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  1. Uranium235

    Is the market slow...? Or just Xmas?

    It depends on what you are selling I guess. Desirable gear will always find a buyer
  2. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Just go with thte dew shield, no need for a secondary heater I made a my dewshield out of a small bucket (actually it was a from a small bucket of sweets, about 12 inches in height), where I'd cut the bottom off (which matched the aperture exactly) and then flocked the inside. It works perfectly and Ive never had an issue with fogging, not unless a load of mist rolls in and it starts "falling" (like rain) onto the primary mirror.... in which case you shouldnt really be out...lol. Just have a look around the house or shed, and try to spot things that might fit the aperture - there is always something you can use/modify to fit.
  3. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    The problems I can see with that are: 1) Using an f5 scope of a shorter focal length would mean less aperture - and therefore would require a smaller central obstruction and secondary mirror size - not a satisfactory result. Or 2) A faster focal ratio - which brings up a whole other bag of (perhaps worse) problems. Take a look at the Tak epsilon 130, and you will see the price of a fast widefield newt is rather high However, there is one cheap way around the issue... mosaics!
  4. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    First of last nights efforts, not the best night to be out (moon and dodgy sky) - I guess thats alright for just over 1hr per panel (x2): Taken with the QSI683 10x450 (L) x2
  5. Uranium235

    ASI178MM Cool / Samyang f2 (Veil)

    Or the new WO Redcat
  6. Uranium235

    ASI178MM Cool / Samyang f2 (Veil)

    Thanks yep, that's just one panel. Going short on the FL is probably the best way to make use of the pixel size on that camera.
  7. I've been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks, but cant see why I cant give it an airing not that I'd want to set up tonight, the air out there is just plain toxic at the moment (bonfire smoke with no wind to blow it away)... almost like a smog. Taken with the f2 Samyang and the ASI178MM Cool 60x300 (Ha) Thanks for looking!
  8. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Nice, but probably not best to use the "U" word here, as it gets flagged for approval
  9. I wouldn't say 3.4" is bad, in fact you can get some smashing images at 3.4, this image was taken at that sampling rate: QSI 683 WSG - 2x2bin on the 130pds
  10. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Did what you said mate and did some bad pixel mapping, ive saved it off as well so I can apply it every time. It cleared up about 8pm here, but im just too knackered to set up tonight I'll leave it for another time.
  11. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    There ya go, that looks a bit better now Ive taken some calibration frames: Needs more data though I reckon, its just 90min per panel (x2)
  12. Uranium235

    Going To GoTo (Probably)

    There's not much to be confused about. My recommendation is to use as little as possible at first. Just the capture software, PHD and the handset (only resorting to stellarium for sharpless, vdb, ldn, lbn etc). It's an arrangement that's been perfectly adequate for my imaging needs since 2010. Only introduce other elements once it's settled as you don't want to be in the situation where you're struggling to get the software to work as the stars pass you by. There's been a few occasions at star parties where some have their heads down looking at monitors, pushing buttons and scratching heads - while I'm already well into my imaging run with the simple no-nonsense approach
  13. Uranium235

    Going To GoTo (Probably)

    It's either stellarium or eqmod, not both. Though I'm a fan of making things as uncomplicated as possible (less to go wrong). So I use either the handset or stellarium for objects that are not listed in the handset.
  14. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Just a quick update, I'll process it properly with a bit more dynamic range (and with HST colour) hopfully tonight or tomorrow:
  15. Uranium235

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I just need to clarify that this image was taken with a QSI 683 CCD, and 5nm Astrodon filters (both kindly lent to me by davey-t). The 178MM is still attached to the samyang lens and I didn't want to disturb that setup Though a 3.5 micron pixel size might come in very handy for bagging the details of galaxies on the 130pds without going past the theoretical resolving limit of the telescope.

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