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  1. I briefly owned an iOptron ZEQ25-GT from new a few years ago, it had horrendous backlash in dec, mostly cause by a loose grub screw connecting the motor shaft to the pully gear, sad to see they still arrive in such poor working order. Hope you get it sorted.
  2. From their website - "All data is customer quoted data". What do I do if "Gordon" from "Bournemouth" claims that he got sub-arcsecond, peak-to-peak unguided exposures at 2000mm over 5 hours on his Skywatcher Star Adventurer after having his mount hypertuned and mine doesn't perform the same?
  3. I've always been fascinated with Andromeda being one of the furthest objects you can see with the naked eye. And despite this distance you can even resolve individual stars in this galaxy with fairly modest imaging equipment. What hasn't been mentioned here but no doubt most will be aware of is the the Andromeda galaxy is in the Local Group, merely a stone's throw (or spitting distance) away from our own Milky Way. Compare that to other galaxies out there and beyond, think Hubble Deep Field and Hubble Ultra-Deep Field. Those photons have travelled all that distance for so many years
  4. I see it as a long term hobby. I have no intention on chasing the tech, so will stick with the kit that I have got for as long as it continues to work. But yes, it does get frustrating occasionally.
  5. I used a combination of PixInsight and PS. The data as it stands isn't terrible but not knowing your kit and skies I can't comment further. For 3 hours I'd have possibly expected a bit more nebulosity and a bit less noise.
  6. Here's my quick attempt. Could definitely do with using flats, there's a few dust motes in there.
  7. My mantra is, if it ain't broke don't fix it....i.e. unless PHD2 is giving me actual problems I stick to the "old" version, which works, rather than risking a new version of unknown quantity. Last time I was imaging it was nearly a year since the previous session and things just worked.....last thing I want to do is update all the software in anticipation of a clear night.
  8. If you look closely at the trail there are actually 3 flashes though only two are clearly visible (the 3rd not quite in the middle of the other two). I wonder if it is caused by patches of fog/mist lighting up the tail during the strobe flash? Though it can't be the aft strobe flash as that isn't visible.
  9. Thank you... A combination of PixInsight and PS6 was used to process it.
  10. Thank you... It is probably deep enough but the quality of the subs is not great. If I had the same integration time but with decent subs I'd probably call it a day. As it stands I threw a lot away and I also used a lot that I normally wouldn't have. Six to eight hours of good quality subs is probably where I'd like to be, at which point there would be almost no noise reduction of any sort required.
  11. Ever since I started using my Canon 6D I have wanted to get a decent amount of data on M31, a common target but one I wanted to do "once and for all". It hasn't always been my primary target over the years but at this time of year and where I usually image from it is in a prime location. Back in August 2017 I managed to get about 2 hours of data on it over 2 nights and this past weekend I thought to myself..."This is it, new moon, clear skies etc.". However it was not meant to be as by the time I had set up and it was dark enough on both Friday and Saturday evening the clouds started to r
  12. UK VAT was always to be added to the price before purchase, the same applies with all other countries.
  13. I doubt that it would be the LCD then. It can definitely be the viewfinder causing it, best cover it up for next time to see if it helps. If your darks aren't showing similar issues it will almost certainly be that.
  14. Was the rear LCD on at the time? I.e. was the LCD displaying the shutter timer during the exposure? I've seen a similar pattern on captured frames when the LCD of my 650D was on during some testing.
  15. I think what you have got there is the standard "C" mount with IR filter that was supplied with the early QHY5L-II cameras as well as a "CS" mount as well. The CS mounting is shorter and allows CS mount CCTV lenses and finderscopes with shorter focal point to be used. As far as I am aware the newer versions of the cameras are supplied with a CS mount as it is easier to attach a 5mm CS->C adapter/spacer if needed. Depending on what lens/scope you are attaching to the camera you may need one or the other to achieve infinity focus. My QHY5L-II camera also had a 1.25" extens
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