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  1. Great detail Peter. Very nice. I m not familiar with that nebula at all. Great to see a "new" one Tom
  2. Its all there Brendan, it just needs more data to smooth the noise. Nice shot. Tom.
  3. Ha Ha, yes I can see that too. Pareidolia as its called. I had to do some googling after that word was mentioned to me. T.
  4. Ha yes I can see that now too. Little fingers from NGC whatever its called left of the Lagoon.
  5. Tom OD


    Very cool Yves. Lovely image
  6. Happy new Year to All. Maybe sitting in the near dark during lockdown and having too many beers made me see this, but now I cant un-see it. I have a large framed pic of my Galactic Centre mosaic in the sitting room. Last night I thought I saw the shape of a Man in it, and now its stuck in my head. What do you think? I m calling it the Galactic Conquistador I think its very distinct. Excuse my scribbley art skills. Tom.
  7. Excellent set of images. Astrophotography is possible from Ireland Love the Coat Hanger. Tom.
  8. Very nice. That semi circle on the left hand side caught me out before. I thought I had a flats issue, but its a dark area in the nebula. Looking forward to the full result. Tom.
  9. Looks great, and a good signal after 55mins as you say. Tom.
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