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  1. Testing my new setup - Heart Nebula

    The data looks great! But, I think the colour is a bit off. If you want a foolproof method for SHO images, follow this tutorial: http://bf-astro.com/hubblep.htm It leads to you to the "classic" hubble colour (blue/gold), but there is nothing to stop you from using the selective colour to achieve different colour schemes. Just ensure the background is correct whatever colours you employ (your above image has too much blue in the background).
  2. Im not entirely sure whether this is common knowledge - but Artemis capture now seems to support an "end exposure now" option. Except its not obvious! (I found it by accident) Say for instance, you are running a 900s loop and youre 10min into it.... you see incoming cloud - now you can finish the current capture by clicking the capture button next to the loop button in Artemis. What this seems to do is rather than flush the data down the proverbial toilet, it downloads and saves it (assuming you have autosave checked). It may very well be that this has been there for ages, but im not one for reading release notes...lol I may be wrong, but it would be usesul if someone else with the latest version of Artemis can verify this.
  3. 80mm ed refractor

    The humble Skywatcher 80ED (with 0.85x FF/FR) is a great telescope for the 314L+, I used one for quite a few years before I discovered the need for larger sensors and faster optics (mainly because after a few years, you may go in search of more difficult targets). Another thing going for it is the price, plus the fact that it has an all threaded connection (the FF/FR screws directly to the drawtube). Here are a couple of images from the 80ED/314L combo:
  4. Cephus - Cygnus border (tester)

    I've got ideas for Friday night, but I'm not pinning too much on the forecast. All I need to fix up these first two panel is 3 hours, so its entirely possible (as long as im imaging from 10pm sharp).
  5. Last night was my first trip out to the dark site for two months, so I was keen to get a move on with completeing the galactic core mosaic I started back in May.... however, the sky had different ideas - the horizon area was quite murky so no chance of any good data there. So... backup plan B I still ended up with cloud damage on the right hand pane (its visible in the larger star halos), so that panel will need to be started again really. The plan is for a 4 panel mosaic to take in the Cephus/Cygnus border area, with an additional Ha layer for IC1396 and the Bat. The challenge.... keeping the stars down. I've used no LP filter for this image (just UV/IR block) and at f2, I found a 900s test sub to be just a bit too much so I went with 600s - at least that way the histo wasnt being pushed too far right. I've not pushed the data too much either, its only 70min per panel so it has room for improvement once I get more data. 7x600 (L) x2 panels Samyang 135mm @f2, Atik 383L+, NEQ6 To be continued.........
  6. Cygnus in Ha (3x3 mosaic)

    Thats a phrase I was hoping to avoid! I should be at the dark site tonight, but had the check engine light come on in the car so I had to turn back... never mind ey!
  7. Cygnus in Ha (3x3 mosaic)

    Im glad you mentioned that because its something I was questioning myself. On closer inspection, it looks as if threre is a break about halfway along.... darn it!
  8. Cygnus in Ha (3x3 mosaic)

    Thanks chaps
  9. DSS stacking

    Perhaps you have some wildly mis-aligned frames. It might be worth doing a manual inspection of your images and taking out the worst offenders before stacking. But if you cant get intersection to work, just crop the stacked image in photoshop or some other image editing program (its a basic tool... even paint has it!).
  10. Cygnus in Ha (3x3 mosaic)

    Finally, after about a month of rain, last night I managed to put in just enough time to complete this before switching back to Lum only for a bit. In the end it worked out I had to reshoot two panels from scratch because of cloud or moon damage. I've also added some data from other longer focal length instruments to crisp up certain regions of interest: Sadr region: Star71 Veil region: 80ED Pelican/NAN: 130pds I may very well revisit the data since it was my first go at integrating that many different images - theres probably an easier way to do it but I'll figure out a better Ps workflow eventually. 6x600 (Ha) x9 panels Samyang 135mm @f2, NEQ6, Atik 383L+ Thanks for looking! Fullsize: Here
  11. m16

    Re: exposure times Being as youre using a DSLR, stick with 10min - but just get many more of them! You have M16 already nailed, loads more data will not improve it much (apart from the odd few details) - what you are now looking for is the sea of Ha that M16 sits in. That is what should be contained within the extra data.
  12. DSS stacking

    Use stacking mode "intersect" in DSS, it will auto-crop it for you. But even after that I would manally crop it again by a small amount to take out anything the autocrop may have missed.
  13. Guiding tonite!

    1. Ibbo!
    2. JohnSadlerAstro


      That was Wednesday night for me, the first time :)

    3. Uranium235


      Hope you guys had a good session. It was pretty sketchy stuff for me, mostly involving patching up cloud damaged mosaic panels. Going to look at processing it all tonite.

  14. Show us your one sub images!

    Its very rare that I take a 30min image, but I do have a few 20min subs kicking around: M16 (130pds) 1200s A tangible whiff of integrated flux in one shot (Samyang 135mm, 1200s @f2):
  15. NGC 6992 - Start of a project

    Top stuff Daz! I've no idea where you got the clear sky from though