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  1. Of course I do. Focus tilt, out of focus stars, lens flaring, dew on the optics which is what that prison of tech image looks like are to me, are In my mind all faults and aberrations in an Astro image They can be what ever they want in an art image, but for me, we work hard Enough to avoid these issues. I feel like the Astro art is de-evolving the Astro Science. Hence I think they should be in a separate category
  2. I m very disappointed to see this win. It’s even a poor image of M31, let alone the out of focus stars. They need to have an art section in that competition. Winning images of satellite trails, and lens flares?!?! Tom
  3. It was ridiculous the amount of them that were there. T.
  4. Thanks Mark I have already done star reduction, and blending in a lightly adjusted Dust and Scratches layer. With so many hours even in the narrowband, the stars over whelmed the image. T.
  5. Thanks very much Brendan. I should have made it 60 to get more RGB Tom.
  6. This image started off as something completely different. I was looking at the Tulip Neb to add to Ollys X ray Bow shock image. Some clouds came in and the mount moved, and started re-guiding on another star. It took a 30min O3 sub and I noticed a signal right at the top of the frame. I decided to switch to this image object. It took a few days before I found some other images of it. Turns out it is MWP1 a Planetary nebula. Just below and right of it is another ALV1 planetary. So a nice two for one in this area of Cygnus. This was a nightmare to process due to the amount of stars, and I m not happy at all with it. I need to do some serious revision and practicing to get more out of this, but I still decided to post it as is for the moment. This has 24hrs each of O3 and Ha, mixed with 6hrs of RGB. I do like that there seems to be an outer shell / shockwave of O3 data, while the Ha seems to be more extensive throughout the region. RA 21Hrs 17Mins, Dec 34:11 54hrs from Remote Observatory in France. Ha:O3:RGB Tom
  7. Great result. I love the dark nebula on a background of the central Milky Way. Tom
  8. You always make the browns look super. Bright, and not dark or dirty and noisy. Amazing detail for 6hrs of exposure. Excellent image, Tom.
  9. Ah I just sent it to him last night. He is looking into it, and he did mention that two cameras caught it. Lets see what he can calculate from the image and co-ods I passed on. Tom
  10. Thanks Mark, I tamed the light pollution as much as I could, but it did white clip somewhat.
  11. Hi SGL Here is a lucky capture of a very bright Perseid that left a smoke trail in Green, then fading to Brown over a few minutes. I was going to stop the exposure but as there was still a smoke trail I let it run the full 60s, so I have over exposed the lights from nearby Baltimore Cork Ireland. 60s, 14mm, ISO 3200, Canon Ra, static shot. A friend in the meteor watch group is trying to triangulate this as he has two cameras captures, and plenty of positional data to work from. There may be more to tell about this Perseid when he is finished. Thanks Tom.
  12. Superb mosaic. The detail for the, what I would consider short integration, is stunning. I ve been lucky to see this is a higher res too. Wonder what the Mono version with a Ha filter would get? Tom.
  13. Gorgeous image. Well done. Tom
  14. Super Peter, As it turns out I m imaging that object too right now. I was in a different part of the sky in Cygnus, and the mount lost the guide star and moved away. I was taking O3 at the time, and I spotted this is the wrong sub. Looked cool, so I changed object. Thanks for posting, I could not find it in any catalogue I was looking up. I must google some more of the MWP objects. Tom.
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