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  1. Olly advised me some years ago that if your filterwheel is an enclosed one (i.e. not a manual one where dust could get it) then you only need to do luminance (or Ha) flats, but I have never been brave enough to chance that until recently. I do take separate flats for anything binned, but interestingly (and I have had this conversation with Olly), I forgot to do binned flats last image, so for the hell of it I chucked in the non binned flats to see what would happen in Astroart, and to my surprise (and Olly's) it did not reject them. I guess if you have a closed filterwheel , you could take a set for each filter first time around, and then try stacking with just the luminance flats for the RGB and see whether it will work. Have been meaning to do that myself for some time, but keep forgetting. Carole
  2. OK, you need to re-size and register the binned subs. I do this in Registar, works a treat. I am 99.9% certain that DSS cannot do this. There could be other software that can, I tried to use Maxim once, but found it was a bit unreliable. I think I also tried nebulosity also with unsatisfactory results, but Registar does the job perfectly every time. Because of the poor weather and little opportunity to get to dark skies, I tend to bin the RGB or Oiii and Sii almost every time. I have several scopes of different sizes and 3 cameras too and can combine data from the different scopes and cameras, Registar is a godsend. Registar is not free, but worth every penny: Carole
  3. I really like that. Nice colours too. Carole
  4. Make sure you get some good advice before buying anything as astrophotography requires specific equipment. Carole
  5. That's rather annoying. You can get half size weights. Carole
  6. Great, well keep us informed. I have now found the international page of their site, says it takes 20 - 30 days delivery, but to get the right thing at the right price it will be worth waiting. Carole
  7. So are you saying that FLO will ship to the USA for $40? They are good astro traders and are the sponsors for this forum, you won't go wrong with FLO. Carole
  8. That's approx $400 for the two and you won't be able to guide. £312 in UK money. The Skywatcher Star Adventurer is £275 for the bundle, tracks and guides and will take a light weight telescope $351 Also never sure about those mounts that have hand controls and then you attach a motor to them. I had hand controls once and they used to slip, a motor which attaches to the same points would have been useless. It's a shame FLO don't deliver to the USA. That American site I linked that sells them sells the EQ base separately, I can't see the sense in that, but see how much extra that is, it might come to the same as the cost of buying in the UK. Carole
  9. OK, I am going to try a Hartmann's mask now and see if that works any better.
  10. If you're looking at the cheap refractor, it has a manual equatorial mount and definitely not suitable for astrophotography. The larger Mak cassegrain also is not suitable as it is F12 and far too slow and difficult. Carole
  11. You will need to buy a sturdy tripod (most people use a manfrotto tripod), and there are a number of optional attachments you can buy. I have attached a link to a UK site which shows various options. I am not sure what actually comes in the package that I linked to you, you may have to speak to the retailer.
  12. If you are referring to the iOptron Skytracker Dave, it doesn't guide. I have one and only tried it out once so far, but managed to get about 3.5mins unguided on a 28 - 200mm lens, but at approx 100mm zoom. Quite simple to use, but I want mine for travelling abroad, I would suggest the Skywatcher Star Adventurer is more substantial, I have found it on sale in the USA: Carole
  13. Well I had a try to get focus last night using both a Y mask and a small bahtinov mask made for my WOZS71. Hopeless results - the bahtinov mask just showed a pattern of the bahtinov spokes on the star itself, and this is what i got with with my 28 - 200 zoom lens at roughly 100mm with the Y mask: (Mosaic of different effects), as you can see there is shocking LP in my location. I tried 2 different Y masks as one of them I have used before and it worked OKish. Must have spent over an hour trying to get focus. Any thoughts?
  14. I agree, I think DSS has somehow got the wrong settings or got confused. In your first picture, the dust bunnies have been made to look as though they are 3D pitted. I had this happen to me once with DSS, and I never did find out why. I no longer use DSS I use Astroart, but I now own a mono camera, so would not know how to use Astroart for a DSLR. I wonder whether it would be a useful exercise for you to upload some light frames, some flats and some bias and let us guys try to stack it with whatever we use. That way you know if it's DSS (or it's settings) that's the problem, and whether the captured data is in fact OK. Carole
  15. I just tie the cables back to either the scope or the dovetail (so they are not pulling on the camera), with a piece of cord. I take the kit to camp often or swap around scopes and camera, so need something easy to undo each time. Carole