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  1. Steve 1962

    To Guide or Not to Guide

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating! If you're happy with the results you're getting from an unguided set-up, then stick with it. If you end up going for longer subs and you find you're getting "eggy" stars which you're not happy with - that's the time to think about guiding. I can't envisage a situation where a properly guided mount will make matters worse.
  2. Steve 1962

    SGP doesn't want to start

    If I were you, I'd go on the SGP forum here: http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/. and ask the question there - Jared and Ken are always really helpful. Steve
  3. I can't see how FOV can affect your guiding. On my old HEQ5 I used a 70mm f5 to guide a 100mm f9 and visa versa, and used the 70mm f5 to guide a 200mm f5 and a 100mm f4.9 - never had a problem I would have thought that a 50mm guide scope or yoru ST80 should be able to guide an HEQ5 adequately - what do your actual subs look like?? Steve
  4. Steve 1962

    Start with Astrophotography

    Hi Pat Given that you’ve said that you’re interested in AP, I’ll give my personal opinion on a good way to start down that path on a budget. The problem is that larger aperture scopes tend to have longer focal lengths - which put increasing demands on your mount. I would look at a shortish focal length (ie < f7 ish) 70 or 80mm refractor as your first AP scope. This will give you lovely visual views of the moon and brighter DSOs and will be relatively forgiving of your first forays into AP. If you have a DSLR, you should be able to plug that in with T mount. As a starter mount, the HEQ5 is a great mount and, if you can get a non go-to version (which will be cheaper) you can use the free EQMOD to control it from a laptop. Add Carte du Ciel or Stellarium and you’ve got go-to at no extra cost. Adding a finder guider at a later date will give you a cost effective ability to do longer exposures. I would seriously consider buying second hand. People seem to look after their kit and it’ll save you 30 - 40% from the new price. Hope this helps. Steve
  5. Steve 1962

    North American Nebula in SHO - first attempt

    I’m only viewing the new image on my phone, but it looks very good indeed. The main thing is...are you pleased with it?!
  6. Steve 1962

    Hello from England

    Hi Dave Welcome to the forum from Somerset. As others have already - we know all about the weather here! Nice kit by the way! Steve
  7. Steve 1962

    G65.3+5.7 A weak SNR in bicolor

    Amazing image and staggering patience! Thanks for sharing this - it's a new one on me. Steve
  8. Steve 1962

    M33 in RGB **added Ha**

    Wot? No L?? Stunning image and sympathetic processing. I think the colour balance is pretty well bang on. Steve
  9. Steve 1962

    North American Nebula in SHO - first attempt

    Great images - well done. My preference would be somewhere between the third and fourth version. In my view the third one is slightly oversaturated and black clipped, while the fourth is slightly undersaturated, but less clipped. Steve
  10. Steve 1962

    The Bubble Nebula HSO

    Lovely image Martin - very crisp and I love the restrained palette - very natural looking. Steve
  11. Steve 1962

    A Windows 7 Pelican in Ha

    Thanks for your comments guys. Sounds as though I’m not alone! I’m very happy to be back up and running. Just planning a large mosaic in Ha for this winter’s project.
  12. Steve 1962

    My First M42

    Lovely image of M42 - well done - that's a fabulous first attempt!
  13. Steve 1962

    A Windows 7 Pelican in Ha

    Thanks @Demonperformer! Pleased you like the image. Yup - I'm very happy with the Chroma filters. I'm a bit surprised at how few people seem to use them to be honest. I think my problems were down to W10 running on old hardware, and I'm pretty sure that all would have been ok with a new laptop - but I just didn't want to send the ££ - so it's probably my doing really. Steve
  14. Steve 1962

    A Windows 7 Pelican in Ha

    I've been successfully running my observatory with a five year old laptop for a few years and, when Windows 10 was launched, I auto-upgraded it from W7 to W10. BIG MISTAKE!! I had continuous driver problems, updates restarting the computer in the middle of imaging sessions, it didn't like Per's 10u ASCOM driver particularly and it was so SSSSSSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW. The main problem was that the problems were inconsistent and sporadic. Clear nights would invariably find me cursing and fuming about Microsoft rather than imaging. I tried everything and even started to doubt the camera, filter wheel and mount - but it was just awful. I got to the point where I was so frustrated that I started to think about jacking the whole AP thing in. Anyway, before selling my be-loved kit I took a deep breath and "downgraded" back to W7 with all that entails. I finally got a free night with no cloud on Tuesday.....and for the first time since going to W10, I had a problem free night...until the un-forecast (is that a word??) fog rolled in. This was the result: It's 6 x 30 min subs using an Atik 460ex through a TAK FSQ106ED @f3.6 and a 3nm Chroma Ha filter mounted on a 10u GM1000HPS. Acquired in SGPro and guided in PHD2. (yes, I do know that the mount is capable of running un guided - but I like the reassurance of a nice graph to watch how my 30 min subs are going). It was quickly processed in PI with no calibration frames. Oiii will follow next clear night. I'm feeling quite pleased with it - so I don't think I'm ready to sell the kit just yet.....or go back to W10! Happy days (nights!) Steve
  15. Excellent image Gav! Lovely and smooth with loads of detail in the galaxies. Welcome to the dark side! Steve

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