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  1. Thanks for that being doing my nut over this i'll call Ian King tomorrow and get the parts (M54 -T2 ad and the 7 to 10mm T-space ordered) have the other parts on the loan scope from my EMS friend but as getting scope soon will order the others soon Just quick question Nose adapter on filter wheel what was the depth of the nose fitting , I seem to have a different one on cheers
  2. thanks Martin that's great will go over figures you sent
  3. Hi Martin the new FSQ-8EDX has the flatner built in now and the redecer takahashi offer is 0.73 Its not so much FOV buy focus tube length out of body of scope
  4. sorry Adam posted before id finished also it so I can get the scope tube in an approximate correct location
  5. Hi can anyone advise please I will soon be the proud owner of a Takahashi FSQ-85EDX and was wondering if anyone had a similar set up as mine and could advise on spacing etc My setup will be the Tak. with the Takahashi reducer a Atik EFW 2 filter wheel and the Atik 460ex camera. A very kind, helpful (some would say insane )friend has lent me her FSQ-85EDX but I'm having problems using her focuser with my set up and SGPro. I will be adding the Primaluce Sesto Senso working with my Eagle 3 when I get my scope but in the meantime I would like to use my friends scope to get in idea of what my images in my location will be like so I can compare it to the GT81 I have. So I'm trying to get the space from where the focuser tube enters the body of the scope past the reducer to the body of the Atik filter wheel, (also which spaces different mounting connectors they may use ) Im guessing the space from the chip through the filter wheel will not need to be changes, I assume the spacers etc fitted to the reducer are require to achieve focus and make sure focal point falls precisely on the chip as is required like when using GT81 Sorry if I haven't explained correctly please post any questions if you need more information
  6. More than welcome to pop in for a tea coffee or more likley a beer on Red 378
  7. Thanks Anne looks like it should be dry enough no sinking motorhome or heavy mounts ?
  8. Anyone there yet !? If so what’s the condition of the red field I spoke to receiption and they said they’ve had a lot of rain in my books that’s soggy ground
  9. Sorry Olly think I’ve not explained. I realise what your saying about Newts and the secondary. when I attempted to clean the lens cell I’ve managed to smear something all over the lens and all the breathing on and using the lint free cloth I can’t get the smears off. It must effect the image as light will be scattered and will mess with the focus
  10. Not too sure on that Olly I think I smeered the optics in my attempt to clean them looks worse than when I started ?
  11. Thanks Jon I really hope its grease! Can I ask where you got your IPA from make etc ( tried and tested) would like to use the same Thanks for putting mind at rest really thought I'd damaged the optics
  12. Hi can anyone help "PLEASE" I recently found my lens cell on my GT81 was dirty and having Badder wonder fluid and the correct clothes, I attempted a clean on both sides of the cell. Doing everything correctly I find now I have an oily smear on the inside lens. Panicking I spoke to SC Telescopes who advised I hadn't damaged the coatings and that using the soft disposable J cloth type and breathing on the lens I should be able to remove the smears. I have tried this and it isn't working. I would like to get it properly assess and professionally cleaned as I've cocked it up and want the job done correct ( and hopefully I haven't damaged the objectives) Can anyone recommend a company that offer the service. If local to the midlands I can drop the lens cell over and collect, failing that all I'd need to do is send the cell by recorded delivery and well wrapped and insulated against travel damage. Thanks Allan
  13. Hi I'm a regular Autumn star party person Blue field, will be takening possession of a nice new motorhome next month. So no more tents ! With this in mind looking to do more Star parties and was wondering how hard it would be to get a pitch for next years Kelling Spring star party guess I need to be booking now!
  14. Thanks Jeff I've gone back to my original way on the left
  15. Quick question if i compare what was in Jeffs video and the QHY website if im facing the mount with the weights point to my feet which way is the usb plug in meant to be As i face the mount my left or right have been doing the last few nights on my left is this right
  16. Like the video thanks for posting think I've been fitting my camera the opposite side to you will see if make a difference!! hope the yard has dried out now ?
  17. Sorry to ask has anyone had problems with the drivers I cant get both laptops to find equipments drivers and yes I have download them is there any fix I can add to my drivers to see the camera Don't know how turned off firewall and it worked turning back oin now
  18. Thanks Steve, Stuart and Peter. Think the only problem I'm going to have is running two laptops. I did think about this as I'll have to go back to main laptop ( set up in summerhouse) to move mount with ascom and use polemaster on small net book ive got Will give it a go and again thanks for the assistance, if you here a scream Steve ( as you're in Nottingham) it'll be me lol
  19. Okay without jinxing tonight, I'm going to attempt to use my Polemaster tonight. As Doug's and Jeff's second part QHYCCD tutorial isn't due out to next week does anyone have a definitive set up for a first use set up and subsequence polar aligning work through I've read both the QHY website (forum etc) as well as Ross' guide but I'm getting a little confused ( not too hard for me) plus the wording and bad translation on the QHY download isn't helping. Can anyone help with a step by step guide Thanks Allan
  20. Have mine now just need a clear night to get head round software have tried to get the guy on YouTube to realise the tutorial sooner
  21. They said after the Christmas special that sky at night would be taking a break for a month as Stargazing live was on
  22. Like the new look also gave me an excuse to update my profile etc looks great
  23. Thanks for that going to try tonight skies allowing! Going to use my main mount tonight using a combination of BYO, Neb3 and PHD2 and see what I get I'm going to try the SW Adventurer tomorrow and the dither option after I've had chance to read up on setting up PHD in RA only and see what happens there If I don't get the dither results tonight with main mount then I may go back to my ccd and just hope we get more nights with clear skies Allan
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