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  1. I fractured my knee last year, so I decided to buy Polemaster as kneeling is now a problem. I think its absolutely fantastic and takes all the kneeling and neck ache out of the job. plus its far more accurate and no chance of polar aligning on the wrong star (which I did once at Kelling). I did not know about Sharpcap until after I had bought Polemaster, but took a look at it to see if I could use it on my 2nd mount which I hadn't yet bought an adapter for, but found it a bit complex. For some-one like me who finds some softwares a bit of a challenge to install and get them to work, Polemaster is a doddle. Carole
  2. Congratulations to the winners, Carole
  3. Flats causing headaches

    I don't know why but I can't seem to download the bias to dropbox EXPLORE, they appear in Dropbox but not in the Explore folder. Carole
  4. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Let's keep this thread to asto kit cables. Closing date ends on 21st so get posting folks. Carole
  5. shed size 6x6 or 7x5

    Well if you can't go any larger, then I would say get the 6' x 6' that way you won't have any diameter smaller than 6', which you would with a 7' x 5', it will be tight though. Carole
  6. Heart Narrowband

    Looks great, amazed this is your first narrowband image. Carole
  7. Cable Query - Canon450D DSLR to Laptop

    Did you not get a cable with your DSLR Alan? As far as I know it's just a mini camera USB, which will have a computer USB on the other end. Yes they are not long enough so get a USB extension cable probably about 5' long should do it, depending on how far the laptop is from the rig. Carole
  8. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Blimey why do you need all those cables for being an observer? Well dew straps maybe and power.
  9. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Too tidy Mike. Nice scope. Carole
  10. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Steve's putting up a good fight. Can't choose between him and Dave. Carole
  11. The Untidiest Cables competition

    You've won Steve Best so far. Ha Ha!
  12. The Untidiest Cables competition

    I think Dave might be beating me ha ha! Maybe we can have a vote after a week, I'll try to remember to start a poll and will post the link to it on here. So let's say closing date is midnight on 21st, or should we give it a bit longer? Carole
  13. Well there have been some great threads on here, loving the one regarding the neatest/untidiest workstation. Many people are really OCD about tidying up their cables for imaging. I on the other hand couldn't give a stuff as I am always derigging for astro camps and changing kit around I'd be forever unravelling cable ties. So I just let it all hang out, but just make sure nothing is snagging. I wonder who could beat me. This is not the best shot as I didn't take one specially for this thread. But this is what I get with a dual rig. Cables just tied back initially. Carole
  14. M33 1st Ever go.

    That's pretty good for 180sec subs on a DSLR. It's a but blue and noisy, but the noise will reduce with more exposures and the blue can be sorted out in processing. Stars are a bit elongated in the corners, I suspect spacing is wrong. Carole
  15. Flats causing headaches

    I used to use AV and 100 iso on my old Canon 450D and as you say it worked brilliantly. However that died on me after several years use, and so I replaced it with a Canon 1100D - imagine my horror when that method did not work on the 1100D, had to devise a new method completely by taking an exposure in Bulb of something like 1/80 sec, but this varies every time depending on the brightness of the sky, whereas AV on the 450D just used to adjust accordingly. I also use CCD cameras and the same applies I have to get the right ADU (for each filter as well). Gone are the easy days of 450D and AV flats. Carole