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  1. Iris Nebula - Where did I go wrong ?

    Don't worry, I have heard that the Iris nebula will still be there next year Good image and getting the dust is tricky so you have done well....
  2. ISS from 5th October

    Great stuff...
  3. Dithering question

    Within PHD(2) you need to "Enable Server" this allows APT to tell PHD that exposure has ended and a dither is about to take place. Additionally since you are not using ASCOM to control the mount it has to be driven direct by the camera (via the ST4 cable). I find it better to connect the camera to the PC as well as the mount to the PC (ditching the ST4 cable from the camera to the mount), that way the PC knows where the mount is pointing, though it isn't strictly necessary. You will need ASCOM drivers for your mount and the right cable to do this depending on your mount.
  4. Warm winter hats advice

    Personally I like a tight micro-fleece beanie hat (I am bald). I have two types, regular for not so cold nights and fleece-lined for the colder nights. Nothing special, just Craghoppers type. The reason I like the tight ones is that they stay put, if they aren't tight I find that moving about always seems to make other types get in the way and I am forever adjusting them...so I stopped using them.
  5. electronic componments

    The problem these days is that it all adds up buying small quantities of components either in a physical shop or online, plus then there is P&P involved or a minimum order. Not many physical shops left I'm afraid other than Maplin... I have used these online in the past: http://cpc.farnell.com/ https://www.jprelec.co.uk/ (Rather expensive now as minimum order is £30) https://www.rapidonline.com/ Or you could try places like these: https://www.bitsbox.co.uk http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/ For things like RCA leads, I usually use an old 3.5mm audio to phono cable. Already crimped and secured on the one end. But to be honest I still use Ebay for the one-offs, problem is quality of the bits but if it is really dire I just demand my money back and almost always do get refunded. If you are not in a hurry, you can order the same bits from China but despatch times vary greatly but have always arrived for me. Maplin at least allows you to (usually) assess quality before you buy but their prices are a bit steep for what you get. But sometimes it is best to just pay £25 and get what you want rather than faffing around for ages...but each to their own... SGL could do with a swap shop on here (separate to the Wanted Classifieds), as I am sure that many people have got bits that others would require and would be willing to part with them for free or just to cover postage.
  6. But it’s not real astronomy...

    Different strokes for different folks...just ignore him and move on. Personally I can't see the point of looking at faint grey fuzzy blobs that look identical to each other...but hey ho. An analogy close to me are bird watchers vs. bird photographers. Two totally different breeds... Then on top of that you get twitchers who are the equivalent to the smelly unkempt astronomers (you know the types).
  7. Russian 3D spacewalk

    Since I already know the earth isn't flat it was more interesting watching them doing their stuff...though towards the end it does look like they are taking out the trash...
  8. Another man made "star".

    Now if the cubesat had a camera and lens on it...pointing out to space...that would be cool....a mini Hubble.
  9. This one....only on extremely cold winter nights do I find it clear....which we haven't had for a number of years otherwise it is just dull and grey all winter. For the last number of Winters I have seen Orion rising early in the season and then not seeing it again until it is no longer viable to image....August, September and some of October has been best times for me... There are some lucky breaks, but they are not ideal nights and usually only get an hour or two if lucky over December/Xmas.
  10. Full Frame APS-C "crop factors" etc.

    Yes, I found this when recently looking at CCTV lenses and the coverage and sensor sizes...confusing to say the least. From here: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/8095816568/sensorsizes
  11. Full Frame APS-C "crop factors" etc.

    Coming from a photography background it all makes sense to me but it is a bit of a mix and match as the majority of measurements are made equivalent to 35mm systems. When people say "forget what you thought you knew about photography, astrophotography is completely different", I'd say that isn't true...there are some new things to discover but otherwise I find it very much the same...and physics tells us that...we are capturing photons at the end of the day. Olly sums it up... Physical sensor size and pixel size of the sensor are the main things to understand in the astro world.... However we all know what size an APS-C sensor is physically...so the "resolution" will give you the pixel size using simple math (within reason, it doesn't include space between pixels). Each to their own I say....the end result is what matters after all i.e. I just like making pretty pictures
  12. Problems with Canon Raw files

    A bit harsh isn't it Alan? Ivo is a good lad and I am sure that he will try to get it working which will benefit everyone. I am sure he hasn't got each and every camera to try so relies on users for feedback. He very quickly got a TEMPerHUM module working for a few of us as it was a new version whose output was slightly different to the previous versions. He also responded quickly when I pointed out the Canon 6D pixel scale was incorrect in a specific version and then promptly fixed it so he has been very receptive in the past. But the choice is yours of course. I am assuming that you mean it froze and you had to remove the battery to get it working again rather than it was bricked?
  13. Thanks everyone, it was quite a poor season for them and I got lucky on the particular night (I almost missed them as I was heading for bed). Hopefully next year there will be more opportunities to image these and if they put on a display like they did for me you will be very pleased seeing them, they really are impressive, even visually, so it isn't just for the photographers. Obviously photos are more vivid but seriously they are/were bright...I think in one of my short video clips I am heard stating my amazement (with a few expletives) to that fact...
  14. Tamron 150-600

    It certainly isn't something on the front of the lens, it could (but I doubt it) be on the back elements of the lens. But most likely it is on the sensor. Stop the lens down to its smallest aperture (f/32 or whatever) and point the camera to either a bright light or the sky or even a white or evenly illuminated wall and take an image. The dust bunnies should be much more defined.
  15. Three clear Moonlit nights so Ha imaging only

    The Bubble is just so well defined, almost looks 3D and works well on its own. It is an interesting object in BW whereas the other two definitely benefit from colour. Just my thoughts of course. Either way they are all good...just the Bubble is my pick of the bunch....