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  1. The track and period for the flashes are very close for Atlas rocket body.....FIA Radar 3 Rocket Debris Cat No 39475 Thank you
  2. I've made an error in the time it was at 03:07 UTC, I've updated the post to correct the error. I'm told it is 2014-72P, #39475, a Centaur rocket
  3. Anyone care to find out what satellite made this interesting trail that faded in and out in a regular period as it sailed across the sky over Llyn Padarn, North Wales because I can't track it down on Starry Night Pro 7 or Stellarium GPS location is 53.138735, -4.155010 looking SE and the track was left to right (N to S) starting at 03:07UTC on the 10th April 2016. Track duration to cover the FoV was 9 x 15 second exposures with 2 second gaps between exposures and strangely for a satellite there is a hint of colour in different areas of the track .
  4. I keep going back to the data and tweaking it a bit more each time so the interactive panorama is changing daily lol You can know turn the 'flare' on and off by using the control icons on the left end of the controls
  5. Snowdon and the Milky way panorama. 41 images captured on a Sony A7S and Samyang 24mm f/1.4 lens exposed at 8 seconds, f/2.0 iso5000 and post processed in Autopano Giga to produce the stitched image and then processed in Autopano Panotour to produce a 360 interactive panorama which is quite nice to play with full screen
  6. Photosbykev

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    I'm planning to drop in around 8am on Saturday for breakfast
  7. Llyn Padarn "Stars into Sunburst" timelapse. A stunning clear night on the lake covering from 01:00 until 10:00, I've shortened some of the sequences as there were just too many images captured in 9 hours
  8. 14 Geminid meteors emanating from the radiant above Castor and Pollux and a sporadic gate crasher tracking parallel with the milky way. Captured in 90 minutes between 00:30 -02:00 14/12/2015 using a Sony A7S and Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens from Anglesey. Continuous exposures of 20 seconds @ f/2.8 iso 4000. Background composed of 20 stacked lights and 10 darks with the individual meteors placed back into their correct positions for the final composition.
  9. At first glance they've put a lot of thought into that upgrade
  10. Sat on the seat near the lonely tree in Llyn Padarn through the night for 6 hours is a great way to spend your time. Time to watch Venus, Jupiter and Mars rising over the hills, looking down on the lake to see the fish swimming under my feet, the mist ebbing and flowing across the water and the finale of a beautiful sunrise. Shot on a pair of Canon DSLRs and processed as a 4K video, uploaded at 1920x1080 HD
  11. 3 cameras, 6 hours of shooting, 2000 images and a heap of post processing best viewed on Youtube full screen HD
  12. I've settled for this version after adding a lick of paint to it or this one or this one lol and a Lunar eclipse phase calendar
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