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  1. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I have a thought here. Hmm, so Ollys blue stars contain more blue? If we disregard scope types and Noels actions and think about this in a scientific way instead, there might be other reasons to star colour differences. Atmosphere eats up the blue light and a higher elevation of the object photographed increases its relative colour intensity. Did you compare your altitude above mean sea level and the elevation of the object when photographed? I might be very wrong here, but I suppose Olly is situated quite a bit higher up than most of us, and thus get a litt
  2. Impressive for the lenght of subs!!looks really good!
  3. Hello Göran, very impressive dslr images! Inspiring for me as a fellow dslr user!
  4. Nice and sharp capture! Although I myself would prefer a more "realistic" look on the colours. Maybe it is your monitor calibration?
  5. Agree with others; nice subtle processing. Erik
  6. Fantastic colours! I like this very much! /Erik
  7. I like it a lot. I would like to give it a go on this galaxy with my modded dslr as well!
  8. Thanks laudropb! Thank you Chris! Thank you Paul! Yes sometimes less is more, and even though this was a testrun, I believe a too deep rendition removes a bit of the mystique of space. Erik
  9. Agree with all other comments! Nice job?
  10. Hi there Scott!, And thank you! Yes the maths are correct; only a few exposures here. I tried 1/2/3 mins but had some problems with autoguiding, so I decided on short exposures. I got "saturated star" warning and poor guiding stability, and it was my own fault choosing 1 sec update on guiding, making phd a bit stressed out! At least I think this was the reason. Anyways, we just moved to a new house with clear unobstructed view south without disturbing light! And that makes a big difference. /Erik
  11. Thank you wimvb! Yeah, garage floor collimation is an upcoming trend, you should try it?? The trick is to drop the scope at the right height and angle!
  12. Hello all, finally I got a chance to use my scope again, after a long pause due weather and work. After banging the scope against the garagefloor, I was expecting some collimation problems. When setting the scope up, I was worried that this incident might have caused problems, but when looking at the first image my stars were better than ever! Since I haven´t been using my things for a while I decided to just go for a quick checkride on M42. Everything seemed to work fine, except some autoguiding problems now and then, so I am looking forward to imaging more coming months. This ima
  13. A fine image as always! But, since you welcomed opinions, I think the first one is more attractive. Pure scientific, I guess the second image would be interesting /Erik
  14. Phuh! Thank you guys! So everything´s just fine then! Hmm, I was about to sell mine for an ED80 instead, need more FOV, but maybe I should keep it.... Erik
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