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  1. Ahhh, if its ancient data then that explains a lot The background smoothing is a Bob Franke trick, very useful for tidying up noisy backgrounds without knocking out any faint fuzzies - but thats the first time Ive tried to use it to remove dust from images.
  2. Have you tried blending a bit less Ha? Its a shame PI does not have any layers function like Ps does, that would have given you a lot more control over the process. Seems you have picked up a large dust bunny as well, so its new flats or clean the filters and reshoot. Or.... hang on, let me just test a supposition..... Yeah and with a bit of Ps dark magic, the blotches and dust bunny magically disappear! (well, its still there a little bit, but its a lot less obvious now - could probably fix it better with more time given)
  3. Youre not the only one! I was in the middle of a field in darkest Shropshire when the sky decided to dump about 4 million tons of water on Monday night.... cue the quickest teardown in human history! So much for BBC weather forecasts!
  4. There is for a 135mm lens, I use the one from my Star71 - but that only gets you 95% of the way. Any tweaks after that are by eye.
  5. Thanks I'll be taking it out on the road again tonight, hopefully the evening will remain cloud-free so I can continue my quest for IFN.
  6. Dark site tonite!

    1. Uranium235


      what a flippin' disaster that was! loads and loads of rain!

  7. Yep, easily done Goto noise reduction: strength =10, preserve details =100, reduce colour noise =100
  8. Re: The networking. Use powerline network adaptors, way faster than WiFi and never drops out.
  9. Youre better off taking the A456 then mate, rather than the Far Forest/Cleobury route.
  10. Got it in one mate! Yea, those roadworks were supposed to have finished two weeks ago but I got caught out, it gets closed at 8pm and the diversion they set up was utterly useless - its as if they wanted me to go all the way to Ludlow just to double back on myself.... lets just say there were a few choice words said in the car! I got as far as Clee Hill, pulled up and fired up the sat nav to find a way back from there. Im going over there again next week (maybe Mon, Fri and Sat), but im going to call the council first to see if the works are still on. If they are I'll take a different route back, going down to Tenbury, then hop on the A456. Its a faster road than the Cleobury one so it should take roughly the same time to get home. The work they have done is great... nice to have a smooth road, but its taking ages to finish.
  11. Very clean indeed, but it could probably benefit from a cannistra process to bring out a bit more variance in colour and something to fix the star colour.
  12. You might need to get yourself down to maplins and buy some cable and a socket to make up your own (if youre handy with a soldering iron). Its a 10min job, quite easy.
  13. Smashing work John. And as you said, sooo nice just to get out there and do something after being clouded out for so long.
  14. With team scumbag on the case, it will be an easy win
  15. Yea, Ive already checked one of those out but I thought it was a tad expensive for what it is. I might have a look around to see if there is anything i can cannibalise in order to make my own, but for now im happy to use my hand... its free!