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  1. Steve 1962


    When I powered up my observatory a couple of weeks ago, I was horrified to find that my trusty six-year old Atik 460ex mono was completely unresponsive - no fan noise, no connection to the PC - nothing. The follow day, after a quick email and telephone exchange, I posted the camera off to Atik . I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of postage (£11.70 Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1PM with £2.5k insurance). Andrew at Atik emailed the next day to let me know that the camera had arrived safely and to apologise that the repair would take longer than usual because they're doing some building work at their factory in Portugal. A week later, an estimate arrived for £148 plus VAT and P&P , which I accepted (being less than 10% of the cost of a new camera I was very pleased - apparently they do not make a profit from repairs - just cover costs). Thankfully the chip was ok but the camera needed a complete new electronics board. An invoice arrived on Monday for about £200, which I paid immediately and my old camera has just landed on my doormat looking as good as new. Really great service from Atik - many thanks! Now then - where are those clear skies...? Steve
  2. Thanks @Rocket Stars! That's really useful. Steve
  3. @JeremyS - mine's the same; it's gone dull on the xposed parts. I'm just considering giving it another wipe over before the winter. I'll report back when done.
  4. I’m very surprised that applying a Curve Transformation in PI is affecting your colour balance. Are you sure that you’ve got the S (saturation) icon selected??
  5. Great job by the way @jeremys! Amazing isn’t it??!
  6. Thanks for the links to the products @Skipper Billy. I’m with @JeremyShere though. I’ve tried polishing the dome for years now with limited short term success - but now I think a quick coat of For Sale Juice every year is the way to go. Most importantly, Mrs L is happier about this plan too ! Steve
  7. Haha! Welcome to the slippery slope / learning curve!
  8. Hi You’re right - you’ll need 1x1 binned calibration frames to go with your Lum data. Because you’ll have two sets of calibration frames, I don’t think you can process the whole lot as one batch, but you should be able to calibrate your subs in two batches -one batch for 1x1 and the other for 2x2. Use the Batch Preprocessing script. Once you’ve calibrated and cosmetic corrected your subs - you can use the same script to align them all and integrate them as a third batch. I’d use a 1x1 binned image as the reference frame because PI should expand the 2x2 subs to match. Hope that helps. Steve
  9. Hi Barry @Barry-Wilson Thanks - pleased you think it's ok! Sorry to hear that you've not managed much at home - but then I suppose you can always make do with data from Spain (not jealous at all!!)) CS to you too! Steve
  10. Hi Steve @Ibbo! Thanks! That's what I did - I put all my subs and all my calibration frames, and initially used the settings described by Sara and after three lots (with three different settings) of a couple of hours - I got the same results three times. That's the reason for my question really I suppose, I gave control to APP ... and that's what it came up with - so I'm at a bit of a loss. Cheers Steve
  11. Stone the crows! I enjoyed three consecutive nights of imaging last week and managed more imaging time in one week that I've achieved in the past six months! The only trouble is that my winter target for 2018/19 now transits the meridian at 7PM and sets behind the house at 01.30AM, so I've only managed to acquire six panes of my planned twelve. Anyway, after a truly mammoth PI session, I've managed to stitch the six panes together and here's a very reduced version: Each pane is made up of 6 x 30 min subs which isn't as much as I'd like - so the image is pretty noisy - this thing is huge but faint so I've had to stretch it nearly to death. If you'd like to see the full size version (warts and all), here's a link... https://1drv.ms/f/s!Agm5IMeBl06egbV9p5yqabT5SONsyg I just need to do the remaining six panes along the top and bottom but I suspect that this will run into becoming my winter 2019/20 target as well. By the way - I processed this entirely in PI despite having downloaded a trial of APP (which is reputed to be great for mosaics). APP gave me double stars along one vertical join between the top right and top middle panes as shown below: All of the other joins were perfect and I tried three times with various settings but always got the same result with that join. Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated please. Cheers Steve
  12. @JeremyS I'm very pleased with the way that my dome has come out with Polytrol The two lessons I've learned are: Don't try to apply too thicky - mine worked best in the places where it was a bit thinner and "soaked into" the surface. It went a bit matt, but I've applied a second wipe over and it's now got a nice sheen all over. Make sure you allow enough time for it to dry before the dew comes down - I found that it goes milky if gets damp before it's dry. This wipes off with white spirit and can be resealed with another coat. Hope you're pleased with it Steve
  13. Haha @hughgilhespie! Thanks for that Hugh. It was actually easier than Photoshop - although something I've learned is to make sure that it's done in the morning so that it has time to dry / soak in before the dew comes down. The last panels that I did on Thursday didn't have long enough to dry and were a bit milky in the morning - but I found yesterday that a wipe of the milky bits with white spirit followed by a wipe of Polytrol restores the shine. I (and more importantly Mrs L) am very happy with the way it looks. Did you get your USB woes sorted??
  14. I've never aligned mine - just pointed it in the same general direction - and I've never had any problems.
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