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  1. carastro

    So many colours

    Really beautiful image. Carole
  2. Pretty amazing for those short subs Barry. Great work. Carole
  3. carastro

    Atik 383L+ How many flats

    Lol less paper did the trick
  4. carastro

    Atik 383L+ How many flats

    Gosh I don't remember having to take anything like that when I had an Atik383L. I am sure I didn't take more than 1 - 1 1/2 mins per flat. Just wondering if you have actually set minimum of 3mins instead of 3 secs. Carole
  5. carastro

    Lunar eclipse star trails

    Great image. Carole
  6. carastro

    My take on the Blood moon

    You did well to get the red colour so early on the the eclipse. Great images. Carole
  7. carastro

    IC1396 HOORGB

    To be honest, I use Baader filters and they are pretty par focal. I always check all the filters when I focus and mostly they are the same focal point and I don't need to re-focus. For some unknown reason occasionally I have to re-focus Blue or Oiii and I don't understand why this should vary from one target/night to another. So if they are all the same focus, I just set a sequence up and let it run. Carole
  8. carastro

    IC1396 HOORGB

    Thanks Ryan. I have the unmodded HEQ5, and no secrets. Just try to get everything secured tightly. Try to shield from the wind if I can. Sometimes the guiding is not so great and sometimes it is spot on. Carole
  9. carastro

    Am I a cheat? A question of morals.

    Actually, just to add to my previous post. This is called post-processing, and is a skill of its own, and something an Astrophotographer has to learn as has been shown by the varying versions of the same data sometimes shown on this website when some-one posts up their data. Carole
  10. We'll have you imaging yet. Well done. Carole
  11. carastro

    Am I a cheat? A question of morals.

    I stretch and increase colour in images and will do a little noise reduction. I will sharpen them and combine data from different sessions, different filters and different cameras and will manipulate colour in a narrowband image since it is false colour anyway. I don't feel this is cheating so long as you are not adding anything structural to the image that wasn't already there - so basically trying to bring out the best of what I have captured, after all many of these features are very faint. I think it is also OK to make a mosaic of two images, and do a combination of the same image done with different settings, for instance capturing say Jupiters Moons on one exposure, and the planet on another (as they need differing exposures) and then combining the two images together. I am sure most imagers do all of this. Carole
  12. carastro

    LDN 1622

    Thanks Merlin, will give that a go. though CdC does say it is the latest version, and if I ask it to go to LDN1622 by typing it is it seems to go there anyway, so maybe it is already somewhere in there. Carole
  13. carastro

    Birthday treat: Lunar Eclipse, first rough and ready result

    Really like the "better colour balance" version. Happy Birthday. It was my husband's special birthday yesterday, so we were out drinking till late, so I didn't watch the eclipse at all especially since I had a good one in 2015. Carole
  14. carastro

    LDN 1622

    I think CdC will find it as long as its there Well it's not showing on the main search screen. I'll try and see if I can find the list as Merlin has shown above.
  15. carastro

    My first take on Moon photography

    Very nice presentation and shots. Carole

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