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  1. In the absence of any data from Kelling at the weekend, I decided to have another try at processing an image I did at Kelling a year ago and had never been happy with the result. Better processing skills a year later and I am much happier with it. This is the info from last year:Did not manage to get much data before it clouded over, so this is only 2 hours.9 x 600 Lum30m RGB 2 subs of each @ 300secsWOZS71/Atik428EXED80/Atik460EXTotal 2 hours
  2. That's one expensive filter to fall apart Dave!!!! Carole
  3. Da dah!!! Thanks Guys, talking to you has made some sense, and I can see a tiny tiny notch in the top of the ring, and with a safety pin was able to turn it round so it sank further into the filter. It now seem firm. Just need to clean the filter up now after all the man handling. Lets hope it is the right way up. Carole
  4. Yes I was wondering abut that but don't want to stick it until I know if I have it the right way up. If I point the filter to the window one side seems to have a red perimeter, and the other side has a blue perimeter. Carole
  5. What does "nipped up" mean? Carole
  6. I seem to have put the ring back in to hold the filter , but the filter is still flopping around inside - maybe I put it in the wrong side and now I can't seem to get the ring out again. So not much to photograph, it just looks like a normal 1.25" filter. Also is there a right and wrong way up and how do I tell? Carole
  7. Yes my red handle hits the polarscope, so I just turn it in increments. Carole
  8. But it is not just the levers that need replacing, it is the actual bolt itself needs to be stronger than the original. Carole
  9. I always do a one star align, just pick a bright star close to your target. Carole
  10. The altitude bolts on both the HEQ5 and NEQ6 are famous for being too soft and bendable to be up to much pressure and the advice in the past was always to replace them with stronger bolts. Some of the firms that used to produce them no longer do so. I replaced all of mine. Over the years I have read of a number of people getting stuck with bent altitude bolts inside the Mount and having to take it apart to get them out. These look like what you need, but I have not used this company personally. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skywatcher-EQ6-HEQ5-NEQ6-mount-Upgraded-Latitude-Altitude-Adjustment-Bolts/333168013760?hash=item4d925c71c0:g:BK8AAOxyD9JSBCGu Carole
  11. Couldn't find a relevant forum for this, so hope here is OK. My Baader luminance filter has fallen out of the mounting together with a ring. I had been wondering for a while what was rattling inside the EFW. I put the filter back in and pushed the ring back in after it, but it still seems to be loose. I contacted Baader but they tell me to stick it back in with a thin strip of Scotch tape, which seems a bit odd to me, as where do I stick the tape to? Someone suggested there could have been tiny rubber washers either side of the filter, and I have yet to take the EFW apart (yet again)!! to see if anything is floating around inside, plus even when I put it together is there a right or wrong way up for the filter, and how do I tell? Baader didn't answer that question. So basically I am asking if any-one has even done such a repair, and if so can they offer any advice? Luckily I have another EFW and a Hutech LP filter, so not currently without, but would like to get this working again if I can rather than ditch it. Many thanks Carole
  12. A video I made on adding ha to RGB. You may or may not need Registar as I think there is a way of lining up (registering) the Ha in DSS using the stacked RGB file as a "marker file". I have never done it but have seen it done. This should compliment Olly's instructions as he taught me how to combine the Ha. Carole
  13. Very nice Adam. This one is on my To Do list, but not yet had an opportunity to do it properly, except with my Samyang lens (together with the Shark) where it was far too small. What amount of data did you collect for the luminance and RGB sets? Carole
  14. Ah, Just had a reply from Baader and this is their official statment regarding the filters: Regarding the filter delay, here the official statement of our company: Unfortunately COVID has also caused problems for us. Nevertheless, the production of many articles had to be stopped temporarily because supply chains are interrupted again and again at various points. Unfortunately, this affects especially high-tech suppliers such as our filters. We ask for your understanding for this situation and would like to assure you that we ourselves are working everywhere to solve the supply problems for the components of our products and especially for the filter production and to bring our delivery capacity back to a normal level. Especially for the filters the delays are due to a very costly product development. The appearance of more and more sensitive CMOS cameras with smaller and smaller pixel sizes forces us to bring the filters, which have proven themselves up to now, to a new technical level. In the future, too, our filters should continue to be the reference - with real measurement curves over the entire spectral sensitivity range of modern CMOS cameras, against which cheap copies from China must be measured. The development of filter sheet systems, however, requires complex test series, prototype production in each case - and ultimately intensive testing in the night sky. We are very close to producing our filters with further improved properties, but "one does not talk about unlaid eggs". You can be assured that we will provide detailed information about the improvements achieved. As soon as the first regularly produced filters are finally tested here, we would like to present you the real transmission curves. Therefore we ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to give binding answers to inquiries about delivery dates for products that are not available. Please enter your email address in the respective info field on the product page if you want to be informed as soon as the product is available again. As soon as possible, you will also be able to read the relevant product information in order to assess whether we were right to make such an effort, whereby we firmly trust in your agreement that a somewhat higher filter price is justified for higher performance.
  15. I have the Ha only at the moment. I messaged Baader two nights ago because my luminance filter has fallen out of it's mounting and need advice on fixing it back. Not heard back from them, so if you are getting no response and they are not getting made, it makes me wonder whether they have gone into Lockdown/ are sick or maybe even struggling with all the CV problems. Carole
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