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  1. Rosette to Cone 6 panel mosaic (First Draft)

    Thanks for the kind offer Steve but unfortunately I'd have to pass on the offer of free data - I'll PM you as to why
  2. Rosette to Cone 6 panel mosaic (First Draft)

    Thanks Stu, the Cone is one part that needs a bit more I think. Its nowhere near as bright as the Rosette, plus the extra subs would help with the dark dust.
  3. Another NGC1333 in Perseus For You To Peruse.

    Thats a cracker Stu... plus a sparkly frost covered lens I love nights like that!
  4. Dead Pixel??

    Its nothing a healing brush cant sort out Dead pixels are just that - dead, they would be black. My 383 has a small column of dead pixels, but in the grand scheme of a 9mp sensor its nothing really, and can be stacked out with enough subs.
  5. Rosette to Cone 6 panel mosaic (First Draft)

    Thanks guys hopefully I can get more done over the xmas break, got a couple of weeks off so surely I might get at least one clear night (yea right!!...lol)
  6. Righty ho! Last night gave me the chance to finish of the last of the six panels for the Winter project. Though one or two possibly need some more exposure (an hour or two) to bring the noise down to a more acceptable level. After thats done, I can move on to the OIII, and if time allows - perhaps some SII. I suppose the good thing is that its still early days for this patch of the sky and it will be around for a couple of months at least - so plenty of time to finish it off. Total project time with OIII will be at least 30 hours, with SII - we're looking at something like 45.... like I said.. long way to go yet! 12x900 (Ha) x6 panels Star71, NEQ6, Atik 383L+ Thanks for looking! Fullsize: Here
  7. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Have sent it, give it a go - even if its just for practice in how to do HaRGB
  8. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Well, I can chuck some Ha over to you if you have the tools to register/resample it (registar). Actually... give us a sec... I'll map it to the pic you posted above. Will PM you in a few min.
  9. Sat24 Stealth cloud!

    Yep, Ive been done over by that many times! Sat24 is great at detecting high cloud, but the low stuff always seems to get missed in IR.
  10. Yay... on the final panel of the Rosette - Cone mosaic! First draft coming up tomorrow.

  11. IC1396 130P-DS DSLR

    Definitely worth upping the exposure on this, as you can get away with it at this time of year without much heat buildup. Odds are you were probably scraping the ice off the camera at the end of the night...lol.
  12. I was out in the back yard a few years ago, fiddling with the netbook and camera (as you do when imaging) when I heard a rustling coming from next doors garden. A moment later, a policeman popped his head overt the fence with an very bright torch asking who I was and what I was doing... well it was pretty flamin obvious! I suppose he had to check though becuase they had reports of someone seen messing about in one or two back gardens. Anyway, he left as soon as he saw the great hulking telescope setup in front of me...lol. But it did put me on edge for the rest of the night knowing there might have been someone a bit dodgy on the prowl. We get the occasional copper chopper too, but theyre normally on the lookout for scally car theives.
  13. IC1396 - SHO format

    Part II of yesterday evenings work. I didnt grab quite as much SII as I did for the Pelican, just 90min worth - but given a big enough NR hammer I managed to bash it into submission before blending it with the Ha lum Also, ive been using it to perfect a slightly different method of star removal for the colour layer. Namely using Noels "select brighter stars" first, expanding the selection by 1, using a gaussian blur on that selection of 25, then healing out any remnants with the spot heal brush before applying dust & scratches at a setting of 6 to zap the smallest stars.... works pretty well! 48x900 Ha_L, 8x900 (Ha_G, OIII_B) 6x900 (SII_R) Thanks for looking! Fullsize for pixel peepers: Here (you will struggle to find any noise!)
  14. Cave Nebula wide

    Nice Cave Harry I can well understand what its like to process, trying to beef up those dark dust patches is a bit of a trial.
  15. Three telescopes = one HST image

    Cheers Stu, I managed to grab some SII on ic1396 as well before packing up so I'm hoping to give it the same treatment later on today. Had to stop at 9.30pm last night (which is criminal on a winter night...lol), but my wife was on a 4am shift so I had to be there for the baby.