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  1. Hi Gorann I was about to say nice catch and that I recognise that object thanks for the shout out Great high res pic here. Give the “face of Mars” a go. I d love to see that in High red. It’s another Sharpless object. Can’t remember it’s number though. Somewhere between 178 and 188 Tom
  2. Hi Datalord sorry but I m not putting a download version out there at the moment. tom.
  3. Cheers Gorann. It’s a pic you can back to again and again. Tom.
  4. Yes Orion and GC will be available soon too. I ll post links as soon as they re up. Tom.
  5. Thanks Brendan. next step is to put the 400hr Orion up as a Zoom image too. And the galactic centre. This is the pint if these images. Let people enjoy them big!
  6. Well thanks very much Steve. I believe that's the highest praise I ve ever received from anyone. Zoomify will finally show these the way I want. Hopefully I'll have about 3 more to let you delve into shortly. Tom
  7. Hi SGL, The Zoomify version is now on my website. Click on the full screen tab and then zoom in and enjoy. I m going to have to do Orion, Galactic Centre and Rho now after seeing the results from this. I say I but it is my friend who does the updates. I ve harassed him enough over this for the moment. I did notice one blend area that needed fixing. It became more evident on the site compared to my version Photoshop, so I'll fix that in my final version. http://www.astrophotography.ie/ My friend sent me a screenshot of what it looks like when you have a nice big widescreen monitor to view this. Tom
  8. I am thanks i m waiting on my friend to sort out my website so you can see a 50% version in zoomify. Hopefully it ll stand up seem less too. Looks fine to me but I might have a bias on that. Do let me know if there are blend issues you notice in the high res. I ll fix those. Thanks again Tom.
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