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  1. Well no reason why you can't get to the same site Dave, you have a campervan, it's in East Sussex just below Bewl Water, though I realise you need to bring your wife as well which makes the packing effort greater. If you're interested PM me as the interest in my local group is waning as many have moved to darker locations and therefore the need to get to a dark site no longer exists for them, and it would be nice to have a few more. Thanks every-one for your nice comments. I would have liked to have got more data, but apart from 30mins of subs which I stupidly captured in Ha at 5 x binned that was all I could manage over two nights by the time it rose and before Dawn started to arrive at 3.15am. Carole
  2. Spotted the two consecutive clear skies forecast and decided to get myself down to our dark campsite for a couple of nights. LRGB Lum 7 x 600secs Red 9 x 150secs Binned x 2 Green 6 x 150 secs Binned x 2 Blue 12 x 150secs binned x 2 Baader filters ED120 + FR x0.8 Atik314L HEQ5 I did take a bit more Luminance than this but somehow managed to put it on Ha and 5 x binning !!!The new click lock I bought seems to have dealt with the tilt in the corners. This is very low for the UK but at least this campsite has a good sky line in the south.
  3. Carole, After reading what I can manage with something as benign as a tripod and EQ mount, are you honestly suggesting I go at myself with a drill, hot needle or <shudder> a blade? LOL
  4. If you don't fancy the drill or needle method you can scrape away at the nail until you have worked through it. My GP did that to me once when I got a splinter stuck well under the nail and the only way of getting it out was through a hole in the nail. I think he used a sterile knife or blade tip as far as I remember. Carole
  5. I actually sat down and made a file of all my equipment with photos and prices, printed it and put it with my will (this is how I know the amount I have spent). If I died no-one would have a clue how much money all this lot is worth, but if they see the list and how much they could sell it for my children and husband will make an effort to sell it for good money. By making the list they can identify and describe the items ready for re-sale. Hate waste. Oh and this doesn't include the campervan I bought for going to Astro camps. Carole
  6. I'm in this category including the observatory, 2 mounts 2 CCD cameras, DSLR EFW and Filters etc etc. I totted it all up once and had a bit of a shock. Carole
  7. I have mounted an ST80 on top of a bar/on top of the mounting rings before and it was fine. Carole
  8. I didn't even know it was possible to achieve such an image with amateur equipment or even Hubble, I thought we needed a craft "up there" to obtain these sort of results. Amazing. Carole
  9. You might be able to order the bays from Altair Astro, might be a wait though. I have occasionally seen a bay 2nd hand for sale. Also might be worth joining the SkyshedPOD Yahoo Group and see if any-one is selling one. Carole
  10. You won't get much for £1000 unless you buy 2nd hand and even then you won't get the bigger chip cameras and then you need to add the filters and filterwheel to the price. There are a new range of cameras come out that I know nothing about which are the CMOS - ZWO ASI Cameras, I don't know how good they are, these seem to be under £1000 so see what others say about them. Of the Atik range, the cheapest you are likely to get is the Atik314L 2nd hand and you can pick them up for around £700. Excellent camera but a much smaller FOV to the DSLR so might come as a bit of a shock to start with. Plus yours filters and you can get a manual filterwheel for around £100. HTH. Carole
  11. Very nicely captured and put together video. I know what you are going through with the house as I have had to do the same thing myself. My sympathies. Carole
  12. Never even heard of an SSA before but I guess it does the same as plate solving. I don't see why it can't be used to find the target if that is what you are used to, but plate solving will do the job probably just as well enabling you to sell it to raise more funds. Carole
  13. I use a mini laptop, but had to change the resolution for the software to work properly. But seems to work OK. Carole
  14. I think they do but you have to pay for it. When my husband had his eyes lasered at Optical Express there was an option to have replacement lenses. Carole
  15. I have the same set up with my contact lenses. I have a sight lens in the right eye and a reader in the left eye, brain works it out and works a treat. Also I think when my husband had laser surgery they did the same with the treatment of his eyes. Otherwise you would have to keep taking reading glasses on and off all the time. Carole