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  1. You need a ball joint. Carole
  2. It was scarily windy last night and I had to go and pick up hubby at one point, and my car was being blown around by the wind. It was howling down the chimneys with sudden scary gusts when we went to bed but the wind seems to have dropped this morning. It's forecast for clear skies this evening, but I haven't got my mount ATM, it's down in Exeter with FLO having a Rowan belt Mod. So no Astronomy for me until it comes back. Carole
  3. What are the corner stars like in your images. If they are perfectly round you have the spacing right, if they are elongated then the spacing is not right. Carole
  4. What you need is a centring adapter, it fits to the focusser and the cheshire by an expansion method so you are not relying on 2 bolts to push the Cheshire to one side. Carole
  5. Mono has much better sensitivity than colour, showing more detail. Seems a shame purchase a filterwheel and filters and try to do narrowband on a colour camera. I am not even sure it would work. Get a mono camera and enjoy the better detail. Carole
  6. Very nice image. I used to own a 450D and had problems with banding. I was then given a tip off that if downloading to a laptop, not to have the SD card in the camera at the same time. I removed it and the problem certainly got a lot better. Not sure if this is your situation, but if it is give it a try. Carole
  7. My 5 (details on the links) https://www.astrobin.com/u8kymo/C/?nc=user https://www.astrobin.com/395989/C/?nc=user https://www.astrobin.com/422891/C/?nc=user https://www.astrobin.com/myfjhp/D/?nc=user https://www.astrobin.com/ympjw0/N/?nc=user
  8. My flats panel is lit with dots all over it. I first of all thought it would not work (it's a tracing board off Ebay) , but so long as I put a couple of sheets of paper in front of it, it works just fine. So since your panel on the way I'd try it out before buying a 2nd light source. Carole
  9. Yes I know it looks funny. Previously I used to use plastic boxes, which worked well, but since they don't collapse, they take up a lot of space and using them inside my obsy tent, sometimes would get knocked off the table if wind blew the side of the tent (it's rather restricted inside) and that's not ideal with a laptop inside, cables being pulled and falling onto the imaging rig. Plus I had to find a solution for my dual rig as I have to use two laptops and no way can i reach the back one when they are inside boxes as they have to be placed one behind each other and I have to pull the back one forward on top of the front one when i want to use it. Carole
  10. I advised Mo (Marmo) to get these at astro fest, and he bought exactly what you need including the controller from the seller who shared the stall with W&W (referred to above) for £109. Could have been a slight discount for Astrofest. Carole
  11. Glad they are working OK Mo. You need to put your laptop inside some sort of Box to protect it. Ask Roland he almost ruined his laptop in the damp. I recently made a very effective laptop bag out of two heavy duty supermarket bags. i.e. cut down each side and inserted a V shape out of the other Supermarket bag. Left a small hole at the pointed end of the V for cable insertion. If your laptop is set not to switch off with the lid down, you can add a bit of velcro to the front and literally shut the bag while unattended (see last picture). I tried it recently At Davey Ts it worked a treat. Sorry to Hijack thread, but the OP might find this useful too. Not exactly glamorous, but does the job and folded up fits into the laptop bag. Unfortunately Morrisons only had 1 left so i had to get one from the Co-op, so looks even less glam, but who is going to see in the dark? Carole
  12. I think most dew heaters have a phono type plug on the end which connects to a dew controller. The dew controller is normally powered 12V. The W&W dew heaters I bought to replace my first ones where the cables started to break are much more substantial and can be found here. https://dewheater.com/ W&W are a couple of Astronomers who decided to start up a dew heater business, just tell them what the circumference is of your scopes (you'll need one for the guide camera as well). They don't sell the dew controllers but know a "man who does", they were both at Astrofest together selling their kit, so Barbara (the vendor) can point you in the right direction for that. Unless you have the "PEGASUS pocket box and possibly the ZWO ASIAir box" available you'll need to get the dew controller for now. I haven't heard of any dew heaters that can be powered by USB. Carole
  13. Yes I used to have an EQ6 and then bought an HEQ5 and had to change my pier adapter. Carole
  14. Thanks Richard, glad you liked the music, I thought it needed something soft and very slow beat. Carole
  15. I have stacked, stacks in photoshop when the data is from different scopes and cameras - as you say in layers, but the images need to be registered first which Photoshop doesn't do, stacking raw subs means they need converting to Tiff first and registering before you can stack them manually, a very laborious way of doing stacking and it certainly doesn't have a mean or Median stacking option. Carole
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