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  1. Annoying "bloom'" spoils a rare clear sky!

    On first glance it just looks to me like the effect of longer exposure being stretched more without having used the flats yet. Carole
  2. Kelling Heath imaging strategy - opinion please

    That sounds like a good plan Michael. Though every target varies. I find that LP is so bad at home (suburbs of London) that even NB is only possible on some targets and often need to go to Kelling (or similar) even for NB images. Wizard Nebula for instance. Ha was OKish at home but Oii and Sii were dire. Went to Kelling with same kit and got some lovely data in NB. Carole
  3. The HEQ5 is a good choice for imaging. If you want to purchase a wide field telescope for imaging - rather than go for an Acromat, why don't you buy the excellent WO61 that FLO is current selling, it is suitable for widefield Astro imaging, not expensive and one you won't need to relegate to a guiding scope later on. Carole
  4. Looks like field rotation to me rather than coma. The nebula has come out well. I think I am right in saying that field rotation is due to inaccurate PA. Carole
  5. I love the sharp detail on this image and also the colour. I hadn't considered this for bicolour, so might dig out some old data. Would also be interesting to see it with the RGB star colour added. Carole
  6. VDB 9

    Ooo, that's nice. Carole
  7. buying used from the states?

    I can't believe we have to pay customs duty on 2nd hand goods, that is really taking the mickey. Carole
  8. Hello SGL :D

    Welcome to SGL forum from some-one on the other side of London, the LP is awful isn't it? Carole
  9. Need a quieter mount

    Yup, I used to own a CG5 GT and I remember well how noisy it was. I think they are nicknamed the "coffee grinder". I too felt uncomfortable making such a noise in the early hours. Also didn't like the external motors, cables used to get caught up in them when imaging. Carole
  10. I have London on my North horizon, only 12 miles away, so no hope for me anyway. Carole
  11. Which scope to use for guiding

    Occasional use when you want a bigger FOV. Carole
  12. There are two schools of thought to which telescope is best. Refractor or Reflector, there are fans of each. Are you planning on buying a dedicated astro camera - this will give better detail (a mono one) than a DSLR camera, since you asked about detail. There are many good telescopes out there, but you need a good camera as well, so i think you might need to answer that question first. Carole
  13. As stated above, I polar align manually, I don't have polemaster. Carole
  14. I can't see the need to drift align after using Polemaster, it's extremely accurate. I do the same as Astrosurf, I have never drift aligned and just do PA through the polarscope, my guiding is fine and I have round stars. I use a finderguider these days but when I used to use an ST80 and QHY5 I needed an extension to get focus, and used a de-lensed barlow. Carole