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  1. ....and this is the re-done less sharp HOS version:
  2. Thanks every-one. I keep thinking I have oversharpened the Ha data and made the image too harsh, so I did a re process of the Ha this evening and would value some feedback. This is the New SHO version.
  3. I'd offer mine but you seem to have enough offers. I think I owe you one for the loan of the lab coat. Carole
  4. I have an HEQ5 and an Esprit 100. It's fine on it's own with a finderguider Atik CCD camera and EFW. But if I try to mount anything else on top, it's overweight. i.e. I tried adding my Samyang lens and CCD and EFW on top and that was too much. Carole
  5. Here is an HOS version of the same data:
  6. Mainly taken with Esprit100 and 0.79 focal reducer/Atik460EX on HEQ5 However it was almost a full Moon and I didn't get a lot of Oiii and Sii and no clear skies forecast in the near future, so I utilised some Oiii and Sii from 2014 done with my WOZS71 and Atik383L, thus increasing the Oiii from 40mins to 2 hours, and the Sii from 40mins to 1 1/2 hours. Ha entirely from the Esprit/460 Ha 12 x 600 (2h) Ha 8 x 900 (2h) Ha 3 x 600 binned x 3 (error!! but decided to combine it). 30mins Total Ha 4 1/2 hours. Oiii with Esprit/460 8 x 300 binned 40mins Oiii with WO/383 9 x
  7. Not an exact match but depends on your skies and what you can see. Carole
  8. Unfortunately the Moon is a bit bright at the moment, but if you want to have a go, the Rosette Nebula, and depending on your FOV you might be able to fit the Cone Nebula in too. Horsehead nebula? I think the Witch head might be too much of a challenge with the bright Moon. California Nebula, might be a possibility though it may be too far over now. Carole
  9. I'm not sure he is a company as such, I think he is an imager who does this as a side line. I should warn you he is based in America. I was waiting for the customs import bill as well, but don;t know whether this one slipped through the net but I never got one. I ordered from him because it was the only one I could find the right size at the time. But it certainly works extremely well. Carole
  10. I bought one ages ago from Lonely Speck before I bought my Samyang 135mm, as I had problems trying to focus with other lenses. It wasn't cheap but it is very finely cut and gives very clear spikes. It is this one. I put a circular cardboard collar on the BM and it fits perfectly inside the lens collar so the mask is directly over the aperture. https://www.lonelyspeck.com/sharpstar/ Carole
  11. Oh my goodness, I see what you mean. I have had the odd occasion when my telescope has clashed with the pier when I am imaging, and been pressing against it but could only have been for a very short time, luckily no damage done. Welcome to SGL by the way. Love the avatar name but not the story that went with it. Carole
  12. Very nice video, looks a great star party. I did wonder how you were going to get your kit there on the plane but I see you had borrowed a nice Dobsonian. Carole
  13. Many thanks for this comparison. Would you say you did the same processing on the F2 images and the F2.8 images? I have one of these lenses and have been using F2.8 throughout as advised by Uranium for a beginner, but have never attempted to go down to F2. If the difference genuinely bloats the stars more at F2, then I think I will stick with F2.8 I have been extremely pleased with this lens and it has kept me going this last year when I have been unable to get to a dark location due to Lockdowns. Carole
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