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  1. I asked about this at Astrofest once, and they said you couldn't adapter a straight through finder as it would be too long, that the right angled finders had been made shorter. Carole
  2. Wait a while, he's not properly moved in yet. Lol and neither have the spiders. I have to vacuum up all the dead spiders a couple of times a year. Guess they get in via the small gap between the dome and walls. Carole
  3. Gradient exterminator is a plugin for Photoshop by Russell Croman. Well worth getting if you are using photoshop. Carole
  4. Breathtaking and excellent and up to your usual standard Avani. Carole
  5. I think what Olly was talking about with when using RGB filters, not to use the Ha as luminance as it has a tendency to wash out the colours. Carole
  6. Actually dropping those ekastic bands is not funny. Apart from the littering aspect l know a young dog that died after eating an elastic band from the street. It somehow twisted up his insides. Carole
  7. Hope you don't mind but I took the image into Photoshop and had a play. Gradient exterminator helped a lot. I fiddled with the colours and did a small despeckle and High pass on the detailed bits only. Did you bin this data, as some of the small stars are very blocky? Carole
  8. I agree with the colour gradients comments above and the Magenta, but as you have a degree of colour blindness, then of course you need a second pair of eyes to help you with this. Agree regarding the spacing. As regard the Oiii and Sii, I was given a tip some years ago, that if your Ha data is detailed and fairly smooth with small stars, that in fact the Sii and Oiii is merely a colour, and that you can blur them (in Photoshop you can use dust and scratches), If I need to do this, especially if the Oiii and Sii data is more noisy, I blur the final image and then place a further copy of the Ha over the top of the blured image and blend it as Luminance and it works quite well. I find this particularly useful if I am imaging from home where the LP can make the Oiii and Sii VERY noisy. Might be worth trying. Personally I don't think the Ha is overwhelming in this image. Presume this was blended SHO. Carole
  9. If you are talking about needing extra weights I presume it is the RA that you can't balance. DSLRs don't weigh very much, so you can't be needing much more weight. I presume you have moved them down to the furthest point. If that is the case then you are going to need some extra weight. I once strapped a pair of pliers to my counterweights to make the RA balance. Anything small that won't move you can strap to the counterweights save you buying another weight? Carole
  10. Thanks Barry, I am mystified as to why the missing Oiii data showed up last time, with similar amounts of Ha and Oiii each time. I wonder whether it's because my LP has got worse because I know that Oiii can be a "no go" from here with some targets. Also we had LED lights installed since the last image. Any thoughts on that? Carole
  11. Thanks Andy. It can be a struggle sometimes, and some targets impossible. Carole
  12. My experience has on the whole been very good too. I generally try SGL in the first instance for both buying and selling, and then if no luck I move onto UKABS where there is a larger "audience". I don't post abroad as I like to send all my items over £50 by a tracked, signed for and insured method and my experience is that once goods have left the UK it is impossible to track them. I prefer to buy from people on astro forums who have a reputation to maintain, but on the one occasion I bought from some-one I had no "history" of, he refused to accept Paypal and wanted the money paid directly into his bank account. Since the item was over £900 I refused to do this and in the end we met halfway and I paid him by telephone banking on the spot having already set up his account details by paying him £1 before I went. I very rarely buy astro items on Ebay, unless it is from a dealer I know. You get some people trying their luck in trying to knock you down, but I'd rather not sell an item than let it go for under it's value. Carole
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