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  1. Venus is a tad bright compared to the normal stars lol
  2. 30+ exposures between 1 and 60 seconds with an ASI533MC_Pro and WO61 refractor. The huge dynamic range makes this a real challenge lol
  3. Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS), currently 160 million kilometers away from the earth and motoring along quite nicely. This short timelapse consists of 100 x 60 second images taken over 150 minutes with a ASI533MC-Pro camera and William Optics Zenithstar 61 refractor captured with APT and post processed using PixInsight Blink for the animation. The bright star lower right is Althiba IV Comet C2019 Y4 ATLAS.mp4
  4. Just finished installing a bucket load of software onto a dedicated laptop bought purely for astro work and now the wait begins lol. It always amazes me just how long it takes to configure a new computer. Also ordered a new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 art lens for use on the modified Canon 5D3. Planning on 4 or 5 nights in mid Wales around the new moon for some serious astro shooting, fingers crossed lol
  5. Finally had first light with my modified Canon 5D3 on a WO 61 refractor with Optolong L-eNhance filter. 40oo48 x 240 second exposures with flats/darkflats/darks with minor 50px crop on the borders to remove the dithering. Very pleased with the modification. Looking ahead to the next new moon and weather forecast I think 4-5 nights under the class 3 skies at Fforest Fields is on the cards before BST kicks in.
  6. Whoop and this was 5,000th post
  7. Playing with the Heart and Soul nebulae and the Panstarr comet just below them with a 200mm lens. Happy .... for the moment, clouds are due in 9-10pm lol
  8. Astronomik CLS-CCD filter turned up for my modded Canon 5D3 right on time and I've rebuilt the rig for tonight. Looks like the flipping cloud is going to turn up early as well, grrrrrrr!
  9. My Canon 5D3 has been modded and returned in 7 days!, Astronomik CLS-CCD filter arriving tomorrow and clear skies forecast tomorrow night. What could possibly go wrong?!
  10. the bad weather is bloody expensive, way too much time on my hands to search for toys lol My spare Canon 5D MkIII camera body is now packaged up ready for shipping to remove the filter for astro photography lol please bring some clear weather! It will be nice to be able to repeat this image shot with a stock canon 5D MkIV and grab a lot more Ha for it.
  11. I've just got a brand new Starlight filter wheel installed on the imaging rig, I think it will be out of warranty before I get to use the damn thing!
  12. Once you run the HaOIII colour algorithm on the data in APP (don't normalise background in tab 5). You just load tab 0 change to Ha extract jump to Integrate tab 6 and click on integrate, APP will renormalise and integrate for Ha. Repeat from tab 0 with OIII.
  13. I'm looking to install a 5 x 2" filter wheel into my system to replace a 2" filter drawer which isn't lightproof. I'm favouring the Starlight express 5 x 2" filter wheel with T2 threads and the hall effect sensors for precision filter positioning. Any negatives about using this wheel? regards Kev
  14. Thank you both for confirming my thoughts on this. I suspect I won't run into any issues with stars in the corners using the small sensor on the ASI533 even if I removed the flattener. As it doesn't change the focal length of the refractor I may as well use the screw adjustment built-in to fine tune the back focus adjustment. 17.5mm - ASI533MC-Pro camera front face to sensor 17.5mm - Starizona filter drawer so I need around 32.7mm extension + 0.6 or 0.8mm for the filter thickness so approx 32.5mm extension tubes Kev
  15. I've just acquired a ZWO533MC-Pro to mount on the back of a William Optics Zenithstar 61 refractor with the dedicated PFLAT61A flattener. I have been using the refractor and flattener with a Canon DSLR and have set the adjustable flattener to 12.9mm when using the T2 mount and the stars are nice an sharp corner to corner. Anyone using the WO61 with dedicated Flat61A adjustable flattener with a cmos camera? The back focus according to WO is 67.7mm from the rear shoulder of the flattener to the sensor BUT is this with the flattener adjustment set to zero mm adjustment rather than 12.9mm? and can I use that screw adjustment to set the back focus to exactly 67.7mm after fitting extension tubes and filter drawer in the optical path? regards Kev
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