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  1. Just posted this on the forum, it's worth a read:
  2. Fingers crossed and these fingers more or less touch type.
  3. Agree, just lately they can't even get the weather right on the same day!!!!! I use Yr.NO, BBC Weather, Clear Outside, if 2 of them are saying the same thing and it's not too far in advance, it's tends to be reasonably accurate, but how can several weather forecasts be saying different things in any case? Carole
  4. carastro


    I wonder if he is still reading it, and thinks we are all mad, but if you are still reading this, we really are a friendly and helpful bunch and have lots of banter on here, particularly when there are clouds and we can't do Astronomy. Welcome to Astronomy and if there is anything you need to know just post it up and some-one (or several people) will be able to help. Carole
  5. Wow, they are both good but the 2nd one is a stunner. and if this is near Las Vegas, just think what a dark sky will be like. Carole
  6. Sorry Mods, still humming and Haaing about this. So better withdraw for now. Carole
  7. I had never seen NLC until a couple of nights ago and I wasn't sure either until others posted up they had seen them. This looks similar, but did you take it in long exposure as it seems a bit blurred. Carole
  8. That looks very useful Halling skies, and have made a note of it. I am going to give the original adapter another try first as I am sure it was OK initially, and maybe something just worked loose. Hate spacing, various threads, and apertures. Carole
  9. Thanks for the reminder @ApophisAstros I had forgotten about it and have now sat and watched it. As you say fascinating. I remember the mission at the time, but of course they hadn't analysed everything until later. Carole
  10. carastro


    Welcome to Astronomy. Lol. You will be glad you spent that money when the clouds clear. Carole
  11. Brilliant. Just a little confused about the platform though, presume it's going to stay like that, I was expecting it to be turned into decking. So presumably you'll board it inside which means it will be a little higher than the wood outside and at least that way there will be no rain run off I guess, so perhaps it is a better idea than decking. Carole
  12. I recently advertised this but realised after a number of comments I had priced it too low. So it is now advertised again at a more realistic price of £750 ONO (no silly offers please). Pick up only using social distancing from Bromley Kent (SE LONDON ish) (I will not be posting this item). This is the gold version and has been a real workhorse over the years, but these days I am using my dual rig and this does not form part of it, and it is getting little use. There are a couple of marks on the tube where I must have tried to set up a dual rig on it in the past, but they don't affect the scope performance, and some sticky tape marks, which I will try to remove before selling if I can find my sticky stuff remover. This comes with a single speed focusser, where the black version has a dual speed. Vixen dovetail (well marked) 9 x 50 finderscope (which I have been using as a finderguider for some time). Tube marks Marks near the bottom are the sticky tape marks mentioned earlier.
  13. Woke up at the right time, looked out but lots of cloud right where it should be. Carole
  14. Very nice image Ram, I like the colour version posted in this thread the best. Carole
  15. Well there were enough stars to do my test, and sadly the focus was even worse. I even took the lens and camera/EFW off and added another spacer which i had for this adapter, but that made no improvement, so looks like I will have to go back to the original adapter and live with the RGB Oiii and Sii being just slightly out of focus. I have managed so far. Carole
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