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  1. Staring mono CCD help

    I am going to duck out of this one and bow to your superior knowledge. It just looks how my images used to look before I started guiding, though I must admit I probably did have lines underneath as well. Carole
  2. Horsehead Complex HaRGB

    Beautiful image, they are both good but I prefer this one SL(Ha)R(Ha)GB Mono has some great detail Carole
  3. Yes, shame, but I think Atik will be able to sort it for you, and you get a service at the same time and a quick turn around. Carole
  4. Standing a mount tripod on the lawn?

    They might do, but they are quite expensive, and are aimed more at reducing vibration. I just wonder whether they are wide enough to stop sinking into the lawn. Carole
  5. Standing a mount tripod on the lawn?

    Shame they don't seem to sell them any more. I think they were around £23, so those Amazon ones I posted above will be a lot cheaper even if the top bit needs to be sawn off. Carole
  6. Staring mono CCD help

    I think it has Olly, it's just not obvious on the image posted. If you look at this image, there is dark space below the image, but some stars in it as well.
  7. Standing a mount tripod on the lawn?

    I just went out in the rain to my campervan specially to take a photo for you. As you can see they are a bit muddy from camp use, but you get the idea. Hard plastic, flat on the underneath.
  8. Standing a mount tripod on the lawn?

    Just found these on amazon, they might do the job and also have holes to peg them down. Might need to open out the top hole a bit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kampa-Universal-Bigfoot-Pack-4/dp/B004R2E3E6 Also here: https://www.caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk/product/kampa-big-foot/2236
  9. Standing a mount tripod on the lawn?

    The trouble is with grass the pointed tripod feet have a tendency to sink into the ground which is not what you need when you're imaging. So when I go to astro camps I have some footpads (with a round depression in the middle for the pointed feet) these are about 5" wide and also have holes in them so they can be pegged to the ground. Unfortunately they don't seem to be for sale any more, but if you can make something like it that it would be good. I don't think I have a photo of them or I'd post it up. Carole
  10. Another imaging beginner

    I agree with Olly regarding the popping in the camera bit, imaging is not something that can be done casually. The point of focus will change from the eyepiece, and that means you probably need to find a major star to focus on and then go back to said target. You could use FWHM (full width half maximum) if your conditions will allow, but I find it doesn't work very well from where I live as the numbers are jumping around too much. Also cables and dew heaters need to be attached, and cooling time reached, though the latter won't take much time. If you want to do visual as well as imaging I think you'd be better off having a piggy backed or side by side scope, one for visual and one for imaging. Also deep sky stuff doesn't really work with a short exposure, you really need longer exposures to get anything decent, and this requires guiding. I think the new CMOS cameras can do shorter images, depending on the speed of your optics. Does your EQ5 have a guide port? I think some models do and some don't. If so I would suggest using the 9 x 50 Skywatcher finderscope as a guidescope. Finally, "seeing the image" on live view is pretty nigh impossible with a DSLR or OSC camera, but if you get a mono camera and do x 3 binned looping whilst framing, it is quite easy to see the target. However a mono camera also requires a filterwheel and filters, which adds to the expense, and the non practicalities of trying to image "popping in the camera". I am using a pretty clapped out Vista laptop for imaging, but for processing it is better to have a better laptop/PC as you need better speed than an old laptop will provide. HTH Carole
  11. I don't think the camera is at fault, I am wondering - pinched optics? Can you even get pinched optics with a Newtonian? However as you have used this scope previously with no problems, it will hopefully be the wind as you suggest, but am looking at that halo around the bright star just off the screen on the right and it does seem to be off centre. Hopefully some-one with more technical savvy than me will come along soon. Carole
  12. Staring mono CCD help

    I am positive this is the result of not guiding and probable slightly inaccurate PA, I used to get this effect before I started guiding. Guiding is definitely the way forward, that's a cracking little camera you have bought and capable of some very good results, just need longer subs, calibration and you'll be happy. Carole
  13. Messier 78 - a dusty favourite

    Wow that was a labour of love to have to make a mosiac due to stella artifacts. It has though resulted in a super image. Carole
  14. Oh dear, just found it, it was you. Have you tried using a different stacking programme? Carole
  15. There was someone else on this forum with the same problem (unless it was you first time around). If not you might be worth searching for it and see whether there was a conclusion by the end of the thread. Carole