit

    Open to sensible offers
  2. ADM mounting kit

    Dual mount bar now sold.
  3. ADM mounting kit

    I am selling all my dual scope mounting kit so i can setup an even more ambitious multi-scope system; this may be too ambitious but I'm giving it a go ;-) All the following is ADM and bought new by me from FLO. Prices include postage, though if you live in/near Shrewsbury you are welcome to pick up. Everything is priced individually and I hope priced to sell but if anyone wants more than one piece i will pass on any savings on the postage. No offers at the moment please. These have had use and most have a few minor scratches, but no dings or anything that affects function. Not on any other site at the moment. If anyone wants pics from a different angle etc let me know. Thanks for looking. Items for sale summary - ADM Dual mounting bar SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT ADM 15" Losmandy universal dovetail ADM 11" Losmandy universal dovetail ADM Max HD Guider - two for sale SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT ADM dual mounting bar with Losmandy fitting and D/V dual clamps. Both clamps have had two additional set screws professionally placed to help maintain 90 degrees to the main bar, though these are relatively easily removed should you ever want to. Centre to centre clamp distance is 11" £130 SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT ADM 15" Losmandy universal dovetail bar; this is the imperial version with hole centres at 2" intervals £42 ADM 11" Losmandy universal dovetail bar, this is the imperial version with hole centres at 2" intervals £40 ADM Max HD Guider (1), 12" long and designed to carry 4" refractors/kit up to 11Kg; these are no longer available. This is the female version so can be top-mounted, or as I did with the included male to male Losmandy adapter, clamped in the mounting bar. Clamps will accept either D/V mounted scopes. £200 ADM Max HD Guider (2), exactly as above - 12" long and designed to carry 4" refractors/kit up to 11Kg; these are no longer available. This is the female version so can be top-mounted, or as I did with the included male to male Losmandy adapter, clamped in the mounting bar. Clamps will accept either D/V mounted scopes. The X mark you can see is a Smartwater mark £200
  4. NGC 1333

    Hi Bob, lots of interest in here and stacks of dust . Hope you don't mind but i ran scnr to reduce the impact of green
  5. Having lived in NZ for three years I know just how restricting that can be at times, but there are plenty compensations ;-) I agree with Dave, get a refractor as it looks like a telescope, there is plenty time to adapt and change later on if the interest continues. Because of your restrictions you may find it easier to stick with the bigger names such as Skywatcher and Celestron, but something that can be easily sold on, again if necessary. Although a bit older, i recently got a Skywatcher Evostar 120 OTA for my own son and he loves it. This may be too big for a five year old, and you would need a tripod, but it is in budget and imo, an excellent scope for the money - i agree that if you can afford it, get something decent and not disappoint. Evostars also come in 80mm, 90mm, and 102mm flavours; that's where i would start.
  6. M74

    Looking good. Hope you picked up a few tips from Olly.
  7. NGC281 HST -

    Hi Barry. Thanks for the comments. I didn’t apply any NR to the Ha and did so some deconvolution however the S and O channels weren’t quite so good so will look at that again. The attached is how this first came out after combination and controlling the green. Maybe I was a bit too strong on saturation with my wishto get to Hubble.
  8. NGC281 HST -

    thanks for the comments guys; MarsG76 - but you have some spectacular objects that we all drool over ;-) Ciarán - that's what my wife said when she saw it, good site btw.
  9. NGC281 HST -

    - well at least my version of HST. I like the HST palette but find it a devil to get right so I have accepted that this is my version of the famous palette. Info - taken over two nights this week from Shropshire with my APM152 reduced to 900mm focal length and my SXVR-H694; slightly cropped. 17 x 1200s H, 17 x 1200s S and just 8 x 1200s O all unguided. Unfortunately I lost the rest of the O channel due to SGP focusing on clouds and making a mess of all the followed. However, since the seeing appeared to be very good and i was impatient to see how it would turn out I decided to process what i had. I have attached the Ha raw stack (just a stretch to save it as a jpeg) for comparison. Thanks for looking and as always, i am looking for improvements etc
  10. Someone will be along shortly with vastly more knowledge than i have but as a basic workflow I tend keep reasonably on track with the following. Try and go for a minimalist approach; everything is a trade-off and just because you have the tools doesn't mean you have to use them all. I took quite a while to not be afraid to experiment - it sounds stupid but fear of not getting it right having spent a considerable amount of time acquiring data definitely hamstrung me; now i am a lot less inhibited and try things just for the hell of it sometimes. I would write down what works for you; if you are like me you will see something and then later wonder how you got there ;-) There are plenty specialised features within Pixinsight but if ever there was a programme to get the basics right... DON'T OVER DO IT! Dynamic Crop crop all four masters the same. Pick the master with the largest stacking edges. Define what to crop, but before you apply it, drag the little triangle to the workplace. Then apply and close Dynamic crop. Open the next master and apply the same dynamic crop to it. Do this for the two remaing masters. Combine RGB using ChannelCombination Apply DBE to the RGB image. Save the icon on the workplace. Set DBE to subtract though can try DBE twice, first with division to handle the vignetting, then with subtraction to handle the gradient. Background Neutralisation Colour Calibration See if the Luminance master can use the same DBE settings. If so, apply the previous DBE instance also to Lum, otherwise use a new DBE. Noise reduction in the RGB image. Either use TGVDenoise or MLT noise reduction on 5 or 6 layers. GO EASY! Stretch using HistogramTransformation. (More using masked Stretch, or a combination now) Extract L for a luminance mask (copy of Lum master and apply STF stretch permanently). Make sure that the background is black in this mask, and the target quite bright. Apply mask and use Curves to enhance colour saturation of the target and stars. Then set aside RGB Deconvolution on Luminance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLef9GlHLrs Noise reduction on Luminance, usually TGVDenoise, but sometimes MLT works better. TGVDenoise is better at keeping faint detail. Use a stretched luminance copy as support. Histogram transformation. Repeat to finetune stretch. Multiscale HDR Transformation to handle dynamic range. Combine Luminance with RGB using LRGBCombination. ACDNR on chroma with a luminance mask protecting the target. Star reduction using a contour mask and Morphological Transformation. Final stretch or CurvesTransformation for better control.
  11. In addition to Harry(+10), try the Pixinsight's own YT video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqhLKIjGMXA&feature=related it usually rides straight into the second part Adding Ha to LRGB, try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYzNmx7KOGA And adding RGB to Ha, i was pointed in the direction of two scripts - NBRGBCombination and HaRVB-AIP (got to download and add this one).
  12. Imaging targets for tonight - HELP!

    To give you ideas, have a look at DSO browser - https://dso-browser.com/dso/search - login with your location and change the search parameters to something that will accomodate the moon. For instance i had mine just set to bright nebulae and diffuse nebulae but i see you have to do broadband so you can reset this as you please. The little graph by the search results that plots altitude and time is particularly useful.
  13. A cosmic spider and fly

    Hi Shibby, details are 22x1200s each frame with my reduced 152/1200 and SXVR-H694
  14. A cosmic spider and fly

    This started out as a two panel mosiac to cover IC417 (The Spider) and its neighbour, NGC1931 (The Fly). With a little imagination, it is possible to see why. Unfortunately i was too frugal with my overlap, to the extent that after some cropping there wasn't one, so for now i have processed these seperately. I fully intend to get rgb when i can, and i will have to spend another night patching up the lost middle ground. Thanks for looking
  15. +1 for Steve Collingwood; good communications, good service and very pleasant. FLO put me on to him if that is also a recommendation.