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  1. Sadly, this will be my last image with the Atik 383L+ which has served me faithfully and flawlessly for some time (now sold). As for what the future holds, Im not sure as its going to be at least a couple of years before my situation improves - but I still have the ASI178MM Cool to use for now (big thanks to FLO), so Im hoping I can give that a really good run now that the nights are getting longer and colder and attempt to show what you can do with modest kit. It works pretty well with the Samyang 135mm, and is pretty good on the 130pds (although oversampled) on small targets....lol. at least there is absolutely no danger of overtesting the corrected field of either of those instruments. So... here it is.. a Cephus widefield taking in the Bubble, Cave and the Wizard sneaking in towards the bottom. 25x240 (L) Samyang 135mm @f2 Plus some recycled Ha from the Star 71 Thanks for looking!
  2. Uranium235

    Atik 383L+ Mono CCD ** SOLD **

    Thats ok mate Thats why it always pays to get in there quick when stuff like this comes up As for me, all is not lost on the imaging front - FLO (bless them) have let me hang on to the test ASI178 Cool for a bit longer, so Im hoping I can champion that camera.
  3. Uranium235

    Atik 383L+ Mono CCD ** SOLD **

    Here is a dark, not that you need them since 99% of the time using the proper stacking routine sorts out the hot pixels:
  4. Uranium235

    Atik 383L+ Mono CCD ** SOLD **

    Yes, this was brought from new. Master flat is as follows (from a 135mm f2 Samyang):
  5. Again, it is with much regret that I'm in the position of having to sell another piece of my imaging gear. This time its the Atik 383L+ mono CCD camera, which has served me flawlessly for the past few years. Anyone who has seen the images Ive taken with this camera can be in no doubt as to its capability - and its happy on focal lengths from 135mm, all the way up to 1000mm. Additionally, it comes with the Artemis capture suite - which is about as simple and intuitive as it gets when it comes to "set up and go" imaging.... in fact, its so easy to use even a 5 year old can operate it (and did). No silly cable types required, just a USB cable and standard centre positive power lead (both supplied). There are three motes close to the sensor, but they always calibrate out perfectly. And there is a minor mark on the cover glass, but that is clear of the sensor - and never appears in either the Light or Flat frames (so its not an issue). Given the cost of servicing which is about £50, I will knock that off the initial cost. The bonus being that all Atik servicing is UK based, so you're not shipping it to the other side of the planet. But, as it stands its all ready to rock anyway if you use calibration frames (which you should do regardless!). Example images are as follows: So, what is the cost of greatness? £860 (includes £50 discount) UK Sale Only Payment method(s): Cash, bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays fees). Delivery: Either collection or courier (buyer pays delivery costs) As usual, the price is the price, no discounts or haggling please - its cheap enough as it is already And if you're sitting on the fence considering whether you should be going with CMOS or CCD.... the CCD is the clear winner - hands down, no contest.
  6. Uranium235

    WO Star 71 Astrograph - SOLD

    Now sold, thanks to everyone who showed an interest
  7. Uranium235

    WO Star 71 Astrograph - SOLD

    I'd like to add that the item can also be couriered (for an additional tenner) - but that would be at risk to the buyer (I'd like it to arrive undamaged, but it would be well packaged).
  8. It is with much regret that I am being forced into selling off a fair portion of my astro gear - starting off with a fine example of what the Star 71 Mk1 should have been for everone who brought one. Its a telescope I would describe as competition standard, and indeed was good enough for me (and my son) to get shortlisted for the IAPY two years in a row - so its an instrument with provenance. And anyone who has followed my exploits with it will know just how good it is: It comes with its soft carry case, and M48 > EOS adaptor. Condition-wise, there are a couple of light scratches on the powder coat finish but that does not affect its worth or performance. The price? £650 The price is non-negotiable (no "best price" please... this isnt a car boot...lol). Either buyer collects, or I can deliver (within a sensible driving distance if buyer chips towards the fuel) Payment method(s): Cash, Bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays fees). UK SALE ONLY This is your one chance to own it, make no bones about it... this telescope is irreplaceable.
  9. Uranium235

    Cephus - Cygnus border (Samyang 135)

    I believe there are one or two people who use that camera and lens combination quite successfully... though their names have slipped my mind for the moment Though I have to add, try not to go for the exact spacing of 44mm. Aim a little under that (43.5ish), that will ensure you avoid the hard infinity stop that lens has (some lenses can focus past infinity, but not that one).
  10. Uranium235

    Cephus - Cygnus border (Samyang 135)

    No FW, no room for one! I use the integrated 2" filter thread that is inside the bayonet > T2 adaptor. Bit of a pain to change filters, but it's solid and it works
  11. Uranium235

    Cephus - Cygnus border (Samyang 135)

    Thanks Sara yep there are a lot of possibilities for this one. It's just a case of which way do I go? I'll try going right (or south in this case) and see what that gets me. Fortunately I have spare data from all areas of Cygnus, so it wouldn't be too hard to perk up areas of interest.
  12. Uranium235

    Cephus - Cygnus border (Samyang 135)

    Cheers Harry Im still toying with the idea of turning it into a 3x3 to take in the NAN and go deeper into Cygnus - or if im feeling particularly brave... adding colour.
  13. It seems to have taken ages to put this one together, given other things that have been going on in the background (non-astro stuff). But this week Ive been able to add a couple more panels to make a 2x2 mosaic, though processing was tougher than expected due to the sheer volume of stars in the image. Dont try a star count with DSS... I tried it and it didnt like it...lol. Noteable areas of interest are the Flying Bat, IC1396 and the Cocoon (down in the bottom right corner) - which have been boosted with some Ha data from the Star71. Another unexpected issue was the amount of cropping I had to do because of sky curvature (must be a consequence of imaging near the zenith) - its definitely not down to camera rotataion becuase that is mechanically fixed. 25x240 (L) x4 panels Samyang 135mm @f2, Atik 383L+, NEQ6 Thanks for looking Fullsize: Here
  14. Uranium235

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    All booked now Friday and Saturday night. May extend, but that depends on a few things.
  15. Uranium235

    astro cams - low res?

    Poster size projects arent just made up of one image - but a series of them all stitched together as a mosaic. So if you have a small chip, but need to cover a large object - just mosaic it. Bigger sensors with more (or more and larger) pixels produce a wider field of view if used on the same optics, and cuts down the need for mosaics. For instance, on the same optics - an camera with a resolution of 1040x960 is roughly A4 if printed out. While an APS-C type sensor or CCD like the 383L+ which has roughly 3300x2500 pixels (just smaller that APS-C) will produce an image that would just about print on A2. Going further than that, if you use the large sensor and mosaic it - you end up with images that if printed at pixel scale would easily fill an entire wall.

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