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  1. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Thank Steve, Yes I went very wrong with this I don't have a serial D style connector so I'll get the USB to serial connector, as per William's specs. The soldering is something I will do myself. Tom
  2. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Thanks William, I had clearly gone down the wrong path here. I thought that by using the jumper on the Mesu board, that this would act as the emulator for the USB signals to convert them to RS232. Thanks for these links. I 'll make sure to get the FTDI UART type electronics. I need to review that wiring diagram too. There is no problem obtaining a D style connector to wire to the RJ11. Tom.
  3. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Hi Steve, and anyone else reading this. I am about to solder the USB to the RJ11, but I m still a little confused about the diagram above. I can read it about 3 different ways. The arrows are in opposite direction suggesting the direction of the data. Yet both arrows say from the Host. is the Host the PC, or the Mesu. I presumed the PC. Reading from left to right I took the pin signal that I need to send to the RS232 port as 5v, Grd, Tx, Rx. Would you mind checking the pics, and let me know if you think its correct? Thanks Tom.
  4. Tom OD

    Bewitched Witch...

    Excellent Olly, As you say the amount of satellite trails in each sub in this region makes for a tricky processing. I love the criss cross Ha and the Witch, it really adds to the image, and give it depth. As a bonus I do like deep Red Ha, almost Maroon. Tom.
  5. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    This is good to know Ray thanks for the info. The header you mention could be an issue two as its common I guess Tom.
  6. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Thanks Graham this is very useful info. I presume the jumper is already on the board, just at an unused position. I'll chat to Sitech about the cables if I struggle with the soldering iron Absolutely worth the effort to rule out the PC, Thanks Ray. Next steps are: 1) Swap out the USB cable. 2) Use a different PC to test the SiTech USB connection. 3) Switch to RS232 port with new cable and jumper installed. 4) Use a separate power supply up to 13v to power the Eagle. 5) Get my hands on a large bin, and calmly put all the broken bits into it. 6) After a deep breath, install separate power supply from step 4 to power mount. Use a new Power pack, maybe the Pegasus it has good feedback, then use a new Mini PC/ Laptop /Tower 7) Go back to the bin fish out the Eagle, and use it to focus, operate the camera and change filters on a second scope on the rig to go dual. Step 7 may be wishful thinking, but I m trying to stay positive. Thanks for everyone's input to this thread. Tom
  7. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Thanks William, 3 wire with no amp sounds like the easier way to go then. PrimaLuce got back to me to say that the USB3.0 is on a different board to the USB 2.0. So unless the issue is a common internal passing of the comms from both boards, that would seem to rule out the Eagle. "Seem" at least, not ruled out yet. Tom
  8. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Its description did say RS485, which should not matter if I m just matching pins to pins. Now I start wondering why a serial D style connector has electronics in it for its output. What are those electronics doing? Anyway that's for me to research / Google. Tom
  9. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    So I wonder could I use something like this. I could plug the USB cable from the Eagle / PC into the board, then take an RJ11 cable cut one end and wire it to the Green connector on the board, then plug the other end into the RS232 on the mount.
  10. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Ha ha nice work. I think I saw something along the lines of one of these connectors for sale. I d solder this up myself, and bring it to France. I would not ask Olly to go through all those s/w steps. He prefers the mechanical. Tom.
  11. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Like this, but with an RJ11 for the RS232 port on the Sitech?
  12. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Thanks Steve, Well in an attempt to take one of the items out of the loop I asked Olly to move the USB from that USB 2.0 "A" connection to the USB 3.0 port. I m hoping that the USB 3.0 is on a different board. I dont know if it is, I sent to mail to primaluce today asking if this is so. I m waiting on a reply from them. Anyway, I cant cycle the 3.0 ports on the Eagle, but I did power cycle the Eagle itself. So it gave small differences when you open the Sitech.exe, in that it either starting saying "Initialising" > Not Initialised > Below Horizon Intialising > Faking Servos > Bad Comm> Read Servo parameters >Below Horizon It would cycle through these messages twice, then it would stabilise like the first scenario. Initialising > All 4 errors listed above, constantly cycling. So USB 3.0 did not fix the issue, which was another port, and possibly another board on the Eagle. Now maybe all the USB the comms, both 2.0 and 3.0 all go through the same thing on the Eagle, where the problem may lie, I dont know the inner architecture of the Eagle. I was thinking if the USB on the Eagle is an in recoverable state / fault, then how can I connect an external hub to the Eagle at all via a USB port? That would mean a major overhaul and re think, and more $ outlay which would be a shame. I think I have Serial to USB convertors close by. I could send one to Olly. Or buy one from a French supplier to ship to him. Tom
  13. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Hi Goran, I mean Software, although if I end up throwing the Eagle in the sea because it doe snot work, I hope it is not sea worthy On the Eagle GUI (software interface screen) you can see the voltage that the Eagle power supply is giving the Eagle, and how much wattage and current is being used up by all of the devices attached to it. I m sure 12.8v will be enough for your Mesu, it does not specify 13.8 as being necessary. Steve has already replied to this thread with a cut and paste form the manual stating this. Tom
  14. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Yes I saw your post previously on this. My Eagle power cable only outpius 12.9 according to the Eagle s/w. So that is a limiter. The 13.8v supply to the mount seems like a sensible way to go. T.
  15. Tom OD

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    Hi Sara, Sorry thought I had replied to this. I m powering it from the Eagle. I can switch it to the Dragonfly / Mains. Tom

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