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  1. carastro

    Deepskystacker help

    What camera are you selecting in DSS settings? I am no expert on this, but since you have a new camera, maybe you need to re-set it in DSS to get the right bayer matrix. Carole
  2. carastro

    Crescent Nebula NGC6888 (two set ups)

    Thank you Clive.
  3. carastro

    M31 HaLRGB

    All the stacks seem to be over exposed in the core, maybe you can do something magic in Pixinsight like scaling I think it is called (saw Nik Szymanek demonstrate it at the weekend. Not sure if this can be done in PS. Carole
  4. carastro

    M31 HaLRGB

    Thanks for going to all that effort Rodd, you are right I don't use Pixinsight and it was all gobbledegook to me. However I have copied and posted your instructions into a folder on the off chance that i do give in and attempt Pixinsight in the future, which is also all gobbledegook to me. Going to download your files and attempt to process them in Photoshop. Carole
  5. carastro

    A dream come true

    I agree with Gina. Excellent job. Carole
  6. carastro

    M31 HaLRGB

    Fantastic image Rodd. 666 subs? the mind boggles, I would also love to have a "go" at the processing and agree with others that on the zoomed in view there does seem a slight oversharpening which has affected the edges of the stars, but otherwise a superb bit of work. Can I ask you your method of adding the Ha to the target which you have also done excellently as this is something I struggle with. I have tried a number of methods but none of them produce results like this. Thanks Carole
  7. Absolutely agree - as I said earlier in this thread. Dawn is quite incomprehensible. On the whole I should be OK as I have Artemis on a disc, but it's not the latest version, but if I ever got myself into a position of wanting to use the latest version so I can dither with PHD 2, I would need the latest drivers. Always reluctant to download updates on anything as invariably they take away some things I like. I am still using PHD1 as it works just fine for my so why do I need to change it? Carole
  8. I did E Mail them and this is the reply which is good news for the lovers of Artemis. This is the reply I got from Steve at Atik:
  9. Nah this is just after it is stacked before photoshopped. That's what I meant. Normal for them to be dark, detail needs processing to reveal it. Frank says the same. Carole
  10. Is this after you have imported the image into something like Photoshop? If so this is normal, and the images simply need to be stretched and processed. Carole
  11. OK just off to do my own PA. Carole
  12. To be honest, I am new to Astrometry.net myself, so I just uploaded in ignorance and it worked for me, no idea why it would not work for you too. Carole
  13. I use Polemaster, just about to PA myself. It's great, I suggest you try to get it roughly in the centre of the FOV as that allows for easier rotation in the instructions. Carole

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