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  1. Yes it is a Samyang 135mm f/2 lens. I haven't used it much to be honest and this was the first step in correcting that mistake.
  2. Thanks... I wasn't thinking about it initially but may have to consider it if there is enough interest The cost of buying one pales in comparison to making your own (unless you have got the kit already) Thanks...but I think you will find finer Great minds think alike. I actually prefer to screw it on than clip it on to be honest.
  3. If it wasn't for the advances of the past (either good or bad) we would not be where we are today. We seem to believe that we would be in the same state of advancement if we did everything "right" and didn't do things the way we did. If we didn't do things the way we did, people certainly wouldn't be posting messages on a forum whining about how bad things are, that is for sure because it almost certainly wouldn't exist.
  4. Saw something similar on the web so not claiming I invented it and since I have got an old (feeble) engraving/milling machine I thought I'd dust off the cobwebs (literally). Took a bit of effort to get the machine working as it doesn't like USB to serial converters so I had to write my own scripts to send the data to the miller in a more docile manner. Took a couple of goes to get the depth of cut right but a lot quicker than I thought. The software for the machine is rather rubbish so spent a lot more time drawing the design than I had hoped for. Milled/engraved in 1mm thick polycarbonate that I had lying around. I wanted to fit it into a 77mm filter holder and decided to use a 77mm to 82mm step-up ring that I got as part of a set. Way more effort than necessary but felt like doing something decent for a change. Verdict?...Seems to work okay, on my simulated star that is (0.3mm hole with a torch behind it), would have used a proper star but it is cloudy out there of course. The final cut with the cutting tool. Popped out and fitted to a 77-82mm step-up ring... Fitted... The machine that did the cutting/milling... Back Focus... Front focus... Correct focus... Machine in action...
  5. Ed, that's the one posted above by geordie85....apparently it has been sold (or so the author says). I am in no rush but this thread may get archived before I get one....
  6. Dion has given up (watch the PoleMaster video), too much finally got to him! The wedge does look like a nice piece of engineering.
  7. Thanks, I contacted the seller on Saturday but he said it was sold on Friday......yet it is still listed as "Active" even today.
  8. On the M-Zero, the unit powers up not tracking (for some reason) but as soon as you push a button on the hand controller or perform a slew or anything similar, the RA motor will continue to track at Sidereal (or lunar/solar etc.) rates in EQ mode at which point you could disconnect everything barring the power and it will continue to track. In ALT/AZI mode basically the same thing happens but I think you have to perform a few goto/sync operations so that it knows where it is pointing. After that I assume both RA and DEC will run at the required rates to keep the object in the eyepiece however I haven't use the mount in ALT/AZI mode at all (and possibly never will). Android or a PC would be required to goto different objects in this mode.
  9. Always a contentious area. Twice as noisy at ISO1600 vs. ISO800 but at half the exposure, to be expected since only half the number of photons hit the sensor. As mentioned above you'd need to stack 2 of your frames at ISO1600 (at half the exposure time for each frame) for a fair comparison of noise. Total exposure time is what counts, there's probably not much difference between ISO800 and ISO1600 to be honest as long as the exposure/histogram is optimal (i.e. don't clip the highlights/stars in the ISO1600 mode) and are well away from the left side of the graph. There are texts on the web that say that 1/2 or 1/3 stops on ISO should be avoided so I'd stick to either full stops of 800 or 1600.
  10. I have used SkySafari over Bluetooth from my Android phone ro the StarGo controller and it works well for GOTO but I'd say that it is more useful in the ALT/AZI mode or for visual. My netbook is only an 11" one so really isn't an issue and it gives you everything you need for an entire night's imaging.
  11. I am not as elaborate as most on here as I originally bought a netbook with 3 USB ports, which is all I needed. However subsequently I have installed a StarTech 4 port USB 2 hub and now use only one USB port on the netbook...this was in an effort to reduce cable clutter. All my USB cables have been trimmed to the correct length, I soldered on new "A" type connectors that plug into the hub with the other end ("B" or Mini "B", straight or right-angled) remaining intact from the original cable. Like Olly and others, all the cables are labelled and used in the same ports. WiFi is turned off and I am very selective of updates, not only Windows updates but any other application as well. I do have spare cables just in case. Once you get it working, leave it alone. The temptation to tinker is immense but I try to refrain (except during peak summer) and leave it well alone during the imaging season.
  12. DSS = £0… Startools = £40 APP = €150... PixInsight = €276 It is like comparing apples to oranges. However you will get much more bang for your buck by spending upto €276 on some decent software than you will on any hardware of the same price.
  13. I saw some from Leeds and managed a quick grab shot but there was only a small portion of clear sky...the rest was thick cloud. Keep checking every night as I want to make another trek to the top of the hill and put some proper effort in to it this time...but somehow I think I won't get the opportunity. Last year was quite rubbish, unlike 2014 & 2015.
  14. I haven't used EasyJet so can't comment on them specifically but I do feel that at some point there will be an "issue" with my kit (hand luggage) and I will be forced to check it in so always make sure that it is well packaged just in case. Make sure your kit is insured for damage and for going missing. And echoing comments above, I can also see a future where everything has to be checked in. The thing is that if security is to be taken seriously then how on earth can baggage go missing, have items stolen from them or generally being tampered with? If someone can steal a suitcase then someone can put something into a suitcase.
  15. Theres a newer version 2.2.1. User Manual Rev2.2.1-.pdf I can't find it now, but the latest version of X-Solver also has a polar alignment function (P.ALIGN).There was a table indicating how many arc-minutes per turn each of the alt/azi bolts make for the different Avalon mounts. Not sure how well or quick it works though. Looks similar to how Astrotortilla does polar alignment. Unlike the PoleMaster or SharpCap it isn't realtime...hence the reason I always try to get a clear view of the NCP. Hi all StarGo 5.2.3 version Installer has been released What's new! - New X-Solver Polar Alignment tool