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  1. Just talking to Davey T about coming down with him in his Van. So might be joining you all. Any idea how much the PODs are per night, how to book them and whether there are any left with Electric hook up. Otherwise I will share Dave's van. Carole
  2. Yes I wondered about that but didn't know how to word it. Carole
  3. I have some very basic steps on my website. https://sites.google.com/site/caroleastroimaging/home/processing-in-photoshop When you have got to grips with that I have some video tutorials on You tube, these are more directed to mono imaging, but you might find something useful. I do find some of these video tutorials, go into more complex things than you need to do when you are at the beginning of learning. https://sites.google.com/site/caroleastroimaging/home/video-tutorials Carole
  4. If the council complain about the POD I will sell it and replace it with a ROR. But so long as no one complains I will leave it as it is as rather too much faff to change it unless I have to. Carole
  5. Poor devil. the best thing he can do is covert it into a ROR as it was just the white dome that was the problem. Looking at the photo of the dome from next door's garden, my own dome looks exactly the same view for next door and is a white Skyshed POD dome so not fibre glass. I did not get permission to put it up as I was told by Altair Astro who sold it to me that you don't need planning permission for a POD because it is classed as a temporary structure apparently. BUT as it is right up against next door's fence, I took the precaution of talking to the neighbours, and making a virtual picture of what it would look like. Their reply was, "Well every-one has their hobbies, but we appreciate you asking us first". So hopefully even if they move and new people come there with it already being there, it will be OK. It's been there since 2010. Carole
  6. Do you have a small telescope? It would be easier to mount the camera on that and the small scope can be used as the guide scope. Lots of telescopes come with a camera screw attached to them. Carole
  7. It doesn't bother me which order the unread posts come up in, I just scroll through until I see something I want to read or reply to. Any replies on posts I have previously commented on come up in the notifications thingy at the top. I never go into the individual forums, so it baffles me when people say you will get more replies if you post in the right forum. But I guess that's how it works for some people. Only time I use the forum sections is if I am specifically looking for something I can't find, or to buy or sell something. Normally a search will bring up something I am looking for though. Just please DON'T REMOVE "unread content" button or I shall be completely stuffed. Carole
  8. Good start, you have the camera working. First bit of simple advice is for focus. Get or make yourself a Bahtinov mask, it's a simple and easy way to know when you are in focus. Your image above looks as though it's probably in focus, but why not be absolutely certain, and it's a simple way to know. Carole
  9. Good point, might need an older version. Do you still have contact with the chap that sold you the camera? He should really have passed you the software for the camera when he sold it to you. I must admit when I changed canon cameras I was quite surprised to find my version of Canon Utilities which worked fine on my previous 450D was not compatible with my replacement 1100D, can't remember now where I got the new software from. Neither were the spare batteries and cabled battery compatible. Carole
  10. Yes I thought so, but I thought to get it straight from the horses mouth might make sure he does everything right. Carole
  11. It's better to judge flats once they are stacked and calibrated in an image. If the image doesn't have dust bunnies or vignetting the flats worked. Also examine the master flat by stretching it to see what it reveals. However I took a look at one of your flats in Astroart and it is showing dust and vignetting, so looks like the flats are OK. Carole
  12. Really? Must check on that as I hadn't heard. I like the Atik cameras, Atik also do the QSI cameras now. Carole
  13. Message Sharkmelley, I am pretty sure he used to use a 350D and got around this problem, I think it was with an extra cable. but he can tell you how to do it. Carole
  14. If you're prepared to spend that sort of money Rodd, why don't you go over to CCD, I don't recall ever seeing any-one having Microlensing with a CCD camera. OK the subs need to be longer, but still I think the same total amount of imaging time. It may be older technology, but it's tried and tested and it works. Carole
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